04/20 - 10 am - Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop

The Day Shift
Thursday, April 20th

Right now the Royals rotation is on fire, but how long can that last. Plus, the Royals slayed their dragon last night & one Chief is poised to take the next step this season. 


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It's true frequent. That's the last Miller wouldn't do such a high you know. Watch the other scheduling billing tonight senate and watch this is what it. Or else when I be watching him feels children don't doubt we are right arm strength of Robby. Oh look that if the reaction been hospitalized uh oh like good. That is so fun atmosphere with the news that you're not going up. Scheduled to tour. Outright if you let me advance. I let's get a starting your taste you played that you would douse the seats in Sports Radio six does foresight he was picked I U a seven what did you spirits right here. Nobody added myself and you can see what they'll Ryan's doing but. He went on you he's make a funny thing. Are good actually put up a blog tonight about. The schedule. There's the catchy it's not a there's genes that at that a what's on the stark summit so. Here's what's gonna Hebron for 5 o'clock everything we released so get a all the way of chiefs and patriots probably in the first game. That opening night and Thursday that's been a speculative ventures Ohman and if mobile launchers go to their prime time games the chiefs but you know these things work will be leaked out. Some point hours before that initial schedule released parties whether but I really care about the G. And as the one look at the match they'll get. In with a separated out in public pummel we go to Monday night from an immensely remains on the immensely Thursday night's late who's playing on Thanksgiving. It's always one of fuels through this is actually something you have to watch all watch it. Does something you absorb on the Internet just. It because it's a viewer of physically look at that's what what's going to say is going to be following it Watertown so he's going to be physically want war he needs you did too to be on top became tonight it's fun it's time a year people laugh at it. So it would toward. But how many people maybe don't talk about it I mean people wouldn't schedule. And it starts at one OW LW evidence that WW yet. Get the make fun of people for doing yet they themselves one and did everybody you know you look at this gives they were to be good we're going to be bad habits that it's at so now. Are so you'd be on top your game tonight as planes are you watch your Twitter count the seat was on all vehicles schedule. But we start with talking about on top your game. How on top of their games right now is this Kansas City Royals starting rotation. We can sit here in look at the boil as we can look at this team and that team he gets so many different needs to look at every single team but he comes to professional sports. Doesn't matter what the league it is. One of the things that we'd like to do. Because you're just talked about the schedule right beautiful schedule was gonna happen when the schedule comes out. People gonna start marking w.s and l.s next to be to the schedule right. And you'll start making predictions. Going into this season. What the predictions that we had or how we thought this can't just grossed he was going to function. The prediction was most people thought that the tapes you'll notice or more runs because date more than GM of the team said this team's gonna have to. Score more runs its we're gonna have to do. People thought this bullpen. Maybe regressed a little bit but still be one of the top bull pains in Major League Baseball the other prediction was. Okay this sob. This starting rotation. All probably be. Slightly better that we expect just based on the fact that initially when you're Donald passed away we were all on the dobbs it would like and this is a huge ball. To the organization to the team. What what did they do they went out there any added some peace to the bullpen they added Jason Hammel arm in terms of a starter and they made arrangements to try to steal that boy. Oh what the predictions that the starting rotation. Nobody predicted that they will be this doesn't matter when he passed well I guess it depends on lets you talk til the bitter couple certain people in the world's organization. But I'm blown away at what we're seeing with the starting rotation and specifically. I know you're at the game last night Apple's not Jason Vargas of what he's doing when you're just had to be dealing on the mound to start the year. Here's how good the rotation in. ERA starters. Or relievers just starters. 2.0 seven. Number two in all Major League Baseball New York Mets really. Kills us all the royals have a run people run yes on the field. 