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 "Bulldog" Bob Fescoe is the host of Fescoe in the Morning, heard weekdays 6a-9a on 610 Sports Radio. The KU grad has been a voice in the Kansas City sports scene for the better part of the last decade and brings his passion to the table with some bite every weekday morning.

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Bob Fescoe- Final Practice Recap From St. Joe

The final day of training camp in St Joe has come and gone and after 3 weeks of practice, the Chiefs are heading back to Kansas City to get ready for the season.

A lot of fans have asked me, “What was accomplished at camp this year?”  To be quite honest I don’t have an answer.  From the looks of things, it appears that camp was a lot more toned down than ever before.  The only thing we don’t know is, will this be a good thing once the season rolls around?

Limited hitting and a lot of conditioning is how the Chiefs approached training camp 2011.  All around the NFL teams did things differently.  It will be interesting to see what works and what doesn’t work.  Obviously it will all be judged by record at the end of the year.

Some things stood out to me in the 3 weeks in St. Joe.  First, Jim Zorn was a helluva hire.  This guy has the QB’s doing things that we have never seen before and he can really relate to his guys because he played the position.  I think he is going to be the unsung hero of the season. 

Secondly, Derrick Johnson is going to have another good year.  He has shown speed, desire and want to on the field.  I can’t wait to see him on Opening Day.  I think Jalil Brown is going to be a good player for the Chiefs.  He shows a lot of skill now.

The big wild card is going to be, did Todd Haley prepare these guys the right way.  We won’t know for a while.  Hopefully the team is fresh.  The common theme today was bonding.  Both Eric Berry and Haley said the one thing they got out of camp was the fact that the team became close.  Hopefully that translates to wins this year on the field.  We will soon find out.

Thanks to the good folks of St Joe for hosting us this year!

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08/17/2011 6:01PM
Bob Fescoe- Final Practice Recap From St. Joe
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