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The Drive
Thursday, April 20th

In Hour 1, the guys discussed the video that came out from TMZ involving the fight at The K. After discussing the incident, they were joined by Royals VP of Community Affairs Toby Cook to discuss the team's protocol towards handling fan situations. They ended the hour by introducing a new "voicemail contest."


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Good drive you don't have no I didn't I give props absolutely it. There's some people that are doing some scene to convince he'll ask you want to come okay what my really good friends who's an inland. And his son and his from proposals videos on plot. Until last night. The late late show James porn CBS them. It saved well from puzzles these are the big congestion is to invite someone to talk about getting out of aren't schoolboy in Georgia got the local police. How could stage a drug box. In order to also pro football cops questioned bumper of the about fight card of how long event eventually get even got to know. Whether request to go to law and I would never you can say this but this case. The average as the Seattle conference. My initial reaction is there is no way I'm glad he's like hey you know easy dude I don't there's. Haven't talked this girl and I'm going to that the police in bowl yeah in staged a marijuana transaction. That the oh my the Smart thing to do. Felt like two Americans. Like people I don't know how to build and he's the good thing to do not know you can walk right there it's true David is I think is the embassy about so. That's my story men in black people could not white people stop it. Carrington Harrison. I'll let you talk about when they get ten. His other hand that they get back. Let's do this thing another day another dollar it is the drive kids in years and years bread any. Cookie monster producer. And creator of open. Let's go there be careful with that Edwards won. You can book you them. To the that's what I was not at this from the beginning of the week and let's. Just being getting progressively worse and worse it sounds a little give us an enemy out now I'm trying to tap cracked the although I gonna save you guys need me to do any go. Dick buy talent Bruce Weber is an handles himself play as well all I know him. And imprisonment of a studio it's some hostages maybe my play hard chart this past. The top Ford text messages is ice okay. Heists are you sick. DMV in the sounds like you went hard and a perfect circle last night. How sick is I don't see next is it always does it mean a perfect circle as the bandits are answered all of I don't I know that YouTube did note that rulings or opinions at via a mystery to me yeah but welcome into the drive carried senior cookie monster here -- here. As well taking you up until 6 o'clock in the fifteen minutes Toby cook is scheduled to join the show he is the VP of community affairs emblem was city I think you know why we're gonna have Toby cook on the show today got to talk about the great start the Jason Vargas has gotten to a little NFL draft at 430 today. With Matt Miller of Bleacher Report and Claude will join us today in the 5 o'clock hour to get you ready for the seven game road trip. That the royals have starting in Texas tonight. Where I think we have to start today show. Is the video that surfaced courtesy of TMZ today now the incident was not last night it was Tuesday night. Kauffman Stadium you spoke with a member of the Kansas city police department give people the facts of the incident they said. See the video it you probably have a mean most people are talking about it there's video of the man punching a woman in the face of decay. On Tuesday night so. Easy to FaceBook comments lot of things and social media Soledad. Go straight to the source and talk to somebody that was there member law enforcement to find out what the deal so this is what I got. From a lot of the members of the police department it was there. I was told that she spit on the man twice. And hit at least once before he did anything. I was told that she was clearly impaired. And there was really no sign. That demand laws that he's just the facts and I thought opinion not than facts so accorded the the police out that I spoke to she was clearly impaired. There was not a huge sign that he lies. There were no injuries to her. There were visible to the police officer. I was also told that. Win. Police came down. And they handcuffed her after she took her Jersey that she was wearing and took off and tried to flee. Because she didn't want people sales where you know the boat the woman was wearing zones of Jersey she took it Ossetia could potentially hide. Once the police got up there are handcuffed her. I was told it was one of the largest. Cheers it was ever given to law enforcement and history of this member of the police department career. So those are. Essentially the factors of verbal altercation that led to a physical altercation. On no injuries on her eyes she beard appeared to be impaired. He did not appear to be impaired the video. News. Awful. Do you see the video and this guy turned around and clocked a