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Monday, March 20th

The Royals will need some things to break their way if they want to make a run at the central... and it's off to a good start. Plus, Bink is irrationally mad about something stupid & Lake says this HAS to end. 


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It's. Big war. We'll start athletes and people of sleep had been clean water. It's doing their clean water bottle that's on saxophone. It's. Ridiculous man. CS asking me. A question. I don't Truman operated by the Jersey so bad would not yield big into buck. See that needs be a little community in the Pittsburgh state that be he'll. Lose them obviously done documents that it's. It appears likely that all commands and headed back to. They. Own now that is true okay which you have to vertebra. Now he's is that it didn't put. The people's lives of clean water and take branded water. Each and are. All right. Big odds. Should he saw this but I'm also address in this from the standpoint that. Before you know what we gonna start with all the Major League Baseball season and the world star on the road in Minnesota before they come. Eventually come back to attain a city a week later could be just. Opening day is April the third the fourth steam at Kauffman Stadium. For the year is April 10. So because Arnold role for their first week. And the team that everybody anticipates as is wolf is points back to the World Series or one of the top. Contenders in one of the favorites and clearly the favorite in this division right now. Is the Cleveland Indians and date that is the team that everybody has favored to win this division again. It's already struggling with some injuries man and look I'm not wishing injuries upon any team organization out the year. We know it is like to have your team not be a 100%. And have to struggle during the course of the pregnancies. What happened with the world's dispatched here. Or detained at danger als Gordon got it for awhile I'll Michael stock was injured. Wade Davis built into yet so many guys battling injuries and we're not talking about as bit players would not about to solid role players who don't really took place. Get add to deal. What dobbs missing time. And it affected in derailed. The royal season would you agree with that you hit it it derailed their want to the post season and obscenity okay is a story here cell. That was the story of the year we all anticipated that they probably get back to football season it was meant to be. This team being a 100% healthy or close to that this year at beatable potentially talking about getting back to the poll sees. The Indians is a team that it seems like in the division is standing in the way. Obama winning the division as well as may be pushing them back in terms of getting to the post season. But the Indians are already going into the regular season nicked up Jason tetanus. It sounds like he's gonna be out at least five weeks with the injury. And I told Anderson the right hander he's already done for the year with what Tommy's and a. Cody Anderson those kind of but still it's hit to him but he was gonna be for deputies in the store appeared in trouble. It's it's not a huge blow to them be like. Zimmer giving her we don't like Depp though we talked about the depth right now with the with the Kansas City Royals here in terms of the Israeli considered or anything. Would say greatly and grammys still not right there anticipating that greatly is going to bomb. Be back with the team this week oh did you never felt like he is that he's the guy that you cannot count on when he comes anybody with their team. Say that. The royals all the sudden jump in front of the Indians because of these injuries. All I'm saying is that just like last year. When the royals are fragile because of injuries now you look at cleaves. And didn't try to get back to the policies or did try to get back to school series every team is Brad it is based on how we get to the regular season how injured. And that there's an issue as it issue. We talk about the window we talked about the possibilities for the kids to worlds this year. If Cleveland can't stay right in terms of injuries and all started off in a bad way the acting that opens up the door for the. Whales to take me Cleveland's to get this it's pitching staff though did you stances which got hurt last year he stood back pharmacy chain in Edwin Encarnacion all things being fitness. Her it was the first two weeks the regular season. These five weeks scheduled this point what's opening day two weeks away. Two weeks away from opening Jessica missed the first real deal with it moderates it it's a week from. A week from next month. It's fast and all. Damascus always help me get through spring turning it as fast approaching I know it's our noses but it's it's helped me get through this. Are all stick to folks from where is the best to India's perspective. What right now what concerns you from a Wales perspective. There were two things that we were talking about this morning and you never really truly know when he comes spring training OK you never truly know what what's what's what's happening in. But the outscored is one thing in terms of how well he's the when you're performing in surprise but the one thing that sounds like to meet you're concerned about. It's all reseller. And the strike. They were on TV last night movie network and here's what think about was aware in a lot of confidence insular because I'm hoping he'll do something