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The Most Underappreciated Athlete in America

Smith Gets No Love!

Bob Fescoe
August 21, 2017 - 10:29 am

The secret is out.  Alex Smith has been superb during training camp and during the first two preseason games.  Its a fact that almost no one wants to admit both locally and nationally.  For all intents and purposes we are ready to turn the QB situation over to rookie Pat Mahomes.  However, Smith's Chiefs career may be over a little later than many had anticipated.  To me, this makes Alex the most under appreciated athlete in America today.  The evidence is staggering.  Look at what people are saying right now about the KC QB situation:



And how about this one!

As long as Smith continues to make plays like this, it will be hard to bench him this season

No matter what Smith does, he will always have people waiting for him to fail.  Right or wrong, fair or unfair, people don't  think Alex has what it takes to be a real winner in the NFL when the chips are down.  Even The Big Lead is taking an unnecessary swipe at him by looking for something to rip him for in August.  They ranked all the QB's in the NFL and Smith comes in at 17.  It's not 17 that I have an issue with, its WHAT they SAY about #11

"17. Alex Smith, Chiefs: He’s running less, has yet to register that landmark playoff win (2-4) and Kansas City is gonna draft another QB. His 15 TDs last year ranked 27th among QBs."


Landmark Playoff Win??? You have got to be kidding me!  Alex won the Chiefs their first playoff game in 2 decades and should have beaten the Colts but a poor defense allowed Indy to come away with the win.  Alex clearly has to live up to different standards than the rest of the quarterbacks in the NFL.  I know as a Chiefs fan I am rooting for Alex to lead this team to the Super Bowl....moreso for his sake than anything else.


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