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Danny Parkins: How Did We Get THIS Lineup?

I’ve come up with a hypothetical scenario to explain tonight’s Royals lineup.  Because I don’t know what to say about Ned Yost anymore.  So this makes just as much sense as anything else.    

I picture him with a blindfold, in his office, with the roster pasted over a dart board, wildly flinging darts in its general direction.  The first dart hits Melky Cabrera’s name.  Perfect, he’ll bat leadoff.  But Ned, isn’t Melky slow?  

‘So? The dart hit his name first.’

The next dart hits a popular name:  Eric Hosmer.  So he’ll bat 2nd.  But Ned, isn’t he the 3 hitter of the future?  Move along.  Apparently the fourth dart hit Alex Gordon.  And apparently it didn’t matter that Gordon has already been moved once, and is playing the best baseball of his career; he’s now the cleanup hitter.  

On and on we go.

I know a lineup only matters so much.  And I know the Royals have much bigger problems than the batting order.  But doesn’t it bother you that there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to Ned Yost’s new lineup?  That he’ll say one thing and do another?  That seemingly, he has a new baseball philosophy depending on the day?  

Last night after the Royals lost 7 – 2 to Arizona, Ned hinted that lineup changes could be on the horizon.  Within his comments, unprompted, he brought up wanting to put Melky Cabrera “in a situation where he could get more RBI’s.”

Today, he’s the leadoff hitter.  

All I’m looking for is that the Royals lineups make sense and reflect the manager’s stated philosophy.

Apparently that’s asking too much.  

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06/22/2011 5:20PM
Danny Parkins: How Did We Get THIS Lineup?
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