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 "Bulldog" Bob Fescoe is the host of Fescoe in the Morning, heard weekdays 6a-9a on 610 Sports Radio. The KU grad has been a voice in the Kansas City sports scene for the better part of the last decade and brings his passion to the table with some bite every weekday morning.

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Mid Summer Blues

Ah, the summer. Well, ah, July. Every year at this time you can pretty much set your watch that sports media will start to complain about the same things they always complain about this time of year. Most will start off with the old argument that there is just “nothing to talk about right now.” They will then launch into blasting Chris Berman and the home run derby, followed by complaining about the All Star game and laying out their plan to “fix the all star game.” We will then complain that the day after the all star game is the worst sports day of the year. It’s very predictable because it always happens, just listen to sports radio at a National level this week and you will understand what I am talking about in this blog.

The one thing I do agree with is that the All Star Game in Baseball is hurting. This year we will see over 80 different players on the rosters. Each year, more and more “All Stars” decided they don’t want to play. Some are injured but some just don’t want to make the trek to the Mid Summer Classic...and I can’t blame them. Baseball players start the season on February 15th and go until the beginning of October and if you are in the post season, you will finish up around November 1st. No matter what kind of work you are in, that is a long stretch. During the regular season, the guys get just 14 off days so these 3 days at the All Star Break are valuable. Each year we see more and more players bowing out of the All Star Game and that scares me. What is going to happen next year when players see that it is 100 degrees this time of year in KC?

What will players do if there are no repercussions for not showing up to the game? I think this is becoming an epidemic and MLB needs to get involved. If you are voted into the All Star Game, you have to show up or you are fined 1 million dollars. MLB has to find ways to keep the fans connected to the game. They want the fans to be involved in selecting the teams, but when they do, half the guys don’t show up. How are the fans really involved? Bud Selig needs to grow a spine and force the guys that are voted into the game to show up. If they can’t play, they need to at least be on hand to wave for introductions. They can then leave afterwards.

Nothing is perfect when it comes to All Star Games, but this is a step to make sure the fans choices actually show up!


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07/11/2011 9:16AM
Mid Summer Blues
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