308207. The royals legitimately have people run of the orient Major League Baseball in negated its early Richard important port now. Reached third separate self evident seven. Put this week Cleveland Indians by the way. The team everybody picked in this division. Put it to a person Cleveland is when it. Five point 86 ERA. This is over three runs difference in the royals. That is the worst in baseball for the Cleveland. In who would've thought that was coming with the rotation in baseball to be weird man baseball can be really weird. And we do think it is going to even out some incident that I don't think you gonna stay out of the Butte top five by the year. Top ten. Would be stretched to be top fifteen it would ask that question right now that I guess the week polls is when you look at the Kansas City rules of what they've done here the first few weeks of the season. Is this sustainable. AM I think to a certain degree could be would not sadistic. In what I mean by that is. Is this starting rotation and be the best rotation all the Major League Baseball I don't believe but think it'll be number two probably not likely to vote. Maybe take a couple steps back yeah probably the two lead at this. Starting rotation if they pitched at their best ability. Consistently. Hit big yet again. In Major League Baseball type rotation. I think that's possible based on what we're seeing right now Danny Duffy they don't deserve to be the Dudley senior the forest to Lloyd's the entire year. Bart is does that beat this good the entire year just. Call eight hours is exactly if you don't get this idea he would be winning the Cy Young when he overtly I don't eat beef it is exactly what I do believe that this has they have the ability to be a top ten top twelve starting rotation. If they keep this up this is the playoff caliber team. With this kind of pitching. No choice is the best welcome our that's the one were always looked at though. The proven hitters meat they have to come when I say that you never you never know. But there's no way because going to say come around as though we do we agree is hot for these re is Brady moss he's really what member gets broke ED three or four guys going to say don't you think it's a duck tape that I like Toews going good right now who losses bad relatively good right now. Bomb most is that he's got a decent start the year move in bond what what is stated moose the guy's a month from now they have a have a stretch of two to three weeks ended. The people to turn up our Hosmer. Import unique everybody on saint it'll click it at the same. It if the royals had the ERA to Cleveland Indians. A prepping the seasons that if you're starting rotation was dead last in baseball ERA. He worked five point eight. Even your hitters were hitting it would give fixes which we have no starting pitching which you fix the bros at the starting pitching. The bats will in turn give hot Jason Vargas. I'm sure it's an easy answer I'm sure if you ask anybody. Who's the biggest surprise in the NC rules looser. I mean we did a poll this other thing 90% with a mortgage. We guess who's a what is the biggest surprise of his Jason Vargas and he's not they'll be on there you could org is she put. Our message is that close as far as the cycles he's pitching like a Cy Young award winner yet to start the year we know what to expect. How good is four eggs we still really good Borg in 2014. The first half the season I don't think rules but the World Series a year. If organs is not on team this would minutes and about or. The version of organs now compared to the mortgage version. Back then I think he's better now. I mean I think it's commands that are you know I think that oval ball in them a little bit you know that last year command. Fastballs the same assist the command in the action on his pitches in just sharpton's sharp can be. It bitter version of org. Tommy John. That's sit out. You're waiting nobody's called Tommy John we asked new goals but Syria in rehab you wanna get back out there compete. Barged into a lot of emotion the day is a competitor takes care of himself. Does the right things he'd be hustled to get back here I think it was important from its thirteen year. Who's feet let a little bit. Before his name. Fighting is on it is impeccable. He had no walks. Which it was complete command nine strikeouts. He's doing what every once with a baseball. It was better than medicine longer. So our it was OK great I mean rules of war has pitched in getting up over a hundred years ago I'd love to have a bad before this was the best pitcher there was. It is bad but it's. They're remarkable how good he's bitter man it has been remarkable how did Jason barges bit but it's also a bit. Unbelievable how good the entire rotation is that even though Jason Campbell the first couple starts he seemed like you liked it got to step your game up. Couple nights ago we really three guys here TJB series computer three guys you can really count on trust they've got Duffy. Epic Kennedy in that class and a big kiddies can be consist of one account which you need a third. Borg details gonna give you those up and down game is militarily duplicated the other night is give games or that look at at all. Same thing they core these days there is that this starter he's gonna give you those games with the he's got a whole a whole lot of kids. Review of three guys consistently when you throw out there there's river. The goal baseballs out this week Mateen beat to a three after throwing three starters with consistency. At teams like to think the royals game. Then he makes in a good idea mall or good cords at times. Rotations here this fight seems a waste the opportunity for sure it may be to trade deadline will get its rotation but keep this up. It may have conversations one hitters of the royals go get. Think about that you would look at restarting Pittsburgh herded like if this rotation was good trade deadline or to look