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The Drive
Thursday, April 20th

In Hour 2, the guys discussed Jason Vargas' start to the season and if he should be getting All-Star consideration. Fanning also noticed something from Alex Gordon that made him think he shouldn't lead off anymore. They ended the hour with Danny Duffy's thoughts on what improvements baseball could use before ending the hour with more new voicemail submissions.


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Back in on the job experience and training year. High schooler here is not operating. A 100% but like that hopefully he'll be not taken a dale IDs a deal here I say something he says until the people. Did you know pop quiz was today via fast times at rich month high and that he he says it was fast times. At rich month high. Would you like to tell the people lie that was moving to these forcefully Abrams it's a big deal for weed smokers. Also on your favorite city is my favorite movies yet. Look that's one of my great yet seen it missiles are well I think it does yeah and that effectively go watch him get it on TV the I'm legal that a lot but it is that I hadn't got it on tape. He's exactly it could be finally a few years ago but homeland VH as the it's like getting garage sale it's. But yet here in Washington early as there was Disney movie boxes that like Carrington eyebrow I had his kids but those would take up like. The space of three different futuristic Zia and her health of the hottest musicians on your the lozenge. I have you idea throat lozenge yeah my. My favorite part of this whole exchange was and asking you to say something after you just did the update you just heard you talk for a minute early here again I had no accurate did you talk some more. Com drive voicemail contests today the winner gets a hundred dollars to winning streaks at Ayers casino 913717. 0770. We will play the first round of those at 345. What would short message beats Eric how's he struggling right now. I think he needs. PTO I think he needs a day off mean human trophy. Yours is positive reinforcement yours is no factual tell him all the accomplishments that he's at an annual factor. Factual reinforcement would be my solution problem. So that is meanings message to one area Hosmer. B rotation for this team continues to be magnificent. And the office. Is not doing their part right now and is struggling. But the rotation has been fantastic. I saw this tweet yesterday. By royals review. AM I was kind of wondering where Vargas is our ranked was that rankings. That's our degree he got up through the years that no outside you know there. That's when the royals were so bad the read annually to the ballpark with what everybody sees that Greinke pitched like 2009 Zola earlier and again it's gonna lose if not for is that it was two dozen I'm I'm wrong iPod. It that the only reason that you went out there was to watch that great either lose the other days. But was that great job there it was thought he was he was Dominique and he gave you reason to go to the ballpark in. It isn't like comparing Jason Vargas to one of the five best pitcher in the line in my opinion in Zack Greinke. But the first month of the season has been drinking ish or that year he won the Cy Young. His ERA was point five. This of our business. 044. Now we still got more sparks in the month of April. Parcel pitch one more time this month so the ERA can certainly go. But yesterday. Before he gave yesterday we saw Jason Vargas Al dual Madison Bom Gartner among our micro small faint at some point yeah. Jason Vargas out dueled on yesterday he was amazing he's been amazing so far this season. I hate people say this footage through it isn't in BP for the royals so far there's been a guy you've been most impressed with who's been Nebraska like royals. It's been Jason Vargas so far this season he's been amazed. He's got it had some question marks coming into the season about Heatley at twelve appearances I think last year column Tommy John and then on. Yet look pretty good in the spring but it. He's been perfect ending to an up and down yesterday against a pretty darn good giants' lineup grant their old big cold and like the royals are right now. But you know I was spring training for seven weeks. He is. If you that the first guy there every morning he was close to I mean cat has put in the war. To get back to where he needs to be. And he's been he's been almost unhittable but he was so good last night. And you know I talked to. The acting manager for the for the giants last night on quotas that wants race is name I was in there. Post game and he said listen Vargas is changeup has got to answer he was changing speeds and keep those guys out bounce nine strikeouts. No walks last night. You know I mean the first thing that I thought about is he's gonna be all star. With 23 more starts he's like that are close to he's going to be on the austerity because what what ones voting start tomorrow we also are voting thanks so soon. I just don't get voted those that change and it's ever it's not keeps going like I just they just aren't going to be an all star if he keeps the keeps this up he's getting paid in. Mark has been fantastic it we talk so much about the guys that are free agents on the team guys are part of your core. There's a barge is a part of that Corbett Jason Vargas is a free agents who at the end of this season is gonna get paid he is a really good season for Jason Vargas is the difference between a one year six million dollar contract next season one year seven million dollar contract. And being Travis Woodward you're a free agent in the February. Or another nice deal he signed for four years 32 million dollars back