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The Drive
Monday, March 20th

In Hour 3, the guys discussed a point made on "Fescoe in the Morning" earlier on whether the ACC is a fraud because of their putrid performance in the NCAA Tournament and not based on their entire body of work this year. They also hear a voicemail from an angry K-State fan, discuss the brutal officiating this weekend and bring in the best of Cuonzo Martin's press conference at Mizzou today.


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Thank you don't drive dancing bears here south of here it's been Chrysler. Year and well back from Chicago if this really quickly and then walked into. Chrysler's slight beads. But they might welts taped from earlier today. Is the competition committee in the NFL. Is proposing ten minute overtime. They would reduce the pre season regular season overtime periods from fifteen minutes to ten minutes and keep post season games that traditional fifteen minutes. Why. Judy Battista of NFL network reported at the committee believes there is a real disadvantage for eighteen playing an entire fifteen minute period. For asking to turn around and play eight Thursday night game the following week. So the goal is to create more port. Edit so the only time this would affect the team is that they play on Thursday night. And it their previous game would end overtime and played out the entire fifteen minute you're at times could that possibly. Situation even Kabbah. Is outrageous. Because they looked it up and if obviously they did the research on it. Over the last five seasons there have been 83 year. Regular season overtime games only 22 of those games featured an overtime period that lasted ten plus minutes. That's been more ties essentially this year we saw more ties we've seen the last couple years but if you're going to shorten the post season. And ours the overtimes gives me and they knew you were not going to have sudden death so the first team doesn't automatically. Win this school worse are going to in essence create more ties which the public doesn't want more time with her. Don't mess with the NFL overtime rule and I think they should. They just make what they have and how it's not a perfect system in college it's a very entertainment system but I think it's also the most there is the best. As a perfect note but it might be the best because the reason the patriots won the Super Bowl. Because they won the coin toss now I'm not suggesting that maybe Tom Brady even if they had called tails and was it would come down on the game is probably would've. Don't like seeing I know they adjusted the rules couple years ago. But I still open to the coin toss should have any impact I mean zero impact on whether or not you win a football. According to. I hate that part of it because he knew he lets us to go down the field and score political atrocity can in Atlanta as an opportunity to get a stop in that scenario it's. I understand that's is is using a one game example it's hard for me to find sympathy 14128. To three lead and blew the lead and then say well it was unfair what specific example do a lot of opportunities riveted and you didn't win away. That Atlanta is ranked. Was their offense was scoring points in their defense wasn't much of anything they beat teams 41 to forty every single week if that offense doesn't get a chance to go on the field. Because they called tails and it was heads or vice Versa to me that's crap again we can't make it perfect but let's make it the most Payer we possibly. So that's in the NFL network. The committee is proposing not that it is going to accept it but this is an idea right now being floated around by the NFL. Pre season regular season overtime to be reduced five minutes from fifteen minutes ten minutes. They would keep post seasons that there's traditional fifteen minute limit which doesn't make any sense because the candidate kind of post writes Eliza matter would tell us time the post season is. And the overtime you're gonna until someone wins. I don't really understand why that matters a whole lot of that would obviously be a change. To the game. Moms at the longest game of all time playoff game between the chiefs and the dolphins yet misses. Much ado about nothing kind of like there would be extended the net spy on the field goal post don't. Today on SaaS go in the morning love that I took a little bit. Don't wanna say if that's what he disagreed. With one of the takes all on the show earlier today. Our friend John rusting Berger was sit there saying that if eleven teams from the ACC did not make it into the NCAA tournament. It was a total sham and a total fraud at the end of the day there's one team remaining in the ACC. That's the biggest story coming out of this entire tournament for me is the ACC is just a complete fraud and I felt for. The lighted cigarette thought for a bout will be ACC's the best conference in basketball they could and it dominated the NBA and they even have two teams or maybe three in the final four. And they've fallen completely for. All these teams that we thought were going to be. Is juggernaut squads and there are there all fell pork early in this tournament