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Josh Klingler is the co-host and update anchor of "Fescoe in the Morning," heard weekdays 6a-9a on 610 Sports Radio.  Perhaps the busiest sports personality in Kansas City, "Kling" also hosts pregame and postgame for KU Football and Men's Basketball broadcasts on the Jayhawk Radio Network and does morning sports updates on News Radio 980 KMBZ. He brings you his insight each Thursday on

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Josh Klingler: Stanzi time

It's #StanziTime Saturday. The day many of my fellow Hawkeye alums, other Chiefs Stanzi Nation fans, and just plain 'Mericans have been waiting for.

The backup quarterback is always a fan favorite, but I'm not sure there's a bigger following in the NFL this side of Tebow mania than for Ricky Stanzi. This kid was a college winner on some very successful Iowa teams, but I swear he's more popular now. I don't know if he had this much support from Iowa fans when he was playing there.

Not to say this Saturday is 'it' but it's a huge opportunity for Stanzi in the Chiefs 2nd preseason game. He'll be the 2nd QB and could play a majority of the game, so it's his time to shine.

I don't see the infatuation, but for some reason it's taken on a life of it's own. I don't expect Stanzi to ever be a starting QB. I don't think the 'next' QB for the Chiefs is on the Chiefs roster. But that's not to say Stanzi can't have a nice long career in the NFL. I've said it on the air before, the backup QB job is one of the best around, especially if you don't have to play (and maybe be exposed).

That being said I'm also willing to be wrong. Stanzi has every right to fight to move up and I'm rooting that he does. I just have not witnessed much that says I see it.  (And it has nothing to do with me still owning a Drew Tate jersey, Stanzi's predecessor)

A texter this week pointed out that we are all lucky that Missouri alum Chase Daniel or Kansas alum Todd Reesing aren't on the Chiefs roster, the outcry would be at defcon 5.

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08/16/2012 10:37AM
Josh Klingler: Stanzi time
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08/17/2012 6:44PM
Stanzi's time
Too early to say what Stanzi going to be. This is like his rookie season to me. Everyone knows he didn't get chance to develop with short offseason and Haley conditioning program and none football training camp last yr. So this is his 1st yr to actually develop. Even Zorn admitted he didn't get chance to really work with Matt so you know he didn't put time in 3rd string Qb. To me we will have better perception on who Stanzi is next year this time.
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