woman. That's what you see on video and these are the facts that were given to me from a police officer that was on the scene. So there's a bunch of ways you notice. The really. I think I think first off the first reaction that I cells like all my god this dude. Hit a one minute that that's. Most of our reaction like I can't believe. This guy actually hit a woman and on and then my next reaction was is she okay and what led to that and Seattle think anybody in their right mind. If he's gonna turn around its Matt what are your man woman whatever is gonna turn around on somebody. In the row behind him so that's why I wanted to get to the bottom of this thing and find out what led to it how did get there. What happens. And that those the facts of of of what exactly happened Tuesday and. When you see the video as you say it is very jarring. My first reaction when I read the thing we do see the video you'll have any context you just amended in the one. You can read the story. In this scenario oh. The man in baseball lets you tell me doesn't appear to go little bits that doesn't appear to go to security and tried to defuse the situation in any way correct. I don't think there is any situation. In which you should it went in in the matter that he did. She's not plunging anatomy he doesn't push her off well to avoid any bodily harm it's like she was a do. Yeah you shouldn't be at Kauffman Stadium anymore both parties the main and the woman in this immediately got me to call the stadium for the rest of the year. Even longer than that there is no reason for either party to act that way I would agree. Yeah I. This a lot of thought today because I'm thinking OK what do fond of that situation. It if if it's just me if it's me and my fiance and kids if it's me and a couple of buddies what Elijah. And I basically came to the same conclusion. In all three. First and foremost if somebody spitting on me. Mom. Or attempting to slap me I'm gonna do one or two things. First off how many security. On second I'm probably gonna move you know I'm not gonna turn around on somebody. So I'm not gonna do now what if you're the what if you're the bystander I think that's a decent question to be acts. Again he sees something potentially that's gonna get to that point. I think you gotta do I think you're obligated. To do something about it if you think it's gonna get. Two point words can get physical so if it's me there's there's an. I understand I I guess I think if everybody is completely honest with themselves I think you understand the temptation. To get violent if somebody is spitting on you and slapping I understand that temptation. But there's a lot of temptations that people feel that you shouldn't act. And you can't punch somebody is certainly can't punch a woman so I'm not exactly sure why. You know you don't get an usher you don't get security and you take it from there. And and and don't cause a scene like I'd I don't understand it it's at its. Lose lose. Well to lose lose lose lose really because it's a lose for the guy to lose for the woman. It's a lose for the royals to lose for the fans that were there it's a lose for everybody because this video is viral. And the royals are attached to this as so these people. You know the author doctor said you don't want these people were taken to jail. They were written tickets. And charge of disorderly conduct and and then taken out of the state. So on set Aleman I'm glad that she wasn't hurt I still don't understand out gets to that point he's a he's really down. Tax on 69306. She's been column twice that's the most disrespectful thing you can do man woman or animal you spit on me and worth the one hand. I know that now when our PC when he seventeen culture that we don't assume gender roles in the gender fluid and all that stuff. Maybe I'm just old fashioned when it comes this I don't think there are situations that knew instantly communal win. I don't. I don't care that she's been on you I don't care that she cars that you yes I don't care what happened in that scenario. You can't come up with a scenario but I think it's okay or acceptable for you to punch her in the face like she's a do. Maybe this they double standard of people say well. The man work we're having this discussion. If you're well in a man's fertility twice in your punch them. I'm gonna say he had that common. That's not my stance when it's a woman I'm sorry maybe I have maybe it is it's a double standard it's hypocritical I can live with our person to live with it. I don't think there is a scenario. That you should hit a woman in the face like she's a doomed. That's what we see here in the video yeah its attempt to defuse the situation not based on the video that I assault he didn't go to events that. He does hold up and slug. That's unacceptable to me like doesn't mean you should hold yourself to a higher standard than what this gentleman did I think is usually went to jail and she should've went to jail you don't write this off as the Al as a disorderly this wasn't too drunk people cursing from the Spain and the idea. You don't arrest them you kick him out of date and you write him a disorderly ticket. She spit