he hasn't done. It's not a track record hit over 330. Bombs there's not a trackers are solar is gonna get back to this. But I will say this he looks lost pleaded. He's hit 122. Solar hasn't had any power in spring training in a ball flies off the bat. In Arizona. Does David Steen and I guess that there was one guy. That I want to CME no runs two RBIs. For Maurice solar. It doesn't excite me I was real excited about slayer he said 41 at bats. And 41 at bats and easily hidden 142 Arnold spring training we should be over concerned about don't think outscored him for a five. I think Peter O'Brien's played above his head in spring training on the outward about Eric house were hitting 200 like he's doing in spring training right now the thing is. Nobody can do he's proven and so I'm waiting for wrestler I was looking for solar and breakdowns are. Maybe we'll in the regular season fingers crossed that he will I'm saying he just looks lost me at the plate right now but it's not that big a deal. You think about the depth they have in the outfield. If solar struggling date you have options being appealed that put. As I really like to rules either so what's deeper now in the war a year ago. There's also and they need to find second baseman last year. Scramble around and let's bring wind up with him he can do it was the Omaha shelf we and part tiger coming up your own guys and you don't have to do that and his team right now. Is loaded and loved with several months ingenious play. I mean I'm really really happy with months. And I know second base is the battle at this point Whitner mailbox he's ready man what air filter okay spring 275. Maybe modesty is. Once he's hitting 444. He's got a couple home runs he laser shots do. If he's so fast. Taken out of that box. I know that it Cologne in the competition close had a good spring as well brilliant spring you've lost the weight and he's looked better has home run in the spring. Most of the moment last night put. Put vein. Muncie I know he's got options left and a wits got two options left Cologne and comfort don't have an option left. The man I'd love to see a rule Mondesi junior dot junior he's rule bond sued him junior even though he is. But I I'm all for giving him cheats don't get excited about young hitter. Like rule. Its second base I leaders is amazed idiots he can do so many different things changed game when he gets on the bases. You don't know what he can do but it release out of room honestly. Haven't been excited and a whole port recently. In I was really looking 47 there maybe this spring. He's chalk it up that but it have a tracker it record it OK with it's okay with their I was. Hitting 200 he's knocking the cover off the ball in the dead BBC so I'm not worried about how admiral puts Leonard doesn't have a track record so I am. Moderately certain not overly concerned with moderate to which you don't want not to serve also later right now. Is really to be honest I don't have expectations for admitted working on some things are racing some things that big he's there workable Torre solar with a sliding. Or slides up to me just looks lost late. He says some bad at bats I just don't have any expectations form I don't. I did at a lot of expertise through maybe maybe the spring is just ease chalking up the spring training. It'll be nothing but I really want them to get a good start here I'm really happy with Alex Gordon and I don't oats were due to hit to 65 to 74 you just count on that. I'm glad he's having a good spring and glad that just didn't partly itself over in the spring training with it was a. I'm not having highs for tastes good and even to lead off both silly though. He's not near refined plenary so why why why possible that they bit. I digest not refined as a baseball player is gonna automatically come from Chicago all come here get more playing time and have it all figured I like rock definitely some ultimate role for him by. He's not refine. It played winnable trying to get himself better in you know what that step is having access the work he put in the offseason in four point four disparate. All of them are working seriously think about clone like he would war Campbell dollar score he's generally nice spring. I just expected more from solar at this point that I don't care what is ever just to show some good at bat. Religious battle has supported out whenever I bash strikeout and the hard hit outs we'll laugh about that together it's fine. Jimmy Hart and out. Just don't look as lost to the plate that he does it this time he's got fifteen strikeouts if you're so for. 41 plate appearances. He has struck out fifteen times. Yeah that's alarming. That is. It is SI do it at all. That's that's a quick team I'm with you green 41 at bats and Kate fifteen times is yet to to figured out that if all right one of the best moments in all sports this weekend. Didn't happen in the NCAA tournament it happened in the World Baseball Classic in Brinkley was all but we get to that next. Whom studio sixty and Sports Radio. And and and it's. Acted decently paying reminder go to the oldest is forced dot com. Sign up for the duplicate channels yet he lives folks who still trying to. The bracket contests. Another is quite a few people with the brackets were busted the moment. This is where you can win thump them. When something in sports dot com for that one also the 2017 midwest regional held hearings in city of sprints than. I saw a couple people asking about this would give that information to you opened practice information