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Thursday, April 20th

It's noon, so naturally we crack into a 610 6-Pack. Plus, we hear from Royals starter Danny Duffy & one of our favorite coaches won't accept reality. 


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Somewhere. There weights it's noon here. Six. Six. He knows almost worse they can probably get shot at a best be done. You bet yeah. He told the police have someone to select a randomly chased him and started shooting. Political parties themselves. I awards this. I did have a 4050. It's that time. With a six stance towards sixth like your on the station late date and look out. Correct this bad boy. It's very sad about that coach by the vision here. Hear me very you know gets on here in just 12. But when you get off the royals last time royal slaying the dragon that is. Madison's bum garner last night's two nothing victory. Over the tree got phase of the case. They're the real story I was Jason Vargas Jason Vargas out when he won and is just one run the ball was our twenties it. It there's a lot of baseball man to be played here. And a lot of games that you can have guys it's split the starts of the season for him is a boxes again. Royals for the last eight games when Jason Gore the third through fifth Kauffman Stadium he likes the friendly confines. He's an unbelievable. I believe it is ace type stuff you're zero mortgage there'd be keep it up we'll see but this is new versions. For Jason Vargas at the Tommy John that's a poster right there are a youngster. Jason Gore. I mean. He's like side does not here nor is it called coming though it was folded because Tommy John a couple years ago even call you about before surgery. Don't. That is funny I would have really is calling it what are you guys ever called Tommy Jones. Alina I'd be called Jason Gore somebody. He's incredibly boosted heckling or eighty cold and tore. It is day four. What do you like better argue bark. Like or like pardon. They kind of party. So guess what currency here as former instead of old news. What's it good news about being there was talk about a little earlier some sad news from high school sports. West flat high school head football wrestling coach Newton Damon passed away yesterday evening after fatal crash site point nine. They semi truck jump the media breakfast three vehicles. It was announced that later he was 37 years old opt for adults and everybody. At this school that its community act. I didn't know mommy in the first being that I sort of bought this or it was well this morning but now. This is our breaking news and it's tough it's tough. Or filled with kids that viewing that this whole debate if he's correct. It just shows you how it feels like that he's drive tonight jumps to meet you can't do anything about it to be. Could be anybody when this happens and hit him in 37 years old we too young coach. Sam. Who coached really brewery here Boutros go to him but it. Throughout. Mourn the loss. The sport or any management take firm moralist or sledding from people OK. You. Going to clear bag policy. In athletic events now if you want to bring him. Now on the he had a clear bag much like the NFL's dogs if they're chief's policies to your virginity beginning today and get it there. I don't know enough arc so. You know it you have it repealed that portion of security in the games Earth Day can't be it can be it federal building tonight universities. It's going to be put it at their last bag. My box opener where players actually yes. You don't want to go to Kansas football or basketball games. Mean you procedure. Feet so Internet signal yeah accuses the record. It used to it sells the way things have been the last few years the National Football League and accused games. You hop aboard Hubble orbit for Kansas just recently hopping on board of a six point oh bearden grocery stores. Been able so cigarettes at zoos in the same place. Right of that bad things do for a progressive states in those. With. Embraces the millennia. Fox surgeries were owner arrested this morning in Cincinnati and open Warren. Cricket Skyler growth that's all right guys who. Schroeder was pulled over a vehicle with approximately eight bullet holes and according to police he was injured when he was pulled over he has since been released to make 503 dollar bond. I don't know what his war war doesn't stand before. Let's start. That's the same lines. And I'm not content with this on him doesn't seem like. Yes we're gonna hear in the next couple years of really sampling his beat. Ending to his life can be really tragic for the major grower of the post and on what I've done yet and everything or that what that was there was speculation he was. That he was gonna commit suicide. Remember remember that was all it seems like he's not a good places like. Because it. These type of situations let him. Have Bigelow for overhear him. So I amen. Get to help you need to bottom line did to help you need. But he's not he's clearly not a good place. Yeah look over a year ago you know that was a year ago there river with that what that was never remember he posts of stuff but this feat in this that Google will always. Is that an adult life that suicide is. People concerned the ball. It's enough room. Schedules release him I think please nipple have been hard for about four hours thinking about it. She's too quick with. However. However when it's time to go to our 7 o'clock in a phone now from some of it ought to be. Peterson he's got the idea is that you'll lethal fears that at least you got to DVR set. They'll meet. Ernie apparently we're bush. You have departed it right. What do what do you want me to bring to drum internships. In Beers 630 or two earlier arrival. Julio rifles that were clocked him in early. I'm not going north of freeware on the fate of our. This from the Twitter kind of Jeff how Jeff. Jeffs knew how futile as he was scheduled wants no I don't see is a beat reporter for the New England Patriots. Brad for the Boston Herald. 