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The Drive
Monday, March 20th

In Hour 2, the guys discussed Gregg Marshall's wife being the story of the Wichita State UK game, They also discuss the recent dissapearing act of Carlton Bragg before trying to figure what happened to Heis back in Chicago this weekend where he had to bring a gift to his own party before going "Around College Basketball."


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Don't tell me how the FBI can figure out the case of Tom Brady's Jersey so quickly but he's ultimately killed biggie empire. A the FBI saint Basil there might be some preferential treatment at the FB all resources and have figured out. Who killed but. I'll answer Tom Brady's Jersey was missing for two movies we trek down. I don't it is out of out of have you puts you into together I'd. The men and currently in charge of United States of America apps be very good friend of mr. Tom Brady. Realize that that might go ahead and leave that up on the priority then I mean Chris Rock I think has like the best observation about two bucks you. Two putt was shot and Vegas after these important nobody is an. It can't figure out. We know Donald Trump's thoughts on to block can be. That he's ball in Houston right now on the Air Force One based on I would. I would have slid inside maybe I would absolutely be standard Donald Trump was bombed in big. I saw today he's beatle was he's before it was no don't take this. Quiz today. Both Douglas. I'll opposite it was Talladega nights. The quiz today was Talladega nights because in that clip that we played wife of the owner of the NASCAR teams are strong. It is so historic Gregg Marshall his wife got in a little bit com. Troubled this week in the past you handled herself at the Kentucky game. My question is this. I was there I don't know. But. You have to be kicked out of a sporting. Company sporting events combined we have all been. The PC. Get asked to leave from sporting events or bad. Don't and escorted out of the sport of no I've never been to Dallas where I. No highs up all. Rights of the one. That would need to do and how does it out of yeah I was in college I I dealt some skull from time to I'm I was plenty of play hammered a game ever a point where I was. Belligerent notes the Borg did it sink. Like how many games you've been to people around you have been in bowling as hell really burying the lead visiting Sean is trying to suit he has figured out. Portrait that was more as a media member because I wanted to my credential and my job so I think what I'll do a report as often go to. Different kind of pop ups and a media members as court about the war for whatever reason not put the Santa what I that the Eagles report that was kicked out referred. Writing negative tweets about the T so there's been times where it's happened and from what I literacy and I wanted to get kicked out for. Completely kicked out of the stadium but it was removed from the upper deck at Wrigley Field with. Got that we just talked about Danny and I were going to the Wrigley and wheat bought. SDRs we've got stuck as our own ticket standing room only tickets and we tried to get the upper deck as we received a standing we wanted to sit. And we were successful and we set for a couple of innings 21 of the authors walked over to us. Duke made up this whole store he's like O'Dell is two guys that blah blah blah blah de La Cote gets us. And as soon as they got us out of the upper decked the guy goes and scram don't come back so I just your I haven't actually been kicked out of the sporting event I've. On hired Little League Baseball games and had to throw audio dudes. Happens all the time once every couple weeks a project I sent the game. Hi script if I'm wrong when you first said at Wrigley about the storm is going to be a lot more traffic in you bought. Standing room only tickets it's dolce. About the store it was going to be a lot more epic than you painted it to be a little like a medical device that. Marshall's wife at least got a money's worth today and booting her though I think that she'd just escorted to a more private section and kicked out. For a wide protest didn't pick out. Just think about it over the top yet to be needed it kicked out of a sporting. I gotta be pretty bad did you keep out of a sporting. We all achieves game where there's a spam from an opposing team it's loud and obnoxious. That stays all four corners. Got to a lot to be escorted now I. It that'll Pearl Jam concert at one time I was at Alpine valley Wisconsin. And I was taken a week where you were supposed to there are few Beers. And they had to escort me out so have been removed before it is not a sporting tree missed only until leaking machines just create eat out Stiller machine does leak and oil about. It was a great show he's heard from partner. Has not opinion changed on which is Allstate. You are very much on the U resident a does it say anything you haven't beaten any tournament team Russia now to be fair they only beaten Dayton as a target team this year. But I think. Compare apple to Boise State in football some teams reach a level that