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The Drive
Monday, March 20th

In the final hour, CDot & Sean played the hits and touched on the biggest stories of the day.


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Stick it most of you who saw the light water you can expect god to face another way Mason has a gallon of driving takes its little. They'll go crawl out. That's about forty point was reported basis at least five left baseline a lot broadcast fights pick you take good we're. Together the jayhawks take Hillary was Thailand 53 goal why don't. Briskly out of but I lose this fight for position Saturday. After Jackson wore the wrong. Just Jackson well. They've also followed through three day visit there as a plus double Wolf Blitzer at the time George doesn't go blue. A steal by quite a lot bigger. We go to Vicky. You can watch your expenses. It's as big a Orlando did more to. Its full week. Like Colbert does. Wallboard. So soft music its new punitive adrift off the final six decades there's no saving. There are so under those weeks. Numerous stretches where guys have carried this 445 minute period and I do I think all three these guys played great I mean they shot it fairly well but they competed they defended me cared about the right things and played unselfish he's still got numbers. So it's brand name Harlow I care they're through school put an older part of the milk it. You're due to a group. That drive. Congratulations on getting through. 25. Dance at the same beyond the 5 o'clock hour tomorrow or Wednesday is let's enjoy the Golan. Dan we know and today's hearings Harrison it has been Chrysler bracket machines John Levine ego who's been kicked out of Wrigley Field. Is with us and admiral Jay Johnson removed from the upper day. And as kindly not to go back I was to death or Perot that's true. Thought they kick you out Nike shoe off the lag the upper no accident the substantial part of the story. Crazy new is happening right now. In Kansas City. The I assume is the Royale. At city place apartments. Huge fire today as bright and on intelligence whites earn Johnson. If first phase of a 450. Million dollar project destroyed by fires 300 in 44 units total. Newser the video of this or your local news today it is. Age gist in 40 it is a huge ball of fire. You're right it is a college avenue is why it's erode no injuries have been reported at this time but nearby homes have been caught have caught fire. As a result of the initial fire at the complex firefighters. Have battled at least well house fires in connection to the initial fire residents had been. Advised to spray down their homes listen to this this is from Jason Rhodes she's the public information officer for the Overland Park fire department. It's a bit of a war zone here. Somebody that I think we use war zone to describe something lightly. It did look. Don't look all cool now on his polling up the news as everybody else is on my computer. The news that nobody's ever and they're still battling the blaze is awesome. Mean that's fantastic because that is a huge ball of fire them look yet on my screen. This a crazy story. We still have our bracket challenge it's up six and sports back Tom prizes every single round. So go on the website and you can find out more information about this will post this. A part of fire story on this station website too I'm sure that no one will care about the two sports thing because this is something that affects. Our cities will put on the east station FaceBook page first bits. I'll take it all day long and innovative. It's a story in the name Jesus that he talked about it everyday at 5 o'clock leave please. Shut up and play that. Person of the dead boys. Kansas Jayhawks are on the back to Kansas City big defeat UC Davis bacon and and they took care of number nine Michigan State relatively comfort. Music it's theater. It adrift off the final six decades. This is sitting here where you can all the good chicken hawks guard Joseph under the streets. That's Brian Haney on the call you heard it right here on 610 Sports Radio Thursday it'll thing is the toughest test of internment. Ambled up against the fourth seeded Purdue boilermakers. And seven footer player of the year candidate in swat again. Not only canceled like the best team in the region but as of now they look like the best team in the tournament went. Yeah they are coming into the tournament they were the second best team that sort of according to the selection committee. I think they are proven to be the best team the current tournament I'd pick Kansas. When the national championship Doug Gottlieb I think set it up perfectly. The difference between this case you team. And last year's case you've seen is that a bonafide pro on their team not a someone's gonna texting and what about we sell it he just signed. And so that was drafted and has played fifty. You add a great college player in frank Mason. Thank you have a really good college player who could of all it's being a great college player and divides agreement he comes back next season. And you had a great NBA prospect. Sometimes you just rolled the ball out there and you would just out talent people out of Michigan State is a good team. Close to Kansas like at all. It was obvious the second half of that one. Kansas essentially playing with six guys that does better than you wore like there was no rule out there the best players on the court and I about miles bridges good. He got a lot of help. A lot of help divide that has lot of help Josh Jackson has a lot of help. K you always just more valid today and 95%. Determine what seems we think ticket he would government out of Kentucky UCLA Carolina exit the stage is going upon before. Limited that as I've said many times in college and just a piggyback on the way in self that