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Danny Parkins: Winston rant gets strong reaction on Twitter

Eric Winston said he wouldn’t share some of the comments he got after the game, so I wrote about them.

Eric Winston is an accountable, smart, loyal, leader. And even though he hasn’t played very well this year, he’s exactly the type of player you want on your team. By the way, he’s the first to admit it. I asked him to assess his own play on my show Friday before the Baltimore game and he said, “very average… I have to be better.” So that takes care of accountable.

Now, let’s get to the other adjectives. After the Chiefs finished up another poor performance that saw them turn the ball over four times and botch multiple opportunities to win before falling to 1 – 4, it was time for the smart, loyal, leader to show up. And show up he did.

Winston assembled a member from every media outlet in the city at his locker and teed off on Chiefs fans. You’ve heard the speech by now. He was “embarrassed” for how some cheered Matt Cassel’s injury. He said you have a right to boo because you pay money, but emphasized the importance in remembering that the players “are not gladiators and this is not the Roman Coliseum.” He emphasized that Cassel’s injury was a concussion, exactly the type of injury doctors believe shortens the life span of NFL players. Later on twitter, admittedly after the message had spread like wildfire, he said he knew it obviously wasn’t everyone who cheered Cassel’s injury.

He also said he wouldn’t be sharing some of the mentions he got on twitter, but that we should check them out. As a supporter of Winston’s comments, I knew if my mentions were any indication, his would be interesting. I’m writing this about 4 hours after the game and Winston had received more than 750 mentions – and I read them all. I’d say 4 out of 5 were supportive. Here’s a sampling of the other 20%.  

janet smith ‏@gohogsgirl
@ericwinston needs to understand HOW MUCH IT COSTS to go to a game & see the team lose. Next time Eric - SHUT YOUR MOUTH.

Winston started his comments by saying that fans spend good money in economic times so they have every right to boo. But that cheering injury crossed the line.

Tavian Mendez ‏@OctavianMendez
@AdamSchefter @ericwinston free country....stop whinning

You’re right Tavian, it is a free country. And Eric exercised his right to free speech beautifully.

Tae Kim ‏@taejkim1980
@ericwinston thanks for making all #Chiefs fans look bad.

I’d argue it was actually the fans chanting Brady Quinn’s name while Cassel was lying on the field concussed, but what do I know?

This gentleman, Les, was rather persistent:

Les Ismore ‏@PHYXIUSmaximus
@ericwinston If you're a "people pleaser" than PLEASE shut the fu*k up and do what you are HIGHLY PAID TO DO. Defend OUR QB ON THE FIELD!

les Ismore ‏@PHYXIUSmaximus
@ericwinston I'm tired of U rich out of touch guys NOT GETTING IT! If your baby Cassel was carted off the field, would KC have cheered then?

Those were 2 of 5 tweets Mr. Ismore sent to Winston. Les has an anger problem and a broken CAPS LOCK KEY.

Les Ismore ‏@PHYXIUSmaximus
@ericwinston How long have you been in KC anyway cigarette boy? You mean you don't have any better understanding of KC people? GET OUT MORE!

One more from Les just for fun… Cigarette boy? What does that even mean?

Reps ‏@Audio_Graffiti
@ericwinston good thing you dont play hockey, pull your skirt up its football, maybe table tennis or golf suits you better!

I’m sure Mr. Audio Graffiti would be willing to say this to the 300 pound offensive lineman’s face.

brad shelor ‏@Bnorris04
@ericwinston Trust me, however embarassed you are about the cheering, we are more embarassed about how horrible you guys are

You are more embarrassed that the Chiefs are 1 – 4 than the fact some fans cheered while a player lied concussed on the field? Your priorities might need readjustment.

J Woody ‏@Jwoody87
@KevinBossman @ericwinston Way to continue to throw ALL Chiefs fans under the bus. Disgusting, not all fans cheered like Winston implies

I agree with this point. And Winston shouldn’t have made it sound like all fans were cheering Cassel’s injury in his original comments, because they weren’t. But, that’s how the world works. Do you think ALL Philadelphia fans booed Santa Claus? Do you think ALL Pistons fans brawled with Ron Artest? Sometimes, a few bad apples can ruin it for the rest of you. Live with the consequences.

Aaron Besonen ‏@AaronBesonen
@ericwinston Dont criticize our fans, we pay good money to watch millionaires play and when they suck, we'll tell you..u should block better

It never ceases to amaze me how jealous people are of the money athletes make. They are in the top 1% of their field. You and I are not. Do better.

Tubby Washington ‏@TubbyWashington
If @ericwinston hadn't opened his mouth, no one would be discussing the alleged jeering by Chiefs fans. Thx for making a bad season worse.
Stay classy 20% of Chiefs fans.