you have to look beyond it. SMU team I think all of us like any power five turner when we ask you was a good basketball team. I don't Gregg Marshall made a good point in his post game press conference I don't know what more we need to do. From a resonates the important how we compete to show people that we're for real. We've beaten Kansas we've gone to a final four you just impede on the same court as. Kentucky that is clearly more talented at Wichita State what more do they need to do we can all agree that next will be this exact same place about which Allstate. Programs have to prove themselves in a loss multiple times and it was a couple of years ago the Wichita State was the number one seed can determine undefeated. And they still have their detractors and they played Kentucky toe to toe and they got screwed to Kentucky was on that 89 mine and Kentucky beat him. It's never in any season any shame to lose to the Kentucky Wildcats wasn't that year and it wasn't yesterday. Where we learned the Wichita State was one of the best sixteen teams that's what sucks is they've proven that by any qualification by other record who'd played. Either I test the only problem his. Actor who they play. We're seeing it out every game they've played this year burst is a quote unquote big time opponent and save your Oklahoma or does Oklahoma so this. Oklahoma State and global and yesterday with Kentucky people some of those games were played really close. Wichita State the common denominator was that wall all those games so. The profits in the putting man and his team still as good as they wore and proved they were yesterday in a close loss really didn't have law and a good win on terrorism means dollars each over. Gotta go off that I mean it's their loss to. There's any shame in ostensibly on a neutral courts at Kentucky that's different a lot of teams will lost yesterday and neutral site to Kentucky to Kentucky's really. That would have beat a couple of those teams they would have had to play Kentucky in the second round because they would have been off that 710 that's my is that the committee values. Back losses more than they value good wins in Wichita State just didn't have a good wins. I distinguish Wichita State I will continue to be at this point as long as Gregg Marshall was there is certain teams are going to dump on which I certainly can understand the logic why. I mean Wichita State is the second best mid major out their behind and I. And they have got to that kind of level and I think it's one seed Wichita State it's ten seed or when they did once see where they go undefeated now too rose. They didn't get aligned with by the strongest eight that we seem to turn of the last fifteen years would have. Marshall you've seen this movie before and you kind of like how it finishes your teams really did he start to get recruits you start to do a lot of morning your bank account you start to get some respect. The problem is. Sequels does this guy won us the arms as Gregg Marshall need to have his team as the number one seed as the conference champions as a thirty win team. And then barely make the NCAA tournament and when they do that is Kentucky in the second round I think he jumped ship sooner rather than later even though. He's got seventh biggest salary in all of college basketball. Because he's got to be sick of dealing with this time of year where his team has proven their entire resonate tells us that they deserve a better seed in the and they got. But the same things happen year after year they run the Kentucky and it was early. Prices and a RTC will had a program Indian is. I you've clearly seen. I don't know is it fracture between Gregg Marshall Wichita State I think there's a clear fracture between Gregg Marshall in the tournament committee. A 100% the day if you're going to find that one weakness are that wore an opening for you to steal Gregg Marshall weigh this is it. Frustration after being detained seated in being stuck against Kentucky Calipari said it. We're playing a foresee the sector around but that's OK you out there like I thought the league market in that game it's great plays offensively Kentucky looks good and now look at that sweet sixteen matchup that probably should be a national championship kind of game between Kentucky UCL Leila you played that kind of that title of which Allstate had a chance to win that game late. I think there's frustration between Gregg Marshall and how his team continues under seeded if you're gonna grab Gregg Marshall this is the year to do. A 100% and it's about for Gregg Marshall not necessarily any sort of frustration between him and a school because he's very happy there is handsomely. He has several resources available with the top. Rank who doesn't love the opportunity to probably result your feet up and and and make something at the beach what would Indiana and had a program like Indiana offers is. The prestige perspective so you're right we've had conversations of the last couple weeks about whether or not Indiana's is gonna remove SE taxes but. You know that if you go to one of those schools especially coming from a mid majors or much