04/20 - 11 am - It's Bink's Favorite Time Of The Year

The Day Shift
Thursday, April 20th

Our guy Jeffrey Flanagan joins the guys to talk Royals. Plus, Bink says Whit Merrifield fans might be thugs & fake news finds it's way to the NFL. 


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Basically I think what else here sixers corporate assistance force dot com. I don't know what's being I don't know what's line that I could you. Right now. I wonder song I've got this rated toss them in the school's baseball if you plan again. On the hotline right now if he could use a thousand dollars look what would you do with a 1000 dollars and I am planning. When he drops hundred dollar bills maybe don't need the money he makes it rain is up to tell absolutely nobody's fault that pockets in the clubhouse is also under. But I don't wonder how many mark he's. I was a moment. I'm log you get bill. They would do a good flame Marion actually the royals here a nice little road trip with Texas in the Chicago White Sox or Starwood Vargas. During last night in the post game from the head the questions will come out from the media about is this a better version. Of Jason Vargas in net even said he senses is a better version of orgasm we talk of org is. You'll after the game is it different pitcher his age now coming off Tommy John and it was before. I'd never anything like it and you insurgency in the that it wouldn't some person in fourteen and then it's 154 get hurt you know he was out that your ego. If Portugal like he has now. And proceed with this kind of command. And it was the stuck working where it I mean it's it's really a joy to watch. You know Slaney after all inflicted because I think it's been fabulous has been awesome to see with the starting rotation has done but I still liked. As some watching this team and they're just kind of sitting near just. 500 does a lot of missed opportunities because offices bin soul. So bad way to start the year you know typically we see it a team format digital mobile that they pitching at right now. They sit through fourteen days be like ten for eleven at three or something like. That. Outed. But it they've got yes it act act act justices went at the state. Yes they basically are right now but but you know the flip side of the day. What do they did have its immediate right right now I mean they could be two and twelfth and now also. That they believe and out you know offense is not in the does that forever I'll. You know the effort to me now that goes taxes. There you have all of protect is not playing well right now that it lost and out of that he. So you know they don't have much mode joke on so maybe this does the road road trip that they break out offensively. It's kind of weird thinking 41 runs scored last in baseball. But the are raising full run better than any other team in Major League Baseball in yet the teams that have 500 so I baseball player B is still weird. At times. He's a drag on out of counselor yet play anywhere where the planes before him. Well they keep they keep saying in you know he's buying you need to do on the eve of a camera that's fine. You want around the house. You know before. Before BP he's moving well. On the keep talking about maybe this week in the Eagles honoree at the time it but had not been able mallet down yet that it is in extra cautious. You doubly thank you know they can stretch for weeks you know adult correctly. So blunt even though I think you're just you know. It verification here but I would say maybe within the next 45 days to go to Korea. We've mare's Jodi is back with the with the over the ball club and the fans here loved them what does this mean for little Chris in Cologne. It is that the question. Because well you know it last night you know he's got a lot of Anders you maybe don't wanna vote will monitor the is that right now he's struggling. On. The light light that principle wise yeah so right now he's not playing second base it's in a situation like that. So it and also know that it's spring training you'll remember we can't think there was any canceled four guys won't for Monty. And we can all be on. They've laughter at the same time it is deemed redundant. And world it is said that a couple and now that's happened though. I don't know that that they was gonna be curious is one that struck out ready which is really close my pencil. Up and he comes. From that they they club. They'll have to make you know of course flooding boo what they're going to be. You moved back another pitcher right now on the ball then everybody involved that right now are pretty well. And that would love that scary you know eight men in the end. So that the position clerical you know that and it is pretty big question coming you know around the mention leave yourself. Talking to Jeff Flanagan that covers the royals a movie that can't act Fellini in they'll be if you are catching. On Twitter which are communion due to can be quite funny at times illegal take a listener did suggestions