on them twice in initiated the physical contact and then beat Floyd Mayweather you shouldn't be allowed to do that I agree that you you. Got to get yourself out of that situation. You have to deal. You know you just gotta go I'm OK this is bad karma here I'm lucky to be a part of this mean it doesn't have to get to that point and and that's Ron that. The fact that it did happen. Is it. To its to supporting a bunch of different levels now. Yeah I touch a couple of women about is already a female opinion I'm like OK what do what do you think and what Google told me listen. It if ice and liquor up and I spit on a guy in an apology guy probably got a common and that that was from a woman it's a list and Obama to do that. I understand why somebody wants to hit me out here it's a man or one thing bombed that flickered up and that disrespectful and doing that I actually sort of understand. That if I did that. There's going to be some reaper got it right and I disagree I got my agility and I'm not I'm not gonna hit a woman is just not gonna have to remove myself from the situation and not let it get that for. Right here on the tax line this is where I think we try to play these like mental hypothetical games to justify hitting women. What she's beating the crap out of your kid or your life you can't say you wouldn't hit her in order to protect the one you love. Tried. I defend himself he wasn't trying to draw the moment she's attacking dump the video is she's been in the air he stayed in there any hits with a right hand. Trying to protect yourself in that you'll than the aggressor in that instance I don't care what happened before that. You in the face sorry in this if she's hitting your wife out of holder backer do something like that didn't call me old fashion called hypocritical. I don't care about that there is no reason for you to we hit a woman in this manner what. More quick one quick. Thought before we go to break what does it say to though she got it when this woman was handcuffed and arrested an entire section stood up and cheered. But what does that say she was causing a problem with that she she just got clocked an entire section. Of people saw her gay clocked. And they still cheered when she got arrested Tinny that's here. But I think more times and I'm. I think it's the right thing to say. That we shouldn't at Wimbledon I think we see tiger I think we see more more real life examples that people don't feel as strongly about it as maybe you when I do. Let's talk that Soviet coach he is the VP of community affairs and publicity he'll join us next we asked them what could have happened to potentially defuse the situation. And what's the protocol when the sort of things happen we talked so we couldn't excellent draft. Sixty and sports. Mac in all of the it's embarrassing your friend meaning cookie monster. Is the producer of this kind of the best. That's the voice that was the trick on you was he sounds like who. What do you think that sound like I'm in monsters now one of these on the golf if you were Bruce Weber come in and studio rather you can log and didn't. So because VP of community affairs. Am publicity for the Kansas City Royals is going to join us there is a video circulating courtesy of TMZ about an incident that happened on Tuesday. Or a male Kansas City Royals fan. Hit a woman in the face we bring Toby cook on to the show Toby thanks all for coming on today to give us the royal side of this. You welcome they Cuba thank you for having me which was supposed to be a quiet day for me because the team went out there. So that didn't happen. Tell me. Listen you guys who first class job out there. At the ballpark. What happened will what was there breakdown how do what what exactly happened what do you. Well on Tuesday late in the game on the first came out with the giants. There was an altercation in the stands down the right field loss of we have very usher in every section of the ballpark in their train that went something like this starts to happen. They immediately get in touch with somebody else on our staff and that alerts the Kansas City, Missouri police department and our private security firm that's. Gap in the building on game days to go to the scene in my understanding that there was about two minutes between the. When the first call came in and we after her. There was. Verbal. Back and forth going on then there was the punch thrown and you know we live in the world of everybody's got a camera and it really is gonna video camera of this showed up on video between. A male and a female and that would boggle they say so after adapt ninety accuser police got involved. And I ate I don't know a whole lot about what happened from the point bit. The fight took place to be cute people were escorted out of the building but they've worked escorted out they would not. Taken into custody and left and Lisa vehicles. But I understand that there is a court date to sort this all out in the day. So Toby let's say that something like this happens at the next home game. What is the protocol for the Spain and to protect themselves in that situation. Well I will also say this let me let me put it