dot state. Even with their profile already raised the level that it's gone up TO. Is you now have an automatic. In for the tourney you're no longer fighting for conference tournaments to be the voice of reason as a Weis should get a lower sees you do well the Big Ten. You're going to likely be fine if you do well on the Pac's while for the big twelve. Or the ACC the big east you're going to end up being fine when it comes determine placement. It's so you have that factored in for somebody like Marshall plus battery sources plus more money. And the prestige of an Indiana program that's why I think he's absolutely one of the favorites one of them. Allie I think you proved yesterday scared him that his team on a neutral court basically Kentucky how many times do you think Wichita State wins that effort for. That they're almost as good as the Kentucky Wildcats coming out of the valley and it's been that way now not just one or two but for your for five years. That's an unbelievable job so Pete moves on does jump ship. It's going to be elected to state into frank Morton were ever I think Gregg Marshall ends up I think you'll still have the support of the shock faithful. There's something I that's terribly wrong about Kansas at the beginning of the season I wanna see how much of a big deal it is so the rest of you let's say what that is next Sandra. Sixty in sports we. Active on the drive here. In years. Chrysler here. Practice and John would be this year for blues at six in sports. I'm your best failed to shoot your shot story we have email contests today because they gentlemen. Overseas but trying to attract this woman jumped in a crocodile could be filled. Body of water. Shockingly enough was bitten by the crocodile. Still didn't win the woman's affection but still says I will continue to trying give up I'm sure there's journal. Out there that really put themselves. Out there and it did not in. Well for you so we will celebrate you in the best one today when a four pack of tickets to see the Missouri mavericks at the Silverstein. I center arena the season finale April 2 would do that on the other side and we will get to be best emails that we. And I'm disappointed myself never gotten kicked out of the sporting event in my life got ticked at school wants to kick out of wedding once. Never got ticked I was split. He knows that something like your country like its Xbox accomplishment like you do at certain points. Or assert achievement level you don't get paid you don't get a block I helmet sticker it's just that a candidate you live in or no man's life experiences everybody at some point should be escorted out of the fall like a horde and the sporting. With a glimpse of what's that Homer Simpson line or is like I just want somebody call meets are not have followed by your making it seem. Without history of men. Without Israel. I ask you this case you've been shy Levine. What in the low moral happened to Carlton Bragg. Why. Predicted caught him Brad was gonna have a monsters he's out below in the beginning of the season. I'd call to brag was gonna take that typical case you jump. He was going to be that freshman that was OK and take that jump to having gate monsters sophomore season. Maybe it was the off the court stop distracted I don't know what applicable called bride is how rob him what's the word sometime. Or mean Carlton brag. Sucks at basketball it's almost like. He can't put his own YouTube highlights and called Bill Self and a moment. Let's find is we need a big guy and he's long and easily in and he's got upside sets five put him on the squad that was the case Carlton bread. Was a top ten recruit at a McDonald's all Americans so. To think that he would have gotten a lot better between his freshman and sophomore season as a big guy we all the time for KU. What was Marcus mores as assault or compared to a June what was Jeff with between those two seasons or Thomas Robinson. Cole Aldridge in the denominator with all those guys is that Danny Manning was the coach of the big guys now he's gone but man. I can't ever remember seeing that seeing a player that as a take you fans we thought was going to be very important piece we thought was going to take huge jump. Actually get worse as the season went along actually maybe not but to wait so. How much of it is just they your confidence thing I don't think anyone questions the ability of cross him brag a good basketball player I think you saw last year the flashes and things that would excite you. It makes you think they're called the rank was going to be a really good college player I think he's a. Or or or or one more poor birds Julian. That's his skill set like at his best he could be that even at his best Julian Wright shouldn't have been a top pick in the end. And I've had up his knowledge is crushed cross and brags a college student. I ask that is because we agree that Katie was going to go as far as their starting five is going to take and a team doesn't have a whole lot of depth. Team is it deep. Soul when you look at this. Michigan State game he got ten points off the debt binge. Vick played well coming off the bench -- only had