your negative like. Seventeen points a game we saw them like that in the humidity which are ready to play fifty games. You are right that you set about to you that the second favorite coming in Vegas favorite was due they're on biggest second it was Villanova but they're gone so it's no surprise. But the desert likes Kansas that's part of their order but it's also they've actually played their way as to looking like the best team. They beat UC Davis what you should be UC Davis a forty plus points they beat Michigan State who's not Michigan State that we get used to was called basketball fans like they should by twenty points and the other coming back into city with a 34 and seventh all times so at this point. It will be a disappointment if they don't when the region and get to the final four and that once they get there. The pact that's really start to clear itself out even if you're talking about playing Purdue next instead of Iowa State which would have been a pseudo I was home games so. Yes I think that they stay clear of sort that you clearly is the favorite at this point take the type. Second of the day you know from Kansas. To case statement he terrible horrible no good. Very bad week and it basically is the equivalent of a country. Lost in the NCAA tournament. Multiple former K state coaches are in the sweet sixteen in Altman Frank Martin. And just couldn't get worse Brad Underwood got that was supposed to eventually come to Manhattan. Also Oklahoma State for the university you know and K state basically in a country song turn it lost their truck that lost their apparently tripped over stated that on the mud. All in one weekend. Not a good weekend. I ask you guys earlier do you still follow your ex is all on FaceBook instant ramps that (%expletive) what are. That's what this week it was for K state it didn't go that hot for you you saw your ex is adding a great time. Light sport does celebrate and they had to stay your home buyers know. Frank Martin I would say he did something the store is you still wish he would or coach you're a chance at Brad Underwood I think is moved to Ellen no way. I'm not saying it's a destination jobs. That's a really good job to have and there's only one more step up with Illinois if you can recruit Chicago you've put yourself but a bigot means. Dana Altman he does what's that sweet sixteen and Bob Huggins and it's a little bit different but used to be your coach now goes to this we six seniors stuck. Does that with a coach that you don't like. That's a bad place to be and they're not that good and you are stuck with a team and you spoke with the coach if you don't love dikes. Most of the reason like Easter eggs in this basket ball situations because of former athletic director John Curry. He couldn't get along with frank Barton French born to collateral job South Carolina they hired Bruce Weber bruises said. Enough success to keep his job and I were talking earlier. What other fan base could win have their team win and NCAA tournament game or at least get to the NC interment this you're in the case in state. And still about eighty to 90% of your fan base wants or coach to get fired yet the coach that just left. The same eighty by the 90% love that guy in Franklin Morton so you're right K state between a rock and a hard place she didn't even mention Bob Huggins the third former C state. Coach I don't know if I may parades are and it's so here's I would. For those looking for their next college basketball coach go after Bruce Weber because former K state coaches or the truth. That's sick and get some good news from royals camp today self developer has going to be back in action he'll DH on Wednesday. And then we'll actually be catching for about six innings on Friday so the worries and concerns about his injury should be suppressed belittled it. But he is not a surprise is that they Carnes the pitcher that was acquired from Seattle. In the Jerod Dyson trailer he's going to be the guy to start the season as the number five starter. And I just showed me nothing else helping. Improvement she's been confident comfortable and in the cars or something that was. He's John yeah. No I'm excited and the words that belongs. So Vick cards is going to be the number five starter that tells me that the guy with the highest out side's gonna get that chance especially when you're trying to grow and develop pitchers Hudson buried at that. Have a strong opinion on this I think the royals for the wins in three different options for the as the starter. It picnic cards it makes sense they traded drug Dyson forum is that they like the upside of home. This is fine to me I think that the three guys they show you a different kind of versatility I think their ceiling is probably being the fourth starter on this team. And being if it doesn't work out you think they can be that long relief guy or a strong guy in the bullpen. They picnic cards I don't think make cards got to make authorities arts is their fifth starter. And it kind of moved him. The way the rules of war in the last few years since they've been successful. As good because of their speed it's been because of their defense and by and large it's been because that had the best all planned by the numbers thirteen 1415. In the history of Major League Baseball their target last year also. They're starting rotations and they revolting or even the two years that they went to back to back World Series so. As somebody that's senior team reach the ultimate destination with having. A bunch of different starting pitchers. I just walls and April this guy in the bullpen with the rest of the best arms like they've been doing so. Ortiz is who they figured out there just are reportedly goes well that's one less potential great on coming up the ball. Finally at the Dave zoo announced their new