so the biggest real enemy coming out of this thing. Is the ACC is a total fraud we all felt for the few people you out flyers were camped in the pac twelve or something. But mania then and there and I have a hard everyone bought in the ACC is this juggernaut and it. They're will lose faster so. For Mike's perspective. The idea that after two games. The ACC which had been historically one of the better conference is not hasn't the year but in college basketball history. Was now deemed as a sham a fraud after. Two teams and that's what I understand it they're the they only have one team last and that's North Carolina. And you're dealing with say three teams left in the Big Ten and AEI conference that patty historically down year. Three sins of the top three teams of the big twelve. Two left in the big east three in the pac twelve with organ airs on in UCLA in three teams and down SEC here with Pataki's South Carolina and Florida. But to me looking at the turn it. We always preach one thing on the show what is it samples samples. If so it's pertinent. Does this Sunday they also discuss its about the match ups and about the opportunity and when you're playing team and how you face them. And if you've seen film on them or how you build up against this team. If the ACC at a historically good over the course of the entire season. But if they didn't match up well with a couple teams down the stretch of the NCAA tournament that doesn't tell me that the ACC was a fraud the entire yeah it's me that in this. Two games sample size of the NCAA tournament. They failed. And they've lived they did not live up to the expectations set in the NCAA tournament the whole season the whole ACC in general is not a fraud is not a sham you have to look at two different factors the NCAA tournament being one of them you can set your own expectations for the tournament. But I don't look at the ACC is being old just because North Carolina is last. Doesn't mean that. The ACC in general was I eat in this argument I side a little bit more with welts and I side with you. I think it duke was one of those teams that they airports all season just didn't ever come together. That duke always sounded good than they actually wore eye on paper. And all own NBA draft boards duke is a much better team that we saw them light bright boy what do you under what are you originally basing your argument off of what you originally basing how you view DC CL you're when you're doing that's based on talent. Re doing it based on record as I was looking at the combined records of everybody in the ACC. And the number teams that they got Indians double its current. I think that some teams I think you have to do with tissue that's of that week each individual team different. Duke. Was being at the end of the season in discussions to be a one seed. See that was not the four best teams in college basketball they might have top four talent in college basketball. They were the four best teams up and go down the line adding mobile clearly was overvalued that all of us all move losing in the first round I sat at the gas all the bracket. That all the losers like around the term not that good. So I do think it this year I think based on past expectations the ACC was a little bit overvalued this season. Virginia reminds me of ninety's chiefs teams. During the regular season you're good enough but did in the post season where you need to score to win games it's about bands out moved out he's not. But when you say about that than 96 teams. If you would every game thirteen and eventually that runs out if you're Virginia. And every game 5752. To a team that can scores gonna lose what happened to all our that's what happens at Virginia in this round play in Florida. They can score they opened on the court if you can't score you got to force everybody who played Marty ball is not ambiance of the targets too hard to do that everybody consecutive week in a do or die scenario. That that's why Virginia gets knocked out I do side with welts on this discussion. I think the ACC was just overvalued just because of the history of telling the SEC is when you've been as good for as long as the SEC is an individual years. We overvalued scene this year at LSU was about us what that good this year but because there LSU and they got or at we treat them like one of the league teams and it is one this year. Did you system about Joseph Phillips Joseph Malario Harvey Williams we got a problem. Few teams out there that judge their season success on how far they go in the NCAA that's the blue bloods. Duke it was not a great season because you didn't make it to the final four Kansas. We talked earlier they almost need to get to a national championship game for their fan base to consider this season a success. We always judge teams and maybe unfairly on how they do in the post season. Football basketball baseball hockey I'll sport you advance into or playoffs so I think we should judge the conference the same way. Have a great regular season. But it. Before teams that got in from her conference all lost in the first round and it can't really say it was a great team the vice vs true also for example the Big Ten. The victim was garbage