ten points of the team off the bench. And innings TCU you scored three points off the bench. Does that concern you if at least for right now and as the game they're going to get more typical Indy competition's going to increase the intensity is gonna increase. You're going to seemingly get less outlets across number. It scares me what Atlanta Lucas gets in spelled trouble against Caleb slotted into averages eighteen point five points per game. To go along with twelve and half rebounds all the sudden. The script to split in the advantage goes to the team with the big guy. Who is not KUN as the jayhawks fans we've got used avenue and beater polar with you the more we and he robbed it keep going all the way back to the days of Drew Gooden Nick Collison and Wayne Simien there's always been. At least one big guy if not do that want to install the opponent's best big guy in two and put the ball in the bucket. It's a bit worrisome that landed Lucas is that guy right now is he playing out of his mind yet was great yesterday assure another double bubble. Ten points to go along with eleven rebounds put appease all you've got. And next in line it's Carlton African brag yet that worries me a lot talk about the starting lineup offered it. Out the gates the plant most of Carlton bragged in the starting line up in knots beat that dude played himself right of the start. And so attacks on makes the point across the Bragg is playing at a position since self decided to go before guards say any simplified. I'm sure we'll have a bounce back year next year amateurs when he goes to them to. Good backs that too big man line up. My issues a call to brag our ability again I think the call to brag is a good basketball player. But he drug if I'm wrong maybe I'm looking at it through biased wins here it comes across the brakes appear to have it. But it doesn't appear to have that kind of streak rise feel like he's confident in his ability right now I ask you what is called them brag do well. What shall answer I don't know what he really does well right now. Outs they fills the water cups and warms the bench because as we did on the basketball court he's in utter disaster and I'm the opposite of huge can use outlook to come here and wax poetic about Carlton bright and always gotten so much better this season let the Gerald B complexity and like frank Mason. But he just hasn't brought up we sell them because. After his freshman season I fully expected to the NB. And Wiggins were gone and it became his team. And he got me be a little bit better kind of but not early and that to get back for his junior season and same thing he kind of got better not really and eventually. Bill Self was like dude. More good order taker shot at the MBA and we know how that worked. With Carlton brag. I fully expect the same thing to have I'd be surprised at this point of call to brag finishes his career in the jayhawks uniform and doesn't just declare himself. Prematurely ready for the NBA draft because it doesn't look like it's working out this year or in the future court the bride into such as the square peg general Paul. And around I mean across a brags on for the NBA needs Disco and just go straight to overseas calls embrace not getting threats and I know wash through the guy alluded. Cliff Alexander did these guys do declare. Doesn't work out sector dollars be just a bait is a different kind of prospect across the rank is. Carlton Bragg is transferred to another school like continue to get better derided in close to being ready. And I think it makes Dwight Colby just a more important piece now. Kidd scored three points but he clearly came in and give you quality minutes at a time that you desperately need them in for a team that again. Pull that only had one other guy off the been scored that was the Gerald Vick. You liked to at least be seven deep is your Kansas you're not seventy bright now you're really six beat. And that proves your lack of depth at big guy where I don't know about you but I als watching and the day yesterday at a bar and the plays absolutely erupted at one basket that Weickel yet you would have thought he hit back to back to back the reason. The dude finished with. Three points and had a career day. If that's how we're getting excited when it comes the big got a position at KU led Luke is better stay on the court and do his thing because if he doesn't this team is courtroom. I'm I did like Colby the G and I. I think somewhat we've kind of oversold the game that he played yesterday I think if you look at the flow of the game and all of these all the tweet from clay Butler but after the game. When you move is said to like Colby you saved me there right. Let's make it seem like I know with a twenty point defeat the game was close for a while. Alternative was political to brackets and you screwed me. This he played horrible day and so yet cold it was good old it's got to like the old Tom borrow the NT four are. Hillary's and Tom Ali's been on the team last few years because before as a perform so I don't wanna get too much critical be just because bragged it is normal brag on the court. Autorad and I've ever