in 2014. At the end of the season is a freeagent. A good year from Jason bar is set yourself up to get one more three year contract. He's 34 right now we 35 on the season starts next years ago. Yes I mean this could you know what's he got. And that is me answer it better Italy for a long time eleven years in the league East Timor. Another two year deal get paid pretty well. He's pretty darn good and you know in in in before we start this Tommy John what people say yeah Tommy John comeback even better. They're there there's some truth to that the part has to do with the rest of the year. Mean what do you think guys it's 34 years old. You do with rehab a new ligament and a bunch arrest and I think that's part of it now I'll be curious to see. How Vargas. Goes the rest of the way. Coming off Tommy John and only in twelve appearances last year can he handle and that army housing unit I'll be curious to see that right now he's good and but they couldn't touch him. We know what's going to happen with Jason Vargas when you have a point 44 ERA we are gonna start to devote on that you're gonna regret her to mean at some point. I think what Jason Vargas is pitching this way he does ride the wave you just except in her open last a little longer than you expected soup. Maybe the regression starts to happen at the end of may be happens in the middle of may maybe it happens or is next start. I think you have to evaluate this year and now. Is Jason Vargas is the best starting pitcher that you have begin as his team sits at seven and seven right now the biggest reason why your seven in seven days. You rotation has been fantastic once every five days marks is giving you quality start once every five days so for the season Gainey duck he's been in incredibly affected. So once every five days in Kennedy's been good so far this season you've gotten good starts in Rome you were three core guys. In after the passing of your Donovan sure we asked ourselves who was gonna step up who was going to assume that role. It's been Vargas is being better than anybody had anticipated Duffy is earning the contract up to this point continuing to the solid season that he had last year. King he's continued to be Ian Kennedy. And Jason Vargas pitching as well as anybody in all of baseball so far at the beginning. Of the seasonal summer of education hail he had a heck of performances last out he was really good and they car's been good enough. So that rotations and been great so. I don't know how the whole thing Vargas is gonna play out to this boy he's been terrific in between three strikeouts. To walks. Forcing ERA. While working as 2.2 thirds innings in any Kidman. I did seek common. They seek common and and my questions basically. Surrounded health instead of if it's that it's anything else so let's in the work he put it they talked about last night in post game of the work he put in. Is paying off right now I'll think. If you if you sit down US Jason Vargas. Hey did you expect to come out at point three strikeouts to walks in 22 thirds innings in the fourth in the bigs with. I'm point 44 ERA he pricey now. But he's been great is location been fantastic and he was almost unhittable last night against the giants. You are both at the game yesterday area so we solve the reaction to Madison Bom Gartner. Was it album was put it what really got me peopled is he a resounding boos I noticed it but it didn't it wasn't. Isn't raining down from the stains yesterday they arrest the reaction in the reception to Madison bomb Barnaby and there they want the giants' lineup. They announce massive Bom Gartner. Lou and that was really a budget wasn't as much as we talked about it the fanfare of the return of Madison Bom Gartner certainly didn't live up to it from the being at the game experience yesterday it was different on television via a one highlights and do a lot of those things you couldn't really tell yet district is being at all. I feel like you lose. You know any sort of a different special night. I try to get at least one game series. When they're in town so that's the one I wanted to go to this time. I know you see things sue for different about it I mean. I felt like. I felt like that game had some playoff elements to it just the way the game was played I mean basically turned on. A bomb on one mental mistake he came from Baumgartner when he did get over to cover first base moves slid headfirst Orlando scores and their little tiny things decided at game. And in playoff games that's what happens so even though the offense wasn't there. On I felt that have like some playoff elements to it. Even though it didn't have the play the game itself did the the but the vibe of the stadium is seem like a typical. On Wednesday night at Kauffman Stadium in April. Called the drive voicemail line 91371707704. Voicemail guy says what would your message be to Eric Hosmer. The helped get him out of the slump. What have around one at the at at 345. And the winner gets a hundred dollars to winning streaks insiders casino coming up they saw something last night that suggest. Alex Gordon shouldn't be the lead off hitter he's knows what that is next on the draft. 610 sports. Or. If you're just gonna. Listen. Streets inside here is north casino. Well I drive voicemail line 9137170770. Here at any voice contest. What would your message be to your house burns going to be. On Sunday watching you were Kansas City really stopped by the sale loaded and if you would that was gone says you've got a dollar injuring in spy killed. With our guy Josh. Her here Jason Vargas. Projected to be 35 and this year and that Harrison. 