for this Wednesday march 22. Three to the public if you'd like to go win and watched from the team's practice. Practice times or that date. Noon to 1250 will be Michigan Purdue gets the gym at 1 o'clock the last fifteen minutes. Through ten is organs start time and then at the reads and a union support so from 310 before you can go free of charge. To the sprints through check out practice I do in for Rudy DeLeon boulevard in. I think they did in this final day or two as this one's English breakfast three. Usually the vote reforms will. Beyond June practice. In the red hot mops practice. Day. Practice a low wants a basketball practice and why mechanically. Miss the best form practice right basketball practice. And I'm gonna watch any of the practices yet would you rather do what's right is like oh I'll watch batting practice. Who that's what city and forcing about your favorite sport baseball. Yeah I don't know. As don't feel like there's the competition level in batting practice like Europe they're giving it. Amended and hitters are but does it and fastball east over the plate usually don't field. I just like the fact the coaches get to yell and be animated and you get to see aside of coaches that you never see. I mean literally go to any practice there is F bombs dropped left and right it's pretty. By the way Tex signs from both the 75 in the 81 sakes and should be noted. After got about there's. They some parts use another person that was out last year because of injuries so yes Jason Gore's not being a part of your team yet or been by the team. Should be duly noted are being. Eagle owls all while the tournament. At a few drinks Friday night. Come. After BK you gain out about hanging out with your got a long coached Jason he's everywhere he's at. Thumb but damme bottom line one of the best. Sporting moments. In sports moments of the weekend it in the current is a deadly turn it happened in the World Baseball Classic. In his eight. It was late to those people away with him and people talking about the BBC I was pretty happy. A lot of people are still few out there that's meaningless term and it law's words mean the Jones being. Help the team for the Dominican. It's it's pointless. Chest bump and get excited doing all that. The ticketed beat the United States with a chain it's the play him again though as winner go on loser. Go home United States for the Dominican did the Indy Duffy on the man that it would gets any better. Then that. The game had drama. The game had complete drama USA didn't score two runs in till the eight while they scored an extra two. The eight inning scored they're down two nothing and came back they were afforded to. Dominican native 43 the US is kind of explodes their. At the end it was exciting and it was exciting baseball. Lot of people just keep getting into it and kind of wondering why I think it changes now you actually the USA USA chance it pickled pork. During this game you had a tremendous. Catch by Adam Jones robbed the home run for Manny Machado that'll that. You cradle lifetime picture. That picture random Jones. Going everywhere he's catch the ball Kabul American flags behind the reaction it was also one of those fans act it believe doubles held a bit after the game Adam Jones is talking about eggs it was a good care. It was a good yet. Mean you had to yell it's with a credit card Merkel. When he had to its rob a home run which you'd jump very high in eagle re at Hosmer born forced to home. They talk about possible that he was on the base pass or cod was motor around those bases. This was exciting that the get a chance of the semi finals and I think this is more catches on. Big watcher in the semi finals I think yeah I think the BC gets some run. You have a game tonight you get the first semi final Netherlands and Puerto Rico. And then tomorrow yet teen USA were you paying the team they lost to in the semis in 2009. But I think this is where you start. Getting people really interested. In watching what's going on in the Duffy is negative pitch he pitched on Saturday he's negative pitch again he's gonna stay with the team does have too much fun and that's. It's almost like post season baseball pitcher getting. In spring training and others those that don't care about it those that didn't even make it in LB network on Saturday nightly. The main. Royals Twitter buzzing about those Kansas City Royals buzzing about what Adam Jones who's doing those exciting and those guys. You saw it live they don't have to do this in there doing that you saw it live right I watched the whole thing IDC it lives. Would you dummies on the last highlights. All of the voice all the all the plays duke especially to Adam tells what Eddie's drop his teammate. From there you know he's going to be wins Davis out here for the rest of the for the rest of the year but he robbed them on that a specific day maybe even give the hot spot. John Carlos Ian. Once the home run. Into the western supply company came atomic he said he felt like he was in the home under right there when one of whom rendering their despair get a doesn't hold him but he did in that moment. Is eggs blossoms 170 miles an hour. For the fastest instead cast he owns almost every. Velocity record stores exit velocity Romans via John follows a Spain's. Big home run here that robbed the home run by Adam Jones he of the Dominican to get off to a nice to nothing start. Friday night the Americans that you look for. Rico before kind of battling back and make it an ice game at 65. Stroman. Give