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Chiefs V. Patriots Week 1 On Thursday Night Looks Like A Reality

Some Chiefs Fans Don't Like That

Jay Binkley
April 17, 2017 - 5:20 pm

It looks like the Kansas City Chiefs will play the New England Patriots on the Thursday Nigh NFL opener.  Detroit Lions President Rod Wood gave out the info when he talked about the Lions new uniforms.  We already knew who the Chiefs opponents were and we knew we played New England on the road. This was met with curious reaction from Chiefs fans who didn't like this game (See the reaction on our Facebook page)

 Look at this way would you rather have one week to prepare for the Patriots if it were in the middle of the season or would you rather have all off season to focus on beating the Patriots?

I would choose to play them in week 1.  Get it over with because you knew you had to play out there anyway.  Let's see what Andy Reid can do with a full off season to prepare for them. If this team is championship material let's see what they got.

UPDATE: It's about as close to official as it can be.


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