for things such as don't arm. What you alternate tuna he will you'll recognize him with a soft is breaks out for any we need to see more of that right. Yeah well at the that the latter is you know. No the money you want got to pick a new player maybe through the air like. That's for ya wit but it's been that go into the account three in Omaha on one here so yeah. He's even a Fellini Soria Everest Ned. Before the game last year. Something Vernon I've actually talked about just yet some bad luck. In EE would be bad when he had bad luck it's a broken bat singles guys get on base in any really bad because these guys would score. In would have the other night broken bat single as the government here regal get to see how Soria responds to bad luck is he gonna say what was me. Or is he gonna go on get the job done Soria. A nice surprise like Vargas to begin the season. Oh big and your right is in it I think was supposed dude who just absolutely shattered it that got a bloop single you go here we go again. I'm just like last year when. Early in the season and the exit velocity up and was like most of the you know that it's going on all the bloopers and you know. Seeing a ground and it's you that's not happening he's. He's been able to it may be a little bit more movement summit that is commander and then you get that they'll play at all. On to avoid trouble that looper you know does that a great time for oil calm right now. After pretty shaky start they're hopeful that they're pretty like that out you're more open approach we'll check the unpalatable. Doubled her back in the groove. And at all well for the team as well. I did when asked a question about Jason Hammel planet because last week you know Hamels said that. You know as he started the year on the roads and a team back to call off all the stadium and then you had on all the emotions amber Garcia Giordano and his mom being banned all the sentences. Once we get to really like settling in he said he think that everything would be finding guys would. Some guys that was struggling offensively we get into a rhythm and he parsley individual whether you look like he was in a rhythm a couple of nights ago and that's really really good this last hour. Yeah that was that was the gate analytical when you know they get what they signed him I mean he was really. The first four by city news. You know almost untouchable so you know that you get that on a mean one through five. But pretty strong Asian. I go back to what Dayton and at that also when trying to get camera on the there's the best rotation. They've ever had in this city. And kept saying and I can I'm not really. You look through your passed up the ego well there's no one you know you kind Urquhart let your. After that that you know well really the so far it's early fourteen games and let it certainly we'll let the is that in that at all. Play any idea Pozen is the hot here cut last year member of the media guy I want let the kids did they just one lead judge had one. Would you do the south. It's important to do that here. Itself. You hate that it they are that. Well I mean give GF hit a color the other part of it. Widgets can reverse it that the the other stuff brown. I think you've got into and the blood got on the side though I would the relieve release if you are lucky too much might not get. You do look for your planning. Be different question do the do the perm on top with a frosted tips that denies that it unless I and I think so too. I'll talk to my style it was. I got it out but it a driver. Is it take to build you. Is that Barbara and me. It's a Big Apple I. Playing the usually you know yeah yeah. Yeah. It's my wife actually she got tired of eagle spit embodied barber shops but these clippers for sixty bucks and pass he cuts my hair. A server like his point. That they got much money it owes her money. A year. It's a lot of Beardsley inflating it's a good point with that's right like. They were you cut my beer BBI. It was sad band play any. A lot of building that implement. If we'll talk later slanted. Our take here Jessica beef plants in here on base you see it with. If the salvage the frosted tips call man. That is what else you want to say he wants to see both literally only question awards and that's about it. Zagreb argue that spiraled out when Elvis will he do this now the world has prejudged him having an affair all of and out will. Not saying I do either turn to judge. We looked at though let me get. We are exactly one week away from the NFL draft we have no clue what that she's won't do boy would definitely interested in the quarterback position. Ball would you trust we get to that next. Studio sixty in Sports Radio don't do daddy tickets dot com right now. Sixty in particular in total to sixty in sports. Who do. Yeah. May know. Know full well knows his and in Finland something. We'll disposable music will stay. In our nation out of my quicken to avert their way to. Expert they would get an editor in a radio assurance as inferior