around. Who can we bring in with the bat. I wonder though how sustainable they can be in terms of performing at this level until the bats. You start to pick up. Does do differently GM's. We're talking about all the they'll loosen totaled one games there winning two nothing and he. Do get pitched this well into old bats finally. Come lie if it the best team Major League Baseball. Any RA but they're 500. Poses a late fourteen games of the season. Will be full run better. The Major League Baseball and the best and yet again and if I ask you if four seasons and what's record going to be in the through your TJ you said twelve to. Out of set out to say at 113 live report. Leopard. The act yet how would assess a dude I said 500 years ago you're crazy. Dissertation based polygamy 500. But at least at least less that they get that win. You do not want to waste their performance but org sat I think your higher that on the off is coming around the idea. They seem too much it until we see it let it die speak clicking and all on the same page at the same time. That's my senior I just don't know that this team is the big have a stretch where they can be collected. To be consisted. Any team can have a stretch would equate it to be consistent well here's the thing dirty runners in scoring. They can do that but did they cannot communicate have that big hit. Susie start getting those hits the ball with those runners in scoring position fuel softens the terror. It was eleven when it. Usually just go out irresistible runs it runs live birds is no doubt victories now these big sway. Do we feel any better now that we slay the dragon of mad bomb we get to that next. Studio sixty in Sports Radio don't do pretty tickets dot com right now I guess it did a particular using promo code sixty in sports. I. Yeah. There on Thursday morning. There's completely. Ruled that we will read what happens when. Less these. Best your worst run San Francisco's offense is not good either under the excellence that Posey do is get two runs and had them beat in Europe it's bad. That they're not editing what lead you to school office Doug how many residents are we scored just forty so darned it's important. Cisco's bet is that they've scored 6114. Games or 41 runs in Toronto is second to last. With your guy can just paralysis of 44 was gonna remind the pod race is bad as they've been boarding gate right. The Arizona Diamondbacks lead to Major League Baseball with 78 runs where rules best the other day he was strewn. The nod team man. Would you rather be better in. It's. Yes. But to get it to you Google what to habitually their candidate they're gonna have a rough stretch. That was stretch what your pitching is you're gonna have like a week where the pitching is going to be very tuna based works the that's the camera. Hopefully the third losing 98. Hopefully. I hope that's the case. RI yesterday at had a couple soccer match Netherlands. Yesterday at acting like. Some of us got a little bit into our field is got into our emotions a little bait the does not only will he face in the giants. And it was a no. It was rough the CD extra inning game in which have lost. There's a it's so damn well Jason Hammel to swells out there was a ball so you know losing. But you want it to. Even up the does this series and won a piece and you're facing Madison bomb. AKA your dad. Writes oh. Yeah this. Who has heard any signify a big court it's a bad it wasn't it does calm down calm down calm down on it would be dead. Point 17 so what happened yesterday was you when not beat. Madison bomb and with good father he took to L. He doesn't have a went on the season they should hitting should have been in not getting big advocate. He should ever that there on struggle boss right now. The giants are livid about it I you feel the day after he felt like. You need to be elated as smoking a cigarette. You so good to be met bomb now. Philly better than a small way I feel like we've won the world sooners I don't. I don't. Beating Madison bomb garner yesterday. Did nothing for. It exercise if you do and how even though they did beating in 2014 would play the regular season be dominant voice I think it was guided had some employers. When they talk about that the map it meant something big Bard he knew he would be shark who he's facing moos the favorite. Mentioning bug garner out there. It's up to the lights Tuesday that it means that. Added up and anything fans and I'm sure get a little bit yes. Because people saw Matt lemon at all man does that I signed 306 there's the Halloween costumes we've seen the last three years show on Halloween. There he is doctor sinister walking probable opened one of them around. They booed him a little bit you you you say it mattered to tell me why Matt. So much Ryan in the last time you saw Madison bomb garner was. When he fourteen. Game seven and walking off. And that's that is our lasting memory it's stuck in power it's stuck in your Crawford two years champagne soaked menace from the burner. They're getting in his a truck with technology and stuff and get in the World Series MVP he's cold in the World Series trophy like. I'm sorry maybe I'm the only one in Kansas City feels this way I don't think I AM or World Series trophy Madison on armored truck. What it. Was our Chevy truck with technology and stubby arms he went on the team we went. I understand that what we. Last night. It