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 Danny Parkins is the host of the “The Drive with Danny Parkins” heard weekday from 2-6p on 610 Sports Radio. 

Danny Parkins: The State of the Chiefs

Sports fans and rational analysis often go together like oil and water.  Or for the sake of this discussion, like Scott Pioli and a forthcoming answer, Matt Cassel and a beautiful deep ball, or Clark Hunt and an out of place hair.  One just doesn’t go with the other.  

Like most NFL fan bases this time of year Chiefs fans are overwhelmingly optimistic.  It’s a new season and everyone is undefeated.  And there are legitimate reasons for optimism.  A potential All-Pro Right Tackle was added in free agency to complement potential All-Pro injury returnees at running back and safety.  Throw in new found depth at tight end, safety, and a former Madden cover – boy in the backfield, the cupboard appears stocked.  Also, the Chiefs managed to win 7 games last year with none of those pieces, all of those injuries, and Tyler Palko starting on Sunday Night football.  So conventional wisdom goes something like this: how can it be worse?

And that would be perfectly rational if life was fair.  But as anyone with a parent who walked uphill both ways to school tell you, that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Or just ask a Royals fan.  They know sports, like life, is far from fair.  

Which brings me to the 2012 Chiefs.  We know the team likely isn’t good enough to run away and win the AFC West by a wide margin.  It may not be the best division in football, but it does bode to be one of the most balanced, and therefore most competitive.  Which means the difference between another playoff game at Arrowhead and clearing out lockers early likely will be a game.  Maybe two.  Parity has become a fact of life in the NFL.

A game.  Maybe two.  You mean like the game Tamba Hali is suspended for against the Falcons in week one?  Maybe two, like the number of games it could take for Dwayne Bowe to get up to speed in the new offense?

Another fact of NFL life that has become commonly accepted is that it’s a quarterback driven league.  Well, Matt Cassel is the overwhelming favorite to have the fewest passing yards and touchdowns of any quarterback in the division.  And if it’s not about the passer, it’s about stopping the pass.  The Chiefs lost Brandon Carr to a huge contract, replaced him with a penalty machine, and Brandon Flowers has missed almost as much of training camp as Dwayne Bowe with a foot injury.  This sounds like a bad time to bring up that the week 1 opponent features Roddy White, Julio Jones, and Tony Gonzalez.

That doesn’t sound like a formula that lends itself to universal optimism; unless the bar is set so low that 8 wins would be considered a success.  Which I hope isn’t the case.  I was on record before the news about Flowers and Hali, who are 2 of the team’s top 7 players by the way; that the Chiefs would win 9 or 10 games and be in contention for a division title.  

Now I have them winning 8, or in other words, as many as they’ll lose. A .500 season is the definition of mediocre.  That doesn’t sound like something to be universally excited about.  Don’t get mad at me, I’m just trying to be rational. 

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08/22/2012 7:49PM
Danny Parkins: The State of the Chiefs
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08/22/2012 10:28PM
Too much hate..
All the cassel hate....dudes a pro bowler (replacement), took the chiefs to the playoffs and chiefs had a better record with cassel and no Charles last season than with a healthy Charles..I'm not saying he's better than charles, just sayin....dude gets way too much undeserved hate. Especially for a guy getting a new system every year.
08/29/2012 10:50AM
Who Cares? It's the NFL
Who gives a rip? The NFL is boring and it sucks. An NFL game is analogous to a Hollywood movie. Scripted and predictable. College ball is a lot better.
08/30/2012 12:33AM
dude, you are boring and are HORRIBLE on radio. your voice is monotone and makes me change the dial and miss nick.
09/18/2012 1:49PM
Philadelhhia Eagles
Danny I like your show but never compare Chiefs to the Philadelphia Eagles.They are 10x the organization the cheifs They have won more playoff game Between 2000.2010.Then the cheifs have won in thier history.They are 7 million under the cap and are 2-0 and beat a playoff team who a playoff game last year.So defend being 26 million under the cap so cheifs think they have more money to sign player who don't win!I will continue to listen because i like your show but in parting the Cowboys suck and you should Have gone to TEMPLE better football take care Philly Kev
10/10/2012 12:26PM
Scott Payoli needs to go
First I would like to say hats off to Clark Hunt , he went out and got the best man for the job, he thought but it didn't work out,He needs to fire as I call him Scott Payoli. He can not afford to go down with the ship as Scott Payoli has with Matt Cassel or he will lose the whole KC fan base. Clark needs to be a man admit he was wrong and move on.He just needs to back up the brinks truck to Bill Cowhers house ask him to please bring good football back to Kansas City and hire a GM who can just take care of contracts and let Bill pick the players. Thank you, Kevin
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