03/20 - 10 am - The "Busted Bracket" Effect

The Day Shift
Monday, March 20th

Some where groaning about the tourney games over the weekend, but the guys call that the "Busted Bracket" effect. Plus, Bink feels bad for K-State fans & we should all hope to find love like this. 


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I don't have a case of the month. But I knew he was dead at each and every Monday on the show. So we do we did today I'm just fine that we get a told us straight out the gate until fine had a good weekend. Plus what accounts but it's peacock in here and I celebrated. Not so I'll watch basketball like everybody else and I had a good saint patty's day. Friday night was hanging out just got that phone outsourcing this I think this look on people's eyes bright often have that same look on Wednesday morning. I don't know that I'm and I left you don't know what's happening in fact that you don't know what's happening I today's shift late stage which tells you. Sixers Sports Radio six is forced by coming yes Bryant's. Good way to solve my grown through a hell hole lights on it at at at its untainted. You to a bank. And do what you tell me to do. Doing good man crazy weekend. Little incidentally turn connection with the the BBC in ways they win. TC phantoms win again I mean just everybody who went way to do it or it may first time where payments yet first. Apparently was really it's confident the economy until it well at first it was a moral victory though and knowing that but that coach coale won't play with a says the way they won their first game of the year. On the road. And they lost their opening game orbiter. Would you be jinx no you weren't using said that opening game was Ryan engines. Yes I'll go to blow. I Datsyuk all right well one team locally. Was not jinxed over the weekend and that was the Kansas Jayhawks. A huge this they took care of business. Yesterday. I know that a lot of you were buzzing. Friday evening Friday evening mean you David bosses wanted everybody to team up to date and Boston's old mark. 136 to mad cat it was all some went on as some cool giveaways best cool people. Enjoyed via the listing on. The listeners and team now but Friday night. We install or was taking place. With miss it stay K Michigan State. In him upsetting and just plain fun now little basketball. In their opening around a lot of people assume eight. Michigan State. Izzo knows how to get his team is prepared for the it's doubly tough it may be this is gonna be extremely tough test because the minute trusts. Mine nobody with a solid coming Almonte bracket I had Miami squeaking one out past Michigan State was meant to be mr. state rolled them. Oh it's yesterday's matchup. The Utley that mr. state was going to. Two key news. Kansas a really tough battle tough fight. I thought for the majority of the data they would but the game was it to play out the way I thought that operatives who said. Way too much fire power when it comes offensively make it to BBC you know having too many guys to make shots. Best way to play now that I despite a twenty point Lola at salute Lena. Kansas took care of business yesterday and they did what it was supposed to do but what am look at what we're looking at this week. As we approach to get ready for Thursday's game against Purdue. I think it fades a city. As a talent it's about two holes regional when it comes to March Madness. I think that they one on one hand but also lost on the up and the reach us at one on one hand is because. The jayhawks deal with it was balls to do it took care business they put themselves in doubles is about winning ball games. Handley. It did it replayed in Kansas City experts reject. We'll anticipated that they took care business that's the win for cancer of the city. In terms of the markets with a take it would probably go out right now because more jail that's gonna wanna be in the building com Thursday. But this watney to the city slightly. Loses it it it does overwhelm dubbed them the positive standpoint that the two outs one. And that they're gonna be playing here this weekend. But from what perspective bill I think they lost a little bit in that one other program one other team in the bracket did not take care visits. And it means is I'll stay cycles. I think that most people in the practice were unveiled what do we all seniors say we said we love. For this town to be all the charts. With. Kansas. And Iowa State. I was they didn't take care business. They were in a tough battle in a tough fight against Purdue Great Dane by the way. But unfortunately. They sold produce and now we have kids where's Purdue it would be good matchup but it is not gonna feel the same as Kansas or Iowa State or having idols they. Because you know I will be you know we dug up this morning. I will state fans greet and city. The ring everything I think it's huge disappointment that I was based on an alien is a little this woman I think it's a major disappointment. You take Purdue fans in it that revenue compared to buy the state fans were brought in city. Insurmountable totally different not