we. Have podcast basics of respect yeah. We didn't you like the loans. This is Jack back in today what let's debate the no. Yeah I want. To know. How low lying to them 7750. Here. Come to people school in. A lot rubble. Happy holiday I guess. In politics. It would Kansas City. Played 25 dollar plus or criminal charge. We provide don't like you made it out like guys to get their hair cutter said otherwise you said individuals that we are. Now I have my wife and admire for probably five years and he says you're sad I'm not sad that I'm out. Eight what you would say bullet you know Bellagio a bit chilly bowl Tucker hedstrom and he doesn't even do that that none and we have guards for the raiser she's got. The system down that. Erica. What else what's occasionally shall do it toppled it was pretty tough. It. His wife had to hear how I set occasionally your couples who she is why I'm always been she's out with us. See you saying this on the radio probably not. Eat. Good while since I've. That's that's dumb crap about my wife on the radio so I feel like I ever in this all your body clout when you don't play. Last topless there at all. Oh by now I. Are being just a week away. And get the best thing. Newt good to want it. If a draft. You've got one more mocked. To do. Or more just 121. Social the finalists to be posted next Tuesday there's no reason for witness to their next Monday Tuesday speaker for 830. So there's due to be no revisions come Thursday morning. I should save it actually filled Thursday and then none of them and we don't know about you you've been tell people it's gonna put the mod dress up as to what you have though. Let's send it to be some last. You reserve the right to make some changes if you wanna make some changes to Windsor others in his recent changes everything go your right in the 101. None. Out of the top ten. And the ten bits that templates they have all the colts with a cheap and we think I do you rate done. And thirdly your opinion. At comic and hobby do you think you're gonna get I don't know ornament. And here it's here it's a way of optimism I had quite a high on our. I have in the past. Is this what number would surprise you if you got a right out of the 104. Well I would should be shocking for 432. Lead in the NFL I think two would be some really surprising. It would be shocked. Now it's prize that shocked and not engage draft Indian grass is different DC you should be able to at least it. I was gonna or opera seven rounds in the NBA draft but no no it's not even. Positions and and a them pretty close on the top talent and tomorrow the actual player wouldn't talk about the round. First forget forget forget seven rounds line how many people do they'll or around it's right. The NFL it's hard at NBA on the portal around when did you pay part or all these guys. They with all the new yes but we're a different set up just won a couple trades and everything. Stared in total I signed don't know what we do what we need to get patent or mr. Casey likely a plane. If he's you know Padilla speer fly one over. But either text some will bring a pat my home was because that's who are about to talk about right now is. I saw this piece of for all pro football focus between out. Amtrak train three team phase two thing that newsroom for an error however loop or whatever it's called a piper moved there. But in. All three team fiscal quarterback Patrick. My home it's three teens according to pull the ball floats that they eight are good fits. Those three teams. Beat Arizona Cardinals. Which acted CNET I'm gay because. Bomb Carson Palmer's illegal and here's shortly. Moving on their Caroline exactly. The other one was. The Sega or chargers is one. LH are the hardest part about that is what teams speculate. The patriots. We can take in court that need to keep taken him in use and the right. Pakistan need quarterback attended as did so there's there's the miscellaneous teams always corolla some open into the fire what this is the one that was interesting to me. They said to Cleveland Browns. Which I understand the Cleveland Browns from the perspective of the year they need a franchise quarterback. What according to do a lot dull when it comes to this particular article they're talking about quarterbacks fits from the from the standpoint of somebody that. Goal is not there grabs and ask him any chromium. Booming in Cleveland. If you. As a grueling situation in clinical pats hope that the medical all. If you draft Patrick holds the first round entered the Cleveland Browns with what are your multiple for prom dates don't want to play him right away not grooming him. So I don't. I don't look at it in the same way all of it back it up to the river is him backing up Carson Palmer. In Cleveland drastically different situation. I voters it's gonna shake up that is the storyline walked Willie with the league do brought. Me to trade. We don't need to be the word was the cooking with a good needing that some his mr. episode distort. Joseph makes this