you got your pride Bakley and sometimes it just it just. Tiger but again it features I'm problem for 25 team. But what matters the bomb Iraq drawing board a year and his slap it and you'd put a beat down on bomb armor but. Get beat. Yeah beat the guy that was was the one that you could knock off it didn't meet it in a meaningless game Bibi tell date they beat away in the regular season have mattered. Joseph John Elway Rolen and with a broken we Marty Gilani huddle Wheeler we've lost Indianapolis. Colts. It was a meltdowns of years what else we beat them last in the regular season what it means. It means something that beats them meetings that you have been loaded beat him last year it means something done beat somebody don't dig them last in the regular season. Doubles the game which us and came into the game when Ausmus got hurt your play video camera and as a bumper opium on the colts in the NC usually Mike Tyson's punch out. Years ago you get excited when you do it's the picture of me needed winning big prize. All I finally beat king hippo. I am going and I have been just be on flamingo. It was just happy to beat them yesterday that you want to be about a man I get myself dice and hope that out of the basketball better. Every time space them. I oh wait has been listed awful. Pianist it's not bad just you would you Peter good pitcher this isn't intrigues. It's Bogor. We summit team do some nasty things the world it he should have because it's bad case. If you beat bomb would do all. This is that that's how he's gonna okay. So many boos when he does. It does not. But I still get. It and I gave up one run on. Wrote John Elway could be the quarterback the Denver Broncos next to and I would celebrate every victory you can against him even I don't care. John Elway could be the the new quarterback and I'd like screw that guy. Yet we beat you don't care you're. AAR PI. Cuba if we win the game in 2014. There's a story. Today because he stole it. The reason we operate using him. That day to incorporate so they had and had the endless conversation at. Do we sit Gordon or not Susan because they answered with a live with that so so so used to sit next film nobody asked about it where they should send court. You sit next electrified it. Like a big bomb being owed to earlier in his house too we were in their club so. He's got the numbers. Were just a much of that media is unified men Obama I think beautiful to were. It with regret telling that to the Potomac all we have finished that you resisted about what would only be kind of tell about all else. Well this analogy does not hold out. On the goodies accused excise excite threes 06 like they grow you've been trying to get it's he finally. It out with you finally got with you big sum but we knew we played them in the season when when you're in the World Series lake. Apple lakers basketball on Thursday in the stands. She's or daddy. You beat dad. I just think from a from a player's mentality too is and I don't for first and I'm just guessing really. But if I'm in that locker room. And we just slay the dragon of the guy who literally a World Series title Massimo murders on the giants team. Royals World Series champions back to back years right. We agree with. I can't always have that thing how much chip on the shoulder within the next year as they voted instead we got the ring but he still had to address. That's quest I can't look at this team and and I think it's for this particular team Q. Because when you have these guys who went to a World Series in point 1411 and 2015 and then missed the post season and won sixteen. There has to be a little bit of doubt in the back your mind as you struggled to start the season. To say are we really as good as we were in 4422015. It week peak then or are we just trending towards mediocrity. And when you beat Madison bomb garner it validates the fact that you're still as good as you wore it doesn't. They just maybe the giants aren't as good as they war they didn't score one on you. So anything. So serious it it's still I. Look at meg one still team spends money is guilty of medicine and gore still respected enough space who got Buster Posey apps in. Crawford made brain development teams loaded. Here's the thing. We've won three World Series for sure it's winning as much I hear it you cannot. Assemble the best that was the eagle on the baseball right now. It would be best. Here's a simple season pitcher from the if he's seen in history I think off in the not at three I think you got to collect a bad taste out of stands mouth 2040 I agree with that he's washed. 