that I feel I was state even if they lose to Kansas their sticker on Friday. That's the one thing Kansas fans back to work on Friday. The good of the game Thursday in the go back to work Friday. Metal and it gains at night Thursday so. Big deal work all day still make it down the power and light watched the game is that to be hanging around all day seat I was state billions. That Thursday and they did in that PowerPoint into Saturday. It would have been their start in the morning old launch in wooden building mess and into the boards new mineral day kids fans go to war. The believed were good and the power might have few beverages but a late day. So I don't know if you're gonna have a ton of kids lesbians bleeding over to after the game on Thursday night because again. Don't go to war Friday I was stay champions will be sleeping in the streets even dumpsters ticket stubs and that's what we do but I can't. Can't just didn't lose dump on our web related. I was state fins have all the good let him go skirt. A state of lingers in this time it applies. Downtown. Union Station I admit streetcar spit and money all the over the place. I was state would have done that it would have bundles the capsule kids experience do you work on Friday I was state begins with a lingered. Organ or convenience you think gonna make Turkey instead. Now about that yes some yes exactly they'll bull. They do they were sold movable to flood the place you would at a total of those he has traveler global would have filled the power like the filled downtown. That being based supported team now. Michigan I don't know. I don't know what to expect from Michigan I assume. People are pretty excited about the speed with big development and and fans out to Seattle when the spring very kids but I could see Michigan fans come in the Kansas City now a global. Global would have a lot more in Michigan but I think overall look at I think partly lost here. I think kids the city lost here. By not having a global. And I have an Iowa State I think those are two major draws for free and bases in AN I'm look at Kansas great straight could have Kansas. But then again. Well what's gonna stop Kansas from working Thursday. Go into the game Thursday night bouncing right after the game go in the work on Friday again and I stay Saturday. Etc. and ending the negative hangover and I was state means bottoming this week in Spiegel said. So global it will stay in Keene city till Sunday out of what you have at a speaking with Kansas medal that. So hotels looking at. What state your filled hotels with mobile your filled hotels with Kansas and live here. It is sure some of more. They're not they're not Philip hotels likes that he's an opinion based sorted out I think in city lost with a win these tournaments are Kansas. 88 and I really think about that you're right about that in terms of from the standpoint Els. Everybody already being here yet the hotels Ed said this doesn't help that doesn't help them now now now when it comes to the maize and blue. Michigan I think we'll help a little bit just as mr. fans everywhere I think nor senator but Clinton I don't expect much from organ zones and I don't expect much from Purdue fans and produced not. Technically that far away but I just don't expect a whole heck of a lot out of. Out of this series typical Friday. When their team is MPs about the war. These families get them to do which is drinking and eating gates is needed to Oklahoma Joseph reason we usually insists on every 39 we see every you what I say does this mean it's getting a lot of people still get a lot of fuel yet but have a little. They date travel increased. For sure in I was they I think it would have been more funds organ of corporate. It's going to be more than their presence of Baylor West Virginia did the people of but I think as a whole. Kansas City these brackets didn't fall order. You know I just another thing that we should just go hand. In just get out of the way when it comes to the opening weekend of the NCAA tournament gets people have been saying this it'd just. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to mean that people are saying this because it's not true. People are saying. That this particular opening week in with the NCAA tournament was starts and that there were no gains. That's not true at all. There are lots of good games over the weekend I'm saying is the most competitive opening weekend that we ever seen or the spin rates up here. But there are a lot of good gains. Due course I will state the cult backed at Iowa State. Had to take the lead in the Purdue. Eventually ends up winning the game. It was a good game. Kentucky. Or switched Allstate. You watch the game but it was a nice game at issue with the game ice match up organ Boris yesterday. The comeback but orgy and not to now clutched priest in the game. Louisville vs Michigan another big game why wait. Let's let's go back to talk about the number one seeded the little palm. Our lockers they get knocked out at Wisconsin by three points all this talk about there were no means over didn't even see Arkansas. This is