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 "Bulldog" Bob Fescoe is the host of Fescoe in the Morning, heard weekdays 6a-9a on 610 Sports Radio. The KU grad has been a voice in the Kansas City sports scene for the better part of the last decade and brings his passion to the table with some bite every weekday morning.

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Please Save Us, NFL

For the first time since the lockout started, I can say, I miss the NFL.  This off season has been bearable, until now.  Enough bickering and let’s get a deal done.

The local baseball team has reached the point of the year where fans begin losing interest.  They have been miserable over the last two weeks and fans are looking for something to cheer about this week.  This is where the NFL comes into play.  We are now facing a deadline.  The league and the players need to come to a compromise this week.  If something is not done soon, the start of the season will be in jeopardy….serious jeopardy.  We are about a month away from the first preseason game and about 3 weeks away from the start of training camp.  All of that appears to be on hold right now since there is no labor deal in place.

It’s interesting to gauge the pulse of fans regarding the NFL.  There are some fans who want us to talk about the NFL and there are others who do not want us to mention those 3 letters until a labor deal is in place.

I used to be one of those fans who did not want to talk about the NFL until a deal was done, however I am getting restless.  I want to talk about guys the Chiefs could sign, I want to talk about how Matt Cassel will grow up as a quarterback.  I want to talk about how the defense will take the next step.  However, part of me doesn’t want to invest the time because I don’t think I will be rewarded with a season.

The NFL has a hold on America like nothing else.  Men, women, children and pets all love the NFL.  Our patience is wearing thin right now with the people in charge.  The players want to play, the fans want to root, we all want our NFL back. 

I am finally having football withdrawls.  I need a fix for the NFL.  So, going forward, we are going to spend time talking about the NFL…for better or worse.  We need it.  This country needs it and more importantly, I need it.  I need the NFL.  I am begging you, get a deal done…now!  This madness has to end!

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07/05/2011 10:45AM
Please Save Us, NFL
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