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10/08/2012 5:10PM
Danny Parkins: Winston rant gets strong reaction on Twitter
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10/08/2012 5:42PM
"Sometimes, a few bad apples can ruin it for the rest of you. Live with the consequences." That gate swings both ways. Not all 53 players on the team suck but when enough of them suck, you do, too. Win as a team, suck as a team. Another point, someone who's played all of three games at Arrowhead as a Chief isn't qualified to judge what kind of fans the team has.
10/08/2012 5:51PM
Winston Comment
He gathered all media to make his comments and it spread like wildfire throught the nat'l media, making our city and it's fans look very bad. He doesn't understand how we have supported this team. No one wanted to see Cassel hurt. We wanted a change at quarterback due to terrible play. Pioli and Crennel weren't going to make a change, as Crennel admitted after the game. The fans cheered becaues we were excited to see a change made, not because Cassel could have been terribly hurt. This team is so out of touch it's just ridiculous. Clark Hunt better get a hold on this relationship with the fans or it's gonna get real ugly, real fast. Clark, we appeal to you to make significant changes in this team if you desire your loyal fans support.
10/08/2012 6:16PM
What in the world
How do you know he is an accountable, smart, loyal leader? He's played 5 games for the chiefs and they are 1-4. He has played poorly. I don't care if he's the best leader ever, if he's not playing well I certainly don't wanthim on my team. Good lord, what kind of sentence is "even though he is not good at his job, he's exactly the type of player you want on your team." What a joke.
10/08/2012 6:29PM
Winston Comment
JC Pearson has it right, Winston needs to shut up and play better. Danny just needs to shut up, he's as stupid as Winston.
10/08/2012 6:45PM
I completely understand what Danny is doing here and its smart. Having your cake and eating too doesn't last long though. Eventually you'll have to lean one way or the other, if not Danny won't last long in KC. (Not that he wants to anyway)
10/08/2012 6:48PM
I like you Danny
I do like you and your show but for once Bob Fescoe is incredibly more on point than you and Carrington. Now I'll go ahead and assume this isn't for ratings and you really feel this way. But come on man I don't know how you can't see this disconnect between millionaire players and fans. Yes, they're at the top of their field but they are compensated well and taxpayers of our own city are paying for their stadium. Winston's comment that they're not gladiators is true, but comparing a blood sport fight to the death to a millionaire playing a game and getting a concussion is ridiculous. And as many have said, while Winston may be a great "leader" he has only been here a few months and he is sure as heck not a leader to the fans yet. In fact, I don't believe most fans will ever forgive him considering he still sticks by his comments with no clarification or apology. Football is a violent game, always has been. No one wanted to see Cassell hurt but things happen. We were happy with the result. Cassell has been great to this community, but so has my grandma, that doesn't mean I want her playing QB. Anyway, love the show but you and Winston are wrong my friend.
10/08/2012 7:05PM
Ratings boost?
Your take on this is obviously a pathetic reach for ratings. You can't have the exact same feelings on the issue as Fescoe who is on directly before you, so you go another route to keep the listeners. I understand it, you've got to do what you've for to do, but it's still lame man. And you're usually the one with the hip take.
10/08/2012 9:29PM
Lame Gregg Doyel parody column
Seriously this is one of the worst written columns I have ever seen. Every other KC sports radio show took Winston to task for making false and exaggerated statements but we knew Parkins would defend this idiot. You are right we are not in the top 1% of our fields but you Danny are in the bottom 1% of yours.
10/08/2012 11:31PM
Been a Chiefs fan for 50 years.. Was at the game I didn't realize Cassel was hurt, along with most of the people in our section.. When they realized he was hurt the cheering stopped.. Their are always a few idiots in the crowd.. With Mr. Winston's rant.. I wont embarrass him any farther. I wont be going to the game in 2 weeks.. My seats will be empty and next year someone else can buy them.
10/09/2012 8:47AM
I read through a ton of the replies, too. They're poorly spelled at times, highly offensive at others, and all the critical ones show sad signs of a lack of self-awareness, where "He threw the fans under the bus" was typed, but "The fans who cheered the injury put us there in the first place" goes highly ignored. Fact is, Winston was right. If you violently disagree with him the way the article shows, then you're simply not a true fan. And if you don't want to show up at the next game, that's fine. Better that than the fair-weather types that trash a fanbase's reputation showing up to embarrass everyone again.
10/12/2012 1:08PM
From The Onion
10/12/2012 1:30PM
the positive thats come from it all
it took matt cassel being cheered as he got injured to get clark hunt to care. thats disgusting. now we are hearing from bill maas that hes taking an active roll in the team...in other words HE CARES NOW BECAUSE WE EMBARRASSED HIM. this was the goal of going to arrowhead and embarrassing the chiefs. we got the results we wanted. cassels gone and clark cares. if thats what it takes then do you blame the fans or do you blame the billionaire that allowed it to get that bad?
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