up six hits for a finally I settled down. Admit that at some exciting baseball and expecting exciting hey baseball on Tuesday night when the United States. Please you pay and as well I think this gets a lot more attention now because it's cool Heidi this. Before you get to the instantly turn it. It's gonna become a stand alone. Tomorrow night when USA faces juppe and I think it'll be exciting. The man these games have been great don't mean more work before it gets admit I'm right you're right I'm glad you are gonna turn into the BBC is has been fun baseball to. This guy said more and more like hit the ball to Mike you're right basically got duke looked neighbor Jordan at eighty degree weather to root them on literally you know. For the spring too by the way the want to. Not gonna take it so now you're taking credit for the World Baseball Classic in what happened over the we did not take credit boys and the eighties on the greens out today tedious and off. You'll take credit that to us now. Recently cup. Did affect the roads it'll easily keep credit for the Vernal equinox though. Hold my fitness. I need urgent the base reporter in Samoa the BBC audio today. Why only wanna take some credit for the good stuff. What about the best you're watching the BBC morning get a ticket out of yeah going to have to check it out well. A little complex job by you or are you gonna take credit since says some your money's going to taste state now a unit take credit for their loss on Friday. Oh reality. They're gonna go to another school. Should not mean her share. You don't. Obviously these games have been been tested. In its are still people criticize in the games that Manny. More people or four ZC a much fun they're having an air 'cause you Eric Posner with every bad make getting sold so much money. Clutched eighty makes it to the BBC show off his speed. Do you know they have that kind of power player cosmic heavy hitter the chemical of the first base how fast the is when he's on the base best. Dollar cost of steel Basie and they're cost routing rate. This is from a popularity standpoint. How much do you think the World Baseball Classic tale of doubles to about this team USA. It has to do with Jim Leland he had me some Thomas of the week in the there was several name players like star players that declined to be a part of the World Baseball Classic. And he said he was very thankful for the guys who were participating. One asked participating. In transit at that date Duffy all's I do to be some mega star and that's all going to be predicated on how will lead it is here with this with this new contract. But it seems to me. That he's now one of the big names on the squad. Biggest need be a bigger. Is is he becoming more popular just because he's a member of the squad. I just wanna it is. Is Duffy gonna be become more popular to not boil baseball fans with good outings or is it just Saddam focusing on the World Baseball Classic in what Danny Duffy. Brings because his royal. You think that there's a popularity being a debating going from this. May be I think it I think don't help either in the semis and finals because I think that's what's gonna get more attention and it affected the fees that can be pitching in the semi finals of bottles these dirty done. It's twice daily pitched on Saturdays we've done pitching for the did BBC so he's not gonna be in the spotlight as far as the semi finals in files and that's where they make it. It would cost restore Earl now. Eddie Jones for what he's doing. Did they get some might have a better. Q rating for the BBC and Adam Jones he's a lower the home run and all golf for the estimated at a Jones been amazed he's been he's been unbelievable. He has been walked on bully. Is a relief to play a dirty fuel interviewed in missing the missing thoughts with you mix. In the salty has became out of Gonzales and soared. I tell we've all had our opinions of ball low or ball. But now big league is getting upset wheel pops. Over the bowler Brandon merchandise we get to that next. Studio sixty and Sports Radio don't do pretty tickets dot com right now. Sixty in particular using promo code sixty in sports. Stop by while we do that that just don't move it up right now as a friend of the show Susie. Delta says today basically between. You need to calm down and basically. In this specific. Situation. PDs about. Eight. Yes. Big league was that trumped up this war. Because. He has well with the bar ball. In all of those ridiculous comments that he makes. We have fun with it so good is some on those of fabulous basketball player could go as high as number one in the NBA draft this year. UCL lays in the sweet sixteen. And we SFO with all this the weird stuff that he says it's. Stuff that we don't believe. It would not buying. Are American proud of how I met and I. No we cannot be Michael Jordan back in the day or now. That's ridiculous this force this is nonsense. Which he talked in the bar. Because it's funny. And we're talking about a on the radio you were talking about want to be picked. So big lead early this morning it was like twenty minutes ago horse take he's gonna deal for take on on on Thursday and Friday. And it's also been include DeSean Jackson Richard Sherman. So is that he's get a lot of run and he's he's making the rounds. All one of things it being that we saw me in mind this morning. Was the web site. That Lavar ball has for the ball break a date they've got actual website. Where they sell the merchandise. Big bowler in the account and