785. It does it mean anything it was in the playoffs and tears this in the A wants it didn't do much from me that was three years ago. This 28 once it's yes that matter aren't crazy. Are in doubles and a 16 mil or regular season win over struggling bomb garnered doesn't appear to game seven of the World Series this didn't match. We've all seen the royals do this before though it would make love Russell of these would obviously struggling Brohm Baumgartner is kind of ridiculous it's all relative we've seen this before that where the royals are just scraping around and then they rattle off fifteen out of one. In twenty days from now. If they run off fifteen to forty. And you look back and you go man that Madison bomb garner game where they beat him once was the impetus for that let's Ehrlich wouldn't surprise me if that was the case. I consider instead the royal and when the next fifteen out of the next morning gains but it wouldn't shock me if this gives them that type of boost they meet. He's got more home runs. Hitting. And Cain gore. You bore. I ever. Small donors hitter has more home runs than Hosmer Cain Gordon combined. So which what about again. That is that is real news that they. Bunkers out of work Oz Burkina Gordon. This relationship analogy phenomenal. More like when you gotta chick fell in love with her when she got with another dude all the while. Pump and waits for the sweet had been outlets in the rocky soundtrack and you see European Albert got a ways that it was organized booty. I don't know that analogy works at all what he has is nice if he stole your girl that he came back and there. He still hearing. He stole the World Series race. We got what he says the last night he stole a girl for me. Well they did excellence is able and I got home voice chain back in his bike is Graham on the game that chamber so he walks in the Borg I. He walks at the or your girlfriend. In your seat and says. Smile and he comes back units in east girl. That he comes back beating. This man. But burners again. Stole group. Bordering. Stole your hopes. Although it on I don't know why don't you write let us have a nice to go to thirty isn't English as well let's ask him. And yes it is not yet let me let me ask are you think that times over no but let me ask you this so so are our act. Look at the scenario differently. 38 out on the outlet outlet they doubt it seems that god. I don't look at it like this early that got stole my now. See what law. The without day. To meet in that type a sense yet that team was loyal to us a lot of look at that I'll just I mean I mean the bossy I got a four year. Years later councils of the harbor some resentment against him that she left. And would be spore would he won't rockets beat the bomb garnered this day each case steals this news media David Cook from. That look an idea unless he spoke and talked in rate I don't beat bidders. But whoa. If she is she's you'll I was you don't feel better if you were the girl is like I'm a lesbian. Instead of it lake I'm leaving you for Ryan casket what I know more. About that. There's nothing you can do about that have right installer way we're worse right it's still for me say. If if if let's I don't needed in that and what goes like this thing out what he's got some game not saying that saying she shoots less. He's got. It's like. Dumb I'm gonna be mad for the rest of my life's at this guy that I don't know. Four I doubt that I've been with for cult leaders it's we're fortunate. We drew the long Francies lesbian or Levy for them again. It's kind of a different girl or guy that's an easy question to me I think as mad dog conversations done now. Or are you this camera just as I mean if it's about just to a relief for guy who usually has been. Think about that. It properly probably me for a girl I don't lie. At least get through the dark to be like yeah. I can't this just one for the road. I'm honored. What over the seasons try to make the most of his all season more house but how much better will he actually beat next year we get to that that in a small way. I feel like we've won the world years. Whom studio sixty and Sports Radio. Ceiling. Back in high school. There are no big these public. You know. I was at dinner. It. Crystals you Sadie Hawkins and often do of course I'd probably typical. It beautifully. Text or the tax like you think we've made the claim he was the men's program with the greatest pitcher in post season history. Well I could back that update the but I do know that yet greatest World Series performance of any pitcher it. As my brother pitched 21 innings. In the 2014 World Series. In the area point 43. Yes LB actually you know runoff if it theories like thing. But he New York Rick Jack I was the only run by the way so corporates on. He only gave up now I know it's. He's incredible and I need to crumble like thing yet the early in the image. That dates robbery. And add them up teed that a special thing debris you know. You're gonna talk to David because in sitting with a talk and party about the two days. She said oh no need to thank me. Add them loves to talk about the 2014 World Series would that matter what's going on he will talk about that with you and okay do you mean that awe shucks I am really thought about it much attitude among garner has ever that would good mood but anger can be machines that make you talk 2014 World Series. Talk about battle Davis and Al Adel. It. The stealing medicine Baumgartner there. Well this to a talk a little tease here disruption between the last night to the feeling that the bomb garter QB for royal anymore. He was I was like piloted in the patent and a fairly New York Times says it is yet either to reach Saturday that a bit today. In an article that talked about. Former NFL player play with the Atlanta Falcons ideas Bessie is with the falcons. But that is individual that trains and works out on Miller for the broad goals in Donald of the us at ROB a LE rams. It also lost former Indianapolis Colts Robert Mathis a case of those type of individuals that he has clients. Now deep in eighty years before it happened without. Little different level but I. This though is these needs to be working out with