the biggest when the me. These people on. There's people on the unifil now saying this is Fijian Peterson can return kicks. That's the height. I just joke I don't get it but. What I started to pick the ball dole was something it was a conversation that was taken place this morning on my demise. Regarding goalie we're talking and with wind whistle. And they addressed something on the year email line in regards to something doubles between it at this shell. And I thought that Michael had a really good. I guess take on this Tom Watson and his take was a ball. Do you trust in the dress like there's a lot of quarterbacks do more talking about or talk about Watson to talk about Robiskie. They're talking about while home to talk about Beers if gas high is. Forty trust. This is what dole had to say on ESPN radio earlier this morning in and I assume we say about trusting. We're you gonna draft. Rick could we can watch him play that well week to week in the NFL with one week to prepare. And not being able to look ahead I blessed I have not basing the shot walked through what I think of him off to Alabama games you play a lot more games the next game. A lot more games. You don't just look at the end of their outlets out of here because he played well against Alabama twice that's not what I'm doing a look at all of his games a lot of his games. I trust him the most that's what I'm saying does he have why you ask all these quarterbacks have plus he's erratic with his actors he's deep ball isn't the greatest at times. But he comes through a lot of times when he needs to I don't just mean. In the Alabama game so that's what I would say about the quarterback's eyes in at quarterback where one has really separated himself from the others in my opinion. I'm gonna take the guy that I think I would trust the most. Compared openoffice that I won't trust in situations to make the right decision and to me that's to Charlotte took. Goalie makes sense. EBay says gold makes sense in terms of forty trust the this the issue that I have with that particular take though he makes it's it's. Argue drafting a guy that you trust the most right now or he dropped in the dot with the upside. Because the behold it did talk to Robert Ball to him being an elite quarterback like that. Or at Walter the trust factor and god being. Al Smith. Which one you don't. That was as anchors and when it. The net testing as to what it wanted to drop. He's the show once it seems the winner with two straight national title game. If they're very 800 yards and a touch and go. I think it's just the Alabama Kansas ought other games it. Reviewed you go Major League Baseball and guys would speculate like that's with a Major League Baseball draft is. Well you. Another quarterback Graham did you Major League is. Putting behind in the quarterback living learn pretty wimpy and he read it when my homes much. That's I just I find interesting and is. I just got the filly that she's finally got to go here and try to do something about what it says it's no win deal just relate. There's no way and what I say to other rounds one and two. Well throughout the quarterback the future is fine it would take me and Peter and later on if they allow me be can be darn good kids that. They don't get one this year. Approximate started to mortars. All right a question that it's a weekly asked earlier this morning. Our witness heeled fans stocks we'll explain next. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. Don't. Don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't. Post it. One hours from now don't you. Will you win your tickets to the next insanity of the year 29 per hour winds tonight. Winds. Forces 54 picks for. Also hear from Danny dusty. He joined us this morning. Earlier this morning. And also a reminder. Don't hang out this weekend and winning streaks on Sunday with Josh Barnett. Ours in the house. Adherence. Some pressure on data show opens mark Coleman show possible as they. And Lawrie and Paul Peter. You've. Oh yeah yes they've together. Of being an up and down those VIP requires that they were both winners are at night Heidi notice ITC uncle. My B. Tech blog we'd like but I hope it is actually act like they were told a good news itself over. Heard in the fog coupled shot now. I don't know why you guys are opposed the farm. I'm not pulls this one. While idea polls have fun. I think you're the one it for. A fun couple. Both. Both fun. Let down. Address and by the way is after we stirred Purdue's Sharon Watson sexual chocolate overdrafts. Thing I'm terrible idea. Let's address something that happened down. I call the stadium that is start to circulate. And you know whenever something negative happens. Especially in sports a gimme just in general is gonna land on TMC when it happens to be something sports related to him. They'll land on TM ZNTNT. Sports is that to have places that were announced that on that's been a big lead yet on us probably everywhere and I am assuming I mean. As wonderful as I