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Interesting Stuff On Why John Dorsey Was Let Go

Jay Binkley
June 29, 2017 - 8:39 am

Interesting insight was given today by Albert Breer in the MMQB in Sports Illustrated on why John Dorsey was fired by the Chiefs.

From MMQB "Given the power each then wielded, the stock criticism of Dorsey—that while he’s incredibly respected as an evaluator, he’s more scout than manager—was validated with a level of disorganization that was noticeable before the hyper-organized Ballard departed, and obvious after he left for Indy."

Interesting stuff for sure as we are all left wondering what happened.  We aren't the only ones left wondering as this has been looked at with raised eyebrows across the league.  The Chiefs were always seen as that perfect franchise in the way they have gone out done things the right way. So much so even in Buffalo they were saying  "The Buffalo News has learned that the Bills' model will pretty much replicate that of the Kansas City Chiefs".  Which means this was seen as a stable front office to emulate. Sometimes perception isn't reality.  Honestly this might be a good move by the Chiefs, I don't blame Clark Hunt as it's his team and he is becoming that owner we want to have in sports. No doubt John Dorsey was an incredible talent evaluator but I agree with the above quote in that he is a football guy a scouts scout.  He wasn't the GM with the fancy suit and the smartphone on the sideline, no he was the guy in the sweatshirt watching football.  He would rather look at film than eat at a fancy restaurant it's who he is. As far as Clark Hunt lot's of questions existed when he took over the team and how he would handle things.  The things I have learned is he has a burning desire to win, to host the Lamar Hunt trophy named after his dad after winning an AFC championship.

UPDATE: Breer joined "The Drive" with CDot & Fanning" to further discuss his story:

The Drive 062917 - Albert Breer with CDot & Fanning.mp3

Ian Rapoport from NFL Network joined The Day Shift to discuss the GM search:

06/26 - Ian Rapoport

Here is some other info on the Chiefs GM search.



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