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Jay Binkley: Binkley's Weekly Blog

And so it was Saturday night at the stroke at midnight that University of Missouri and Texas A & M officially became members of the SEC.  It also meant that TCU and West Virginia were now proud members of the Big 12 conference.   We all knew it was going to happen, but it just felt weird on Saturday night looking at twitter and seeing SEC official twitter accounts welcome the Tigers and Aggies followed by pics of parties in the streets of Columbia.  Twitter was like New Years Eve on Saturday night marking a new beginning for 4 teams.

For some the celebrations were grand like in Forth Worth, Texas where according to the Fort Worth Star Telegram the Frogs packed the famed Billy Bob’s and the stock yards while Coach Gary Patterson and TCU AD Chris Del Conte fired up the crowd.  At West Virginia they are waited until Sunday to party as they threw a big BBQ and even had new Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby on hand to celebrate. 

This once again marks a significant time in college football.  Last year was the year of conference hopping and this year was the year of getting a playoff finally in the books as last week the presidents approved the measure for a 4 team playoff. 

So, last night was a night to celebrate for many and for others to maybe feel differently.  I know in our town we have many feeling regarding conference re-alignment.  Missouri fans are joyous of moving to the most powerful football conference in America yet many seem saddened to say good bye to their great rival in Kansas.  For Kansas fans, its bitter sweet as well as they feel  jilted by Missouri and age old rival leaving them high and dry.  But what is for certain as the departures of Nebraska, Colorado, Missouri, Texas A & M hasn’t hurt the conference as the Big 12 with  the additions of TCU and West Virginia it’s as strong financially as it has ever been.  Add into the fact of the Big 12 and SEC bowl alliance and the Big 12 sits right alongside of the SEC, Pac 12 and Big 10 as one of the premier football conferences in America.  Sure, there was doubt but then came along Chuck Neinas who came in and really got this thing going back into a good direction.  Bob Bowlsby will now lead the Big 12 into its new future and I think they are in good hands.

So good bye’s are always tough it’s just like a long time girlfriend of your family when you have to leave them and go a new direction in your life.  You know the day is coming but it doesn’t truly feel real until it happens.  Saturday night at midnight if happened and we know live in a world without Mizzou and KU together.  Don’t be down be excited as I think it is going to be great to cover two great football conference in the SEC and Big 12.  I can’t wait, let football season begin!

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07/02/2012 4:46PM
Jay Binkley: Binkley's Weekly Blog
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07/05/2012 2:54PM
Hello Jay
Very cool new gig young man...keep in touch....Matt Dolan
07/05/2012 5:23PM
spell check??
spell check??
10/21/2012 9:12PM
Love you Binkley
How about a little proofreading though? I know this isn't top ended journalist material, but give it at least a once read through? (reading it aloud helps)
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