first saw the video on teams the I looked at Desmond it probably is already on we saw in the press box. That same night I Huskers would happen. On FaceBook Horry. It's not it. And what has to do with it kinda they everybody. You know probably understands and knows by now appears on video that teams he has is probably ever run Internet. Solves all royals stand in a witness told Jersey. Shearson. To assures. Punch seen another fan who app as a beefy. Not until it's terrible it it I mean it's it's there as well liked. He's trying to call the woman down or he's trying to you know or you just cut up bush is certain no no no no. This is a law. I'm sot. Kabul what are you thinking what are users bitten on him or some like and that's part of the story through it yet. In this though confirmation on it will top races sponsor would we got Beatles footage of that. This speculation is that she was. That they were bowl ad being drained sit your balls. You don't hammer whatever she speeding in disrespecting him and his brand whatever. And he ends up unserved it was also I guess. The accusation that the guy took her season through want to that the and it just. According to two to what he said they don't know each other so there's a case like this at the ballpark this is a bat well and any target professional sports team. And you're in the stadium and they as fighting each other it's not. It's also going to be pin to royals. Was looking for Google this. Retardant as I told it about him that he recruits towards. Fully expect. Ida tonight of the categories all royals but it is terrible and not a good look at his word Amir filters. I sold. This that they that is a little. Let's say a little bit it's frustrating to me. Some people thus saw it on Twitter earlier. Make comment. Overseas spit no nobody's you don't get hit. Look do I think that this woman. Should have been spitting on anyone she was our behavior. In her conduct was it was a good Null. I'm not stating that. You do not. Punch of team on her face. I'm sorry. Horse betting on you yes that's problematic. It's not good she should have been taken out of the stadium. How to remove yourself from that situation. You got to remove yourself and asked what issue right. You get kicked kicked the response after getting spit on by female is not I'm gonna punch in the face a monopoly until Nixon. And it's not. Big on here thinking that. Your hundreds there right usually do. We no matter what would bid situation you ski in do some big art art art art art saying though. Will she spit out and so how is he supposed to respond what he's not going to be happy. I did he's got to be happy but you don't. Put her on the ice. What do you think the biggest suitable it's hard to say that being in there and all this but yeah I mean it's. You don't wanna do it you see he's gotta restrain yourself. Ski into it and and and I'm not gonna seniors say that it would be extremely hard to restrain yourself of course. Is going to be hall I mean apart early men yes. It is sounds like she was putting her hands. On him to. Just walked out as left man out it's got a lot of policy. Remove muscle finesse it's what you and I knows who they. It's gonna ever forced out of the game. I don't wanna make mistakes. And do something I'm gonna regret. And yes. But let's assume that she hit parts OK let's wait and assume that this year and pour. Leave. Go vote albeit always at the police intervened and say look this woman is putting. This woman's putting her hands on me is unacceptable. I don't wanna tell you have to walk you have to text it was six got to just walk away itself will be your cloth I think it ought to be yours. According to it's. People there that are talking double witnesses security guard was harder to get the Loescher. He was steaming right there this on the 620 what does what happens the guy spits on you late. Diet a diet is different in its email and a main body what what are we missing here that's different what what are we missing here we gonna say it. Bet that a guy hitting guys the same thing. As a is as a guy hitting a female notes. No it's not. If old woman treats a man like that she deserves it. It is from a female tester. I'm not saying that this woman. This or oh holes or just to be treated with class or race it's the consequence you face we need to. I'm sorry what's he can't punch in the face. Eight days should not happen. Now of another won't loser wanna step of on your record. Imbued them. With equal rights as. I just say it's tough not much that the tax equal rights just. To leave its legal into. Careful what their legal hit anybody. Have a four and one woman hazard a would be store and not. You know. And I'm not saying that. In in this like that we that we live that you have a right to defeat yourself 01. Dole's after it and this is so I think he got to try to do what's Bessemer moves opposite to what the problem is. This is that on CN on the tax liner I've seen several people say it. There's this take an opinion of if she