head basketball coach cons on Barton. He was introduced in Colombia earlier today instead this is a place that you love to spend the next twenty years of his life. When this came about it and what is in itself I just felt like from years of great things. This is probably view reports. It was a piece we put toward Houston is my plan B for twins is that. So fairly simple question I'll start with you see that you expect and so mark. To be at the zoo for those twenty years that he's open I mean I'll take you know anybody having one job virtually year than fight the number in the matches in my favor on that. I do believe console Marten when he says this is a destination job for him. I isn't understood that there are six jobs that any college coach is going to take. Let's 1118 it is because you're the coach at Missouri I don't care how well you do you're not gonna sell that fan base hey the coast I was really good at Missouri. We're hiring him let's eliminate that. So now we're talking the only job he leaves misery for our duke Kentucky. North Carolina okay all right again. I think it's as if it works for gonzo Moore he's from Saint Louis and if it works. He is certain Missouri into a destination. At Saint Louis what's been makes them a viable team to make runs of the term and so I believe him when he says that was the reason destination job for him. I never. Take in context of these guys say during a press conference I don't think Brad Underwood press conference last year Oklahoma State game with. I'm on the they stick around for one year's dominant on different or ensure the way they all say they're gonna stick around forever until another great job comes and I think that if you. Got their whole off bonds at what great job of Fort Collins 00 we agree is going to primarily recruits the area in which he's from. What jobs would give you the ability to do that better they Missouri or Illinois the five schools that you do as mentioned before. Or that's everybody you know what no arguing on. Or any school that's willing to pay console Morton significantly more money added I I strongly disagree with that tell you think I'm the Morton has marriage and you all of the sudden. A guy that's had three coaching positions in the last ten years I think if it works at Missouri they'll feel. IBook and number is a lesser things locals don't pay eight billion dollar and right now I mean they showed a clear commitment to a double his salary from Al. In the last minute 3.3 million dollars. You're telling me by year's three things don't really worked at Missouri they importantly dolls they're afraid they lose. Yeah and they've all shown a commitment to kill one point one million dollars a higher standard but he's pretty invested in console more are right now. I'd organize it earlier you have to over commit even dated a guy who's made two NCAA tournament in the last nine years. If you're helping the that's your guy is and you proved today with the numbers the buyout in the length of the contract. That console Morton is there got Oklahoma State on the flip side they sit Brad was their guy last year there fan base try to get behind him. But you know Dick. The athletic director in the administration with a number of years the money in the contract in the buy out Illinois sniped that's not going to happen for console Morton because all those other things are put into place. I'm not convinced he got just yet. This guy's going to be a great called basketball coach when Tim Anderson. It was the no let's see if this guy to do at the division one level they are also mourn because the is the known commodity and we know he's been a two NCAA tournaments and nine year. That concludes that hits for today. Las Vegas as your Kansas Jayhawks John as the favorite no surprise we said last week. But Kansas passed through gates of the final four for this to be a successful season. This Kansas team. Having the regional bee in Kansas City the expectation for Kansas as well listen it's the second weekend though you're not. South Carolina brought expectation is you need to be cutting down the nets in Kansas City for you to be going to the final work. Had you changed your expectation based on we saw duke eliminated. But it looks completely wide open. And at least this week in I would say aside from Xavier who we agreed scenes is a better team and Xavier you look like the best team in the country. 99% of fan bases if you sit at the beginning of the season at the beginning of the tournament. It's gonna be a disappointment if we don't make it to the final four like Kentucky Kansas Carolina made two other schools. It's true that this. Take a step further now we know they don't have to play I would stay in Kansas City. If they can make it to the national championship game on the other side want to face masters champ. And Villanova would have to phase biggest paper in duke and I like their path the rest the weight coming out of their own region. Which judges mentioned and I'll say again is in Kansas City. At this. Make it to a national championship game as they take the title I'm crazy but not that crazy. Final four. Getting to a national championship game. Why should that be bare minimum Porter expectations that 117 Kansas Jayhawks considering that they were in the top for the entire season. That when selection Sunday field was released the committee told us there one of the top two teams and now the fuel appears to be easier than it was at the beginning of the term. Also on sport where this team winning a national title if they don't get there. In a weird way I just will be disappointing. I gave the tweet earlier from Doug Gottlieb whereas have a differences essentially Josh Jackson. Ryan were solo made the point that few seems to match up with KUS they're going to put four really solid players on