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Monday, March 20th

Your time is up, the Show's time is now. Who is the real MVP of the Kansas Basketball Program? Frank? Ron says, 'No.' Plus, The Guy gets the Show and Showstoppers. Later, Weekend Hugs.


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Kansas City did. That I guess it would. You leave shout out. Visitors but those bring is still ahead because he's solution. Does that could be a small part non. And sit as of Monday. Man Brandon says that building. We should have a good shows that for you. Let's go ahead and get things started we're going to we do have some breaking news. That we will continue to keep you all aided in throughout the night once we find out about this terrific fired. That is happening Kansas. Let's bring him in as you do at this time every night. Are brave my guys Steve inserted to the stage. Mr. Reid said they need starts today this. I give my. Most white people in this you know where experience is quite like we feel this is a mystery. The updated an understanding of what's going on with this. Fires get body. The what we know as of right now we've been working with KM BZ in the guise of their. Sort of lets you know exactly what's going on where loses. I ask the fire started around 3030 is at a 113 the Neiman it's the college in 69 area. And it was a vacant. Apartment building that was under construction where the fire began and then spread into the neighboring. Neighborhoods. And tot upwards of twelve houses on fire ever aired dozen house on fire they're still trying to put the fires out as we speak. But so far there have been no reported injuries that is that is huge. Because this this was like you said. It was just being built. Correctly the the apartment building. Was under construction was being built eyes being completely leveled to my understanding yeah we were looking and will be I guess the firefighters are still in the neighborhoods trying to put up houses and these word. Homes that were being occupied by him. Right no reported injuries before and we're looking outside of window right now we can see how traffic is being affected. It's back and that just that area alone for 35 straight there there's. It's a big highway it's I can imagine the traffic over there this was like. An hour ago Brinkley lift and he called me and I told Muslims traffic building I had heard about the fire driving in. There was traffic that was all the way already back that he called me he said he can't even turn. To get out of it sold those out there in traffic. Be patient. Because there was a series there is a serious ongoing situation. I think we're gonna continue to hold. That there are no injuries and is as is reported at this moment but we will keep you abreast and updated on this throughout. And that thankfully as I stated there have been no reported injuries so far as they're continuing to try to put this thing out. We and we'll continue to keep you updated on this we're on it. OK and easy isn't it will give the information that we need. But. Yes oval will goal with the show tonight we have again Agassi showed topic of the day. Are our new segment that we started last week. Without any production because of the selflessness. Of honesty conservative who continue to be selfish tonight because he's going to leave the show early to go to a concert. I brought this up. Like three weeks ago. There's not this has been this has been the Scots I'm just. I'm just stating facts if you're. On. I'm not trying to be selfish but I have been trying to see is banned for three years I don't know Von Bergen other opportunities that I've I'm very excited about this year. Thumbs up thumbs down. A poem the both of you or wills is this day. A Chrysler and and bred the Orwell's they might not know about that you Orwell's they just put out their second album yourself second album sol and I love their first album is this worth. Item I think it's going to be a fun show it and answer the IE. Disability. I guess that's a thumbs down. I am I can't wait to see who's made the last two times a response can MacKenzie they had to cancel. Their shelves. Some finally getting it opportunities seem and I Mikhail out of odds this stuff this was the only rule. Around here you'd. Only have tanks fish generally takes months of planning because I have to travel all over the place and has given you sectors go on nine with a very focused out so let's go ahead. To order pulls it go in this. This after tonight whatever this is. Orwell's is that the name of the man I the video deal whales are all. The young and the photographers out there only eighteen years old now I think they're all 20/20 one years old. The Orwell got you really talented up and put it up on the Twitter poll would you try to get out of work. Or is it okay for you to try to of them which is the oil wells bay in good enough to get out of