heard of a violent Lucas I'm like little while I don't allow this was good yes Angela again I look at KU is. You can't really say there's six or seven beat their release five deep. Cassettes in mesa and it is staying branded as being just Jackson and speed I think is that there's a role player at this point he did in nine point two. A combined speed his minutes with wood Gerald Vick would Gerald that it 45 minutes coming off the bench or he may be coming off the bench but he split starters minutes. You're right you combine those two guys in the other four laid to Lucas along with the big for your three frank ways and want to grab Josh Jackson. This team has basically they're starting lineup and that's it fortunately it's the most talented starting lineup of alt caught bass. Absolutely and as you continue to go forward and you play begins argue against a team like Purdue that as a big guy that is going oppose the match up problems. Winner Lucas gets two quick ones in the first five minutes of that one. Trouble. Big guy and debt yields one against the best big guy in the country seven feet tall averaging eighteen and after all when half rebounds conference player of the year. Probably going to be a top 510 NBA pick. But it's the other guys that were in the besides wanted to that's the obvious there's four other dudes that averaged double figures as well for Purdue's talk about eight. Bad match up to pretend like I know Purdue up and down but I can look at their numbers do the best bigger and the country. And four other guys scored in double figures that's the type of team that gave the gift a trouble. If that is Tennessee that would UK you trouble does look at this case you team as. If your gonna advance in the tournament yet to ask the question how important is their bench or you're gonna go up against teams that actually are 78 deet and if you're only five deep in a couple guys didn't foul trouble. They could potentially puts you behind me ball. Vick play well coming off the bench he had seven points and has 25 minutes white Colby. Firm for what he is at ninety gated good minutes scored three points it is four rebounds gave good energy off the bench. Buddy was good and that would crawl to brag is a guy I thought it could have been a friend's a lottery pick. Pledged five minutes didn't scores had 3000 a game just really played poorly I think you're gonna need to give a lot more out of call to brag. Golan full it was eight minutes ago I was look at the clock three AT US Carlton bragged those wells have been thinking about it. Got nothing I've I am I thought widget breather but I got up and I can't think of what he does well at this point and that's that's a problem it would be a problem if we were talking about mich light or even like Colby this guy was supposed to be along with de Oca Azubuike. The big guy on this team ahead of live at Lucas. Expectations heading into this year was land it would be all right you contribute a little bit but when it came to bigger production it would be dope and it will be brag. Don't got hurt Bragg has sought thank goodness way to lucas' over achievement that you respect. First days of the term I thought work on a sleepy the last two days the term have been exciting to go round the brackets next on the draft. 610 sports. Email contest boost and six cents ports back on the winner gets four packets tickets to see the dramatic Silverstein and I censored Rea. Season finale April sacking all you gotta do email booed at sixth and sports and give us your failed to shoot your shot story. Gentlemen oversees the shrines to attract a young lady so we dole in the crocodile infested waters so oddly enough he was bit by the crocodile. Still. No luck with the young ladies so you got a good story. Email to us and you have a chance to win the. For this is the best line so far the leader in the clubhouse despite this is from San. This is back in high school there's a girl down the street from I wanted to find a really awesome way to a skirt to with a prop. My buddy's family had horses so he brought one over form. I wrote down the street on the horse to her house. Its holder to meet me outside right right out and as she came outside I would be on the horse and a handful flowers and astronaut Ron. Turns out. She's deathly afraid of horses when I came out. She saw me she fainted fell hit her head on the concrete stairs and consequently spent six days in the hospital. That is from San. Wow what are better as deathly afraid of is gracious. Yeah. Hope she's OK stay it has happened several years ago I'd I I'm assuming that she's rallied fine otherwise I don't know if he would still want a second story. Really bad for that dude because of CT from this incident a mean talk about shooting your shot this guy did and the only way you could screw this up is of a horse takes her. Bowler scraps in the middle the proposal or she's deathly afraid of horses I think those are all long shots. It sucks for him he tried. How old an effort. You ride on a whole worst is some girls Alice while women don't love horses and always dream dog and pony when they're 56 years old and another. Horseback. It's