42 minutes ago the patriots will open the regular season at home against the chiefs. For a sore. Oh they talk a little they actually at six and that was the problem is look at me I'm aware that excitement about it yet but yeah totally. Obviously there's third leaky feel like please. Leaks at least she's patriots week war. Ago. Give kids the city all offseason. Prepared. The patriots is a lot better and have a week to prepare for the featured at this when I'm away we have a lot of time to prepare for you know that goes both ways I do know that. I don't know that. But avoid a veto that. Butcher there ED read match wits with Bill Belichick with one week and we give him all off. These offensives and I'm there I'm not unite. This. I'm paying attention I hear everything you even look back to honor semis I would thought that mobile tires and Tuesday. It was a switch hitter. Now. But they lose. What else the right gap or Illinois out of Korea wounded tell us yet this should be of interest here today. And James Franklin is the head coach of the statement I didn't. He set out Wednesday. That the school allow interest that members of the media to participate on the field during the upcoming spring game. End quote catching punts catching fixed. And doing some things. I like he gets it persuasions Franklin's best goes head coaches. Get him where he gets he gets it that's what's. Good about global reporting it sure spring practice the media. George Tiller was a chaotic here report on James Franklin soon enough. Sprinkle on bad just so you know I'm dead serious. And give props to him and who wanted to play for him. Velvet coat. By the way I. I do I've got things in my view what enterprise and go with with the media I think that is ridiculous but he. Like like right right now who is having great interaction with the media here in town. Sporting breed in Iraq and you gotta sporting jerseys on the dateline does they do a media game right. It's probably just her being in there with him a little guy from being beaten like coach he's about and they he gets social media for helping. Perhaps James Franklin and her. The more times teams that media catch punts the better. Waiting for on my advice but did you see Betty highs meant sporting media game. It was pretty bad yeah that's what we're gonna get. I know. And with audible was right for the go out renewables twice actually twice twice. He worked on the ball flights play it for couples not a athletic man in this. He audience you're the eye black on that means. LB cannot have idle under armour eight and a half I'd like he hit once there. On those those who are the got a text ads yet of all a result of stuff. But he felt that the media members. Got to protect this house to look at pictures that he was suited up like LeBron was he kept pretty serious about. Talk protein shakes before he did. That halo recovery powder he probably partisan or slices and from punch through it and carbo load of the day before he should all of guard I just did everything possible sale slated beneath that big news. So there's. We'll. It was a switch hitter. Roy started seven game road trip tonight first of four with an arranger is on tap for you Danny Duffy hit the ball for Casey. They'll close and there actually are for Texas earnest pregame where are starting at 6 o'clock. Right here on the radio home of the oil and early on inflation beat north Sports Radio anyway at sixth and Sports Radio. The Rangers are done government Rangers. Bit of a struggle books. What is always a tough place to play indiscernible. I think you would agree with that pick the right tired of slavery. It's going to be whoever's going together for six in the Rangers. Spring training games with them all the time when all the time they wouldn't put a couple exhibitions and NATO plenum again. Incredible routine. Why is that text orient. Telling news stuff creeping fig figure. Casey Sager need to be three tomorrow. I don't treat you absolutely other people noticing this. It's one person would you talk about. I don't notice our product. We've got to have dealt it's the same number Stanford Abigail bachelor. You're you're telling me mister Abbott lastly there was so 2013. And and he wasn't silly and he did very blunt and obvious about what he was I didn't ever wins last every twenty. I greeted her more recent if you go deep history by the end. Someone was excellent as if I block them. 620 number going to block and always getting we don't think it's usually sent that you are not are mature now. But that is if they just tells us about it. You know of our time. You sit at a minimum. For toddlers and their applications that it's funny. So says. Had he seen it have you seen her. This is an attractive young lady she's area humorous. We followers so she's very humorous she's she's not what does she do for with chassis and a wonderful thing and she crates they were solidly supports immediate security. Big Albrecht