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Josh Klingler is the co-host and update anchor of "Fescoe in the Morning," heard weekdays 6a-9a on 610 Sports Radio.  Perhaps the busiest sports personality in Kansas City, "Kling" also hosts pregame and postgame for KU Football and Men's Basketball broadcasts on the Jayhawk Radio Network and does morning sports updates on News Radio 980 KMBZ. He brings you his insight each Thursday on 610sports.com

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Josh Klingler: Bart Scott is right, "can't wait" for KU-MU2

Today is one of the few times where I slip out of 'one game at a time' mode. It's happened twice this basketball season, both involving the last of the Border War matchups.

Kansas and Missouri are set to clash for maybe the final time on one of their campuses, this time February 25th in Lawrence. Both teams have games before that time, both playing at A&M, Kansas with a home game against Texas Tech and Missouri hosting Kansas State. But all eyes are already set on the 3pm tipoff on the 25th for all of the marbles.

I don't want to debate who is right or wrong in this series coming to an end. But I don't think even if they play again, that they will be able to replicate the home and home atmospheres that happened earlier at Mizzou or that is anticipated to take place next week at KU.

Simply playing one non-conference game cannot deliver the same emotions of what this entire conference race has. When, and I'll say 'when', this series is played again, there will be a short term hatred, but not the 18 game living and dying with your rival's every move that you have now. It just can't happen.

The stakes are just higher when you are talking about conference implications. There's more on the line than 'just' the rivalry.  This year, it's a conference title, possibly a #1 seed, and oh yeah, the ability to have bragging rights for the foreseeable future.

So enjoy this final go round and all that goes with it. KU playing in the Big 12 and Mizzou in the SEC won't be able to deliver this kind of drama ever again.


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02/16/2012 2:05PM
Josh Klingler: Bart Scott is right, "can't wait" for KU-MU2
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02/17/2012 10:57AM
Right or Wrong
I'm not sure how there could even be a question about who was right or wrong. KU told MU the games would end if MU switched conferences. MU decided to switch conferences. I don't know that there is a wrong here, but there is no question about the who and the why. I agree that this last game should be exciting and that a non-conference game wouldn't have anywhere near the atmosphere of the conference games of the last 100 years.
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