work. Thumbs up thumbs down I can't Natalie. Here that. I'd like. If you ask people. You know on the buzz this letter they would absolutely say yes and artillery or maybe people don't know who the I see now when three. And rappers never heard of the girls out is. You know the spurs as matter or maybe exist and because they're good bad. Just because I know a lot of people. A lot like DR wells that's the most ridiculous thing I've introduced several people of the spam because they're got. They're great. Root root quickly can you sing their efforts on. Now. If you good player and I can sing along to I know it's in the system it's like it's someone's someone has come along Souza who needs is a great zone yes and it's. Very. And its allies on second bus out the top might have been if they're going to probably signal on and now you're causing. Now you're causing it nice to just make up lies because he really liked a setup guys are an attitude reading that Lanier is yeah he's he's odd years. Hit a I. I don't you go. So let's kick this off the letter and will this person had not heard of that can you put it on the wonderful. Is in tune in on the top of it to about legacies a bit of guessing. You're gonna get crust is police put it thumbs up. The numbers down or I'd never heard of just now what three just looked on YouTube. I. Is this the death. I don't listen listen. Not the best song. I that it that this. It is live outside of its a bit of rough I don't know that's up. Strong group southern comforts of mag it's odd that's a good drink to us that. Soul. So Kansas as advanced to the sweet sixteen all of you up here we're going to be man. It's. The terms of so the thing that took away from this yesterday and I talked about this before. And this this may come off funky. Expressly to and Kansas plains. But yesterday's gains game proved it and I and I always thought. That. This was the case. All year my my my premises and I think everything Kansas needs to do. Is to prepare themselves. For this time use the anti terror. And they've been successful so far there on news we sixty. And if favored to come out of there. Out of their reach. But everything I says they need to do that and one of the big things and maybe the number one thing is. They need to get to a point to by this time in March. That is understood. Is that he understands. That he is the top dog in the Mahan on this team. And that's not frank makes. It's just acts. For Kansas. To be at its height now I'm not saying they can't win any games. If is if Josh Jackson has an off night. They ought. To meet. If I were to take a look at this team and at the airplane the toughest competition. That they can play. And I think Michigan. Could potentially be a real problem for this team not like the match. If they are playing teams with high quality players. And athletes. More times than not. Josh Jackson. Has to be his team's best. There is a reason why he is. Potentially a top three pick in the news in the NBA and is not just put it this guy's a second team all American. It took him awhile to get it but he he is this team's. Best opportunity. In match he is the biggest matchup problem. You saw in the game yesterday's. Michigan State started to come back at this isn't the first time this happened Michigan State started a combat. It became 5453. Wood about twelve minutes or so left. And the second half bill calls time out. This is this is your season essentially right this is the pick party sees. It is not played frank pace who I think should be the national player of the year. The big twelve player of the year it is natural for him word ego. With a season on the line. It just yet. And that what did you guys Jackson do Jess Jackson went on like an 82 eagle run by himself. Which included an in one right out of the timeout because that kid just couldn't guarding. A step back three that was spectacular. Ants and I I do think frank Mason as a national player of the year but. Frank can create mismatches the way Josh Jackson can Dovonte can't create mismatches the way Josh actually and they can occasionally. What not the caliber of the Josh access especially sorted to that. When is expressly when they are playing against other talented team when they're playing against. The Kentucky's their plan against Carolina UCLA. You know frank and and Dovonte Michigan to me if you look at there after ranked is isn't that. You know overly talented than other people. You know he. We've watched it gets Kentucky now he'll get numbers because he could eat finds a way to get to the line repeatedly in this is it saying you don't need for a well I'm saying is when they play Kentucky they played against the end fox. That it was more talented too and frank and frank struggle to get past him at times of struggle to get his shot. They play against other talented. Let's. Some some of the kids in the Lee. When they played against Oklahoma