individuals that he did him to that next bubble now. Cedar City. Tomba. Is a phenomenal person worked out with who else Justin uses so he's got other guys right in the organization. I hate it worked out with that should be able to help him improve his game but I I Midas like this. Like defected. A bond Miller inner Donald of Robert Matt this. This a big here for di for big. A lot a money issue because this is. A big contracts for him to define what he's gonna continue to deal with it sees long term Ortiz could end up getting. Arm a contract elsewhere this is what a CBS sports he crystal won no mature stand up and everybody in the city lights. He's lived. That's when guys like he's talking about just met he's been around. How can you get analyst if you've never played piano chuck has played the position he is so passionate about past he breaks it down when you won't forget it. I think he's a great addition for any player looking to take their game to the next level well. Right now he Ford needs to take his game to the next he needs to take it into next of it is rookie year. He had wanted to have sex. Dan if all of that out with. Or sex in five starts the following year than last year EA in sex in the team's porous. Nine gains. They needed to have another sent. The rest seized. His last sect in November 13. Six game stretch where did not have settled I got to half that credit. In the Pittsburgh game but he finished the season with no sacks in six games real great early on he did. He needs to do this Reggie I was told us all times about people look at sack leaders of the NFL whose name is on down. Before four. Before then I remember talking every week was before it. Ever since the Carolina game what's that India 12 game. Which when he was on role he had three to have sex against Indy followed up to. Against Jacksonville he's a man bunches dating in the war against Carolina. It is worth before. He would seek schemes that would be outrage yeah. Predicting. Are so the question that line and asked me this morning when I'm talking about before. And I think that this debate you agreed this BC's upper right from contracts scenario as it went on or off you got to prove yourself to if you wanna get that big time deal. Is he died it needs to take the biggest step forward for the chiefs to be the playoff team and possible containing team the way that we think. I don't think he needs to be to god to take the biggest apple. I think there may be a couple other guys in the take bigger steps one of them will be Tristan. Chris definitely definitely a couple years now it's gonna be season three I think it Connelly I got to trade up in the drafting did. He needs to be more for a play maker in the alternates. Still. Is gonna get more attention this year. He's not get a sneak up on the National Football League this season he went to the pro ball he may place. Chris Connelly this open things up Crist out sub out I'd definitely. Although I think the deportees to continue to. To be more to insist that he needs to continued to improve and work on his game Conley go out would have it a deep. I think this chiefs team in different. That'll seed that guy like we look at the royals that story is gonna have a bad year bounce back year I look the chiefs not liked it. In the pass that was voter fish. Eric Fisher needs be legitimate he's proven religion order there's not that guy really for me in deep Ford won't meet is Justin Houston's there. Did you get that as first just in Houston you want something from before he got to get this passed person stereo as the champion of the world. A that he makes or breaks with the help for the chiefs go I would seizure cater oh west and Spencer ware. But I think she's leading rusher this year. Comes from who agree Evan Philadelphia. Appealed that will be leaving Russia the chain began in the draft Wednesday deep running back what. I pedestals that guy with the tees and it's a good sign for the roster is. Who is he more production Conley but I don't think I'm leagues make or break. I currently am debris at least announcement quarterback that's what concerns. That gives somebody else he says it can be debate your quarterback. Conley is best receiver and beatable as he did you get more and expect it though he did. It upgrades eke out what's in terrible disease can be asked more for the office Liggett St. Joe. He's one of the key figures office which here in the pre season guides amount. Which brought up in the weapons pressure when Tyreke Il he might have been mentioned the draft in the fifth round it was tissue when you look at a reprieve you. What can carry killed through the author. I guarantee you this right now he knows them the number one player in fantasy football that's gonna get drafted will be higher that he should. Tyra teal. I'm not towards orbit he still Alice it is quarter. Assuming that they don't well it didn't matter who they draftees they in double the track they needed medical records are handled the mouth. Better president of them aren't it would help Tyler Brayton demand. But I do see a stadium full assumed to be trained at all mirage will explain that next. Studio sixty in Sports Radio don't do daddy tickets dot com right now. Sixty in particular using promo code sixty in sports. There. Could open race. Oh yeah great player man. First ballot hall of Famer Tracy McGrady I don't think I'm like dad. He never