didn't spit on and it wouldn't happen. And I do not believe that the majority of people listening right now or passing that judgment along. If it were a man a woman whatever. Would legitimately stand up and punch somebody. Over that I think it would get up and try any of the other avenues they've got a text line then you can text if you if for for fan. If there's people being generally in the stands. There's a there's a Twitter you he could you could reach out to them on Twitter and tell native somebody in my section they're being disruptive huge pleas have been removed that person there's pressure everywhere in Purcell is right it's a yellow shirt right there they were their responding to what was going to clearly they have taken that step. I don't think most normal. Logical people. Would have that happened what I keep this a summary spit on me hell yes I would be mad at somebody spit on me. But I'm not going to get up and punched him in the face man. Woman whatever the case may be I'm take the other avenues that are legal for me to get this person out of MySpace. Get the hell up and leave and ask the premiere new C because I can't tolerate. There's drunk person again next week. And is now that that's not isolate these are saying. A dot actually is okay but not a girl no I'm not saying disperse Hamas and I'm on the Dresser just answer I'm not saying eat any of its okay that's not what I'd say that it is okay. But best believe. Beach threat to your duel over all the mines and Athena it's gonna judge hearing punches of an account here gunfight. What. Trouble when he fired. It is gonna picnic with sanctions Herbert. She she can't be doing this Forbes is if you put into debt owed it to them bite though you what you're abuse all of a sudden. But please you do is it's about perception. And what you want to do it you should be go on senior delivered the perception now. It will be easier. That's what am I mean big religious passages as you get pissed off on a pretty regular basis about a lot of things when the last time you punch somebody. Tuesday. A wider trying to be six. It's been it's been a long while rob rob. I don't think your answer is current upon somebody I don't care if your man out here your woman at the would you use heavy no assurance of I I don't generally you know why. That's. The reason why is because you know it's not right to punch people yes. Not just women not just men not just kids that went to punch people in general. Exactly now I know this comes off weird because I'm a huge USC fan I've said they're pumping up you have seen over the weekend those guys get paid for it sanction. You'll if he talked him any UFC fighter vast majority of those as a say I've never been in a fight I didn't get paid for. And so. I cannot draw a line in the sand of the fact that. Well it's a big deal because he parcel woman it's a big deal anyway like all the time we talk about it we see videos on line. About billions getting in fights and stance yes it will be escalated magnified because it was a man punched a woman. I've not done not gonna sit here and listen anybody tell me well she part she spent on and so she deserved it and actually some of that I don't care if your man or woman he shouldn't be spitting on people. All agreement and that is that is society we judge the route that right now we judge it really begin pledged to do energies that fine. And it makes it it it's a woman. I'm Chris Brown is backfired. I understand that there is. A mentality that a lot of people believe and I don't know if this is necessarily untrue. That some women. Will do things. Because they don't think that anything can happen. I don't know if that's the mentality is young lady had where she said I'm a woman on the split on this guy he I don't need to get away with because he can't do when I. All that he's not. I think it's a very very small majority of women about that mentality and my wife doesn't think she can say whatever she wants to any guy walking around and she's not going to hunched. I just think that we all would eat like eventually except that punching people is wrong not as well and it all moral police totally beaten me during a fight up in the middleware and look totally different would've. So have the B that I. Ray and be right back coconut. That is a that is why. Else do everything afterwards are you doing I don't. Yeah you deserve you definitely think it though does he knows what to expect is that it does speak truth that dead tersely that. Oh man I we have a clear example next. All of don't always believe everything you read it not here will explain that next. Studio sixty and Sports Radio don't do pretty tickets dot com right now. Sixty in particular in total to sixty in sports. Need to and yeah. It's long been at it didn't take on. It's good to look what is. Three minutes ago did spin tweets so that Martha right. Yes exceeds them then it's their gender is no logic and those billions through them is the video. So did in this don't want all royals being