State July and it's. There was not a huge difference in talent for him and any struggle sometimes is those gains. There's not that there's not team in this country that's got a player that can match up offensively. Would just X there's not there's not a kid on the on the little. That at Kentucky. Maybe had the best talent in it in in basketball could touch. And don't know and states got those type of players got up by EC east side you saw how he can create those miss matches even against a team like Michigan State that does have talent on their roster that played duke. He in the middle point of the game when shots ahead after it in the middle point that they would gain. He took over and they didn't have anybody that was any answer. When they in this game this game got close. It till frank did say it F. A date pit stop. He had not poised and sports could have he had not fluent at at the 1230s at the mark in adequately. And I mean that's. These were Ollie you've sort of this is what it hitting the ball and I suppose it is a you can't stop. On I'm not conceit here and say that I don't want the ball and frank masons and the and the gamer Dovonte grant grant's hands but Josh Jackson is going to. Continuously. Create those mismatches that those guys just aren't capable of are crazies don't like to hear this and how will give my reasons why. You broke a couple at the end of the game. Would you want I'm sitting here saying this sounds crazy kids just as the national player of the year on their T. Kansas as a national player on the other team. With the game on the line. I don't want the ball in his veins. Studio sixty and sportsman. Baghdad here let's get a quick update sort of we've fallen. The fire again you've got to do what they hear. Does seem that fire officials are saying the fires have been contains. They're still trying to put them out but there are no longer spreading thankfully we still haven't heard any. In the one that's injured all still at the point where. Not to my knowledge we have not gotten updated on that yet but as of right now no. Reported injuries probably sixth in those six to Sports Radio Twitter. Our first apple is is it acceptable for Steve it's sort of deterrent out of work to CD Orwell's. Thumbs up 40% sixty for sit down there. That's. Its act at Estes. And analysts note that this jump back into the right here in the text like you gotta be kidding me. No one is debating the jazz is the top three pick which grant him the better NBA prospect and will most likely. Ian much better player than frank Mason frank is the best college player and I want the ball in his means the game. Just doesn't lie and hits big shots but in the final seconds of turning game you're crazy if you were. You don't want the ball right all right call me crazy. I would prefer to have the ball in the best players but I'm not saying that I don't have a problem with the with with frank having the ball but I'm just saying it's there in a big game against big time opponents. I'm not saying if frank can't get it done. What I'm saying years I would rather have my chances with the guy who is most equipped to get his old Shia. If for Kansas. It's just acts. I Ed different points in the game I think it depends on. Certain situation that your end. If you're down you're trying to go on Iran I think Josh Jackson's a guy the you want to make those plays because Josh Jackson can create those mismatches and get cheap points in the Needham. At the end of the game yeah I'd probably rather have the ball and Frank's hands are Dovonte stance. Is I especially would Dovonte we've seen him time and time again when they really need something towards the end of the game he can hit big shout. It's the only thing is you would say is his free throw shooting but I. You know I think. They get to take it chain's other undecided. At an all cases outlook of all the best players. I mean we we we we would have this if we would have his conversation repeatedly to a football. On third down at all it's sevens and eight aspect anyway Josh is free throw shooting I mean you're not going to have designed plays you know in bounding the ball where you want Josh Jackson gets a foul and gets out mouse. I've just say it's eight seconds left. I won in the best player who's most quick to get zones but facet of football as we watch Alex Witt do this all your third seven and eight. He's throwing the ball Ross Travis. Ed Demetrius Harris as did a instead of two Travis Kelsey is Jimmy Mac. Our or get the ball Tyreke deal like. It's that aggressive. For this team and like it's not I'm not saying battle think that frank. It lead this team or they can win a game. If Josh is about two or will Sutley has a bad night at frank I'm not sampling could depart in a mark it. I just eight. You war. Probability of winning is much better when Josh Jackson is playing. Like the lead the ball like he did yesterday. SS in