it's nice website it's not me it's pretty simple actually I think is nicely laid out isn't the case. But of man Nellis Ramsey died sands. Six this works but it big brains website they all knew sixth in sports commodore is the only one. Com we'll work it in her town I hope that our web sites a little bit more. Laid out. It's like is they want to bring in the B underwent an let them and that's edit come Osama some say some and we'll do together from the appeasement real tall. That's all that's not it's not it I. Took the road Shays what's it was sixty website a year ago better than this look at the about us late where it hit it like to put to words. At its very primitive it's about us site editor who can balance the budget Warner the world robbed your belt would get back to do with these works depicting the hat themselves in court run. Hundred dollars. Does that not all of them the other cats. 7060. Bucks the match at a sixty bucks so all levels of Matt does he's just there at sixty bucks best of his lobbying glee is that today over pricing is brain. People there and do. Upon their people all did their buying. There are people out right now today that are buying those T shirts they're out there today that a buying hats he's over pricing or things. Mean I never disputed that with you do we believe that this. Is that pricey for his march guys know we're not saying it. What are you talking about when you say that. When you look at it age see the prices and we all agreed that is overpriced to not dispute that there are people out there buying some it's. Why did so brought all up up this morning Marcia Lewis has this post up. It's overpriced and still cheaper by a lot that is attributable it was secret Boller brand. It's cheaper that's like fifteen dollars cheaper so when whistle so what are you saying that the hard ball from economic stamp what is gospels. They do what Joseph on the op. So he's trying to be under armour here and her cargo bonds take advantage of the opportunities when the first of all would you Chile's bounced. He's gonna have some lean months until loans those taken in the NBA draft lane months. I say it's hot right now. It is hot cakes right now dude Levine says Kennedy dial either one or two in the draft you think there's ought to be only months I understand that would see it strengthens can be different federal law and it'll be elite until they. I'm seeing these got under armor on here and it's done under armor. Now knows. This big ball brain for fifty bucks a teacher Ryan. Let the people now. Basically was rationally man who when he went when he came to the prices for the US hots for these joke it'll be here today he is still. It if they were. The CD for more on me especially my friend and by Big Apple preacher. Whose chief. He's getting he's getting all of the free advertising yeah how many times the last three minutes of use that big ball corporate Edwards teacher to giving the team figured he with them for staked their properties were big ball you're not gonna pay at. I'm not gonna Wear equal pay. How many of our listeners would put. Certainly there are few people here and there are you know what to buy that teachers play teacher sixty bucks lead he has sixty bundles. I. Put on Capitol Hill. People the brain and there's reason reasonably priced in April insurance on the I've just because I thought it outs but if that idea that was. Italy did you ye shall pass does she wore was a start small and you lower those prices could easily start small people wearing the Indy and Jack price of its hot at him to start off these ridiculous prices come on and do. I don't feel like the prices have risen or declined much and under armour beat him company. He's like this guys that you're seeing need to be Jordan England won in the zone and aggressive like buck went just because these companies are doing on the venerable meet me let me ask this question. I'm with you. Does the march nice so prized hats shirts whatever overpriced. And our people bind. I don't know I don't know it's today yes because the people are buying it he'd be charged thirty dollars. You price a more lower price point. He's on so more people be wearing his brand more people will be wearing the stop it is more reasonably priced the boards out he and Miller asked mommy. Moral of the leather hat that's the one look and you'll look at the court. That's when things like this sort of bounce it wants the by the quartet these treatment about the prices. And a good enterprise it was cheaper out. What's the deal once it's even asking it until the quartet. More once people who Wear stuff don't. Price elective. Person reasonably people were big ball over and stuff and tomorrow. I'm just throwing this out there but if you are in fact a big ball or should you be able to reform. Its sixty dollar pact against man. I mean he doesn't like not big bowl appearance in the atom and the spitting image many in hand I'm just saying it's an image thing he doesn't want. As the world's poor folk walked around awareness that. Exactly. And big ball out. All those guys make it. Yeah like I picked up more props look more Democrats can't afford it and I thought it. I didn't always market stuff all. Those who ripped it revealed to speak to. All your opponents and that is meant that there that. Does it works well. You Aussie Nike slash prices being in the years we laughed about people in the business with the cheapest website to be right. Website. Is it my basement. Beyond all. That he's. Scheduled a crisis and more