together. Plug in for re tweet is by the they've gotten so. Well he's he's a raiders teams now. Britain's feet by looking at the school. What would that. Allied we got these six is what's expect coming up in ten minutes from now what are. Buried filled with in his words there. It's called up for one day and did Birdie Putt is they inserted a two people it doesn't feel good about it he does it. You just made all the people we were kind of. It's at this comment. You that was a clear example of this a couple of years ago. Over in the clubhouse. And it's the Cincinnati Reds are in town. And Johnny Quaid ill and was talking to the media immigrant it was a disconnect between what he actually said. And the way that it was being report today. And we we know from that moment we know is for years can't always wrong with everything that you read or that's easier because. You got up back during context. A lot of times weekly audio sometimes we have to paint the picture for you if we're a year and a round. In like he's been so many days of the club must eagle at the body languages don't we guys smiling when he's talking he's being sarcastic. When it is saying some he's being. You know Dennis series is what weasels the net when it's over new big key expert he never did it so you have to factor all the data put that into context. Well com. All it would last night are a reporter from mom that covers the Houston Texans. It does some awesome work force sports talk 790. In Houston. He tweeted this out apple pull off global talks. On what's applicable talked account cargo yap hot it's cool to make it sound more bile. That what really Wallace shocker picture one is the FT picture too is the real cool okay so this what if he. This what they tweet out. Houston told dole O'Brien defeated Hopkins today against questions about whether he declined. Last year and when Hopkins was asked about that he took umbrage at that notion quote a down season. It's a team sport. I did my job Hopkins said via your Wilson of Houston Chronicle best pick out the so Weiner that a down season it's a team sport. I did my job it sounds like he's throwing everybody under the bus. And deflecting. This actually this would actually was said. The question when pickles will browse acid in a false out of town by about you having you down season he said it down right away. I did it feel to have a colts' defense you like that so the question is even different right basketball question. Six the bullet time this this is the answer is great when you have a cold like that. That's always on your side a down season you know it's a team sport is not one clear out their plane so. I did my job to get our team off. Last year to what we got. Even though we did get the success we wanted we still had a pretty good season. Won the division it is not easy to win the division and justly so capitals like an audience not all the time it spreads throughout the locker room. PT. They do this from time to time they won't make somebody the bad guy. It puts up out there to kind of twist to twisted little bit that's totally twist on what the actual quote what is it. It's a long time ago were a guy in quarters that we saw that in. The cutter in there show that it. Did right after words that gives me. We everybody sucked boosting the day. Then followed up these credit records have bad that it continues but it was whose and they. If I make in my throat. I make it ready batteries it totally split he was billed himself on the bus but when you cut the audio right there it sounds like he's seen this before. This is deeply get the FT provable talked to they owe somebody an apology for this that there is classes because they don't want to tweet at this individual this guy. And try to make it seem like. He was in the wrong electing did did nothing wrong I don't I do between him he's putting everything in account. We got see this little biggest they would with the New York Times neutral. Yeah showed a picture in 2015 when the patriotism Obama and all these people on the steps up in and they showed speaker. We get the people were seeded or not on the steps of the betrayal was. Nobody was there. But they were there to see different but it was the perception of what they did it was less people what they try to take a picture and fit it aired yet. Internet that it took what that dosage at the base. Since then what does it. Yes we'd we see if we see it does not figure out what the trump picture. If you look at it. You can clearly see there ball. A lot of people standing in front of Donald sup as he talked into the team as Apple's everybody beat on the staircase. In the previous up accidentally took in 2000 it was fifty team pay the people of stairs sit in seats this time so they're not there on the stairs will be in what bid patriots even. Go right back in New York Times in this venture out. Pressure pressure I totally New York time. Coming up at two minutes we had the sixtieth sports expect here on the days. Studio sixty and Sports Radio.