this entire season at Purdue was your best team in Warner policies in conference tournament was the highest seeded team as a four. I think the proof is in the book but now the word here this week sixteen. And you've still got Purdue and you still got Michigan. And he's still got where's the Big Ten team left. That's it at Michigan Michigan Wisconsin and heard him. Hit three homeless or not the we look back at it I think we can't say the Big Ten. This had a pretty good season and let it play out because of the end result of these off of two games and based on the fact that three teams are left to meet you're looking at two different things are looking at high and what's it like to entire scene get. I think though we can say is sometimes deposed he's confirmed what we already know this year in the big twelve it was obvious it was good. And those teams advance in the tournament are still alive I didn't what's viewed McCain's like him and I liked Iowa State you realize how flawed they work this year the big twelve was three really good teams I'd like oh I was they don't wanna not incorporate them in this I think it was clear the cream of the Acropolis those three teams that it's about the big twelve was just confirmed through the post season. Those teams all spent the entire season in the top sixteen in the AP coach's poll that's all I tend to judge. If you were that good for that long period of time entire college basketball season but your expectations should be to be one of those final sixteens. Sixteen teams no matter who your match up is and the big Walt has three of those teams left as you mentioned the three suspects that we thought all season. He couldn't win a national championship game but. I would be surprised at either ends up in the final four especially knowing their path now I won't be at all surprised if west Virginian I expect answers to. Yeah I mean we talked about last week having the big twelve do what they were supposed to do. Kansas looks like the best team in the tournament they were the second best team at least by the committee coming into this thing to look like the best team and it held there into the bargain where Villanova was eliminated from the tournaments. For the big twelve has dome they were supposed to do. After their teams are left bestowed got a couple couple teams that we would agree they agree to win a national championship certainly got through Kansas that conversation. What we're still talking next round at this conversation with two with three big twelve teams being alive. And it was a phenomenal. Season for the conference because it's difficult to go to the whistle. He's a basketball term. An entire season being thought of as the best college basketball conference usually start to somebody yells etiquette about the problems of a couple of good wins at the beginning and it ended the season most people told you was the big twelve. If state true throughout the NCAA tournament that says a lot about this week. Let's step aside coming up next. We got a voice mail from a case dates in about brannan grew it ain't let me pat myself on the back a little bit about B and soul right about Scott Drew an excellent drug. 610 sports. Back in on the drive fencing Harrison here shy of being in as well. Being the Chrysler. Producing this thing. They say it's gotten through is a good coach and people would just go crazy that that's the case. I don't really understand. Because if you factor were and where he coaches. And what he inherited and what he's earned Baylor into. No I you can come to the conclusion that he's not a good coach this is his fourth sweet sixteen since being at Baylor he's been to 20 lead gates. I would say they're the favorite and their reason now to go to the final four. Clues into you come through that Scott Drew isn't a good coach sometimes I think that people in college athletics. Think that a coach's job is only x.s and o.s that's certainly part of it and Scott addresses flaws at the end of game like. Big clear weakness close game with two minutes ago you already dissipated in with Scott Drew is your head coach. You clearly conceded that is a lot more she being a college basketball coach or a college football coach. The just the final two minutes of the game. Scott Drew took over one of the worst situations that you can turn into. NN now turn them into a consistent tournament team in one of the better teams in the country I just don't ever understand the dislike in disdain for Scott Drew. Yeah I don't I've never really my dispatcher a kind of think he's got Alex Smith syndrome going on where for starters when he got here. The team saw in made them better right away in the case of both these guys and Scott Drew took over as difficult situation. As there's ever been to take over in the history of college basketball one of the players on the previews team killed another one of the players. It's no laughing matter it's very serious and the guy's done an unbelievable just hard to imagine he's been there as long as Bill Self now. Fourteenth year on the side on a lot like Alex Smith if you're a fan of Baylor. And they do your expectations of gotten too high over the last decade when your basketball