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Danny Parkins: The Bubba Conundrum

If I ran the Kansas City Royals I couldn’t pass on drafting Bubba Starling.  Even though their top team need is starting pitching, I wouldn’t be able to pass on Bubba Starling.  Despite the fact his agent is Scott Boras, I’d have to select Bubba Starling.  And even though it will probably take a minimum of three years before he sees the big leagues, and there’s still a chance he could wind up playing football, if it were me, and he were available, I’d draft Bubba Starling.

*Checks Business Card*

I don’t run the Kansas City Royals.

But I still think they should take him.  He’s one of those guys you can’t pass up.  Because if you do, and he becomes what the experts say he can become, he’ll haunt Kansas City like Babe Ruth haunted Boston.

I’m not comparing Bubba Starling to Babe Ruth as a baseball player.  But I am comparing the name Bubba Starling to the name Babe Ruth.

Quite simply, he sounds like a household name.  And it’s been awhile since one of those has donned the Royal blue.  Around here, he’s already known on a ‘first name only’ level.

“Bubba, table for 1.”

That type of recognition provides marketability.  Marketability leads to jersey sales.  Jersey sales lead to an increase in revenue.  And revenue is something the Royals severely lack.

And the logic of the pick goes far beyond that.  We’re loyal in the Midwest.  If Kansas City drafted the hometown kid, and he showed the loyalty in return by signing, people would flock to see him.  He’d put butts in the seats.  Something at last check, the Royals also severely lack.

Plus, it’s not like an outfielder who compares to Josh Hamilton is NOT a need for the Royals.  Five – tool players are a need for every team.

Of course there’s always the chance he doesn’t live up to the hype.  The chance Bubba Starling’s game never reaches the level of his name.

If it were me, I’d draft him and find out.

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06/15/2011 2:02AM
Danny Parkins: The Bubba Conundrum
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