yeah yeah basketball. Quote on. Return to get a date there were stranded no. I think there are enough. You are come on the show when I I think guys girls. I think it might get. It's creeping ever worked for you. I'm not a creep like pre prevent these days if you were yes. Tasker churches. Just have to. That would figures it's the 303. Stop man. Crew. Oh please law. I forgot rogue book out property just for that. I thought gaffe or is that since they expect. The revenue the response from. What is it's always gonna have somebody who threw for your staff of life and still get that. Assuming Dan went everywhere thought Paula good material fell. And the guitar he got that from AT&T. India county TDs while they sit all the guys don't know. It hurt. Us. I was gonna wrap I have six kids or six bag which attracted began to see girls. But boy it's one aspect of their team is don't fight one of not so much to get to that. Studio sixty and Sports Radio talk to. He tickets dot com right now and sixty in particular using total to sixty in sports. Yeah I. To be quality touches me. So feet. There's going to be excellent seats. Lot of people shut out today joke page. Jennifer press reporting that McDonald's there. I mean on loans aren't. To grow over achiever. I guess he says survive this big birthday I feel weird drink in this juice box though. He had to take all the happy fortieth now I mean this does also need the stuff up. That's regalia Kraft to take a member of the there was a Friday. To Friday out. I've been reading we can remember that the and it's like we have to have like a weeklong fast group lose that appear for his fourth. I forgot about those who believe it was years ago. And fiscal blues and trading keep the Gobi. My wife through a surprise party for me for my thirtieth there's very Coach Bo Ryan opens up. Ryan pollutes. Us best of the school. A couple of pegs that budget chicken fingers and spend that would she can do for forty. Oh I told that my Mike Gundy birthday as well walk around noon in annoys you. Sure with a visor on yeah I'm a man and everyone speaking of that. I'm on my birthday party see what happens at the it's going to be walking around. Everywhere. Speaking again and he. Maria and an interview from August 12 is birthday. All talk about the Miami safety in 25 minutes we'll talk 125 minutes he's doing some and it's quite he's he's kept going to a midlife crisis within the whole forty thing with ten years restaurants that looked at a video to the ball. The gut is the guys that get a yes Sebring convertible. He's just doing everything else that's weird I'm not gonna throw in shape and like and nobody auto show fifties a man. I want to get emotional tone of the body that I remember my Gandhi's birthday by a retired you asked me. And blew it a little bit rate you. Are eligible August 12 1967. If this year were talked tenure anniversary and be in a man. Older kids. Eat these crazy to have me do it. I call them talk about my birthday. Yeah the the email I sent was pretty cute about one you knew about the will be grouping. I don't know about the bigger than it is Bieber was that the Disney or something doing an interview. In his phone. Guys ringtone was and they all forty yup yup that might get me at a press conference. He he put Bieber song and it's facility called team. It'd be bee bee bee wrote the song wasn't Eagles like Davies if if it reaches out there put a silent and puts in his pocket and acts like nothing happened. If that's the biggest stops what's the immediately. Bieber and NBC's Betty defense that are red nosed joke. Go out I says eight when it comes a Roloson and the fact that they've had this solemn this 500 star. You can look at it and say that it's it's. It's troubling from the aspect that also it's a stroke with the entire season. Nobody is essentially red hot right now you got a couple of guys in the lineup like a moose and like detained. That it that are doing well at the plate by a Mars also it's been really really bad. I mean really. On the positive side though bay and we talked about it to start to show. The royals starting pitching rotation has been all. Gone charts. Best in Major League Baseball but awful. How did is that are really he's gonna. He's the thirty full run. To both a pick and baseball under three. You're a fool run less remarkable if they're over three runs less in the Cleveland Indians Indians have be worse. Starting rotation ERA in who would've thought that. Then kudos that's based. Utility S 500 baseball experts for the season which pitching staff you want Cleveland to Kingston. You assist 5000. You you you you you you thought you would have thought that bet that Cleveland was gonna have the best we know the clintons gonna get better we understand that they're gonna get better but this said. That they can't as it rolls and have the best starting rotation through the first fourteen games in its gonna be a full under the anybody else. You get it they did this team is at least hovering right around ten and 411 and three funerals and fortunately there's seven. Pitching is always translate to wins either cardinals six and nine right. The fourth best theory based. But transiting to wins sometimes those Diamondbacks. Baseball team the Mets. You'd team to the royals 2.0 seven. ERA the Mets that at 308. So book sales by a full run. Mean 207. Misty was 500. In that Alley that that was stuck with the C there they do with our with the defense. Get the fewest errors in Major League