the court. UCLA to match so what them Kentucky can match it with them Carolina can match up with the information your talent standpoint. The rest of it is Kansas can just roll out the ball and just be more talented and you are. English estate's a good team and the gap between them great talent discrepancy is just sold B and I think you've seen. Bet this tape team is just going to school and now Purdue averages eighty points tonight. It's or average if you're gonna have a shot against this take you team you have to score eighty that if you don't score eighty differ shore scoring eighty. Which I don't know if you can stop spraying mace in the season we've seen I has double digits in what went down every game but won the season. He's got a did you. Count on a scored seventeen point point tonight. Josh Jackson playing at a level right now you're not stopping him Dovonte uranium as craters ID he's got a underrated national agreed because our good friend Mason. In just Jackson way to Lucas is going to be a guy that gives you eleven point seven rebounds. If you get one more got to have a good day. It's going to be tough to eliminate this case used. It has a lifelong KU fan and I heard the Josh Selby was gonna make the difference is a freshman honors obviate hindered even Andrew wigand's band Mac the mortgage oil and beat and not sales guys aren't dogs won't have great NBA careers award good occasion. What they did do is have any impact whatsoever on the NCAA tournament. Ben didn't play well into wigand's flamed out Jules indeed was injured Shelby Henry was a basically seventh most important player on that team something like that. Josh Jackson this entire season was guide tool or authority and the quote unquote Big Three for the jayhawks led by different means. I agree with you departed Graham is underrated because of all the talent that's around. Going forward if you going to win their next fourteen to cut down the nets. I think even more so even more important and frank Mason was a better basketball player and is going to be the national player of the year. This team goes as Josh Jackson goes and Josh Jackson went off for twenty point it's Michigan State and I expected to address the way. Told them I was a look at seems as. Right you need that one India ace dark it's it's going to be a year where that prominent. If you look at the teams that advance duke I think is a little bit of an out liar because this Duke Team that is never as good as the parts or is it gonna be a top five pick out of grace announced a good college player. They got Frank Jackson night. For some reason that seemed just never really clear this. I season they were supposed to be that it may never really for us and they were when they won the AC Turk and ACC tournament but before that. And after that they've been proven to be a pretty average basketball tip where you look at. The other team UCLA they got us our freshmen they've means Kentucky. There's our freshly made plays at the end of the game about a block on the weak mall just one of the better plays in the term like bury heads up play very Smart play. They experience. In the same boat. Again it's it's gonna be hard to beat them so I got out coached this Kansas team you're not gonna Al talent this case you team. Shoot really well you better or. That's addict or not in this case you Tina and that if you're going to add to Kansas City Kapono like someone attacks on says you guys are downplaying Misch in the looked really really good. May. Anybody to beat this to you team at sprint center. I said from the beginning of the season they have the biggest advantage in Taliban. For them or credit on that for a while their aims. We just South Carolina. Against duke any or else I think duke wins that game if they're gonna give me the advantage from home statistic. That's a huge difference in college basket a lot of people coming out for organ in the morning that you game prince and it's going to be 85% K you fans there's going to be lab now it's not Allen fieldhouse. It's it's close out loud as you can get it you can't play in an environment that's more Alan fuel. It also means that the trial a little bit harder and sometimes teams individuals tried to. He has got everything going for the patents cleared out there in Kansas City they've got the most talent. All they've got the best freshmen they've got the national player of the year they've got may be the best coach. The only thing they can do right now. Is cost themselves if you can continue to play good basketball. And at least those three got it be nice to have an expected step up whether it's Peter Lucas or would Gerald bit. But if the want to Graham Brent Mason Josh Jackson just do what they've done this entire year. This can be gotten on the net. Coming up next. Duke had a bad week in soda Gregg Marshall for different reasons and you guess an excellent draft. Sixty and sports reading. Back in on the drive kids in here. I see here. Bracket machine Sean Lavin here as well that's all that's been sticking. His bracket machine before we thought it was going to be weather machine aligned Oshiomogho was storm machine that's food up there. I like green machine on C Patrick. So you preferred to be in constantly changing machine not sports machines just pump. Stick with you sit through yet eyebrows. Lacks those things bro. No I haven't seen didn't notice no oh my goodness Anthony Davis things those eyebrows are way. Bigger that now. Things were huge caterpillars been up in the middle that guy's face eyebrow as he could. Which you go to your eyebrows done if you look like that yes. And I've never had that done before it just a little off probably now. Random here here there are much as lucky but they looked like Wally Szczerbiak. Clicks muffle a. I've I've never had anything waxed in my life