seventh I'll be very big game was close throughout north western and band broad that it. In Easton of bout the the opposing player maybe get into the fog in the game. Doubles a lot of drama of the year with the 89. How can people looked at this specific term at this opening we can say that there were no did you ATP say there were no games I'd say that's not true at all not true at all. James is we. Didn't have the buzzer Beazer that the people want the book and you have overtime game and I think I I think glued to the salty this comes from the brits brackets being destroyed. A big guy called the lost that bracket of answers when bill note is that some. Not once did BBC on. And at what else is a mental model. Yeah it's eighty degrees outside of school outside Michigan Oklahoma State it was a one point to any. Which my plane crash theory still advances. Us. Go blue. But all this immortal those games. They got off Harbaugh be here we got there like what play games and got two point games of the debt three point games this week as well law of at least six games double really good over the weekend but let me just stop originating Jim marbles and down. Who could watch Michigan. It goes his brother modes indicate that it was resell it comes back and his wife's from here. You're did you marble so that we need to Wear khakis with him and yet. Khakis and a mark. In a whistle. You actually earn a turtleneck. Well above one. It was you would look so weird term. Are both Miller and I think your next actually wider than. All. Text line. Love this the most is not an attorney Casey then because Jake thinks kids that he lost before the weekend is here for excavation or suburbs say. Some business and span. This Pam could rate money with little hole in Iowa State big big picture here. It Kelly working as lesbians are gonna stay there I hotel instead their own houses in Rome or. Look. It if if if you want to look at it is say once. Which region did the wars in terms though. Educate to regionals and you have teams going to some spots. Eyewitness of the trot for Kansas City bill. Guess New York utility got coming up here they've got Wisconsin to Florida and he got Baylor in South Carolina did but here's the thing it's New York. In the film which years. I was in cabs in New York City when the rules of when the Mets the grocers cabdriver DD new Walter is going well. They keep care that here. About them being suitably turn and there's some good with that a Memphis. North Carolina travels Butler who goes them if you were owner he's still a great team based in Kentucky and and this is the winner here myth is gonna have to pay it off for sure. That's what most fans and ago absolutely. Adolescents are listening after game prepare for it yet no NC state and then so. Ready hit that. I just finally got hit it again I guess I found a knob lake omitted that from his let's double and my game all again. Doubles in all Ergen he figures he yanked. An upset you like chipset wasn't really enough said Vegas and a missed that is a state what do you gotta tires up to make yourself that alienate overs who is lawless who was militants analysts. OK. So stop its spinoff to do it's it's been great news for its artists that it was a good game. It was a seeding upset about it. Return tell me that via the committee got arm. But there's a possibility don't they were middle seated no no no which won't get into and a little date bets. Tired or was it snort as you. All kind of stored in the an increase between moment. Oh by Putin's. All right staying with talking about the easy doubly targeted is conference pride getting out of control and perjured. We address that next. Who studio sixty and Sports Radio. This. The fact it takes your place in the last thousand years as a Sports Radio six is forced I found. I know itself with Chelsea last segment to me in the face because. It is like on the gophers closing. And in the term last week. What I'm not gonna do is to numbered for them tonight but if they act and to end up losing their game. In the CBI is the roofs of grew up. Don't win. I'm not gonna talk trash to oust our structure all I'm not no no three kids they gave me you can. Accurate arm there's a website for fact I think it's Wyoming is this really. There if you within ninth erroneous news from here on out this route this is true. Went to the U I'll get via a get the website for you but it's Wyoming's website give him yet. I mean that would do it. A Christian and they are eight point underdogs tonight heading into Wyoming Wyoming shot 60% from beyond your partner for steep and so. Down some threes the towel Santos was the missing kids in the play else would you know. So long man fortunately. Fortunately for the group's. It won't be terribly outsized which has been the case long. 69. I believe the polls are from Wyoming. 