perspective on it that this is we find this to be very were a year. It it just doesn't happen very often at Kauffman Stadium and I I feel like a weeknight you know on Tuesday in people I've never heard anything like this happening so. We feel like this is a very safe environments of family friendly environments. We wanna keep people safe and we want people have a great time at the ballpark and not have to worry about stuff like this. If there is an incident that goes down. Get a couple of different ways that we encourage people to handle it and you know fans have to use their best judgment at that moment about what it feels like and what's going on. You need to get up and go and tell that your right now I'm uncomfortable something that aren't seeing. Debt that's not a bad way to go. And if you feel like you don't wanna leave your seat you've got an opportunity. You can text the royals. And I don't have the technical director second that there's a text the royals program. That you could say it directly to put up on the video board is simply being a pain in Newark. In your section. Let us know it will take care of it that Lee takes kind of awkwardness out of the fan having saying making you Pete Coleman battle that I'm here my kids considerate. Our best line of defense from eating issues in the stands. We talk what's on the security standpoint we get asked about it all the time about. Metal detectors and people bring stepped into the building our best line of defense is our fans saying something to the staff member or a police officer. I'm the good news didn't that happen very often the bad news is that happened this Tuesday and we've been talking about it although it. Toby how people use this because I think. At least. What I know about people is well they're not bother me that's not my problems on is not gonna say anything how often do you see people actually use this to defuse situations like this. Yet not very often in terms of the text. But there's there's probably. You know there's probably an incident or two. Her homestand where. Our people will have somebody say I don't really like the way that this person is behaving. And can you go states something to them. Surely there are more. Times are people are turning your honor using bad language or they try to kids are or herb or being. Difficulty. Then what gets reported and so we don't hear the reports that often that. You know bite large in this city gonna surprise you guys that will at least get involved an issue that's mostly because somebody's head. Too much alcohol it's very rarely gets to this point. I can tell he could VP of the community relations and publicity for the royals so we appreciate you it is still an you know I'm on the what you said this is a rare thing and and I think it is and we go back today what was that last week I think it's on the broadcast about how conscious you guys are. The fan experience. It was the it was an autism autism awareness re trying to. That is really doing a good job of making sure this stuff doesn't happen. Correct. Well and they keep saying unity yet. We got a lot of people that are either uniformed four. We don't necessarily have a lot of plainclothes. Sterger didn't got a lot of presence in the ballpark and you know I guess but it's every year about severe weather awareness in Kansas City because we play baseball games in. April may and June where you know kind of height of severe weather and you what do you do if you got a bad weather that's bearing down proceeding well we we've got this same process in place that I just talked about which is that every. Section of the ballpark. Has a usher. Debt is being trained what to do here. Say we need to evacuate section because we got there are bad weather. Which rolling and it's the same thing we're keeping an IE on making people safe. Those cultures go down to the front of the use him every time they go down to the closest to the field and they look back at that speed dial things. But that's not the only candidate keep an eye on things when they go back up to the top of the concourse. Then their job is to just kind of stand there are sectioned. Into see anything looks a little bit off. And there have been many many times we've been able to defuse situations just because and actually able to pick up on something's going on. Between a few people that never really escalated. Or if we do have a situation worse you can tell that people are verbally sparring. We'll get an usher or even a police officer involved in what is it about the situation and almost always that if you do that as well but. You're right I mean having fun and being sacred to both work our Q number one priorities. And people like there's something going on like that he can move under a different seed of it's not a cell right in yes. I think people need to think that like listen this is going on this is my seat now I'm stuck here get a deal it is like you can move right. Absolutely yeah we we try to move people whatever we possibly can't. A little bit harder during the last few years mr. skilling at the stadium that there are different ways to handle certain things and now we will people be comfortable