earlier. Points in the game in this game. Gets Kentucky. I one point in the middle of the game against duke does this hit F. It Ed they and he impacts all of both sides of low he was blocking shots yesterday he was rebounding. That is best editing. This guy impacts. So much lower it or this team to be to meet at his complete this. Just has to be the main. And Tex signs as why isn't Jackson suffered an player of the year well. There's they're college basketball history there's a lot of guys who are national player of the year you don't go on to be. Great pro prospects that's not really what I'm talking about what load certain this'll before can you find out is the last. Players of the years at let's see how many of the similar. Like NBA great. British you're like Jim referred bits in the air. It's pretty stagnant planets and operation or did they'll Valentine won it last year. He's coming off the pitch deep ball the visit Chicago that's full of teams are nicest for the team players that its new. Last season body healed or M frank Kaminsky Doug McDermott Trey Burke Anthony Davis Jimmer Fredette 2010 Evan Turner. Let's get a bit only what else. And slam backe and followed that Blake Griffin Tyler Hansbrough Kevin Durant. I mean Evan Turner's a nice MBA player he's not he's not special is its. I think hey Anthony Davis is obviously a star of the CDE thing it's and I think it has did Jill Valentine. It was between him and buddies they've thing. But I dissing him and it you'd get it. You've got to like. Applause for a frank has been so consistent all year just was slow up gates early any hints of freshman moment bush. I think Dovonte. I think frank. I think Josh all capable of saying F that and had a moment where they just go. I just they would just as if it is at it. Is a lot better the Dovonte. It it. At francs at all and we've but it was we can say with it. I don't read a debt that I think that they know that they don't know a couple but I want to get ugly when a coal fired. At a watched benefits. It's you just look at. You know the NBA guys that Kansas had years pass and they all have those signature games where they just took over games it's. L we sought with Andrew Higgins I think is against Florida when he just went off for like forty and single handedly brought him back they were in that game at all. And they almost actually tied the game at one point they did they'd wind up winning the game because they're never really and it. The only reason they were in that game to begin with was because of the way haven't heard Andrew wigand's was able take over that game. And Josh Jackson has that ability. Frank may only going to get his points. I think he I agree that I don't think he has the ability. Like Josh Jackson has to just takeover game. Like I will I would throw this. With everything that just does. By this you know and I hate you know and and please give me craft that has about eight people. But I'm going to. Us. I think audiences beats TCU. If Josh is now is does that matter but I think if at AKU beats if frank got a hell to gain. I think that you beats. TCU with Josh is playing it breaks. I think TCU thinks they lose that game of Josh Jackson's neglected Dovonte was running point in the general vehicle was did it just was playing instead. If frank Ed to miss percent. And not go because that'll look great mystery element and doing the case. Idiotic things in need of things worse but. I I think that is the case because of everything that he had. Demand and solid to excellent right here just that's the best player to play for KU itself under self. In March he might be at least the most is that they I think it Wiggins has more talent to the book. Josh I'm telling you Josh and this is so Iran colleagues. If world lose it dammit I'll put up 23 shot. And we were not Michael I effort to when he said but I put about. You know we know we know mr. him. IA agent Wiggins who might just BR MC war yes an hour and a half of gates. And we and we saw that over and over again a year with Reagan's we see him now in the NBA yes against Stanford. It's probably a different story if they had Joseph oil and beaten that game. But they didn't. Andrew Higgins didn't show up I don't get that vibe from Josh Jackson's got Jacksonville is ready to take the game over these are ready for the spotlight in the states. Andrew Reagan shied away from I. I've read this. Prom I was on Twitter a dud got he works CBS sports is on Twitter he said literally that this is that this this week. The difference between KEU this year and last year they have a legit. Perry Ellis is in the and and the Memphis Grizzlies just picked up Wayne seldom. Because he had he went on an 110 run himself. In the NBA. And they signed him for the rest of the year but that's the difference man like. You as well we Saul people are particularly Michigan State is comic. Am I nervous because I know riches