easiest thing to do to just jump on the back of Orson. He doesn't make us bases just to demand weakness on message I really carried his average no I was cheated. Did you get on a pony just like. While I was writing C now I've never done it like to mom walking you around at the headings you Deborah actually got on the back like saddled up reports ever I don't think so now. I've secondary controller we heard only a lot out. And I. Only have ridden a horse. Yeah yeah I do we were in. Somewhere out last in were in lake San Diego or some attitude threat over the Benjamin stables a handful of times in Kansas will. Speaking of riding the. Six seniors ask her normal like going through all the way to hold hold on this text and you do you wanna go this goes against. Every. Problem BS on this because this goes against everything that you have stood up Ford represented tradition. Every show that we come on. You see this guy shoot your shot hall of Famer futures shot also presume that we're gonna hold Pont is based on the shoot your shot ability. And I it's on a sixteen year old who may or may not be a law that wants an opportunity to impress the young lady. That is going to just take it you probably think well that goes against everything you've ever stood for ice shelves you make a fair point all I'm gonna essays. We both get on the Internet and I concede. These people have come up with these clearly multiple long thought process after the bride heated Miller school so it. I put myself into these people more audited in that proposal that you asking elated to be a light. A long commitment and you hang out for four hours. And sometimes that used in Fremont and hang out for four hours. You know it. Differed for brown I put myself in a movie. I put myself into the movie pleasant. The girl that I was with at the time and never seen the movie I found a whaling using some help with people in the eighty club in high school today and put it on a VHS tape. Record myself in a basketball gym you're there does seem implausible or everybody shooting. In the gym and it's all black and play their shots they're shooting their shot in the basketball gym it's all black and white my body record on like cam quarter. He put it in black and white that I insert myself than them. While we're talking movies I tested the whole 610 sports crew would give these do you tell me this is egregious at all vice. Michael Serra you knew those governor. In and around town that's well not got to finish the bottom I mean. Let let's I want and I don't I don't want to be like look. Drown himself I'm sure that's gonna go I got myself being pulled it probable that the new guy is gonna you're not a good move. Of Jonah I knew I just run the system here in recent dot quit got a system. Against you being employed by the kids and Everybody Hates Chris. The problem that it's definitely tied Pfeiffer. They're big players the cable guy but he's gonna let the entire life from a mile. Don't look at Pfeiffer deputy British media ensured a lot like a liquid does a clearing Stephen Colbert they're Welch played by Paul Ryan. Paul Ryan. All Miller high life and weighted average he's forty years is played by Fred Durst now soaring as a Bob vesco Max Scherzer how long did you think about what little I couldn't sleep. So you just decided one day it is a drug legal and it was like you know what I'm gonna do I'm gonna cast everybody that as a Texan myself the ideas with the accidents on the idea yeah. Now it's easier what don't precedent and could that you have an idea don't. Is upset that a city did from everybody it's groups. Viewers. We just completely gone off the rail does bring this up. At the buy gift to his own party. Ice they don't lose in Chicago this week India. For is a shower. I don't know what it is an emergency. Sees things before I never been one of the meeting was. It was a some sort of wedding showers this farm I fiance. They bring in a bunch of women they're all at a restaurant they'll bring in gifts for the upcoming wedding and then I'm supposed to comment at the end I was two holes that. By by a very solid source that was part of this bridal and wedding shower or whatever but I'm supposed to bring yet. Which is unusual because all the people that are going there are bringing gifts for us so why did you buying gifts for myself that was the question I am. Ass and they know you're supposed to give gifts to your fiance for her shower. For the gifts that were getting towards old Jerry Jones is so wide to colleagues searched around downtown I basically in a buying her she'd been looking for a row for along the roads where like all seasons my daughter row. Got a personalized on it with a little monogram and brought that is part of my yet and then. If your guy. If you know how to wrap the gift that will CD's so much money in your I don't fully understand. So I to pay fourteen dollars to get my gift wraps. And only got paper source you know I've placed my ball process or did these don't misuse of fourteen dollars like that possibly and I couldn't show a big big the monogram please teach me the robe. Michael plastic bag I was out of the