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Will A New Alex Smith Show Up In New England?

Chiefs Fans Better Hope So

Mike Welch
September 06, 2017 - 1:15 pm

Week 1 is the first day of the new Alex Smith.... well, it needs to be. Alex Smith has been a solid middle-of-the-road QB in Kansas City. He’s always ranked somewhere between 13 and 20 among NFL QBs. Considering what Chiefs fans are used to (Matt Cassel, Brady Quinn, Tyler Palko, Brody Croyle, Tyler Thigpen, ;lasdkvnipuwirajgasoEFIhroh… sorry, I passed out), Alex Smith has been a really nice change of pace. But, this year is a little bit different for Alex...

Enter Patrick Mahomes. One of the most exciting players we’ve seen in a Chiefs uniform and the most excited QB we’ve seen in a Chiefs uniform. Everybody is high on Mahomes, and there isn’t one person who paid attention to his preseason performance who wasn’t blown away by the rookie from Texas Tech. 

Alex Smith has dealt with an exciting, talented young QB behind him before (sup, Kaepernick), but never a Top 10 draft pick who is unquestionably the future of the franchise. In order to hold onto his job this season, Smith must be better than middle-of-the-road. He must be able to throw the ball downfield, make the clutch throws in the red zone, and find ways to get Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce going on a weekly basis.

Will Alex Smith Rise to the Challenge?

Call me nuts (a lot of people do), but I don’t see Alex Smith changing his style successfully after 12 years in the NFL. It’s hard for me to believe a QB can be one guy for over a decade in the league, then over the span of one season, turn into something completely different. Alex Smith will hit his lull like he does every season, and at that time, I believe we will see Patrick Mahomes get his chance to start.

That said, Alex Smith has the opportunity to make a statement Thursday night vs. the Patriots. If Alex Smith lights up the scoreboard and makes the seemingly untouchable Pats D look subpar, then the narrative surrounding Smith and the 2017 Chiefs changes entirely.

Welch on Alex Smith

And make no mistake, I would love nothing more than for Alex Smith to prove me and all of his other doubters wrong in 2017. (Tweet your anger to @RealMikeWelch)

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