team has been relevant to overdo it Baylor fans. You sought for ever before that. Maybe this year prove me wrong I think he's a good coach but not a national championship caliber coach the same with Alex Smith is applying quarterback. But is he going to win you considerable. For Baylor. He's a perfect as far as taking another job what the Indians gonna come up Scott troop probably. Bottom that he's going to be at that level I just think it college there or different. Like ties you need to hand. Some people it is very personable they're good with the media and that's important you gotta do sell your program. Roger is the best of them but in terms of being a coach. There's three categories. The ability to attract talent. Is one I would say then the ability to do well the talent didn't get the talent on campus can become better players. I would say in game coaching execution how do you do. I think in game coaching and x.s and o.s is just a small percentage of people think it's the number one thing I would disagree would you attribute that. And we clearly can see that Scott Drew in attracting quality players to Baylor he does a fine job at the Kansas love or that kind of level. But the good job in terms of developing talent I think he's done a fantastic job. John the Motley was ranked a 110 in his class. It's it's a first team all big twelve any future NBA player. Of that Scott Drew. Nothing is an hosting again he's not good at like there's no denying it some coaches there is bad stuff. Injury clock management. He just think good that you've seen enough is being theory coach in an adult not at all that you write designated with with ninety seconds to go one time now that her coach I he just doesn't understand the clock he's got good at it. Scott Drew a gain of your team is down one point two minutes ago at this event bad guys. Right if we talked about in game coaching to recruiting you're keeping guys around that matters where you're. Obviously at a place like Kansas it's a whole lot easier to recruit you've got Allen fieldhouse he's got the tradition you've got the NBA players. That's most impressive to me about Scott true. We talk about let's say a baseball player referred to the best guys as a five tool player he can throw get hit he can run he can do all of these things. That's where Scott Drew deserves credit because it's not easy. Two in game adjust or coaching style against big twelve competition there's a lot of really good teams the most impressive thing that he's been able to do. Is get NBA talent wore them down type talent succumbed to bait we're not only are you in the backyard of all of these big twelve schools including. Texas but sure Baylor who doesn't have tradition to arrest on doesn't have a onto NBA players to come and talk to your team since catcher was been there so I think he's done about as good of a job. As anybody could possibly do given the circumstances these Turco. Am Gregor on the tech side kind of goes my points dodger is a good coach but he did dominate by Bill Self that's because Scott Drew was a good coach. Self is a great coach that talked about where the three things are important. Also is great at all three album. He's great at it and attracting the best high school players to come teens as I'd seen an overtime that should be the barometer anyway people like Claude Claude Drexel went back to Michael Jordan Donna don't use the best as your example. But I think in this field where you play in the same conference is these are going to be compared to that was they just like quarterback. There's a tier system. We agreed that at the top tier pay the head of the food chain it's Aaron Rodgers. Tom Brady that's it that's the level. Next year you can win with that next year but they Brady or Rodgers. That's five. So doesn't bode Matt Ryan that we just all you can get 28 to bring Matt Ryan as your quarterback. He's not Tom Brady he's not Aaron Rodgers but he's pretty damn good Scott Drew no he's not Bill Self he's not coach K he's not Tom Izzo. But I I would say that next year that second tier I or Scott Drew is right they're the only thing missing from his resonate is a final four. It's paid like he gets the respect now. I tore Alex Smith analogy. While this city to expect and accept him as the quarterback and then he was taken of the playoffs and still he's got his detractors but for a while there. When he was playing great football on the team was winning that group of people that liked Alex Smith as the quarterback for this team. That's how it is with Baylor also but again in a different situation I'm not sure the Scott who's going to be this highly sought after coach is that he's a perfect fit for where he's. We got. Voicemail line 9137170770. Odd time people call and they're calling them mad about something sometimes they wanted to take off. Sometimes they call him with relationship oh well. Wasn't a good weekend at your case Stater. Not a good weekend and all you got the apps do business by Cincinnati you're not going home Dana Altman case they dine and sweet sixteen. Brad Underwood. Except that a nice shiny new job at Illinois right mark I was as we can. But I call you Bob Huggins great week in your