web site. The web sites that document next to Morton's for bitterness when this looks like exacts. And setup is as. Women drawing a blank on the on on the web said the Jeter. All the players to be and looks exactly like the players from you know you'll just. Typically take is that this is what size and I was in this partial between you ought to it's not. Like it's a big bowler brand had a it was like thirty bucks to sixty bucks for mesh debt is trucker. That's an expensive model more. Come on the floor. Host is pour you may have a is pour union three bowls. These prices are keeping the port your balls are a way that you do with your balls now. Ask your rock and big all brand but at that price that I go to is not a big or. I didn't immediately why big Boller like suits like this they can vote and everything else. Probably not I'm not gonna lose it you're Kindle featured wanted to box thank you. I'm not canals and the people heard of kimbo and I'm not line eighty big ball a brand on this. Pickett they combined Boehner and Boller shirts but they're manly man. Letting people can vote in the horrible thing combined. The boat and publisher of our bodies are signing talent outside of his kids in the major this year. Kimbo is disposed of for big ball great boat Boller. I mean it is like a match made and it's a pretty bone in ball. Oval. Quick name podcast or a body out. Yet we have found something else into college athletics that needs to in that today. I tell you what that is that. Whom studio sixty and Sports Radio. Same. Still thousands. You're a good move and. Get a nice weekend yes we'll get planning on going planned around this golf after the show. It was a very poor and some Salt Lake yes on Friday it facility team in saint patty's day out there just with the brother. I did I didn't have a little reform act. I'd worry too much surgery on Friday by the way. But I forgot how potent Jamison ward. Asked Jason. By the way I was like text line reviews of Beauty and the Beast by anybody as solid as we can to make it market up my case. But the drive and opened this weekend. For life is good my world again. We've also your coach right. Always bill years are dead or 2000 in. Six. With the dragon does have a reputation once did. Let's clap there but getting until you were one is. Lewis won independence of 91 there's the I seventy drive in right by the statements. But we want to still open the owners of and yet when deserves opening weekends we can. The old double feature action bulls last and you've been walls last year. Policy goal at least once a year at least. You can loves that one I love it to you take your cool were full of beer porn actress in the battle my truck. Just throw every pillow Wii owner and our house and their two. Get drunk in the back of vehicles and I don't know. Like I. Up our minds our season designated driver OK it's not far from what I usually passed out about midway through the second movie. Now. I. I saw something in there yesterday. It is may be distinctive bowel. How ridiculous the notion is in 2017. And palates are addicts. V you hear this line all the time or not all the time but in certain situations. It's the whole idea of colds in weight and take coach in waiting. We have. A coach says Benedict College or university for ever. Well known. Often times legendary coach. One of the best at that institution has ever seen. In the sport. And they have cooled me somebody to replace him there's somebody that's stating there. They date trust. That they feel like is the corporate person for them. To take the reins when their. Case the colts in weight. I think that the coach in waiting deal is so ridiculous. It's so ridiculous because number one. Why should you be tied it to somebody yells to beat the colts in waiting win we don't know how it works in sports. The are going to be people that all. Let's say very quickly. Become phenomenal candidates. In a lot of times. You need to be looking around it who the best people all are when it comes to openings or icy. What would you wanna take yourself not good mates out of conversations will potentially great coaches. Just because you've got a guy in your program. That you appreciate that you liked. You have said that makes no sense to me you wanna be apart of the talent pool at all time. You may like somebody allot. But maybe youthful double somebody else that comes along don't take yourself out of that equation number one. Number two when it comes to the coach in waiting deal. How successful has it really can't. Four institutions out the year of the fortune that comes the Monday it did work out is sort of state. Would symbol Fisher that worked out. Anybody doubted that worked out. But how many Coke didn't work out for Bobby Bowden. Good because you're gonna ask you again he said because it up leaving a little bit sort of push him utterly ridiculous bottled it put the dot that they looked at a signal just got to get her. That that's worked out. Edits were to do what upper body is let's just either going a year to our early and he was frustrated by that. It also eligible Fisher. I don't know if it's for the court dot the is talking about this but it didn't work and was verging either Google Stuart Deane Alderson was gonna do with the members fortune writer from young coach in waiting. In bills during the even. What what does it lenses DeLia was supposed to be the total way to get at Texas. He would even legal to Florida West Virginia and ugly the reason I bring this up is because. Well longtime assistant