Mayo added some guys also dvd eyebrow thing begets regularly data across the middle when. Fast on the morning was viewing the no his hair wax like well well bill looked insanely painful. The deadly talked about it efforts is I've never like been able bloodied battered my entire life. A wonderfully people with asthma are people they're just. And how troubled breathing if that's where. More than knows their way I have no clue as the opposite sex like the nose is looking great. And they're just like sprawling out you know it out of your control. So things I've never thought about in my entire life I've never thought about lax in my eyebrows or knows weird tales to. I just don't look like while these are acts somebody should tell him if he doesn't know himself the payload goofy and he's all over national television. Maybe somebody should wife girlfriend mother and everything lax now. Never in my entire life that I never did and on the ever in my entire life I was a read this text message really quick. Could you argue though that teens this hasn't exactly had the best success over the years at this Branson owner. I think Kansas is an advantage at Allen fieldhouse is so ridiculous that we now think they don't play well at sprint center. It's like and Sprint's that are Ahram Al pure announced they are you saying bull left facets of the world. Experts retiree jail he's not asked as simple. Fast they stop what really close friends that are a let's knock him. Use it yeah I think the case you've fans unrealistic as we all are recognize that 34 and seven is a great record any time you won 3441. Games after playing on Jupiter. That's a good record that's OK you was experts and and that same time they're 200. And seven at Allen fieldhouse so that's the difference where there advantage at. Allen is just soul and god that Alan let it is that you can't compare to anything good day is once a season or less on average downfield housed by the numbers. It was once every eight or nine games that the trepidation from a to you fans perspective that. And the fact that they just lost African TCU. Last week in game two cities a little bit scared windows. I also say though. More times like it's a different energy and atmosphere of don't do it like out there there's no comparison there I'm just saying. I assume duke plays worse in Greensboro, North Carolina and they do Cameron into work just based on a lot of different things. But you still rather play Greensboro, North Carolina can play in Greeneville South Carolina if you're given the option if this is home field at age is soul amazing. That when they play somewhere else and they struggled just a little bit like. You still take 34 and seven in the buildings. Are pretty damn good. Here's the other teams are play North Carolina Butler UCLA and Kentucky. Those games being played in Memphis and saga West Virginia Xavier and Arizona those games in San Jose Wisconsin Florida Baylor and South Carolina. In New York City the other teams and can use region that are still alive Purdue organ and Michigan. Not exactly Kansas coming from Lawrence playing in Kansas City so going forward to he's got probably the best coach. Probably the best player probably the best freshman and definitely the biggest home court advance. Gregg Marshall Wichita State they lost this week into Kentucky. He's talking about the life. If you haven't heard the story yet Lynn Marshall Gregg marshall's wife was asked to leave bankers life field house. After the final lord for cursing and shouting. She is reportedly followed away from the court by a police officer and then she was escorted from the building got to go they're tweets out there about some of the things she was saying. Saw this this is what pops in my head. Bed you have to be to get kicked out a sporting event this every sporting event that you've been. And we've all sat around the people it has got on our nerves caused Izturis for everybody else. We all built around those people. Orbit around with someone got kicked out the stadium. What they were doing to dieted down even here with his wife should probably gets more leeway in the drunk eightieth random Spain and gotta be pretty obnoxious. For them to come and ask you to leave. Would think they'd kick man that would that lead gains throughout the fountains a few years ago. As she's got a slap on the wrist like they don't do that did an amateur they included but yet I've herb and kick out of this morning about it that Pearl Jam concert one time. Rooted here nor there but for the wife. Over the head coach to get kicked out. You'd think that she'd get a little bit of a longer leash until you actually see the video. She got a little slushy may have been a little bit too excited but she would date could be as simple as ms. Marshall. There's some people around you that are complaining would you mind sitting down a door into the private area to watch the game opposed actually escorting the coach's wife built. It's a crazy story logic we're talking about as a lot of you were talking mad at somebody posted a video video she didn't really look that bad and it. But I mean that's a 452 video I do believe there's too many people over tweeting and talking about what she was saying. To make me think that nothing had happened we've all around the person that is too excited about the sporting event it's this. It's crazy to me that the vote Weiss of the coach is asked to leave you. Again you got to be active you got to be well island for the the company guy you know you gotta come down south you do leave like. We've all his bid in these situations like nothing normally happens most of time that person you can just put up with it. War it's opposing team's standards like a little bit of back and forth and eventually scoreboard winds out of your team loses Judy is