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Danny Parkins: Pre-Season Schedule Shouldn't Have Been Released

I love the NFL.  Like most people, it’s my favorite of the pro sport leagues.  And the thought of not having games next season upsets me more than it probably should.  That said, I’m furious with the NFL right now.  I feel like the NFL – from the commissioner, to the owner’s, to the player’s – have let me and the rest of its fans down with this lockout.   It should not have gotten to this.  But it has and there’s nothing we can do about it.  And this isn’t going to be another breakdown of who’s more to blame than the other or who we should really be mad at.  Because the truth is, we should be mad at everyone. 

And I didn’t think it was possible, but I’m growing to resent the NFL. 

I didn’t realize that somewhat remarkable transformation had taken place until yesterday when the league had the audacity to release its preseason schedule.  Um, guys… as of now THERE WON’T BE ANY GAMES NEXT SEASON!! 

I realize the league needs to schedule the games and plan for a full season to be played.  And I still think we’ll have some semblance of a season because eventually, logic has to prevail…. Doesn’t it?

But I find it completely illogical, and actually, downright offensive that the NFL released the preseason games.  Why should we get excited about games that very likely won’t be played?  On the dates of the games are listed as TBD.  The NFL released the schedule, at least in part, to give us a headline that doesn’t revolve around the labor talks.  To get people to start talking about football again.  A novel concept, I know. 

But right now, the NFL doesn’t deserve our discussion.  It doesn’t deserve our time.  Because right now the NFL is squabbling over an insane amount of money that normally it would be inappropriate to label as “squabbling” – if not for the pesky detail that the NFL makes money.  The owner’s make money.  The player’s make money.  The NFL is a license to print money.  And they want us to get excited about preseason games that may or may not be played while they are bickering over how to divvy up a $25 billion piece of pie?

Frankly, until they figure out how to slice up that pie, my interest in the NFL can be labeled as TBD.

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06/15/2011 1:52AM
Danny Parkins: Pre-Season Schedule Shouldn't Have Been Released
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