69. Like I'm about that and stories. And I was in the white ball. And make a statement. Alone. Without it I'd look let's talk a bit more about. Host blues. She'd say that he's in morning. How our countless. This house community. That for. Old. So I'm happy for the have a watch party it's when you. Have your living here. And bribery and went to one of my wife watching terrible reality TV shows. By the way out it's not Kardashians I didn't keep you know of does not keep up Kardashian I've been keeping up with your girl momma Juno. All I can see any reason it did so stark yeah the show bingo equity to. I I feel that half. The lowest there should have been putting out she she looks like widget. Don't know I wouldn't she looks like a balloon after you blew it up and then like let all the air out. Wrong. She's gonna look like she's dumb like 180 pounds and second she's this this last episode she's getting approved. So what so that it's not a red light is probably going to movies it's a lot of lows in its. There is more loose in the theirs woman ran off. Charge chip or a big optics you took him. Well if pillow just your source ever since I ask you show that would it was a show notes on TLC Edmonton. Who said you know this yes. So you girls TLC. And they did get a get a good view by say yeah. That's I I apologize editor my wife has been all Brazil that they Adams like this week insecure watching me I and Tyler Zeller and if you like your wife let them do no but she likes watching train Rex apparently so. If you like we have the mall DVR big green come over to the current account oh good thank you. Called big lease on page watch tonight. So ubiquitous rather disgusting little victory he's always talking about hobby could set the DB on his own he's doing it right now. Seated. At the bus I was might not an gonna. It's rate dale I'm sorry yeah I had heard that was is that as I've grown. Throw my little. I don't act on it phony more human contact lenses are sister works on the moment future should take care of the kids do chores. Really earn more email on that date on a boo boo by the way is just Korea to be a real B. That's shocking that so. But really it's shocking with all the attention that would happen and it. Especially looks pretty giant version of a little Miley Cyrus she's beaten Monty on the special girl. No I don't that nice little it is going to minute wedeman Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana since his first. It's she's got one has brown hair and what I want to is that admiral Disney Channel in the Allah calls into our oldest active. It's that you wait those becomes of age between each fell like a crack at it's it's the right to keep from people that according. Our rights a couple things. Would he told TCW tar. Do wish to use the conference pride thing is getting a little bit out of hand. Yes I know that cling in enough that's what talk about this morning in S also the tweets about this yesterday. Baylor Coach Scott Drew was all I'll just give him props and praise. TK you fall for their week he's the is that I did this. Our. Show respect to his dad what about a 42 hand. I did it use it you pay a little bit of respect and say it congratulations on on agree we can't get lucky you know on the turn whatever. We did this not just wants. It is to us like twice three or four times we like freezing the Kansas back in this weird. Do do I feel like it's okay to exhibit some conference pride yeah this is fine. Don't go out of your way to make it seem awkward and be on. This to me even more so was unacceptable. Today. Never thought everybody had been saying for the last month and half the debates and is way down on tape with a bit sad as a conference in the in the NCAA tournament. They surprised a lot of people they have three teams in the sweet sixteen okay three teams and as we sixty great job unbeaten. Days. They surprise a lot of people. Rutgers. Basketball we did this out. They've we've got a picture. Of their players in a locked role with with one of their coaches. In this celebrate. AA and this from via official tells record's basketball. When they tried to tell you it was quote down year. For big tee and it means pass the OK so what basketball. Is gloating. It just talked about the success of the big. Pain in the NCAA tournament. This a problem I have with. Rutgers. Is the worst team in the Big Ten. They wit three of fifteen in the conference and finished last. So the ones as I didn't. About who's dual what the big hit in the NCAA tournament stop it. That's is over the top conference why that should not happen the worst team but all the time in the conference should not be talking about what the other teams are doing our. To be defendant here percent tendencies of the way. If your records you have to make the conference look as good as it is if you're in fifteen minute down here in your conference you look like for a the conference. Is validating itself by getting three teams as sweet sixteen with three and fifteen date I don't. Three for 315 whatever Major League sucks or 315 merely legal too good. Big Ten was much better we thought it was the kind of beat each other up like the FCC doesn't football. How much you just congratulate the different cultures of the different TI that are edible but on as the bulls up when they're attracted. You know hey how are you got drew Baylor I love it. Big twelve