box building tissue paper on such a difficult yeah so I just got a plastic bag and a crap only get a date was searched around the mall I found this. Happy arrest higher with the old school. And I said hi can you wrap this from the in the assembled there is a service chart and I gotta go I did show up with this gift. I figure will be like five bucks to fourteen this piece of advice go to the dollar stormed back. They're there was no dollars to drop the herbal has no dollar store realignment I was sheep if. You would give I'm giving it to you how they needed him. If you're an adult not a kid that's different all I did the little poke in my bag or child. Adults giving it to you in the same bag they needed me. The Justin was the guest now is an extra money to big hands and the gift that I bought two since the. A problem that when a regular berth that guard from pops. I immediately open it up yet to shake read it. The roadway it's a piece of cork boards that he didn't come up with a clever slogan he just signed it and my dad every year goes in fishes it out sister to keep that that. A call or. Little of raping the present them with others cut off like. That's sort of somebody wrote something special there are people actually infinitely hard this means obesity it's not so what's so I guess which is worse. The fact that I had to bring my own gifts Marlon party the fact that it. Cost me fourteen dollars to wrap the picture at the bring a gift. Give to yourself you knew it wasn't for me it was for further I had to present a gift to her than X and now open airy. Tax and our. Mean all deserve you get urgency to engage bring your take your very good get it does take your honeymoon and he should be exempt from all these other gifts. Now until Tex and saying if I go to like any department stores mobile rap for. Parents. That job I'm oddities like societal norms just always liked to let me answer it's not Oprah gets scissors and undergo. I Anderson I was in the middle the mall and I had to get somewhere so my options were limited. I couldn't go in the middle the mold and wrap again if I had to go and find someone that two or so just more about this fourteen dollars and that is the stuff to do with fourteen dollars and -- prison somebody's got thrown and I couldn't. Made a couple ones that's with you there. Probably won both. Probably our lives around the turn and on the other side it will give to a couple of quick royals notes before we. Discuss. Ice at the beef with Mike Welch at 4 o'clock we'll get that later and. 610 sports. Back in on the drive 11:4 o'clock ice has a little bit. Of making peace with state welts table did today at 4 o'clock in as something to do is. The team manager for the fossil I am now hostel on being lacking in its that'll for a while but I'm even more firm on that bandwagon we'll tell you what that is at 4 o'clock. A lot of stuff happened this week in in the NCAA tournament that only mean one thing let's go around attorney unionized. What the hell happened in the history. That you have number one seed number two seed Villanova and you've now gone and you have a series of teams that nobody grows on. Public people like you they tell you that they figured out the east region because they didn't figured out of the eighteen million brackets only used in only eight. Seen people got the sweet sixteen correct. Nobody at east region correct everybody thought duke or Villanova was coming out of that region. Now those two teams have been eliminated on cellular let's toppled his Baylor bandwagon together. Let's let Scott Drew did so with first final four let's ride this way I have been champion. Scott Drew three years and everybody in the areas mocked me in laughed that you told me how he wasn't a good coach because of the final four I'll never have to hear it again. Baylor is supposed to win they're playing in south Carolina at this point as a matter of fact they have the highest seeded team remaining. In the east region so at this point like reciprocate you. It's theirs to lose to curious in the other match up orders in one and half point favorite. Over Wisconsin in the eighties yes you're right nobody. Michigan. Number seven seed with a big win team of destiny. You think so as the number seven seed they were very good they won the Big Ten internment. And now with a big upset over number two Louisville you think in Michigan could actually cut down nets against that. Educate you for and I hope we get there and we owed them one that Trey Burke shot I see in my nightmares and I'd love to get Michigan especially. You read pledges seven seed in theory than the three seed although for him is a one and a half point underdog against Michigan so Vegas likes the wolverines. I don't know by one applied I picked it does have they play nearly as we get down there. I would wanna play a team that is hot. Confidant and with nothing. That's a Michigan is right now they have nothing to lose this should even be in the tournament. They didn't go on a run they now to the sweet sixteen. I would want to. Let's take care this big ten by themselves in Michigan State Purdue your next then maybe Michigan. To