at Syracuse by Hopkins. Who was the coach in waiting he was forced me to god it's gonna replace him based on. Tip they have let us have to okay Jim they had 72 years old. He was. Supposed to be the next take votes for Syracuse. Would have changed over the weekend. Lawrence a robot arm every was fired from Washington. And now people are wondering is Michael Porter Julie gonna come to Columbia. And the cardinals. The tigers with console Marten. Mike Hopkins to that job. Mike Hopkins from Syracuse took the job and watched you know he's trying to do right now he's trying to convince Michael Porter junior to stay. With Washington that's his number one deal like here is to keep that he would. At that university and took his commitment. Mike Hopkins what changed for him. And as opposed that bill it's gonna be the next cycle to see it as it's hard way to make him. This what he says at least when he signed a six year deal. With Washington. The University of Washington is such a unique place. With the world class university an exciting basketball history and on an unbelievable fan support. This is from a guy that for many many years thankfully was going to be they hate holds Syria keep its. This is based times guy. And Al zone. In your estimation do you think that it typically works I'll L overall. Vehicle to. Waiting no beaches just looking ahead to West Virginia in you have this fraction between whose loyalty to the to the head coach of the gonna have more world that the guy's gonna Google. Sometimes they're right listens to the guys to take over it's I don't have the fourth state. We Jimoh Fisher you can lose your controls head coach if they know they don't have the impression that the pros the guy that's going to take over for you it is not a good fit just. Big change to you might be the top of the mountain serie coach in waiting maybe your team takes a turn for the worse. If they're not don't doing good you know why isn't your team team doing yet because there's infraction with them looking at this guy. Is your head coach is a lame duck head coach you look at the coach in waiting. I think it's an issue just wait just due to job. Teens panic. Woman to coach in waiting to wanna keep you get that that's. He'd stay here with us we're going to make unique new head coach in these coaches say let's sit here waiting for the whichever down your biggest change your mind on it to be ahead to tomorrow. All this and Vietnam Tex signed six on threes 06 of the 816 that container at Purdue. Because it does work it out Matt Prater had a couple years where they were down now that cater. Or wild you wasn't looking good at Purdue east figured it out and yes I guess you can say that Matt Peter has worked out at Purdue. The the other name that almost think you know when it comes to. Coach in waiting. I don't think about met him and I'm forgetting about EO. The toast a posting about dude there's only been a couple of situations a couple of places with a coach in waiting has typically worked out. Well like for instance. If you're case state. And we know eventually. Told side as you know after retired. And wish him the best of health. Right now because I know it's been you know doubled its stuff whatever. Do you think the beer or something but I look in see the next Seko on that staff or do you open it up to. Everyone across the country. To be the best coaching searches take place when you step away from the people that are just. Right here in your program you look all Iraq now when you look all over. Sometimes you come back to the people this in house but the best thing to do is always open it up always open it up. Give yourself go out is did you gonna have a lot more pants. This'll. Aaron Rodgers. Doug Coates is not about players. Professional football. But when there's some royals breaking news poll from org I just win again. Sixty contributor bids is the horns this order old or young interest would officially. In the ball in its final terms woods bootable and one of the big guards and we're drama right there that Chris Young bull horns your fist or. I. You like dodged a bullet teacher cards corner treasures may now I didn't wanna pretty I didn't want to. I didn't wanna have to go the Christiane spearmint again. I think real in. And yet. You know it is good. This expect. You ready for analysts expect I mean I guess folly and boss of the week. I did actually. You mentioned some some beer to meet this point as a result. I had no idea what should top out at eighty years a month or reckoning with the at me and the boys. Yeah Nady hit clues twenties or if you just commit to. You as of yet I mean the other day com F five retread that include. Wasn't big no no I think if I was mean Oklahoma than it was prepared. Teams all. Made that in Oklahoma City. It works I saw an idea IDs but yet to me you know. YE KID. In eight in AC. It. You have a whole cities but I have a country of origin please. I know I'll spell rice high ABV and I PA. You get a for two dollars during Campillo by the way your bar your beer advocate score for your father like VA nine. The beer AVV six point eight good bear. More and more an idea guy like that Alcoa touch and you drink ninety not true. As well. And yeah I mean if you want got to keep that easily injured reporter and is when more jobs. It. They. I'd two minutes through the court on. Two minutes we got to sixteenths or six that your days. Studio sixty and Sports Radio don't do daddy tickets dot com right now and sixty in particular in total to sixty in sports.