they should be rooting for each other. Is right conference gets no respect loses Kansas and everybody deals. Kansas is thirteen straight divisional titles in people are looking edit. In her laughing at all the other big big twelve team well I if if let's at Baylor both of the final four. Are people still gonna say it's Kansas everybody else until they show up and some that you want it if you league in one by one teen thirteen times in a row. I think of one national title to show fort yet you're still pull talking to you what teams is to do good things because guess one. It makes your conference look better it makes you as a whole look better get embarrassed when your coach red and would lead to big twelve for Illinois for the Big Ten. It is conference or I have zero problem and it. If you're rooting for the other team your conference that is your group that's the group get together with the media days groupie get together with. For the conference tournaments but it makes these other teams look better if he uses. Can win at all. In less the they themselves would at all it validates the big. Twelve as a conference the big twelve liberal bat if three teams the sweet sixteen that makes the big twelve look better if he's at one. If kids is going big twelve team left. It's gonna look like crap and people are gonna be crapping on every team in the big twelve expectancy of three people were sort of aren't even the big twelve was better none of that. It validates it for cans lesbians that Nokia's beans will care about anybody but themselves. They should be rooting for West Virginia to advance it makes them look better because it makes the league look good. By the way the Big Ten they have preteens in the sweet sixteen in Michigan. Wisconsin and Purdue. Who can use gonna face in case you. Is a part of an amongst three teams from the big twelve that have moved on to ideas we succeed it's KU West Virginia and then Baylor. Out of the teams that made into the sweet sixteen are are any of the teams. From the big tall surprises to you NASA prize at Baylor got here and I'm not surprise was redeemed at. Good good deal and the West Virginia was funny as watching Saturday in game it's amazing people or use that Russ. Taken timeouts that you get timeouts we don't need a mortgage spend on your views of motor vehicles completely confused when pressed Virginians do and thank. Some here tax and rooting for your own conference is what losers do. A year ago. Though. Thank you thank you are too big to. In game three teams in the big sweet sixteen seed dismal news team is here and everybody Canadian. For anybody you people to continually that your conference is a piece of trash conference pride to a point to say. One big twelve yeah I Opel and let me answer it to us to the teams anyway. Each in each one trick pony which is what they are looking at it makes the corporate better when the other teams do well. You honestly believe that if 25%. Of the of the sweet sixteen is meant to debate the people will no longer say the big twelve was trash cans over. No art I don't and I don't I don't I don't buy it because the rest of it hurt there's only one ACC team. That's less than CC and I was gonna talk bad about EC's kid ICC's beats. Goes to those because of this. They I edit this particular year peak is that if you take you go. In terms of dollars Lucas David duke is attract the Big Ten routes in the team's all didn't indignant because duke it ST you think all us because they do is. ACC's being tracks are being put on ESP and promote their big people right knee CC that's an easy with the problem about it that's north. I saw your efforts look better when you have a lot of teams and pursued the remaining teams that makes the big twelve looked at me. Look good call what are puts you like this and if I'm a huge fan I'm rooting for a U economic that you. Not a big twelve. Go for New Mexico State a couple games to shield for the lack I don't see I don't you dare hear about it not your team and you Casey's car. Early so that exact same thing you ninety minutes ago I don't care. I'm I I do not. Care if eighteen from the whack there's gonna I don't think it does anything for me as a rooms and if on the KU fan I'm rooting for KU I'm not ready for Iowa State. I'm gonna spend an entire season aiding team and then turn around and go okay well it's conference room with militant group for the big twelve. And last year we have people who are saying oh come on let's root for the AL central. AL's central let's do it Indians on Melbourne for the guy yeah implies that you buy that professional sports acumen college. For comfort is I can't buy I'm with you on that with you in pro sports. I'm with you and I just I'm not going to dis like a team all year long and then come permanent time. Or come playoff time or post season I'm a flip the script in the world least somebody from the Ailes and for one now. I hate just brought up is it I agree with you on the professional thing the couch. You want to be told to go you'll people laughing it to be tool I don't make I don't make a I don't draw a line in