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Josh Klingler is the co-host and update anchor of "Fescoe in the Morning," heard weekdays 6a-9a on 610 Sports Radio.  Perhaps the busiest sports personality in Kansas City, "Kling" also hosts pregame and postgame for KU Football and Men's Basketball broadcasts on the Jayhawk Radio Network and does morning sports updates on News Radio 980 KMBZ. He brings you his insight each Thursday on

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Josh Klingler: Only In Sports

Hosmer-mania is running wild and apparently we are the problem.  Everyone under the sun has spoken about Eric Hosmer, except the family dog, and we are only a week in.

Look the kid has been great, he looks the part, seems like a very mature person and clearly his game is professional.  But do we need to see the parents every time he does something?

It only happens in the world of sports, where every day is 'Take Your Parents to Work Day.'  It's a very strange phenomenon that we are all okay with.  Shots of a player's parents, wife, girlfriend etc are part of the norm in sports .. but why?  (I do get the why of the hot girlfriend/wife .. not where I'm going)

Yes, behind every great player is someone close to him in his life.  But why do we apparently care?  The Hosmers sound like very nice people and I am sure they were very influential in their son's development, but they also sound like every other parent who is obviously proud of their kid.  They are normal and boring and why should you care?  Yet it's sports and we embrace it.  Only in sports it's cool for you as an adult to be cheered on publicly by your parents.

Wouldn't we consider this creepy in 'real life'?   Imagine my old man, interviewed outside of the studio after my latest update, while wearing a 610 Sports shirt... that's right creepy!  Are your parents applauded and praised every time you succeed at work?  No, why?  Because it's creepy.  I'm not sure where it all started, but I'd just like it to stop.  Not to mention the Hosmers and others should just be left alone to watch the game.

By the way I think my parents felt I would have made a great accountant .. maybe my Dad shouldn't be interviewed.

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06/15/2011 2:21AM
Josh Klingler: Only In Sports
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