won MVP. I never looked its recent greatest ever being the best. In the sport at the time he was. Schoolwork and pure shot. But it is an issue he went chaos. There's these. Apple TV pretty who have Michael I think. Remember when like that Kobe moon boot that'd be used but out it was terrible. Are within minutes away from my Unix is a win a thousand dollars and our national past contests in two minutes away from off the conversation. But jiffy plan. He joins us that site. We talked about this before big but he came up again yesterday because deer rebels he has been tweeted about it. That's fighting. Interesting that is still something it that people par. This is some people in it to you talk about and I hope it become the trend I'm not sure that it is. But did tweet that caught my eye yesterday was. From my deer rebels to voter count how it was thumping their chest. Bought their stadium prices the Atlanta Falcons going into the Mercedes-Benz stadium this coming season. Date he's just out is something that says about the state of prices. Nearly every other pro sports team does it they cheaper food street as a future. And I don't see why cheaper Ford and drink. Doesn't have a future why not. 8888 guys are premiere what DB they've been talking about the one thing that. Or to blank and the opposite that they were going to do with the new stadium that they have there in Atlanta. Is that they are they're medium pricing. Is gonna be super fit us stand and fairly friendly eye tooth for two dollar 30 god I'm dolls to dollar popcorn two dollar water column with the global law Coca-Cola. Three Allah while Fries five dollar bug lights. Ideologies borders sliced the pizza for three I mean everything to super cheap not that she's three out pretzels to doubt everything the super team. When I read the dared Revell 3% over the last night and apart the just. They hit my eight year old weird was. Nearly every other pro sports team doesn't think cheaper food entering as a future. Agree what can just pause for a second and realize that. Or at least. Three decades. Everyone has had the opinion. A single person that I can go to right now I'm like excuse me do you think that the concession prices than any sporting event are reasonable. Nobody would say it is what he would tell you I think nine dollars for Beers right. Is that about 1850 for the hot dog act on good authority normally. Tell you that. And as we've continually notice as bands have started to. I actually people crushed and Jimmie Johnson in which is Interpol burrito is that the ailments you know because what you bring an end. Which is very nice but even that even him even now. Spice girl that I wanna be able to eat. I think it's been a trend IP at what I mean what I think it's gonna be trained at the stadium present it to get cheaper and they should be cheaper. That the price on tickets are gonna continue to go we know that we are the consumer we understand that when it comes to. On even the resell mark of a third of the third party markets in the and the style pubs in the seat geeks at all those cells. They're trying to make it cheaper for fans as well also if you're gonna tell me the you don't think there's a future and having cheaper food and drink. And concession prices ticket prices. Wrong I think he's Waltz I have been trending in that direction already. Mean how I can't think the single person thinks the concession prices that a movie Peter good I told you all walk up and there was some Reese's pieces in my pocket like it a thing. Cost is this the wine and you've got a great point about. About like looking at the tape and how you can bring in. A good since sandwich wore a sandwich or triple a wherever it is right to create your own slew. That's not the ball. I was telling minus. But my knowledge of stadiums I don't think the majority of state did you go to. Can bring in your uncle. Let's just look at market said he intends to help help help solve this six by regional six. Can you bring your own floated sporting KC at at their games I don't think so. Can you put it to you bring in full at it. And if there's somebody we do in the media deal we don't want to bring it full sprint pretty sure you it. So so visited him and those backs they take you gotta do it just went with what sport. You go back all. Your past us and we thought there was no I don't. Not all track actually bring in Buehrle in the speed with a lot of them do Simone bill here's the thing. For years teams have tried to get billions into the game to beat television you people off the couch into the game. Would change the renovations they had this month. They put the hall of fame down there that you can walk through at the meet warping and friendly you widen the concourses. Show more highlights. Unifil the studies are you guys when it's easy highlight that in the big twelve to be big twelve games treasure do highlights. Of other big twelve games going on especially football. The IOC members will show you that it landed in the new stadium as the seats that move when somebody gets hit. This special section seats when there's a big hit Siegelman if you're seeing -- trying to get to opt out but the one thing they're missing it. With lady gets a most teams don't. People would rather sit at home and watch it three room here exactly the number one thing I hear from people. And that's the reason why people talk. About television