is the real deal in Tom Izzo or sub reason has. Tim Tebow light. Maneuvers in the Baltimore. Somehow. He just pulls a late no matter the seat I've got their. Just exits that. I'll take it always seen when Kansas has played Michigan State in the past they have a lot of problems. With the physicality that that particular team plays with. Just tell you where they were around in that game for a long time just with nine points to seventeen points in about two and a half minutes. At that lead was to did. In no hurry. And I think I think people think I'm crazy and outs of politics lack. Which you have to look at what the coach Bill Self the these soon to be hall of fame coach Bill Self when this team was down about one he's got that national player of the year all honesty. Bill drew up the play went seeds goods on the line. Fort jacks. I'm Ellen let's get to our let's get the last word on this our VIP member. Reggie from Anaheim go ahead elicit thoughts on this. I though real quick out in the different I don't I don't know that there was and I think the bigger than us. Jackson and every freshman one well is. He is what is that all year. Bill we'll they basketball player I mean you'll. Back ball went with what else we get a lot of at little. Late that are great and went out about what is being would Wear on you in good order. But that's Jackman is a bit of that ball waiting in the league and who would it mean if they better at whom. Dot yeah. He could do more than just. He can yet he can do understand all the floor he can do more like he's a better shooter right now that if. With the weight of what a great shooter. And like that. But what about the ability to wipe out there that we know that. We have his I his IQ his IQ was another reason while all this is IQ is I'm not saying he's LeBron. When I'm saying is you know how LeBron makes the right play. Just ask us you know even sometimes I get mad and has landed at an angry but he'll take the right place. And throw in the bull which should result would sound odd but I Tutsi just drop us. Last thing let me and the bit that that set back. That debt debt. Net back per round if you will. Jumper making it. On miles bridges is a real. All all did that were all one of the best for him that wasn't in BA news. Without them. It was as Tracy McGrady got what it reminded me I'm just saying prank doesn't have that in his arsenal against like deer and fox. Against other kids that are. As talented as he I. He can't do are appreciated it. It airs at eight and with its head. The mindset. And the Dalton. That Josh has we'd be looked and it. A different player that think his skills it is a little better than just. Are coming up that guy gets so topic of the day somebody's gonna get divorced. Hopefully his girlfriend's stays with the business. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. It's gonna play all else and I. But don't make you happy. It's not about taking him head and by the way the hope that the and I don't know how you feel about this and I don't know if you do you know what lawns noble looks like it. Yeah this guy is absolutely on the if you listen to this show we will not let stuff like this go on yet. I'm from the night went through I know it's on top. But the young man can't play lights out but am I the only one thing's Alonso ball looks like eight. It but. If they. Hit it. I'd answer I. Thirty. It look at it is it's an act of do you think that Alonso volley slice. I gave my a lot of Steve Gutenberg. At the that. Here in new right now would agree on them money I editor and I'm like with all the discussion that X. And that is that is thrown me stronger than it's that is. That is creates the fatigue it. Ha. Let's. At that it's. That if he gets this topic. If I'm to act like you here this dispute that aspect I kissed the show top. This match is well. If I'm to act like you fear this is. Cute show. Today. Yeah I guess this little topic of the day he sponsored by absolutely Nolan so when that statement. This topic is right on the Huffington Post man by Nina. Ski all these people ain't exactly Internet available is that up a lot better now. Right. Soccer player mistakenly thinks his wife and alive TP boat owned. But that's what I tell. This apologizing. In expressing his love for his wife and a video that is now viral. That got us soccer star may be in the doghouse after given an awkward live TV interview worry mistakenly think is the and his girlfriend. But who plays for South Africa's restates dollars it just been named man of the match probably not at home when he had a split. The Tom during the post game interview Friday night. As I appreciate my fans Mohammed begin MI alive and my brain Opel it whether it's decades. Up yet he is does he quickly backtracked would so nervous out neglected. And so I present let's look. Like any other up so let's not klux. We cut out here. Is that they those who