region wasn't so hot oh by the way to use out of favor in Las Vegas case that parents would. When it rains or just on Saturday. So a case they've been caught in the voicemail line you would guess. Any captain for the wildcats maim and they have. Grew March Madness. Part of a case stake gives a little bit of a break they get are right we had to bag curry a dog and he leave for Tennessee all right that's all good. And then Bruce Weber had to go to David damn job. I winning a game and a big twelve tournament and then he went to play in game just don't lose again in the first round of the turn a match. I'll wonderful week everything's over pre K okay what about the bad right now we gotta get there and watch 3COM or three. All our K state coaches. Wind and make it ended with a sweet sixteen obviously to wander all I'll just can't get away Brad Underwood go to Illinois. Tour de Li. Way to go guys. We we might have new. Missouri voicemail dive for a stay at it it it's not that and they forgot to add that log crew was in the final four last year and other former Tuesday I mean it's good I'm not gonna hate it's good it's not Missouri I get the feeling here from this guy again. Is my point I have a feeling this case state and has not done leaving upset messages on the voicemail. It's is it. Had sustained through your case they. I had the staying. Like when your whole you like buyers selvin and you see all your old friends is having a great time on line you like me I should be out somewhere. I had to be how this week insulted your case they and you're out of the tournament. You got a hand building your roots are in the game and then you look around and all your old. Partners suggests having just a great time Brad Underwood great weekend for him they've all been fantastic week he would. Greg Barton historic region states. The come does all oral world in Manhattan where we agreed earlier about 85% of the current fan base even though. They went to the NCAA tournament you and I disagree if they actually won a game in the term and I say they did but again 85% I'd say the fan base. But he stayed faithful. Would like to see Bruce Weber shown the door that same 85% of people I mean that literally the same people. Still low franc mark and even though he took it lateral job at South Carolina they state right now is any physical situation where. Not even sure that they know what's best for what it. It's us again if you're tasty and I think the best way to describe where you are stuck. I you know next year the ceiling is make the tournament again. The private bastard and into next year may be you win that game at the asking anyone is madness. Miss Hewitt is higher at those other schools are adding Brad Underwood is gonna do that measured Illinois. You know there's Tuesday fans that are thinking if Illinois opened up the pocket book and gave him the years and the buyout. K state could have done that should have done that and may be would have done that if they hadn't made the NCAA tournament there's estate fans they condemn. If we wouldn't have made the tournament if our coaching search would of came open earlier and bread on girl was still willing to flirt maybe we could adopt this now. Brad Underwood moves on in Altman's and tournament ranks in the tournament up audiences and armament and used diapers Webber's. Coming up next there's attacks I wanna replied Soo line that detects slime that doesn't make a lot of sense to me and is finally seeing what. I've been seeing since day one let's say what that is next on the. Sixty sports. On Twitter at sixteen and sports DC our teams are tacked on sixteen and Sports Radio. It's. Mac can only drive kids harassing you Sean Lavin in the Chrysler. As wealth tax on six times freezer six. How high you. Scott Drew with all this quote NBA talent year after year. As failed the year at year your hide he should have gone to a minimum of three final fours. Another coach is on a final or easily drew is France Waco. Eight down that's been playing Baylor other guys I'd just seen it. I can't remember. I'd Tweety Carter is as NBA that were talking about waste areas done. Perry Jones the third like what. NBA town are we talking about like we're making it seem like Scott Drew has been John Al Barak and talking is that John Wall DeMarcus Cousins Eric blunt though. Michael keep Joker in the Davis and got a BA. I don't know I didn't. One dudes name or the specs came down to KUN Baylor and he end up getting sick Austin marbles abused and Isaiah jobs Isiah Austin. That was really the rest of the guys doctors kind of turned into them a couple of big time McDonald's all Americans but there's not a went to Baylor basketball players play in an aviator. Maybe mister Manning. Pierre Jackson I mean how did not the final four where your best players the year Jackson I don't know I don't any Jerry. I don't I don't really understand when guys like Brady Haslem I don't know tiger. I don't know ire not cut down the nets war. In Waco Texas. I never give criticism of Scott Drew was I'd like now we over inflate the talent that shows up at Baylor. They talent appropriate to being the fifteenth best team in college basketball. We agree Kansas duke Kentucky