my family went back. I treat all of sports the same letter professional sports. I am looks like Kansas is the big dog giant always of their teens were attorneys. They're just kick it's only been to what they are one of thirteen straight cardinal are all doing it what do you think but get a majority Hasselbeck. But this is Dennis duty to suck at basketball may send out tweets like that. Yeah last in the big sand and when they tried to tell you it was a down year that you saw. Stopped into eats out there like I mean if you're really. Want people to quit saying that the big twelve trash. About somebody else step up and win the conference. Then real quick thing in the conference this trash. Ensure you'll love you know conference tournament winners that aren't Kansas but for thirteen straight years Kansas have been the cream of the crop. Of course people are gonna continue to say an Intel Kansas stopped winning the conference every year. People will always have that knock on banquets are gonna change it doesn't matter how many teams opens sweet sixteen. Or one college basketball reporter found out what it's like to syllable wrath of the Wichita State soccer's even when Maine. Loose of the soccer's. All with even when the shot totals actually looks like a night out weird next. Studio sixty and sports medium duty to town right next in particular in trouble sixty in sports. Our. GOY. WY. A clearance to go why we you can launch the resentment. Cool why. And you were and there's been an information to deliver. Then let them. He could go another. Suspect is army he sent you a couple week Hamas rulers. UW. Players. YOYDOW. One. I've got to talk about this from via the big lead from over the weekend won the match of sat down a lot of them were talking about. Was Kentucky. Ask you say the rematch but w.s go to Turkey taken on Wichita State. Gain they face in the down. Over the weekend in the round 32. And to tuck the advance of moved on to the sweet sixteen. 01 of the big stories in regards to that match at the net gain is that what had been on the basketball court. It's about what was taking place. Also the basketball court case several different outlets talking about is south fox sports one of bomb. Lynn Marshall. What don't know all that much about it which house he seems to know a lot more about her denied. She's the wife full wits Allstate hey those are martial. According to foxsports.com. Was escorted out of this eons. Oh Baker's life fieldhouse by security guards follow in the shocker 6562. Laws. Two Kentucky on Sunday according to the Associated Press. Lynn Marshall an extremely passionate supporter of her husband's program. Was reportedly visited by security multiple times during Sunday's contest screaming obscenities in the evening inappropriately. They have pictures of security talkie now are there is this some big also like keynotes. Dean hand. And you know supporting that team. So great energy. But. It does seem I started out not to Spain and you think you would Gregg Marshall signs new eco trip with a new team that bean counter act I am white most home down I doubt no doubt would not punitive contract no. It will now. It would not wife's behavior clause that there are a couple of weeks OK did a lot who were talking about this from Kennedy hard and she tweeted out she's a reporter. Fellas talk about why or die chick. Gregg Marshall. I love your wife inappropriate question mark may be. It's retaining question mark yes. Security visit to number three initial picture of the security guy. Talky Beasley AD NA NC saying something it is here and he's probably try to utility calm down. It was one reporter. Els took at a Kentucky game by payments from Franklin. Who does. It's he's from Kentucky Sports Radio that's the name of the outlets. He tweeted this out NCAA guy asked that'll meet in the eighty delete the tweet I just yet we get something out. About a group Lynn Marshall in the witness who was behaving during the course of the game. But he says it's a double A guy stood over me and maybe delete the tweet I'm sure there reading this I plan to tweet again as soon resign Lee. And it is his account of what happened was. Someone from the NCAA came and got my name and told yet it no longer tweet about her. Being miss Marshall because it made her upset. I guess it didn't make anyone else upset when she told belief Monty in the weight room or vote Isaiah Rezko. To buy some bigger shorts. Short told him how sorry to shut the blank gun. Or told Roger Ayers he was garbage or any of the other classy thing CEO between FY. Why would sell state officials reportedly declined to comment on the situation saying they were not aware of the incident. But there's definitely a lot of photographs of RB animated in the or some a couple of videos and stills are not really being out of control would be in theory down. We very. Registry is if you look at all. So let's think about it. We think Greg is put up what I mean his wife's I don't know if you practice is the philosophy blood. I've always been told that crazy in the streets crazy in the sheets so I mean if they so I