in the stands. So get services on the street level and up in that key level. Can handle that sort of request. And what we really like to do is it we need Q will go and make a friendly warning that somebody. Hey you can't talk like getting here you can use that language your kids ran we have get people that are not very happy these. And then if we have ago. Furthering just asking somebody to lead the section or even leave the stadium that's what will do they expect it there's a stand that there that. Feel awkward about it we could see we can do to move them to another part of the stadium. Told me going forward for these two individuals and what's the planet in allowing them back at Kauffman Stadium personally I think both of them should be banned from the stadium at least for the rest of the season what what is what is the plan for these two individuals. That did that remains to be seen what I can tell you is that they were escorted out of the stadium last night. And we'll address that as the time comes along there is no plan at this point to have a specific bans on. And those individuals or anyone you know we got asked about it a few years ago we had an incident mountains mountains where. You can you are you that you there is technically from what I understand a Major League Baseball protocol or policy that allows. Eighteen to bands somebody. Four good. Horror for the rest of the season we just don't feel very often sometimes it's a little bit hard to. Two. In force because somebody can come and buy a ticket at. At the box office certainly can bite somewhere or just walking in and around back at this point we haven't gotten that far into discussing. So be cooked vice president of community affairs and publicity so we thanks a lot to join the show next time let's have you on like bark at the park day at the dinner so I don't I. That sounds great yeah all gonna talk about Bob what did you fireworks or something. Thanks Kelli thanks so we. That's Soviet cook of the team the city royals. That's their stance and how they feel about the incident that happened Tuesday night at Kauffman Stadium it's a picture is in the ballpark ocular ushered in a top. Detects that you're you're right is now if not it'll weeded out but the text number four to 682. 1462. Easily get taxed at royals assessed is between and then there's double phone numbers and calls while so there's ways to get around that upon soma. There is always something that frustrates me whenever we have these candidates discussions about assault against women out they would that is next on. 610 sports. 66. Dancing here standing here. I think you. Forgive us BA's rookie. But it includes. Presidents I'll quote this is what frustrates me. Whenever we have these discussions. 'cause they've problem. In the realm of sports in in in likes. Everyone agrees that you shouldn't hit one item not saying some hot sports take we all know. I think with some situations arise we didn't play these mental gymnastics that then create all these different after export. Right here let's Oksana pointed out to exactly define other matters as the wanna read the entire text into. Jets like a bitch in this and thus got treated like one stop with the sexism seed she became physical with him first and deserved what she got. Vision dot dot dot that's that I would be handled it differently and another tax if she acts like a stupid drop me and she gets treated like a drunk stupid mean I would not have hitter but I'm not upset that someone did. Didn't we cannot have the stains that you should hit women. And they create all these mental gymnastics in which there are situations which or allowed to hit went. We're not now going to some. Over the topic straight you're not talking during the break. If she were running at you with a knife and she's getting it let's be realistic you got to protect this isn't screens not like let's like let's be Friday the thirteen against let's. Let's reality you're yet have these conversations were all adults here I think we can. Conduct ourselves with some contact the year. I hate that we do this in agree I didn't even admitting that there is. A double standard NA by this year if mine a democracy in my double standard in. I don't think you should punch women in the space I can live with. I can admit that if that was the main and that had done this my stance in opinion would be completely different. If Joseph behind you read the game is the White Sox for it and spits on you twice. And in becomes physically threatening. And you not Joao. Stewart you opened. Up about Joseph in this incident at Kauffman Stadium talking Jim Jewell was the one that did that. Go above and beyond that to defuse the situation. I've seen people on the Tex lines saying. Well you should listen to Johnny beard he was defending his friend and us all in its. In the defense of the phrase and Timmy doesn't need to include. You hitting or what the right jab in the states. Holding her back for many things or stepping in the middle of the situation and U haul off and slugger. Your radio show she called me and I don't care what people. I saw the video I've formed my opinion. A different opinion on