Carolina. Big league level talent because those or a league level programs IKU huge it is you pick. You basically fighting or B 1%. It comes down to and Josh Jackson is a high school recruit. It comes down to those five schools he realistically can go to know go to the one that's hometown. It is that state they told us towards seventeen times just video game the do you go to Kentucky duke or Kansas you'll go to Carolina that's it. That's the ones that you were competing again I also. Don't think it's really fair to knock Scott threw for not being able to recruit the best players in the country because don't forget. He's the head coach at. Baylor anybody out on the good tickets text line 69306. Besides Dave bliss is one of the worst dudes and coaches like to possibly imagine. One other Baylor coach ever on the text line don't cheat Google are crimes. Basketball basketball as five point he is Baylor basketball not to the same extent to coach k's duke he's done it twice as long. The next coach at Baylor is is not alone at the success or the talented players that's doctors. Again some habitats are just unfair to Scott Drew is a pretty Rick Barnes NBA talent can't go to list. Rick Barnes had Kevin Doran on his team a group until final four ever work now say and that's what's got your doors and Kevin Durant show. LaMarcus Aldridge. There is guys going to Baylor at all. Oversell the kids that are going to Baylor the right Kevin Durant DJ Augustine LaMarcus Aldridge. Getting those kinds of play the same way that. Brent Morton was a perfect marriage for K state. Good friend do better probably. Could K state you better probably not we're seeing that this year's Fred Barnes still has gamecocks in the sweet sixteen when it comes to Baylor. It's got to do better probably so it'll probably come after him because of all of his success and essentially. Building and rebuilding a program under unbelievably difficult circumstances. And David Tibetans got through. This. I haven't launched earlier today and won the gentlemen Alison download this and let's have lunch with the senate page you see the officiating in college basketball it's been banned it. And I Pamela don't watch a lot of talent that's out always days it just looks different now because everybody is watching. If you college basketball player most of our listeners watch college basketball you see the problems with it all the time. It is it seems so obvious to me what the fixes I'm surprised that means of the sport don't advocate for the change more. The bonus is bad for college basketball. It essentially turns second half a basketball games into a race to get six aisles. Where you are such an advantage. If you have already accumulated 7000. The first five minutes of it sewed into every ballot that happens apps that you shoot free throws. It highlights that you more a bad call one side now this targeted two points or the other. I think is the format that piloted a little bit more talking about one and done where it's a bad call and an NBA playoff game story. There's still a handful games left the baseball playoffs same thing. I feel like we do talk about the officials a lot when it comes in the NFL whether it should have been pass interference or not the team ends up winning last second. We'll talk about that because the format the same single elimination. Win a game. Comes down to an officials' call whether they got it right or wrong in the NCAA tournament. That means eighteen season comes down to the call right or wrong. That's I think whether so much enhancement right now at this time of year not the officiating is gotten any worse but when they blow a call now at the end of the game it doesn't just defectors seeding in the tournament. If not she got to determine sometimes and skids called basketball career and that's. Utley plays into a but I would say in the comparison for the NBA you might have problems with the EB game don't like the way that the officiating all those kind of things. BA is I would say is consistent and how they call it. You hate that that you hate that they don't call travel is consistent would not call on travel and not called Oprah some guy's been called travel all the time for the other consistent. Not steps immediately didn't get called travelers don't call. That part at least consistent just called block charge the way did you all the stuff that happened the college is just so subjective. That what you think is a block I think is a charged I think is a charging takes a block. They did their. That the goal in the and they created this this restrict that line where now we get the book received the kid was leaning and stuff Indian BA they force you to make shots. Not just click those they force you to make shots. We see games in the NBA they have 51 foul calls in the BC one team shoot thirty something free throws. A lot in college basketball bit at they could just fix that one part I think it would just. It would change the view of the sport it would make the game a lot more fluid. Because again too many times the second half these games mean the case they missed the case you missed in safe games a good example. First Napoli had a good flow that you really call a