use of five point favorite over Purdue wouldn't you say C adopted in a weird way you know produced before I was states the five. The line in Kansas City had to you and I was they played wouldn't be five point oh win. I Alomar for a final four team your biggest surprise. Is going to be there. And I think Baylor is going to the final four now so Ronnie use. Xavier. Public figures my surprise there really well coached team. Every interest Mac has done it Xavier. As far as getting its back on track at the beginning of the season so a Michigan that was that should have been in the tournament the way it seemed there was playing in the middle of season. It was from being a tops and seemed to be. Completely out of it then right back. Into the full third they've been remarkably coach tells also it's. Floor also if ward is gonna go to the final four come out of the east as this point it's a total crapshoot Wisconsin. Is that eight quarters before Baylor the three South Carolina the seven actually the change Obama. For some shock value. Craig Morton takes South Carolina past Baylor and passed the winner of Wisconsin and older and has his South Carolina team in the final. I'm surprised none of you went with Wisconsin because wallet might seem like a shock for them to get to the final four based on their seeding and where they've gone so far in the tournament. Biggest actually you please let me show on the biggest has Wisconsin as the third most likely team to go to the that was to the final four it was to actually win the chance. The final four that was because of their matchups now because how good they all are that Wisconsin has better fabled batch of vs Florida. And what will be the winner of Baylor and South Carolina I can tell you guys. Who's not going to the final four member of the old Sesame Street which one of these is not like the there. Here's the south Ellis and selling that. I wondered if North Carolina is still alive it's actually 1234. In the south the one North Carolina fully expected. Kentucky to UCLA theory as you up pointed out. That should be a sweet sixteen game Kentucky UCLA could be a national championship game that game is can be played on Thursday night. But Butler is the fourth seed in that region. Good luck getting by Carolina and then the winner of Kentucky. You see a little bit of royals news Nate Carnes is going to be the fifth starter. For the sin city royals. Is this what we expected I did. I'd like the Travis Wood what they traded for Nate cards I think they clue like the upside of a view gave a drug Dyson form. I can always thought that he had the inside track to being the fifth guy would clearly give you the versatility caller did you versatility. I don't think they're in a bad spot either direction they had chosen to go the starter. Make Barnes I got no issue with its one. As on the potentially would have been coming out of the bullpen and the rules overall strike the last few years. Has been their bullpen they've put a different game and everybody else essentially make yet a seven inning baseball game. So that's my only trepidation is now disguised in the starting rotation where I think we could greasy adopted. For as good as the royals have been now for the last 45 years. That's starting rotation has been a revolving door so even though Danny Duffy should anchor the rotation even with the loss of your dollar Ventura I think the biggest question marks. Rarely if we're talking about different phases of the team but hitting the fielding the ball in the starting rotation. My biggest question even with this news still with the starting rotation is how good their. Yeah I mean I think if you look at there at the rotation there's only one guy that I think you know the time a year they're gonna have a feel right Ian Kennedy. I think gain up he's going to be good I'm not surprised if he struggles a little bit this year unfortunately got hot the second half of last season but the track record certainly haven't shown you years of consistency that you can now say all right. They don't need insulin for fifteen wins this season answer it. An 837 ER around you can say that yet about gained a few can't I think he's going to be good the only person I think I can pretty much tell you who's going to be issues. Eight birdies at number two would probably shouldn't and number three in a playoff caliber team and I agree with you know what you're gonna give him an innings eater. A guy that's going to did via a lot of these consistent and he's a veteran would Danny Duffy. What he's good he's great is going to be great the entire season are we going to see the fruits of the labour with that huge offseason contract right away. I'm not sure I think over time it will be worth it. But as Danny Duffy Reich now a quote on quote ace is he that lefty there when he's good he's great in the Cy Young conversation. I hope so I'm not ready to say is. There's an argument going around up to the first weekend of the NCAA tournament that doesn't add up to highs and it's time to start defending Scott Drew plus ice is got a little bit of a B for might want to tell you what that is an axe murderer.