short shorts in your prerogative to have one etiquette I'm willing to live with my double standard here. I don't think you should push women in the cards. You showed and the thing is yet you've got an opportunity. Is to get out of the situation. I mean. Just get up the movement and now another seats and you've paid Foreman and you're sitting there you wanna watch the game it's a bad situation. And it went from back. The really bad. They get hauled out of their by the blow. So you can you have choices here and if the choice is not in my opinion. If it's not a life or death ideal mental slog along I seriously. Do it's it's and take a deep breath. Get out there tell security and let them deal with those of somewhere else is a million those seats. Toy 4000 people there last night there's other places you can be again I understand B in Matt is somebody spit on me and slap me out here it's him. A man or woman I'm not gonna like it. Not feel like you begun await your options get away okay what happens if I do this what happens if I punched the guy behind me because he's been on. What's gonna happen what happens at the door if it's a girl I do that what happens if you just go it's a care. Tell a lot better and really news because it wasn't life or death situation here. What she started it if she did awesome neat whatever and there's couple years ago. I was out with. We now are you want to call now as we're standing outside her on the right to wall. And it is a guy that was like throw his drunken obnoxious. And in my body who's funny little bit obnoxious. Turn around and said you know he'll stop that on the top down like interacts. Like at about Obama on this one. On the public guys animals are gonna channel finally here on your own not to assist this thing. And so once my buddy turned around and an acknowledged the guy more peanuts came down and things got nasty my buddy goes over its the security guard. Guy gets escorted out everything's fine no fights no nothing. So I mean it's really simple as that. I future you applaud somebody if you want to be revealed that you don't handle repercussions. If a woman. You both got kicked out of there now it's on video and now it's all over the place thankfully nobody was hurt. But. There's better ways and nobody is kid's been on nobody nice gains lap but there's better ways to handle future. Belong I want to ask you this story alleged that your opinion on the scooter off guy yeah Tiger Woods has undergone eight another back surgery. Are you willing to give all one Tiger Woods I give up on tiger was long time ago. On the back in and and win more majors at any given up any place is made me. You guys that sold. They they sell this stuff for back surgeries and so. Just talked to about it it was and they told me like this and avoid back surgery on cost because once you have one you're gonna have another one and you can have a now. You know I mean it's not. Once you get one back surgery is gonna keep coming back so I give up the entire time ago and the torque that he puts on his body he don't think it did. Being a professional golfers physical. We'll go on doing you know and look at how hard those guys swing the torque that tiger put on his left knee which shredded you know what it does to your back. The travel involved there's all that stuff it wears on your body so yeah on I give up on tiger a long long time ago. But the Tiger Woods' fall for. Grace is just one of the more interesting sports stories that we've seen tiger went from being the most dominant athlete in his field after time. So now just the mere shell of what he used to be a tiger wood and at the point where. He's the time when I first started called over that was a joke it was pager went and all these. Hi V opens and they hit house call that that's not what Tiger Woods who's the judge himself on tiger judge himself on winning majors I was gonna hold him so that's standard. Not tiger Katie to participate in goes in house opens and those tournaments again I urge came in gulf anymore like we have seen. But come wheat fall from grace and tiger from being the greatest golfer potentially of all time. And still being a really good golfer but just not winning majors and now I'm not being a golfer at all because. Reminds you like an NFL running back it got old fast. You know I mean so those guys see it one year. Now the sudden their coach and the body just runs out of gas and that's what it's done Mikey kid you can't try to hit that hard to keep those guys on tour. When he got a bad back and shredded knee just can't do keep he was done cool it man. He was done quake in Moroni was added fourteen majors and the this guy's an away team you know ten years ago maybe. Maybe not even that amateur camera we want US open it always was always on the castle is almost ten years like this guy's gonna freak and he's got a surpass Nicklaus in the next 23 media in a major the entire time Obama was an office Zelaya the entire day of his latest residence and out so that maybe it when it's now it's even worse for turnout if you're penalized but this your question I'm not surprised I'm not surprised one bit the tigers down I thought. Once he had the physical issues I think you come back from the things that you feel we have a voice of god says that gives you a chance to win a hundred dollars to winning streaks inside here is north casino the details on how you can 100 dollars next on the draft. 