Baseball CEO of the fewest bears in the best the RA. Point one area man it and it's abundantly clear. They just pitching they have to step. When asked the questions like he can not let. Half the season get away from you or to force copilot of the season the first couple us to see the you need to be taking advantage of this also piecing it to have everything else is also well you know you do this second the physical form now level the second users are reviewed based on. Three teams the reds twins and Phillies all have four year rules that would. Lapping the field and their release that. Here is that the RA. That are in a 500 theme of this I think he was good to win they can hit which I think eventually they'll be the Teixeira. Earth. Or resents any answer right now we scrutiny this year he's performed well it's part of the reason with the twins in the third best theory of baseball but. Nobody's truce lap leaders say nobody but me Jason Vargas what he's going and the fact that it's at yesterday. He's even better than he was before. That's. That say a lot of public Jason Vargas is doing yours are all the seas we have is the big talking after the game he added Gordon Borg or you carpal. About this too we was talking about the fact that what that said I think he's better now. I mean I think it's commands that are you know I think that noble bother them a little bit you know that last year command. Fastballs the same since the command in the action on his pitches in just sure as sure can be. 34 years old these cities better. Or is looking nice contract yet he executes it easily create ID vault is get two years 22 million citizens they made. In it it was coming off a bad year to get. Depends what the world's record. A trade deadline that people talk of sports that BP CBO lefty like that. People gonna want org depends on where the team is we talk about Hosmer and all these other guys who trades. Though Vargas is Damon right. Yup I Danny dusty on a regular guest on fest when the mourning each and every Thursday. At 915 will get to what he had to say today and with the way up here boss sixty and Saturday tickets you're on the bench next. Including studio sixty and Sports Radio. It ships like this. Townsend here and. On six and. I just segment. We're gonna give away a pair tees for the next six sincerity of the year able 29. Royalties on twins' best or six. Pinch. The first Cold War is. But the ball out last night with anyone Vargas. Aren't far. Do RT artists. Our sparks interest earning power. Bar so our. Strike ours are all hoops. All our best. Best best fresh coat of arms and. Reminder. Check out Josh Bernard this coming week in Sunday. At a winning streaks. Inside out here is casino. Can be a fun time they'll take us on royals' baseball. All about the drink specials the food specials to be a lot of fun. Armed check him off will be some fresh on that show. It after the game deleted to India benchmark. You artificially greeting today. That's Sparky but boards is he is out of last night it's in the iron pieces or should at that org. How many versions of Port Authority more barks. Current leader Rory is always great when you talk of forty need to talk to move he'll need to find all these different variations of or you know mortgages degree games. Well. You know what can define it. The that literally giving Woodruff and they knew it was sad and outlooks. I think at at at a he's this. Guy to go through. All right. Radio's daily Duffy Danny Duffy joins Bob vesco just playing the right quilts 915 every single Thursday. And basically he started off talking a silver Cisco did the giants of Acadia bring back memories for you. Yeah you know apparently on the net. In. About port in your. Remind. Unreal. And you know better. You know. You save that better because of that that was kind of the message that we all got like in 25 team like. You guys use that loss of 2014 to bounce back in 2050. You come back would that same kind of vengeance and 2015 of 2014 doesn't happen to you guys. Yeah. Elect and I don't matter. My perspective about it. Well what. Or in your diet and more art charter creepy. Initially I thought that it was now at brick that actually audit if you have to hit that every bit. By our economy RT. Make difficult because we get there in you know back back. It put it there you know do. That a lot. Accomplished a lot of it. I would Danny Duffy here it's extends for a Sports Radio rookie Mike has a construction and Danny. I think one of the cool things about you guys right now with the rotation is like you're feeding off each other like Vargas went out last week against the eighties and and everybody since then in the rotation this put up a start equal to or better. Then what he was able to do how does that happen for you guys. You know they worked it started out the book on I mean the better part of it part you know and grant you that things doesn't you know all law is that it is. No. Respected out of and so. It indicated it thought about that. How much do you or what do you do in terms of of a study in opponent do you look at a lot of video how do you go about preparing for. Your next match up like tonight's against Texas. Or cut the mustard. You know directed as he knows. That they're Meserve you can. Intern and I have. Accomplished the mark. Anybody. You're an outburst. Or out of it and quote what they're. Is that the big men but in Cuba extraordinary. Very simple plot that but it looks at me. I would Danny Duffy here