am that's. Happy life have you liked. Greg marshals. A pretty damn lucky guy like we all could strive and to find our Lynn RR Lynn Marshall. A white 10. She is writer dies you will take a bullet. That's one. Of what you were shielding you. Your wife. When Marshall clearly has Greg marshals back we think she does read and mow down in those rights record. He doesn't eat dinner and just messes up makes a man. He probably calls and appease the garbage in. Mysterious man. Civil rights which is that she's flips off jeetz home. I promise I praised as an applause like if outside lingered more for the multi million dollar contract here's a deal. Your wife can obviously cheer for team receivers are resort being in school that. It's called the white cool if indeed true. That an NCAA official would go to reporter and say delete the tweet. All of him just talking about what she's doing prosecute hate or eighty video. And he diminished at all to me that's all its biggest Delhi did that that's and I personally and that's you guys differ a little bit about like I personally. Think that the NCAA tried to users scapegoat and like a she doesn't like it. It's been home for a while. That would Marshall is like easy person when it comes with soccer basket she needs to be one shot as yet to talk behaviors it is to try to read a report it no. Ray if you like if that's when things like bagel over the reporters say hey. Could you delete these tweets. It's just in now cheated like the tweets. So your thoughts and my response I don't think that she had any problem with I think that was the NCAA Ali it and they want them to get the lead she's angling for reality show. Trees he coach's life perfect. Knowing that one shining moment ever lean over the railings. Dropping bombs on Calipari. That's when chance so what we need a reality show coaches' lives as we need yet agree I purely her text size 69 threes he'll say it's. Who should be on cults is why it's got one in which talk. Told his wives that are wrong with that. Any of the things here is is put honey boo boo with her. Done and and and and and will we got a different cells are unable. We need honey global in the next couple years when she's at rated it out of high school whatever we need her dating low aerial. With the field coach and husband lesbians getting in that success exact same thing still out. I do understand too that that's great marshall's place of business like it seems weird to us because of sporting event but its. This place of business that's his office of the day. And have our wives come into the opposite sort randomly screening hockey in Los Angeles can you imagine now. Think he's like being outside the window yellen though and things I think I just don't think he's life. Hudson there is an excellent right smack members want I want I want this. It hurt Christmas party. Your wife that no party Gregg marshall's wife that's why he goes as a few too many cocktails just starts man. It say and stuff that you just can't get out of just like in an all out there said this well over three people this remind the only ones like hell yeah island Marshall that's awesome I think it's awesome but it to extent. Watching it there to be. I mean I would I write but I I don't I don't think is that not appease and also because if you hate to vote of eighty institution. A high profile colts like it you wouldn't want your wife actively. Now I'm not so I'm not judging register grandma I Romeo and I'm bill would not not up what is not judging Gregg Marshall based on his wife. Yes it best there all of this is they can do a hell they want. What would you. Would you like to. They have my wife had my back like that to be escort I did you read it and I mean I wouldn't. I don't wish to be escorted out of the arena but exactly. I don't know man like it's a really weird slippery slope because on my idol I did die on one side of this site. She's just a fan being supportive but then on the other side she's not just a fan but she's doing the things that fans do. Your fans all the time drop that bomb telling opposing players are garbage in the got to hit the weight room here about all that time which he's doing is not any different mole problem as it. The problem is she's not a normal and so you know what it's once you're crazy person's receipts may be. Within sight of the of the of the of the floor every time but what did you type behind the bench how many times do you think the last few years the coach's wife has been escorted out of the. Probably seats I'm probably a few but yet. It's not a regular. Thing. And in the happen but now hopefully it. Eight is I don't by the way. Didn't a couple of updates of the Tom Brady missing Super Bowl Jersey so was founded in this morning in Mexico. Apparently. It was found in the possession of the credentialed member of the international media. Full credential and yet so whoever lives. Was a credential member of the media video of him going into the locker room following bella checked. And Jay Glazer even said that they believe that not this last year but you're prior but the exact same person pilfered something Vermont Miller in India. In the locker. Now it will be his problem is scared he's got to hustle. Wow. Is this deep. That's she's. Misses like. This is it. I big is it up a JC fan but he still sites with a fan base we'll tell you why next. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. It's not yet. Ask don't get that. At that time when. I can't. And playing the array. No particular place. They feel like. I'm just happy he is tracks. Know for sure you don't have the guts in my truck on the final day recipes and the motion to put the death Chuck Berry. The feet immediately. Why boy you know allegedly act a law judge Walker Cup. OK you did. You do it walks like a date before you talk about old jets want to emphasize he was alive he died. Well on Friday I was talking about how old Rick Perry was. And so sues Chuck Berry items like comment counsel to the tune of people off my no that was prepared not Chuck Berry. Not even related but some assume I don't know with steers. I don't think Chuck Berry and repairs. Recipes. That separate ninety right. Indeed born and you. Know. I find this funny to submit test on the 816 they say that. You know what I'm Lynn Marshall she was saying to. Does he says he was leaving the building. That's just sat Allah dad and I have been at act act act like that is likely. I'm Rob. Lowe. I'd paint. K state fans. You're not one of them are what people saw them today. Troy embodies don't know it's all yet but taste of him you you cannot you cannot evident that in nano yet vested interest in Jesus they. I told you this if you're sending your kid to school somewhere. She can become a fan. Of them read Lavar ball ended up here but. It. If you're Kansas State has seen venal and he's doing an organ. We see frank Morton for mourns differently that was soured deal junker John Curry couldn't get along so bring mortgages bolt could see what he's doing the South Carolina. In thinking that could be. It will Bruce got into the term this year but would that it will feel Bruce Bruce affray. Also mark it for Morton actually gave the baseball team pep talk on south Carolina at some point need to go on the body or some opened is that he's speed and one idiot in the group that didn't want to get out if it's seeing Bob Huggins used by the way that Kansas coaching Kansas State coaching staff 2007. Bob Huggins. Assistance. Bot our bread and wooden. India offering more remark you know. What. If you're Kansas State you're sitting around that receive it should be banned yeah yeah I think your bit in the understand the bread edwards' public that haven't read and what pulls this. You ball again from all of you don't see it happening. He's gonna take another crack leaving the team where did the school found that a reporter he's ugly he's been in Illinois so that vision that I knew though. Could avenue back of the of the the bridge Turks they are bred what's gonna take it Utica McCain's estate. You'll move away from Weber some literally want you go out and get it is the governor of Kansas State fans at the B. Just bittersweet to wrestle some so well maybe we getting window Bruce Weber is gonna go up maximum. He's happy Illinois repeating them with 41 million dollars for what seven season. He's getting on his get at least three a year three year three for six so that 33 teens alike that he's in for million. He's not go he does see how many years of doubt and those three year. He's he's getting he's getting banking and I can only begin you missed chance to disable all these things happening when you look at the sweet sixteen. With all these former Kansas State coaches and Huggins and Morton and Dave Altman in in your guy Brad Underwood. Just what Illinois who's not leaving any time soon and Steve give that hope man he may be you'll show revealed jumped him. I'm sure Illinois as a little by. I'm sure they need a big is locked that thing is they don't want him jump in the teens take a look at Keyon state situations aren't. Bruce Weber on the ninth. Gergen Inouye. It Bruce goes. We need to guarantee you're not leaving Illinois. 'cause if I'm recruiting gets going that's insane or share ideas and gaga bolted just bolt broke almost they'd have one season how do you guys always gonna stay in Illinois and a ball to Kansas State. I think he set an Illinois Kansas State. Is lost a six year deal sixty owners say here's what is woody. Three million you know I don't know the buy out is I'm sure it's used to them sure Illinois he understands school at Kansas State idiots for years remaining on his odd contract with. Almost so our kids a statement. I feel for him. You don't have to when Hibbert. Feel all these the coach is doing things you got a legitimate. Enjoy burgers and. It would hit you back Underwood here a little bit later but I coming up in two minutes the royals run back to the wells last year. Was derailed by injuries. Now their hot competition in the division. Is already dealing with that. We address at next six. Studio sixty and Sports Radio don't do daddy tickets dot com right now. Sixty in particular using promo code sixty in sports.