let the BB. I think that hopefully. And I appreciate. My wife and I don't read every parent yeah. Asked if that's your mind out of anyone other target on this. On them I have got is Heidi come on mr. On me immediately. W and Mano. You below. You edits. Willing loser. This. I just go to my they've got away from the column you think that he actually had a girlfriend. And a wife you'd think that it's us. Happy in the U Ramallah he's obviously got to hit that many tickets next six to residuals Maggie loves and cares about vote and if I'm in the heat of the moment is to givers shout out if I made this Twitter pull it might take. Good thing is this let that that is 06 do you thing. That he actually has a wife and a growth rate or he just got excited. And miss them. Because. At we elicit yes I think he's rooting so well. The white obviously it's a hot. But the government has now that he's married right but pit agents. So I think. That he ever is any debt have a girl ready just apologized to his life. It's a slip that the argues that bigger. Again as he gets slips up and these two what do you tell your Tony two years old maybe that's the first started the issue. Good god Mohammed. You know stuff. It is that time if you show stopper. Us. Showstopper. He'll. James tell me it was in the middle of what may have been the most important congressional hearing of his life on Monday I'm really tired here this guy because he just had a very important. Meeting of his life about three months of the FBI director like with his hatred of the New England Patriots on national television. While attempting to explain why Russians wanted Hillary Clinton to lose the presidential election. And I think it's too. Closer live it's the sides of the same coin in to put it only metaphor I hate to New England Patriots straight faced and no matter who they play I'd like them to lose. The last great. They enter into the kids locked up at an optical and that's spiritually married in my view had a recurrence or its fans worry about. And he says he is is maniacal Grey's I think it's a bison look at him if he is the right guy for the job you know the end. Like you came in but he did crack a smile if you watch this came right and it is talked about his hatred for Tom Brady is easily the patriot. And he's and I think he said you know reckless reckless I think he's in it I think is it important or gains. Hope it so reckless. VSB nation. On Sunday deeply devils lost in the hometown South Carolina Gamecocks and that was Carolina guy who's got the win of our experts that was one of the biggest jobs ever. That's no way no way email is do you think that that are out airline. He is all day they kept playing and grit help without fire. I'd I'd get the idol looked and I. But as well it did they do you activity that is the big screw jobs. After Atlanta albeit wrecked it's a that I just pretty confident that no other team. South Carolina determined only coastal Carolinas but. It's ridiculous that it a bit of a. Didn't review I reread the rest of it the entire. These. The bond secures wellness or nine Greenville, South Carolina outside the area groups of men and women operator on the city. With confederate flags attaching them to the top of the arena or to their pickup trucks. Despite signing on the protesters said that they're demonstration wasn't about race or sports saying. People tend to mistake this for our race thing wedding infantry men's cap what can better see symbols on it it's about history and be at about that history being a race. So you know people might think it a day. This sounds really. Rude. And insensitive some money. I lived in the south I understand. That for some people it is about the south. The south arise it is not I think there are people out there where this is not about race but to me. I think that you far. It 88 if you continue to. Pushed or what that flag is when you know what it means. To most people in this country like I. Understand at what point does this look at. But then you see how this hurt I thought maybe what happened in Charleston might turn the page Islam it did for NASCAR. Okay different ask like that may I got back. There was one point in the south but if you see what it means that people and how how people take it in vote. I think you're an idiot for continued. To be a horse I understand. You may not be racist but Saturday. Preserving their freedom of speech I'd go but. There's lots of things in history. They deserve to be preserved so why is this something that you're fighting for there's just so much important things. To try and preserve throughout history it's a much more important things going on right now. And whether or not. You can hang an American flag outside of our confederate flag outside of basketball. I mean I think it was asinine that it took. The killings in Charles church to have than to take it down at the AM state building. Coming up