our problem publicly shamed by everybody around you man I can only imagine the stuff that was said in that scenario for them to tell the coach's wife to chill out at. Gotta be a little bit embarrassing for Gregg Marshall to find out after the game that this is going on what is it bears and for that guy. Is the way that his team played or the way that his program has become I don't think it's taken it to foresee dot. Borderline. Elite other not Kansas Kentucky duke North Carolina but when you talk about all basketball programs. Right now. Not the last fifteen years not ten years from now but right now what they've done made the NCAA tournament time and time again. Went undefeated won their conference this year under seat before that they've been a one seat made it to the final four even in losing yesterday I think Wichita State has validated themselves as if nothing else. A college basketball program that's going to stick around and be relevant. At least as long as Greg marshals on the side. I just know would Wichita State because I would guess that Gregg Marshall space and he could take the Indian. Certainly possible that we won't have this discussion for the probably will talk with us they are off. We're gonna have the similar discussion next year about their eyes. AM I was gonna have the same take I think they've proven it on the court stopped caring about that. About Wichita State the basketball team that seemed oddly Kentucky yesterday. That hand is 78 McDonald's all Americans on their team can't compete with anybody. If you put that game ten times on the neutral court I think Wichita State wins 45 times the issue with this version of Wichita State basketball not the team went to the final four not the undefeated team number one seed. But what this team's C dot. Is there resin that committee cares about who you beat. They beat every time they played. Quote unquote BCS caliber competition. Yes they played those games yes they play Kentucky on a neutral court down to the wire for the second time in three years in the NCAA tournament. Close games close as an abortion and grenades when it comes to the committee when it comes to college basketball fans. Did you actually beat an unfortunately for weight Wichita State faithful. Man it's good they are and I agree with. They didn't beat one good team that sees. You say that though and I would say it seemed like SMU was treated completely different than them. It beat our fives will that went to the tournament they're good tournament win with Cincinnati they're in the same conference but he Cincinnati. Which Allstate didn't beat Cincinnati got the type that in in Cincinnati a good teams and taking that away from her. But that's the only good win that day at an end it and ask you got rewarded with a succeed and I argued it could have been a little bit about monogamy issue drugs in this except Odyssey. I don't think we've seen. The Wichita State has reached that Boise State football well. That I don't need to see resume at that point advising this team consistently compete against the best teams in the country improve themselves or in the court. That at some point get to look beyond the resonate in the specs in just watch basketball watch the games. And the team that I saw yesterday in which Allstate is one of the twenty best basketball programs in the country. So you couldn't spare me this look at their resonate who have they beaten who have they beaten. The team watched yesterday team that icing became the scene that I seem go to the final four they are as good as anybody again with day. Team day. Went up against six McDonald's all Americans. A couple lottery picks on that team they had a chance to win the game on the last shot spot telling me about their resonate at all. And you didn't win a tournament games and maybe that's actually as good as the war but as far as Wichita State goes. I think that over the past few years they've proven to us college basketball fans at large that day or a program right now. Why not deal leaked but has run on the borderline of lead the problem is. Much like Mark Few is Gonzaga and nobody knows can talk about schools before in coach K is duke basketball nobody knows what they were before. I would say it's the same thing when it comes to this situation where once the coach leaves and Gregg Marshall and the programs sustain success. I say no I think Wichita State success is 98 point five with a good hands sanitized or because of their. This week in duke lost in I mean my timeline it was just in celebration. Of the defeat. That duke head as both you and ice that's. Who is that team that's not your rival that you take certain level of jewel in pride when they lose that for me is this Dallas. What it is but I just. I feel so happy whenever the cowboys or eliminated their fan base. I would say it's a lot like Indiana fans no disrespect they still live in the ninety's and think that they are still the best football team out there they haven't done much. That when they they get so excited they always lose in the most. Dynamic. Way possible that it does more mines are a little bit when they lose also like blocking rejects a little bit. It warms my heart whenever the jets lose a little bit like Kansas that's why teams rivals yet. I do take a little bit of joy in watching the fan base that is tormented me my entire life when they're eliminated from the tournament. A little bit happy about that go lightly I'll. And all the Saint Louis teams lose even if they don't have the direct rivalry with Kansas City elect the rams when they moved to LA righted the ship it to your laughed a little bit. Outs is Sarah Hughes is the team for me that. Even if it's a good one to use an iron went on for some reason. I just did test I'm not talking about just basketball team on talk about the actual