on 610 sports radio and Danny big NBA playoffs have started up I know your big time basketball fan before we get into that I mean I guess you guys can kind of identify with Isiah Thomas and what he's going through for the Boston Celtics if you got a chance to talk to him what would you say. You know double luck here and they go along with Betty there's no playbook or. Not a target on the oh oh terrible war. You don't bird in the exact double about there describe it between the lives pretty impressive. Is definitely and the band and you are sure. How do you guys do that I think we as as just regular Joes gonna take athletes for granted at times and are like OK something bad has happened but you still got to go out there and perform. And he goes out there drops 33. The day after his sister passes away how are you guys able as athletes a car compartmentalize. All of that kind of stuff. And get past the the the emotion and just allow their perform. You can't dentistry nobody him as nobody thought ever ever say that it may sound good there get it could be they're. Not being. Walked in yesterday but let you play it out why you brought back. You know. Certainly out and out indefinitely. Doing a lot more in I go out there. And about eight. You're part. Eight it can help your performance. Obviously the tragedy without. Now you never want anything like that out and set on anybody. Oh yeah. You can't control having those thoughts which you mentioned thinking about ace do you think in a way it is been helpful for you. Two to think of him and on the mound. Yeah I think we have the derby you ignored it and there. It went away from a man. In. And you're going to edit it is never gonna hurt you or. Is it felt. Overall a good it's. Something better out there and they are life we. Or what on earth together. I'll be the first got out of though. Every couple days of academic. If somebody offered in in. Obviously. Don't want other people. There about it but that's part of Michael though it. Opening. Remind people. Of the like that. Big O deity Duffy and fifteen every Thursday fiscal in the morning per cubic it's a construction. Full interview our podcast page at 610 sports dot com still salzman. This epic cold word for the royals take its second final called word is own states. OS TSA because they're going to face the Texas Rangers and wool Ryan responsible to bull sick earlier wizards. It's it's on the menu was it isn't. Massive I don't belong Rafa today it is yeah I'm physically I'm Donna trying to handle agreement coconut or our raw out of the freezer. All wiggly and aryan iso boom stick us sturgeon just turn it. Is up by local or gonna go call number and call number ten to 913 by some 6768 call in number ten. 9135676. And call number two it. I really liked the suggestion from the text line we were talking about Jason Vargas this from the 75. The royals should have Dave Barger Rita during special on the days that he pitches. Org or read Brad. Toby announced and Angeles in more than Brad. Mercer Brad more than Toby. Brad and it was but he. The Parker region is. All in Asia but hell out of them or Korea. I grew up as well I'd run my way to put it well Hillary yes of neo Rita I don't know where to find the rivalries with. Out of oil. But that argue that ought never. It that it's already but he never clearly. But you know the imports and I don't dads don't go to sister says that by two points lead by arteries. When you buy a Margarita. Now. When was the result of are you so insecure masculinity. And have frozen drink for beer over frozen drink. You pulled or not a burglary to. I'm more more margaritas from me. One popular coach. Yet we lock it well his house for rim is doing something really doubt we clone next. Studio sixty and Sports Radio don't do pretty tickets dot com right now. I guess it did in particular in total to sixty in sports. It. Good yeah I wouldn't. It's. Genuine interest. A couple of ladies win the last couple of days just try to pass some of the very encouraging sign of being with no longer chauvinistic at one point. I'll do an excellent addition to Colin and I. Could boulevard. Orgy idea. He was dangerously on the border of pretty much and a woman deserve to get it. But for the space is pretty good news as. Or trying to fill my. Nobody in box today. Don't sex whenever our real old man take about those royalties just. They're awful they're just straight sugar. I swear I won't happen before suffer sort of ruin my appetite. I didn't defend it. The royal Rita now industry sugar it's a lot of sugar in that. Sweden's our homeland. And I mean little for Brimelow we don't like the can elect Fisher to do it. This is boulevard does seem like appease some though. Or textiles with only a few hundred meter and Brinkley without infinite. VI it is there's unity fest. As a was going to be to beat the race for the pizzas for for a marker of the missiles as we've also learned Olympic. True earlier this. Saw a little ways I saw some automatic birth mark and they did like a tattoo around their birth mark. Like embraced the birthmark. And we'll basically. It is just a real eyesore for awhile. But venue and I got tattooed around. And I was kind of pleasantly with no. The great analogy you know a bad we Oklahoma we did I over there between them. We kind of like. Say in the edges awful. He still has those. Oh. Yeah the vessel is just big government. While but he's our victim animals who technical need decent. That's true of equipment