610 sports. Yeah. Pop quiz coming up in that spin it mimics George yesterday and a pair of tickets to see the royals take on the twins. On April 29 for the first. Our second Steve six and Saturday of the year. If you know what the date is I think you can get a pretty good like five movie radius of what part ways is going to be. But what if you know what the date is today Ali. Pretty good stand gadget of the kinds of movies that what's today the bomb was made April 20. For trolling yeah today is. I month in the twentieth then by the look that up I know that that today it was a big deal out of him that it's not a big deal to me but some people it is of the a lot of people this missing Colorado maybe in San Francisco. Seattle Seattle Portland Seattle. It is a big viewers it was a little. I'm going to take for this contest. So we email contents of the difference now with no voice no contest. I'm gonna take the Brad being approach the Sean Casey approach signs the images. Don't have some raw when one for the gipper speech Schundler and just let them relax. Eric Hosmer will saw I was at K yesterday. Sometimes I think big moments and a baseball game deceit to find you when you're struggling and they found their outlook twice yesterday. You can guess what happened bidding goes a lot for the kids' heroes and or not he still found a way to win. What do you contest is going to be voicemail to voicemail contacts and 9137170770. It is what would your message be to warehouse. Because my message aired out or would be a very simple. But Ned Yost I'm going upstairs I'm asking David Glass. I'm saying hey I didn't use the private jet for one day the less than millionaire in this scenario he has won. I'm going to announce and today. Give Oslo the private jet for one day. Casey of Boston. Go you wanna go together ago the AC McDonald is late on the back she was that the the ABC with the Jaycee and go you walk for the day that's taken the day off on Thursday don't even come to the ball mark. Clear your mind for your. You need to do these 24 hours on Friday at little or would you put that hot beautiful or more to come ready to work. That's what I'm telling aired on that beam that's that there you take days off if you don't wanna be around Casey is we'll stay home you wanna play Xbox you wanna play call of duty. What you do to relieve stress and get yourself back on track. But that's I'm selling there and how to do good right now or how he looks lost. Like the person that needs a hug. I needs the ice cream cone so that it serum so that would be my message there now is not just take off take off do you make you happy. But on Friday come ready to work put you back in the lineup you've had a lot of CT oh yeah had a personal day. Just cover work on Friday ready to restart the season you know it's Alan. I would say this tone. Until this kid. Yeah a five game industry. And your first W last. The last ten days you've Frazier batting average point five points. You get there man. They just keep do what you don't baseball's about repetition. You're all star game MVP. And one of the best players in the game. Hit a huge home run of the World Baseball Classic to lift your country to victory hero World Series champion. There's a reason for backing of four. I'm not give you a day off you don't what you Dylan we believe it. That day I'll need to keep grinding and you don't think he'd come to the park every day doing your job they keep doing what you don't EU. And everything's going to be fine. Listen traditionally. It is not your best month may. It's or things out that's it she done over the course you're 3500 Major League at bat we know who you are we trust you. Everything's gonna be fine so relaxed and just go out there would be you. You don't need to bring Casey got me to be here you don't need a jet you'll be adding that. All you need to be is you make it nice and simple. And do that because his. If it at odds is gonna date in fifty reporters going to be like where's not read it. This we gave them the day off we think it's in Gaza was best interest to take today off and clear his mind so that the back of the struggles that he's half of that in the next guy. They were gonna get to the Jackie do you do that it's baseball it's repetition you've got to see pitching you've got to. Have a badge you've got to keep seeing it seen it seen it Dylan Dylan Dylan and then it'll click. Dundee any good goes somewhere. The league baseball's repetition this isn't in any different than just having him sit regular. On this isn't a difference does not having played today. Yeah this is not going to be either. Still it may do it it's great fantasyland. That objected to girl. That they say get out Alderman and the united award it IBM I'm just Google I'd bring Doug Wheeler. I'm just saying is he's taking an off day anyway. I'm saying in that off day would you feel like you need to do take off and you need