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Why Everybody Is Picking Against The Chiefs

National Media is against us, but why?

Fescoe In The Morning
September 06, 2017 - 6:00 am

Not surprising that nobody in the national media has picked the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl. They always hate us 'cause they ain't us.

But we decided to try and get inside the minds of the national media and find all the potential reasons why they don't see the Chiefs winning the Super Bowl.

ESPN doesn't really like us


CBS Sports doesn't either.


Kling - unproven WR corps - the Chiefs have a lot of "hopes" and not enough provens in this category.  Losing Jeremy Maclin deducted more from their perception than their actual stats, but even his production must be picked up by someone.  Tyreek Hill had a flashy debut but can he prove to carry the load?   We've rooted for Chris Conley to emerge and this is the critical year 3.  Albert Wilson is what he is (yeah I hate that phrase too) and the rest of the group is DAT, DeMarcus Robinson and Jehu Chesson .. not exactly Rice, Taylor & JJ Stokes (or Skeets Nehamiah --- google that one kids).  At this point there's no reason to think that the overall production of this group is going to be better than last year's.  

Fescoe - Andy Reid.  Plain and simple.  Andy Reid has won over 60 percent of his regular season games and in fact has won over 67 percent of those same games in Kansas City.  However in the post season Reid struggles to the finish line.  He has a sub .500 record in the playoffs and he is just 1-3 in KC in games that matter most.  Plus 11 of his 18 seasons he had double digit wins but only once made the Super Bowl.  Reid also has to fight the sterotype that he has horrible clock management and bad play calling in the red zone.  For folks to fully believe in the Chiefs, they are going to have to see a more aggressive Andy Reid and one who finally finishes the season on a winning note.  Until that day, folks will have their dobuts with Andy Reid led teams.

Welch - Lack of Offseason Improvement - This is largely the same team we saw in 2016, which makes sense because the Chiefs were a 12-4 division champion in 2016. That said, everybody has seen this movie before. The Chiefs do well in the regular season despite their glaring issues, we get all hyped up for a playoff run thinking, "This will be the year Alex Smith lights it up", and every year we're disappointed. Patrick Mahomes is the key offseason addition, and we won't see him to start the season. In my mind, the only thing that even has a chance of getting the Chiefs over-the-hump is by replacing Alex Smith with Patrick Mahomes at some point during this season. It might not work with Mahomes, but what the Chiefs did in 2016 didn't work either, so why would anybody expect it to work in 2017?

Spec - I was told I couldn't write about Alex Smith, but I'm doing it anyway. Remember the movie Rush Hour? Great movie! Remember Rush Hour 2? Really good sequel. Rush Hour 3 stunk and that's the point we've reached with Alex Smith. I've seen enough from Smith to truly believe they're Super Bowl contenders. I'm still going to go to the theater but I've already seen this same movie a bunch. High floor, low ceiling has been AS11 since 2013 and while has been incredibly important to the turnaround of this franchise, I'm ready for what is next. And for the record, if we're doing movie comparisons, Pat Mahomes is equal to Bad Boys II which is one of my favorie action films of all time!


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