people that graduated from the school. East 75%. Of people would assert use for an average for people I've ever met that's their own mater to rub me the wrong. Every time they get knocked out I laughed and laughed my love and they don't against its are like this you're even. It's probably you can college basketball for me that's the one that's been consistent their would you excuse why is duke. I'd I'd I'd wanna know if you hatred for duke what is. The scrappy white guy basketball players or not this it's jerky park's agent added its Jon Scheyer in its Christian blade apparently old boy on this team grace and Allen it's all our white basketball players what we might. Strip a 100% accurate that's the nature did yes in my not realistic or fair. But it is one Beers a pig is all those other guys we had because of the Cherokee parks vote. There. You do what you dream hatred is because of chair people are easily eat a lot of Spanish it's it's the sort of the way that date Sean feels about Syracuse stands duke fans and to have that same mindset. Of course so much better than you come to our cathedral. Cameron crazies are gonna be right on you and you have this. There coaches and annoying voice followed by the players on the team just rub people the wrong way to. Of grace and Allen was playing anywhere other than duke the amount of hatred and vitriol throwing his weight would bill be nowhere nears its exit the country club school of college back of course that that what we need them I just want you guys to realize everything you just said about duke I can make about Kansas saint Margaret he's made that country called college. I'm saying what I just said everything you just said. I can make that same and I can't applause and you look at tour school I stop with the putter was blocked all of this is deeply part of your hatred for usually zip deep hatred for duke is that's one of the one basketball school but as they were better than Keyon us like many applicants. I can say duke can say Jessica you're North Carolina. OK that's it. It's a fight. My girlfriends the hottest in my group all of my boys. And one of them meets a hot girl Michael to pretend like it doesn't bother me yes but it sure is though the terminator mode supposed to be a bit. It's supposed to be a good on you man but the post up the hottest girl must. Group once teen Shawn did mention go St. Louis Cardinals that's cleared away the favorite now is because. It's again the inflation of their fans and the ability of to call themselves the best fans in baseball. And everything that goes through baseball's through Saint Louis for its ridiculous that's probably number one followed by duke from all I'm saying is all the things that I just say Eric AM base basketball with three more plays think they have a greater knowledge of it. If senator coach as an annoying voice I don't I don't my insults toys. Coach K salad or something to stock up apparently can't get anything out like he said Bruce Weber text right now two excellent about his voice. Like we can agree the jobs Jackson thing everybody thinks not a big deal let's just guys and beat. Mo leak bunker. All my goodness OK you he adds would be crews are buying into court every single. Day every single day. So the media blogs Goebel had the issue of the season Josh Jackson that you would be talked about all the time all I know that's how they got to. All cheat steal it around so quickly it Smart last year now they have this ticket didn't know it was an actress and. That uproar and it's when and if all. The truth like you had a coaching job available for awhile tasty cup coach dub it to your fans think and fad or coaches since 1964. They've all been great. We don't warn about this kind of thing do we stay you've praised think that we sit in the throne looking down everybody else except for duke. Yes. I do have a major dilemma coming up on Friday where I have to cheer between the scum bag that is Steve Alford verses. Rooting for Kentucky but when the raiders put the Broncos back. Can't I'll probably give my slight edge towards Kentucky is there the more fun team this. Anything little further distance the Steve Alford rumors Indiana would be perfect practice I don't think it's forty bald some of its excellent babies and the best that doesn't ever receive. Time and at what had less than a football game doesn't matter late nights coming out about that I can't stay on the subject today. But it's be every top let's say something about KU is an individual final four talk. Take Christ or two point blasted George announcement on the final four. Day strike when you're Harold brings back the argument. Six months ago. There will be a bunch pick up that he knew I do me a favor go ahead and I'd just leave something in the Santa. Really studying in the saves out there your time together it's the same thing so I could even denied that though. It's jobs debt or or if it another the bigger programs and had the stuff that happened all my god case you fans would be. Every single specially if there was and if kids are looking at the kind of sees it off the court BKU's head. Where Isaiah Briscoe was the Vontae gray down ending Deo and that being it was Carlton brand old hit my god it's you I told you cal not only. In this conveying I don't mean this is sound cocky arrogant amateur U fan. But blue dogs don't care about other blue bloods statement and you fans care about what do you does. That's what it is not a rivalry now between Casey and care about defense. I don't think that you fans really care quality state athletic abilities they. I'm with K State's case they have like little brother in the edit both inside inspector. OK I CJ you've been stolen in huge shots didn't so let's not make it seem like case you've been aren't focused on Missouri. That's part of the fun