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Chiefs Need Kareem Hunt To Work

The Running Game Might Be a Weakness

Stephen Serda
May 17, 2017 - 1:32 pm

Kansas City Chiefs

OTA offseason workouts: May 23-25, May 30-31, June 1, June 6-9

Mandatory minicamp: June 13-15


With the Chiefs OTAs set to begin next week we really need to talk about this teams running game. Specifically third round pick Kareem Hunt. I want to be clear the Chiefs starting running back is going to be Spencer Ware but it is in the teams best interest if Kareem Hunt can really impress them coming out of this years training camp. I'm looking forward to OTA's (Here's a link if you're still asking what are OTA's) becaue of course I want to see Patrick Mahomes but for this season I'm far more interested in seeing what Kareem Hunt can bring to the table. 

Mahomes is going to be the guy everyone is talking about come training camp and the preseason but he's not going to be ready this year and fans shouldn't want him to be ready. Fans should be excited about Kareem Hunt though. You can argue Hunt didn't play top competition, he went to Toledo. No one cares who he played in college. He had an underwhelming combine. Plenty of players haven't had amazing combines and go on to have long NFL careers. Odelle Beckham was a guy who was said to not have top end speed. He's the best big play wide receiver in the league and a lot that has to do with what he can do when the pads go on. I have that feeling when I watch a guy like Kareem Hunt. He doesn't blow you away with his speed but its there and I'm willing to bet he's got a lot more explosion once we see him in a game than he did at the combine where he ran an underwhelming 4.62 40 yard dash. I like Spencer Ware a lot. He is the top guy this year but he's not an elite player. Ware is a nice role player who got figured out by other teams last year and had a very slow second half of the season. It didn't have anything to do with his early season injury. It was all about teams getting signifcant tape on him and figuring out how they could contain him. 

Spencer Ware managed to give the Chiefs 33 receptions for 447 yards last season which is nice when you consider his first season here in KC he only had 6 receptions in 11 games. Outside of week 1 when Ware exploded for 129 receiving yards he was pretty lacking in the passing game. Over the last 8 games of the year he only surpassed 30 receiving yards once. Now this isn't a problem for a normal offense but the Chiefs run a pass heavy checkdown offense. When you aren't going to hammer the ball up the middle 30 times a game you need your running backs to come up with plays in the receiving game especially when you aren't even going to look down field as a passing offense. Kareem Hunt can have an instant impact in the receiving game and he has a much better shot at taking a 3 yard dump off from Alex for 60 yards than Spencer Ware does. Tyreek is going to be involved a lot more in the back field this season in my opinion but that's not really where you want him. He's at his best strechting defenses and attracting safeties who don't just key in on the guys in the flat. 

If you watch the video above you'll see a player with some holes in his game. I'm not saying he's going to be Zeke right out of the gates. He has things to work on. No running back coming out of college is ready to pass block at the NFL level. Not a single one is ready to try and slow down Von Miller or J.J. Watt but Hunt has far more god given gifts and ability than what the Chiefs have right now. He's got potential to be a very good player and there might not be another offense in the NFL that desperately needs a running back to take pressure off the QB than the Chiefs specifically with the way they utilize their backs. 

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