lot of Al it was sloppy but I had a good flow second game Rasho. Both teams got 6000 the first ten minutes of it that means every foul after that in results and shoot free throws it in they can barely get. They can barely get blocked charge right they wanna call technical files on Vick. For dunking and then being excited about it like can't get the basic stuff right let's do some extra curricular stuff we now know. If you could fix. Just the free throw despaired. The the proposed thirty games you would enhance the product almost immediately that this it seems like such a no brainer to me for college basketball. I haven't noticed except for a couple of times at the end of these games he officiated being that bad I view you think that's an overriding sport with this and he would turn because. I just think that it's enhance I like the time that these calls have been made and sometimes big John's aide the other day on broadcast big John Thompson. The original surge you big John. What he said the refereeing sometimes he does all the whistle even if it's up bow. And that seems ridiculous most people want the game be called consistently the entire way. I'm different I agree with that. When it comes down to the very end of this is what we've seen so far in this NCA term. If let's say I can call this foul or not and it's such a situation where it's going to determine the game. Don't call. Let them play on the court play out and that's in the problems up in Orton saw a game we saw the end of the Saint Mary's game where the officials call. Literally changed the outcome of the game and that literally changed outcome of the season for one of those teams are so. I just don't like that end of games. I'd probably side more with the calling it consistent more one agents the basis of how the game's going to be played. It for a play a flea a free flowing game the first twenty minutes. The last to beat at the last forty minutes. Rides like to meantime you lost college games these first half as a complete different view than the second half and a lot of that is just legislated by the officiating. So it's Exxon brings up the Agile very non. That the no call into the game. Called three different things in that scenario took got to do that we're not gonna call the game we're you gonna call the charge go to call blocked. Abbott to kids at seven steps that that scenario. That's fine but be consistent in that kind of pace of play the entire game I think to me any time especially at the end of the game. The officials didn't have so much control because essentially decide who shoots free throws not the end of the game that's because college that this would just have too much power. In a basketball with you although. Time that the rivalries come up or the umpires come up with the officials come up and football. It thinks there's a conspiracy theory going on these guys made it called because of their Obama mater whenever. All or is ridiculous all these guys wanna do is make the call right to save their own job and not have. What would be half the crowd booed and so yes some calls have been missed some calls have been made that probably shouldn't have. That's not because these guys don't get on purpose. I offered him console Martin was introduced today as the Missouri Tigers next head basketball coach give you the best from that press conference and for better or worse Missouri and Illinois are always going to have their job compared I tell you how next hundred. Sixty and sports. Back in on the drive these coming up in ten minutes cameras Hairston. Sean Lavin Dana Chrysler. Here. In the studio. The contract details sport new Missouri coach console Marten are out in the mind me in their dad. Aid. Gonzo mark. Officially sending your contract suddenly one million dollars guaranteed he will make two point seven million dollars. In his first season in and it will go a couple 100000. Dollars each. Season. You also receive listen this. Two courtesy cars easily remains hoops games six premium tickets or a book or football. Any country club membership is also being given one point one million dollars to put together a basketball stands. You can hire three assistant coaches. For that stamp that seems to me to be a Michael Porter tax like. Yet we need to go and secure this this is and that would be a good move the six foot Baltic it's the Pope all of the deals I'm good on the six premium tickets I mean icing puts a premium to us in the go to failures recruit new pricing silent or really really close on and I I I assume that's where they go to hell that's it looked you know and you did. And you did see done today would Oklahoma State should have done when they hired Brad Underwood this time last year. They should have put the proof in the putting and that proof comes in the form of dollar signs. Years and the body out. And cons of got all of those things got a lot of years got a big buyout and he got a lot of money per year that tells me. But every view is not messing around. They may be a role in hindsight we looked back at this next year two years five years down the line but right now before it ever took his game at and you. I believe with all of my heart. And view and their