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Danny Parkins: #suckforluck?????

Chiefs fans are a fickle bunch.  Prevailing wisdom all preseason went along these lines: ‘it’s just the preseason… we’ll be fine… Haley was good enough to win 10 games last year, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.’  Now, after a historically bad 41 – 7 loss to the normally hapless Buffalo Bills, here’s what I’m hearing: ‘we’re the worst team in the league… not only does Haley have to go, but so does Pioli… at least we’ll get Andrew Luck.’  

It’s that last one, the #suckforLuck group, who I want to address right now.  Do you realize how bad you have to be to get the number one overall pick?  The Chiefs went 2 – 14 in 2008 and picked third!  Plus, given that Andrew Luck is considered as close to a can’t miss prospect at the quarterback position as you can get, don’t you think the Chiefs might have some competition for his services?

There’s a general rule of thumb that professional NFL gamblers live by that I think Chiefs fans should adhere to: “Don’t overreact to week one.”  It applies to gambling on football, fantasy football, and football fandom.  If you think the Bengals are going to be terrible, don’t overreact and start picking them to cover the spread because they upset the Browns.  If you drafted Legarrette Blount in the fourth round of your fantasy draft, don’t waive him because he had 5 carries in week one.  And if you thought the Chiefs were a playoff team, or a .500 team, don’t bury them for dead after one game.  

Granted, it was a terrible game.  And yes, Eric Berry is out for the year.  And of course, the schedule only gets tougher from here.  But can the Chiefs really be that bad?  I don’t see how they can be so inept that Matt Cassel will regularly complete 6 passes a game for negative yardage.  I’m not anticipating no name tight ends scoring multiple touchdowns per game against this defense.  

But more than anything else, I don’t understand how a proud fan base, coming off a division championship, can have a vocal percentage advocating for the rights to draft #1 overall.  

Due to a lack of a more poignant way to make my point, I’ll close with this:

Chiefs fans championing the #suckforLuck campaign suck.     

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09/14/2011 6:06PM
Danny Parkins: #suckforluck?????
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09/20/2011 9:41AM
haleys fault
i dont think is piolly fault i think its haleys for letting charlie go. 2 years ago chiefs won like 4 games they hire charlie and they make it to the playoffs and now haley is again in charge of the offences and they suck they need a good oc
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