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Danny Parkins: ESPN's "Explanation" for Omitting Splitt

There’s rarely, if ever, any news that comes from the ESPY’s.  And unless you count Serena Williams’ um, assets, on display – this year was no different.  However, there was one oversight that had local fans upset.  Similar to the Academy Awards does with actors, the ESPY’s play a montage in tribute to sports figures that died in the past year.  The oversight?

Paul Splittorff wasn’t in the montage.  

I reached out to ESPN and exclusively got comment on the selection process for the montage:

“It's a decision that's made by committee. ESPY producers put together the list in consultation with ESPN execs. We always want to include as many people as possible, but only have so much time for that segment, so unfortunately, there are people that have to be left off.”

To be fair, it is a tough task for ESPN.  Some producer is charged with putting together the montage, and they have to make a decision as to where they draw the line.  Basically, some poor sap has to decide whose death is “worthy” of inclusion.  

That’s not to say I expect Royals fans to be happy with the response.  Maybe you can take solace in the fact that Splitt was an intensely private man, and he probably wouldn’t have wanted to be in the montage in the first place. 

And for whatever this is worth, at least ESPN now knows you felt they messed up.  

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07/15/2011 11:30AM
Danny Parkins: ESPN's "Explanation" for Omitting Splitt
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07/17/2011 6:54PM
Good looking out, Danny.
Way to support KC, and I know you're not from here, so props.
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