ads and HD experience lets this of this great. And less people going to sell some of the gains that that's why detects it was six it has a future is a business plan wobble price and people paid for the nine dollar bill. Beer. In the states. It is people do still does not want to hear from people wanna stay home get a twelve pack sit only my own food that is being number one thing. I don't have anybody tell me. I need to go games and see highlight. It'll say that but that's what the study said people wanna see highlights of the think that the units he gained leverage against Marco we'll check your fantasy team colorful. But the one thing here is what was in them but when it appeared the one beer right go vice expect Greg back twelve pack. That's local site does that you have settler sources nonsense right here and I want that's the nimble with it that's the thing teams are listening to. Now we need any more bells and whistles more highlights do more things a lot better Wi-Fi it is the no. What that they want cheaper food injury I was USC last Saturday. And it's one thing I heard people I'd eat kitten. You kidney. When he blocks were pop Warner opt in like a pretzel the pretzels like 657 bucks. Oakley got one hop I can't write it but but but upright. This and that thing about this or second. We talked about this leading up to sporting season. Yeah we talk off topic how they drastically roll back some of the prices we talk about this already edited it just makes it's I just. Again I think the biggest issue is as long as the consumers are willing to pay for it. Stadiums and teams don't have. They won't change because as long as there are people that will pay that price. Now I do know that. It's no secret. People tailgate because they want to Aladdin have few Beers before the games they don't have to buy as many when they get inside all act or they go out eat. At the tailgate because it wanted to pay for food. Once they get inside. That's an. Shocked anybody that's what we're doing but as long as somebody walks in goes okay I'm has been thirty dollars. On on alcohol has always been thirty dollars on beer whether it gets me six of them or give me three of them I'm spending thirty bucks flat out and like I think when teams see that they go why would we give you cheaper beer prices when you're just gonna give us your money and because once you're in the building a lot in here for three hours and if you wanna be your guess what are sandbox our rules get a paper. Beast he's been a lot of money on research. People do more studies are people born in the game a cable I'd better TVs. Opening more bathrooms ball. This would people want to forget the number one thing people care about it's what they spend on beards would be spent on food. But they did what. You were bells and whistles getting people here now forgetting the one thing that people care the most about saving the money. To excise is odd note can't do it seized contiguous forty apps will be into it became we we all want it. This just on the test though people complain awful aren't going to go anyways that's not true. So I do wonder that you can tell. Us what lowering the food concession won't lower concession price bring in more can that's all your question because if it doesn't. You have no reason to do to create more fans it's you don't happen. It fourteen times of the year you're gonna get some wants to be a part of any spirits with that he would typically does it take it. But I ain't that just came to him the ticket prices well late because when you talk about going out of the ballpark and at least I view this because I know I've got you know wife and kid like. When I think about going to the ballpark I think about the entire cost the cost of tickets the consummate paper cotton into them like it will bugged me about until I buy. I gotta buy and that you know programs stupid foam finger like all these things are one big expense. And we all think about just that total cost if I don't. I understand if you drop the price concessions but your ticket prices raised where your ticket prices stay stagnant in the sing the same. It's not gonna make more people want when it's eighty what is it overall cost isn't isn't much. What I am saying is if that causes a little bit imports cheaper because of the fooled some some families will suck it up. Forty experience for he had to be a part of their form eight if it just means one NFL game a year because you know what. What you've done what you've done as you do dulled the pain experience for that child or for that family anywhere he gets other all bit up the other of money with our merchandise. Tech's players make or break point though. Buck that sold out and hear all the time. I don't know what it is about dollar hot dogs and dollar peanuts that'll make you wanna go and spend money but. The fact that you could say hello I'm hoping to expect at a clip on your presentation your students and yet. It's a psychological thing though. As I bring them food and I'm here I'm shameless. I told you on growing a pack hot dogs and bring an end like wrapped up and oil user ketchup I don't care. Let's just do it I'd give us the tapes that I can they don't let me do better. It makes sense the with a thousand dollars in and as a cast god says in a weekly conversation would Jeffrey Flanagan that's coming up in two minutes next. Studio sixty and Sports Radio.