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 "Bulldog" Bob Fescoe is the host of Fescoe in the Morning, heard weekdays 6a-9a on 610 Sports Radio. The KU grad has been a voice in the Kansas City sports scene for the better part of the last decade and brings his passion to the table with some bite every weekday morning.

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Bob Fescoe- Remembering 9/11

If you have seen the broadway show Rent, you know the song titled "Seasons of Love."  Its the title track to what was one of the biggest sensations on the live stage.  In that song, they sing about a year and one of the key lines is “How do you measure, measure a year?” 

Take it a step further and replace "year" with "decade."  Ten years.  That is how long its been since we were attacked in New York, Washington DC and Pennsylvania.  A decade.  Growing up, my father would tell me all the time that college would be the fastest four years of my life.  He was right, until I watched this last decade fly by.

I will never forget that day back in 2001.  I made my usual call in the morning to a co worker asking, “What do you want to talk about today on the show?”  I was hosting nights on KMBZ at the time and producing the afternoon show.  The voice on the other end said put on the TV.  I responded with a “Why” and was told again, to put on the TV.  When I did, I could not believe what I saw.

Since we were part of the staff at KMBZ, we all ran to the news room to help out.  Growing up just outside of New York, this was all very very scary to me.  I thought about friends working in Manhattan that day.  I thought of my family and wondered if they would be under attack. 

As soon as 9-11 happened, the focus of the world was not on sports.  We had 3 sports guys on staff at KMBZ and for two weeks we were trying to figure out what the leagues were going to do about games.  I vividly remember sitting in the Royals clubhouse with the team.  At the time, they were packed and ready to go on a road trip.   However, no one was thinking about baseball.  It was a very telling time.  You really got to see what guys were made of and how they acted in situations with their guard down. 

After about two weeks, America resumed their sports activities and my dad and his buddies arrived in KC to watch a Chiefs-Giants game.  We arrived at Arrowhead that Sunday morning not sure what to expect.  Years earlier, my dad was harassed by Chiefs fans for being a Giants fan.  That Sunday was different.  Chiefs fans, Giants fans, all Americans hugged.  People shared cocktails and tears.  It was as emotional a setting as I have ever seen.  When we got into the stadium the Chiefs put on one hell of a show.  Everyone came out waving American flags and for the first time ever, the opposing team got a standing ovation when they were introduced.  I still get goose bumps today thinking about it.  During the game, they passed the boot and almost 450 thousand dollars was raised.  It was truly one of the best sports moments I have ever attended.

Sunday marks the 10th anniversary of those attacks.  Most of America will be at a Stadium or in front of a TV watching the NFL.  It will help take our minds off the losses we suffered a decade ago.

So, “How do I measure, measure a decade?”  Well a lot has changed in those ten years.  I fear every time I walk into a stadium that something may happen.  I trust no one.  However I appreciate sports for how they brought us back together.  I will never forget that day in 2001 in late September when all of Kansas City was rooting for New York.  It shows what a great city KC is and I can’t wait to see what happens with the tributes on Sunday.  Next to New York and DC, I bet we have the best tribute and it may even bring grown men to tears once again. 

A decade. 

Boy, that went fast.   

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09/06/2011 6:12PM
Bob Fescoe- Remembering 9/11
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09/06/2011 8:40PM
Remembering 9/11
Bob, like most Americans of our generation I remember 9/11 vividly like those before us remember Pearl Harbor or the Kennedy assassination. My first thoughts that day were of the safety of my family, then what my role would be in the upcoming days. As an Air Force medic, I didn't know if I would be called overseas or to New York to help the wounded. I can remember the next few weeks being constantly on alert. The one time I can remember relaxing and not thinking about the tragedies was when I was watching the Royals or Chiefs. The same can be said about my various trips since to Iraq, Afghanistan, and other places around the world. The times I really have felt at ease are the 3 hours or so I was able to spend watching whatever game was being shown in the morale tent. Sure football and baseball are just games, but they provide a small nugget of normalcy in otherwise chaotic times. Sorry for the long post
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