and ms. Pernod I think I did like year. I did. Oh and guess what punts out of ten how's your being Arlen me that's that's fate. Given her hands. That is it's terribly you don't have better bounce. No there's no balance there is no way you can go out here right now on this field and look straight up for more than two seconds. I don't know. Tell me camera. Tell me wrong or will this group and have a majority. Zero Q do you couldn't do you gonna do that it's over. Told her as the day you were born stick with the ocean on the it's got the physical limitations that I really well this is the real challenge anybody wants bikinis big. Deflect ditty. I did really get actual challenge for. So anybody that once ago an old Johnny if they can take an eight inch big in the hole aggregate goal. You know the big and you can another eighteen inches of big in Ottawa a note to mean after he just took the first. One dollar and. Put in the refrigerator for later and spending. Has he taken an eighteen inch bit in down by himself mini. At the same time yet. Just to hand them. Famous. Oh there's. Told the paper talk. The guy you want to get on the shell. And see approach is getting to fifty. Mike Gundy it is the program at Oklahoma State this is ridiculous. Sold. According to that at the Dallas news. Oklahoma State's 2016. Alamo Bowl greens. Be the record of eleven in two. They did this issue looked at eleven into. Beta or actually eleven until. They lost three games last year. They're not factoring in. Wind. Oklahoma State. Lost to central Michigan at home thirty to 27 now maybe that was a controversial game we're. This should not have been like extra play. They got scrutiny they. Read a lot of teams have been. The expert to get to peel you go back and you have to take the L record you were ten and a year. You hit three wrong you're a bowl a ball game mom bringing. Can't say eleven until back. Dennis Wright best alternate acts. But do they won the designated well. It's clear you only did I say yea you we were eleven into an open legal picked up thirteen or if they want. There Alamo Bowl rings to which I am saying widely know how does your rookie question do you like his authority you know once when though. The Telus won't play. They have to sign a release that film back for dollar I. It is at a state it is ridiculous as the market for Alamo Bowl rings. It's this is just ridiculous man. Mike Gundy said if you're not going to go back and say we're going to correct here they just give Oklahoma State the win. Let's infamous you keep the win the one down the row but if I don't try to do what's right for my players would want to play for me. When you look at it for our players critical here that was made it shouldn't cost him a win for the rest of their life here. You do what all your players. The latest that much. It dealt with through experience that they need wings to show that they were eleven until. But it and three in your elbow bull. Annoy him. Adds. Spurred. Me to definitely got bull rings are all I know teams do with the game the hoping about it is. Who cares of sin. Exhibit AME lieutenants they know in years it would rain we know you're the third all best one element Alamo Bowl ring but they would they want it now the similar to this title comes as a 108 diamonds lost the game. Never Oklahoma and Oregon Oklahoma gets big. Pittsburgh got to get a deal that man. Spells and he can't go back. So. So ridiculous. Come on man my daddy he's better than this we heard of it would suggest that it changed rules. Are so what are our Egypt. April 12. April 12 we miss the start August. I'm sorry sorry guys it is April to August while artist let's just August while. Proof. I am scared. Ball now August 12 and I looked up there were actually and do the Friday before and percent chance that he joins. Can. Good dinner last. I mean email I was pretty specific about what I wanted to talk about GC violently talks teens he recruiting with views now. I mean a citizen but like two months ago. The Kansas ought to be fun Doctorow. There's a bouncer at a looters months old global was what was thought to coats see you Judy thinks global was so what was the response back we'll talk to coats and suit and they've got right back with you if you haven't met her as. Also and another reminder may be that if forgot about America lost in the stack. You know when you alexion. If you text message like our plan later in like four days later you're like crap and respond people hilarious on sports and he joined a who was he joined in sports that are. It's a good. Period of an audience in his cross over things they Barry Melrose who eligible interview dribble rose. But eligible team who's gonna it was so fun video deductible it'll be jacked around about dismal. They both have very impressive mole is rose talked about bullets with Mike Gandy that was the whole conversation. My mom has a really weird attraction of iron or see your mom general promise that object. He just thinks he's really attractive she believes in diversity. I mean I guess. In all that. Do you think Barry Melrose is an attractive man. You think we'll. What areas yeah Kingsbury outlook on the budgets often wrong and say a man who went. So much moms taste. I mean she's. That any color current box which. I asked if or go to. It and two minutes like a bird's the other gal. And who met its. Is warranted the city and eating too much credit or not enough we explain in two minutes next. Studio sixty and Sports Radio.