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 Danny Parkins is the host of the “The Drive with Danny Parkins” heard weekday from 2-6p on 610 Sports Radio. 

Danny Parkins: Sporting KC Needs To Win

Tonight is a big night for the Kansas City soccer fan.  Because tonight the newly named Sporting KC makes its home debut in brand new Livestrong Sporting Park.  Kansas City soccer finally has a place it can call its own.  And take it from me because I’ve been on a tour of the stadium, they’ve got some pretty sweet digs.  So I’m excited to talk to the Kansas City soccer fan tomorrow to see how the night went.

But the reality is I probably won’t talk about Sporting KC, Livestrong Park, or soccer much after tomorrow.  And that’s too bad.  Because I appreciate the game, respect international soccer, and do ultimately believe the MLS will become fairly main stream in this country.  The thing is, we aren’t there yet.  And for every one text I’ll occasionally get to the show to “talk soccer” I’ll get 25 on the Royals or 50 on the Chiefs.

What makes tonight a talking point for tomorrow is that it’s new.  Kansas City has a new sports venue for its soccer team.  And beyond that, a venue to host concerts and every sporting event you can think of up to and including MMA.  So that’s why I’m particularly interested in how people receive the stadium.  I want to know if as a venue, it’s a place you’ll want to go to again.

But that doesn’t seem to be the focus of the diehard soccer fan.  Yes, they are also excited about the stadium.  But they want us to talk soccer.  And the only way that will happen in the near future is if they win.  Right now, Sporting KC has a record of 1 – 6 – 3.  I’m not sure if they were undefeated and the favorites to win an MLS Championship the amount of air time they’d get would increase.  I’m looking forward to sizing up the Kansas City soccer fan tomorrow and finding out.

But if they want more than a one day shot, that they’re only getting because their new stadium is opening, the team needs to start winning.

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06/15/2011 2:04AM
Danny Parkins: Sporting KC Needs To Win
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09/09/2011 10:41AM
Now you got it.
Do what you do. Vet, here. If you change what you do they win. I will be "home of the Chiefs". Richard from Kodiak Alaska
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