administration who hired him believe with all of their power that he's the got a bird and you basketball back because they hate him so. Missouri Illinois I think their jobs are going to be compared. They play each other they're going to have numerous recruiting battles heck they've already started one with the skin Mark Smith four star recruit. From Wayne's the Illinois they've already there already engaged in their first recruiting battle. End. I think it's safe to come to the conclusion. That Missouri had a chance at brain Underwood. Any contact him write under what he said no I don't think of the good for me it's certainly possible. But Brad Underwood. Appeared to me to want a bigger race even got a bigger raise Illinois Xiamen at. That was a tightening and to be honest with you because. Hiring coaches like in life timing is really really important Oklahoma State. Was still in the parliament I believe when there are counsel mark shoulders back doors and back scenes stuff that can go all. Got a job two days later at the turn it came so we think the first time that Illinois contacted Brad Underwood was two days at the time and they got it figured out that quickly I think I think it's happening for the last couple weeks just behind the scenes. I think what happened was. Oklahoma State was good and they realize they're gonna make the tournament. Brad Underwood said don't. He settled we want you guys would pay eighty. Where's the money. Well we'll get to it all okay all right then. Called his agent says hey I knew better deal his agent sees the market I think something could happen at these jobs. I like this job I like to shop I don't like this job well I like Illinois let's see what happens something happen. Agents working behind the scenes he makes it even goes to a proud and says this is what they got forty. I think they asked Oklahoma State they want to match Oklahoma's they would like not be good right well I'm out here. I try to do you guys an opportunity I've include prove my worth here this is that this a job it's gonna pay me. Three times about what's her name I got to take a battle. Brad Underwood was torn down and and you job because you really really really wanted that Illinois head coaching I think that it was a timing issue it's always a money issue and I think that both schools at this point as of today. Feel like they got their guy if ever you could've had Brad Underwood would they have chose him over pounds of Morton. I'm not sure that's an obvious yes I think the and you proved today with those numbers that you just gave us and maybe more important that the length of the contract. If they got their guy maybe the best all available got it. Arguing that I I think they had a choice of who they thought their guy was going to be in Missouri chose cons of Martin. That's our right to choose that you better be right because they guy you're going to be recruiting against a guy that you play a every year rivalry with. You're gonna be going directly up against Missouri fans until lesbians are going to look at both situations as we could have other team's coach Woolsey who's right. Today I think Illinois at the better higher but. I'm not judging at all march 20 were judging it all of winning recurring battles and how you look in the SEC and Big Ten respectively going port but is certainly an Illinois had options in at least I think so although they didn't have the option they chose console Morton from the year you better fit. That's her choice you better be right. Georgia team based on the coach they hire when that situation comes up. Bruce Weber if he was to be shown the door which I think he saved his job would be the next K state coach. That would tell us how good the program is went and got console Mort that tells us where they or an Indiana that jobs open whoever they did. We'll see how seriously do that job is console market spoke today and this is the answer you gave for why Missouri is a good fit. Friend went against what mature out of respect. I really respect the way it was who went about it because all the times. There's a lot of conversations that take place behind the scenes and people call in which if you occupy out of the job should call so again. Whatever you do do behind the scenes. And announce tomorrow representation. On the last week the Sony made the decision. That is an option. And infamy I don't I don't give me my wife you probably call open whistles social media read the press clip you saw him. I was just doing my job coach whose team. Then when it presented just give an opportunity could so. Because look they ought go to all of these. Worked out right and just so happen to be at all or even that wasn't at home everything was great. When Allison is couple's home and again approved a small files. Cons Amare is officially named the next head coach at the university and was there working on game console morn on for tomorrow we'll obviously keep you updated. All in that situation coming up next is they hits the biggest story of the day Kansas proved to be the best team in the tournament so far case states terrible week in and the royals have announced through their fifth starter is we we tell you next and it's.