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Dayton Hall of Fame...Book It

Dayton The All Time Great

Ron Hughley
April 17, 2017 - 5:05 pm

There are certain jobs that are setup to fail, we have probably worked them ourselves.  My first job had me picking large baskets of balls 300 yards away at a driving range (I was hit several times and many other times had to show my good footwork to avoid other disasters).   Royals GM Dayton Moore had that job and I bet at times he would of wished he was simply dodging golf balls.   We know the story here, it was quite possibly the worst situation in North American sports.   Low payroll (with almost none to spend), bad farm system, no postseason since 1985 and a fan base that was at the end of its rope.  Oh and my favorite when the Pittsburgh Pirates made the postseason in 2013, the Kansas City Royals were the only professional franchise in the four major sports (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL) to have not made the playoffs since 1985.  WHAT THE HELL IS THAT

Dayton Moore took over that.... and in less then 10 years this team has gone to back to back World Series and even won the chip in 2015.  To me that would almost be enough to put him in the Hall....but its even more then that.  The most important mark of greatness is how can you make change in your field and Dayton Moore made changes to effect an entire sport (a sport that never changes).   In today's age of baseball we were told, you gotta hit the ball over the wall, gotta have great starting pitching, gotta walk and get on base and many other things the Royals didn't do.  Moore flipped it on its head and went in another direction....getting athletes all over the field, having strong defensive players at nearly every position.  Putting the ball in play and letting that athleticism take over, oh and make his bullpen the strength of the team.  Knowing his payroll issues bullpen arms don't cost as much as other positions which was genius (now everyone is doing) and made for the best bullpen of all time.  Listen him on The Drive with 610 Royals insider Josh Vernier. You change the game, win the chip and turn around a bad franchise I don't care how old you are or how long you've been doing it your a Hall of Famer.  Whoever gets the Browns to win the Super Bowl, New York Knicks to win a NBA Championship they should automatically get in too.....Come when the chip with a franchise like the Royals Theo Epstein


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