to go in the cage you can decide what you wanna do with the off day. Playing today. That's it with the off day and cool to go to Costa Rica 24 hours if you feel like I'll help you giving back hitting. As for the final would be. Oh we need to start hitting that's all we need you are doing don't be my message there oh B minus which you gotta keep it simple is gonna you'll opt it would today optional and now I'm cool with that. Which got a nuclear brain and your fine. You know which can't can't take on it just blow town might argue on a day when your team as a game but he can't do that. Now out of your hand a leader can't exert. His guys just because he's an Islam a leader steps up puts in more war and then gets it right I give it here. Right now all he's doing is lead them in drowning in a double play that's all he's leading and right now I'm giving it treatment does federal raises averaged point five points at ten days it was 160. I mean yeah. The place to go. There was 14 days ago in the series is like it. Repetition and the more you do it the better he get the more he figured out that set on the pregame show last that was ran the fears talking about. Com. You know Ryan was asked you know and those guys moves around the box of his stance looks a little bit different. His hands are different positions and that is that simply look these try to get comfortable he's not comfortable the box and the only become tools like keep doing it. Don't somewhere in get a cure the problem he's he's he's more arrests more arrests more arrest he'll find some he's going to be fine. That would be mine so our voice. A contest what would your message to Eric Hosmer B 9137170770. You win a pair of VIP advances to burns wants Barton. And would that. Did a hundred dollars there is winning streak why you're in there had yourself a nice steak at yourself a couple of drinks wash your house or go one for four on the day and probably hit the three ground balls I mean. Hey Paula box so it's a sweet gig and a hundred dollars don't gossip. I can't fault you for that I can't fault him for that. And all the tax line not to find him my idea Kerry since ideas such them when you move what's hamper the millennial billionaire. True or let's be very good it's okay you're still get a contract even though he didn't you on that isn't very millennial. Out of all the back given some say is based in Costa Rica. Reward him for heating 200 and everything will be all but what was your message to Eisner did just that they'll not message was keep working. You do your work you're doing great buddy and throw it now that was it goes off the actual stub and it was all factual. It was factual he says he does have a five game hitting streak. He has raised his points 45. Points in the last ten days he did it his first double last night this is the only thing is a World Series champion but is it World Baseball Classic champion so he. Positive reinforcement and yeah but that's fact like he is actually earned stuff. That's all I'm saying this guy colonials on positive reading for all sync is my idea. Factual reinforcement my idea is just a very simple I don't know Eric Hosmer feels like he needs to get going. I don't know wouldn't. Maybe he does these days all thumped us. Hired to play the WBZ maybe he needs the day off I'll tell all my idea yet on idol and now we got to meet my idea the millennial ideal. Literally everybody else baseball. Bat to let people take yeah young people. I'll just not in my ideas take dale. Yuma when you don't wanna work though this is this as a favorite tax Payer dollars. You hit 204 take the Jack it's your girlfriend got a poster re kids in say Spain what is. Pat him on the back it was where is why did things go for god edit or are you telling you why you layers of make these. And please please tell me your idea. All of hey maybe he should just Wear Casey's underneath it is a great idea and that will cleared its models are read and that was highly. My ideas don't just pick a day off yet the millennial idea we're literally take what you've been so that. What does somebody candies even so that war we're gonna reward you reward you with a private jet and a trip. Don't they at. I would take a normal vacation days because that's my job allow the bottom lines in baseball you gotta get red she got to keep doing to you figured out today announced that more. Probably yeah. I'm going to win it. The pop quiz of the isn't brought to buy victory Chrysler dodge Jeep brand surprised when a pair of tickets secede from the lineal royals take on the Minnesota Twins Saturday April 29. Or in the next six since Saturday for you people that entire family of I think you'll love this popcorn. Am I hallucinating or just what in the hell you think you're. Limbaugh accused of hundreds of them. This is the toll you're on dangerous ground here you'll causing a major disturbance on my time I've been thinking about this mr. If I'm here all year here didn't then they can our time. One of outside favorites. Coming up and two minutes Jason Vargas it starts of the year resembles another all time great royal star. We'll tell you next on the draft. Sixty and Sports Radio.