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Jay Binkley


Jay Binkley: One Week in the Books

Well it’s been a fun week.  Josh Vernier and I started with The Big Show and both of us were excited to get Jayice Pearson in the studio with us as well.  First of all, let me say I am glad you have chosen to listen to the show.  We plan on working hard on bringing interactive, discussion based sports radio with quality guests sprinkled in on subjects that we plan to talk about. 

Right now the hot topics are clearly the NBA Finals and the matchup of Lebron V. Kevin Durant.   Vernier likes to talk about the torch being passed from the greats of the game to a guy like Kevin Durant.  The NBA finals are a chance for legends to be made and clearly either Lebron or Kevin Durant can take that next step.

This week also marked the last Chiefs practice before training camp in St. Joe.  Josh and I plan on doing almost all of our shows live from St. Joe to be your eyes and ears for all the events that that transpire at training camp.  We posed the question on the show this week as to what will be the main stories you want to see from camp.  Overwhelmingly, it was Matt Cassel and rightfully so as he holds the key to the Chiefs 2012 success.  Other popular topics are of course the development of Dontari Poe, the Chiefs 11th pick in the first round of this year’s draft.  Let’s face it, he has all the size and speed you would want from a guy to play the nose tackle position and to be honest a man 346 pounds running a sub 5.00 40 yard dash should have you excited.  But poor coaching at Memphis means Dontari will have to be on the fast track to be of value to the Kansas City Chiefs.  Having said that, the right coachs are in place with this staff to get the job done in Romeo Crennel and defensive line coach Anthony Pleasant.  So keep sending in those text and emails of what you want us to keep an eye on.

Conference re-alignment talk has stalled with nothing else to report on.  But the first of a series of meetings between the BCS commissioners took place and a major story for the summer will be when they finally decide the exact format of how the post season will take shape. But at least we will be moving closer to a true national champion. 

Again thanks for listening and being part of the show we appreciate it and look forward to bringing you a great product between 2 and 6pm on 610 Sports.

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06/18/2012 11:00AM
Jay Binkley: One Week in the Books
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