our newest. Segment. That we can now have produced and respectability because sort of stop being selfish and actually did audio to views. And production skills to a he had great production skills just when he wants to use of these ballots yes exit. Weekend hugs let us I don't defense let us know year weaken the odds are it will bring in our weekend hugs. In studio 610 Sports Radio. Spec in here on the night sit. Heroes soon. The man Brandon who is that linked. I'm listening to ask the answer is you here for a limited time. Go to sixth in sports radio and Twitter. We've got a couple pulls up to start. One is acceptable for Steve conservatives really ticked up these lose to try and get out of work to see the wounds. I'd bet everyone loves the music tonight has been having mental asylum. They're not it. 60% it systems down what that says. Because I don't know about the endless the only answer in a big possession for KU. Bill Self should put the ball and whose needs 80% says frank Mason. 50%. Says Jess Jackson five's as the other in page note played Pedro. Says the horrible. Looks like Steve. If they wheels of people who clearly is. But we think easily defeated and that's the numbers. At Kennedy's plea. Somebody's that mr. rotated their earlier. Timeouts of the C it's that's. Like a if for an appropriately. Guy so last week we attempted to do this. This music. And I went in dated dated anyhow because. I want sorted I knew I had to do something to put asserted to actually put this production again. And I feel like hey if I start this thing off early national forgot about it I'll fill two hours before she. That your. But every week every Monday that we work. Or Tuesday we will be giving out or weaken since there's some people who just. There Lenny Bruce Weber probably need our. Might suggest he could probably use one. They're Sandra people who could use of expect it at Vanderbilt who felt they got when they were down to adapt when they were up one. He probably could use several weeks so we're going to do this every every month. We give our kids. Problem. I've developed this said technique allows me to get physically and appropriate person without them knowing I call it. Refused to cheat you. Rollins got out on. Some stay away from the NCAA tournament what might hug tonight. I don't give a nice joyous hug denial Davis who sign the Pittsburgh Steelers are alienated day you can if you for the backup running back position behind me beyond now you'll give him a look at the Steelers they have a because I feel bad for not. Lot of promise series had some very big moments in chiefs history. I don't know if I can get another player of the problem I had. Who is so loved and then with an instant hated and did it over and over again so I'm happy for Nile I don't know I can't lock up that back up. Running back position for the steal out their duties success it's that 306 loser week in going to my weekend I am not stand in the NCAA tournament. But we can't goes to the lives. Of several coaches. In the NCA turn. The white ranked mart. The white well broadly. In consistently. The wife of my kids thick coats of markets all formerly. Of Missouri it's funny all of these deaths of former care if it's it's it's me. Because of the ridiculous. That they are wary and all of the cool and it bears a lot of the did you see what Brit. Martz in it brought this summer alone. Last night. Lola every bit is breezy day is at odds Ito long to base their lives picked out the same day did not apply in us Gerri you I've no idea mark did it I. Frank Martin's pants right now. Break our heads too great the room. Diets I'd unable. Move rule gainers wit the checkerboard. Ed that curry slash I reached third underneath and gets America it's edited and I. Yes it is facing off each other and my hands it hit consistently has been a train ring. At Missouri you misery page you know it. Missouri and it's. Then the goal that he used the way there. The extended thick pinstripes. That might use to where he's to have her Brit I think now it's Ed did. Of course the first days of the tournament. He's got a rape checkerboard. Dottie could sneak it and it was a dark and but it was electrodes I do like. But I would Wear hats at eighty I had at and get it back the next day with a that would bode well in the Mets it would not be. Roulette war zone. Hole. I don't look at it makes his own rules that I know one that was used. I tell you are not have all those lives because they they had obesity but there does bids seen on TV all night alone. That sale I'll seat she lives that we than. Olive but it never let me walk out there ruled look at life regular and then Albert. I mean by now the obvious people liked breezy day we have brought forth and look like grease debate. Coming up at two minutes the best. 159. Second show in Sports Radio in it it truly it's really only because it's Leo. Studios 610 Sports Radio.