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Danny Duffy Takes on Rob Manfred

Fescoe In The Morning
July 12, 2017 - 7:40 am

Royals ace Danny Duffy rejoined the twitterverse earlier this year and it has been nothing short of fantastic! Interacting with fans, making sure we all #VoteMoose & sending out pictures of his teammates during what could be the final run with the core group. 

However, during the All-Star Break, he took a shot at MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred.

One of the biggest topics in baseball over the past year is speeding up the game and making it more appealing to a younger audience. Well, our guy Danny Duffy seems to disagree with many of those sentiments as we discussed below with Fescoe, Kling & Welch. Don't forget, Danny Duffy joins Fescoe in the Morning every Thursday morning at 915am during the season! 

Danny Duffy Fires a Shot


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