it's good nature I'm not going to say this. We can agree these this is true. If you thought Missouri it's a joke you wanna take you your troll. Is equally make fun at each up about Al rivals are. Like the negative about K you right now the old lime light on fire there's some bad about Missouri everybody at last. And glad that's like we can take a joke of all we understand that point joke about can you periods like one single joke. All my goodness it's your fire until. You recover. After that gets you fired. We're thin skinned group or did that. As offenders coming up next speaking up a thin skin and crew. A case they saying called a left a voicemail let me tell you he was going through next on the. 610 sports. Thank your boss for pay. You while you listen that he shift with. Totally can make 610 Sports Radio. Banks and avoid the drive. I saw me tell you working on getting console Martin on the show tomorrow I'm sure there will happen tomorrow. But I ate I do think at some point kinds of more will be on the drive it will either be too. Tuesday or would disagree I would have some good tickets Priceline 69306. From the 66 here why don't you fans have to go to the product colleges. They have their heads of their own asses enough to know what's going. Senator Byron and just fire is part time job in. The use that. Boston theories. Fans are firing back oh I I do appreciate that I go to K state may end. A little brother in the last segment in K state fans taking exception to that. The tax line. Kansas State is not little brother we kicked the jayhawks behind every year in football football's king of I have to choose whether to be good at basketball are opal it's football every single time. Someone else can you is the better in the lesser of the two sports good for you see you in the fall the other is Noelle question indicated they'd be better football program. I mean apple is a better football program the way dish is now taking easy. But I will say this. Kansas State is not nearly as bad at football shape this isn't basketball if they. I think Kansas State would be third biggest thing in the city. We can agree that after the chiefs after the royals you decide which ordered a one to win the third most popular team in the areas in his basket case if. Opel is I'm not going to argue they all are a much better football program and have been since that time the Bill Snyder stepped on in a Manhattan. What are the two schools as a BCS win one of them does. Know which one does Kansas as the when pilots' OK let's let's. All let's look called on the rebels and yourself at a football school. This great football program you probably should have at least one AB CS game if the other division one program in your state. That's all I'm saying is when you compare basketball taste it and a final four taste it's had Michael Beasley. They status to vote I'd like countless music unit and despaired that kind of football rather than they've had the bulls had they been fantastic but haven't won a BCS game if you haven't even won a BCS game. Did you really see that your elite are you better than Kansas no question about it. I don't think I'm actually speak for K state and helping any case they in his argument they're a leaked that's the room. And that's the Texas Ohio State county level I don't think he state thinks they're at that level I sure hope that dumping there at that level. K's they thought about global order a better level right now that tax cut as a program. But I think the run that they do has been fairly impressive given where they are in the country and given the kind of talent they recruit. Compared to other division one football teams it's been awesome. But compared to what you has gone vs other division one basketball teams has been well and on that night so there there there's there's no argument there herb. Kate is as much better basketball bit. Kate Spade is a football is auctions that does not like me as a case you've fan there's no rival used to be immune because of geography in the border war and all that stuff. It'll play each other in K state. One dominates that have been talked about football won't dominate in basketball. Doesn't really the rivalry the rival Regis really stem from. Can't stands in Missouri fans don't like each that's true. Can't stand in Kansas State fans don't seem to dis like each other all. Think K state fans like to you fans and it is gonna sound aired in Yankee fans care about it. It which you do care about urgently but you can say all Ocalan on our conference. Let's and bad habit that was or I guarantee you JU fans are the first ones being in their point in last. It's okay you say and definitely care about it was a beautiful and fingers point at all it's just easier to disregard these state which. Sucks having to be more fun for everybody if you do not do that case date. But that's certainly what an. We anytime what else does not for the voice mail no time. Go to put on after us. But shifts with the show run and you lean and Stevens we've got time. Screw March Madness. Part of a case steak gets a little bit of a break they get all right we could do bag curry a dog and he leave for Tennessee all right that's all good. And then Bruce Weber had to go to David damn job. I winning a game in the big twelve tournament and then he went to play in game just don't load again and not birch rounded a turn and that. Our wonderful sweep everything Dover for chase today. Pulled up in bad shape now we got to sit there and watched recount but I eat all our case at stake code should. Win and make you into that sweet sixteen obviously there's no wonder all I'll just can't get a wait Brad Underwood go to Illinois. Gray day the. Way to go guys. It's just not happen over the wildcats man. Chrysler for solid being nice to dub next is drive. 610 sports.