35 enough I don't think he's going to project and I don't think he's gonna win thirty games last thirty game winner. Denny McClain went back in 1960 yeah I don't think he's going to I don't think it seems though the only pitcher win loss record doesn't really matter at that. Some of it's a little bit weird again we can. Yeah it does summit summit doesn't in and having. Ads and get your out. When you do that and quick painfully voice again and low hanging for it is it. All right so. It pretty good reason why I don't think so awesome last night while think outscored it should be the guy the top. On the cheap hourly usually badly but it goes back to this. Is a few years ago in. And ideas pregame media availability. And the royals are ready to face Justin Verlander in his prime I said. I said Ed. Is Verlander one of those pitchers. It is. Essentially you're gonna get maybe one pitch to hit one good pitch to hit her back. And he laughed he said to me he goes he is he kidding me as you you're going to be lucky one pitch to hit in game from a guy like Justin Verlander. So last night it's the bottom of the fifth inning. The royals on it it's a it's a scoreless game. Bottom of the fifth inning Alex Gordon's up an account the realities facing Madison Bogart Sumpter Cecile Goran is gonna do. He takes a fastball right down Broadway. Allison and the counts 31 and I'm thinking how do you not swing at that pitch but how do you not do that you got Apollo and of that was that legs at second base. You get a fastball right down the guy in at 30 count. And how you hustling. So that pitch slider down and away go to a thousand Aussie went from 30 count. And see in the best freaking page that your ever gonna see from Madison balm Gartner and you take it. And now account also in the cast three to two or three into in the court Owens at it cue ball. I'll the end of his bat on down the third base line Orlando's fast got to third essentially swinging bond and the play were that anyway. But it made me sick it's like is important too Smart as he too methodical. To be the guy at the top of the lineup I mean one of the best leadoff guys in the history of baseball. Was Rickey Henderson a means that guys not get a cure cancer split the what the brightest cap Danny is a good lead off hitter. And the first thing I thought about a saguaro stare that pitch was like knowing hill. I'll see these Escobar does this week at a fastball right down the guy. In the three you know count. And I and gore is one of my favorite players I admire his work ethic I love the fact that the guy wanted to be Kansas City. You know I love his defense is about 950. Million things. A lot about the guy but I just wonder if that's not the spot form at the top of the order once sought to get pitched a 30 count. It is a really good pitcher which maybe you're gonna get. You could be lucky one pitch bird back against Madison bombarded this terrible. He had it right there with a runner in scoring position a guy that had wheels right down the pipe any hook it. Mean you want your leadoff guy and you want to get your guidance in that position to try to get on base I understand it but man you got to swing the bat. But you have to you know you're a fastball in at 30 count. Why try to work out why you have to see pitches in that situation. I get a if it's at three duke out I still in ninety miles an hour it looks like it's coming over the inside of the plate and it catches it catches the black in and he called on the strike you're good and beautiful but she knew the pitch was. He took it. And so I think you need some kind of a wild card a little bit of a squirrel in that leadoff spot. That is gonna go after that stuff and that was my like op moment were actually shot last night. Well I think outscored is so good and so Smart so methodical if he's probably to a Smart and too methodical to be the guy a leadoff role and an eye I saw that night. And the like just came off him like I saw. Like before. I just had you know a little while Carlos squirrel like instantly not he's unpredictable he's gonna hit the first fastball he sees you know I think we caught up in this. This and he got to take pitches you got to where the pitcher got to take pitches at a seepage Kennedy that you got to do that. Help me and if you get a hit if you're gonna maybe get one notable that bird batted it's a great pitcher what is there. For but you're lucky to get one unhittable pitch in an at bat for Madison Baumgartner we had a runner in scoring position and I think. He's methodical and Smart and thinking about getting on base instead of freaking crushing a fastball right down bra that's why don't think it's this buffer. Tax on 69306. Where do you bet him. What I say yesterday's sixth or seventh is that right and I don't have my line of the guys that I I put out their yesterday I'd put him lower in the order where it was last year 67 date right there and I have to. I'll write it down the break happened but I I go left right left right left right all the way down with modest he's a switch hitter in the bottom. I'm a little surprised that sure on hot moment. Because now we have crossed the 500 AB Miguel at that's what the item that I saw like it like it was tangible you know I mean because before like at this point. Oh god just in there's this week fast while the last night was my on tangible moment. I guess I just reached that linked where you and I would just differ on line of construction yeah I Dallas gorgeous not eating well sold batting of one batting seventh batting Osce basketball wine and knew a lot of them can hit outscored his last 501 at at bats is it to eighteen. He's gonna struggle at least right now where the hit him first second it just doesn't matter in the lineup where you're going to put on so bet aha moment the issue bad. I don't think it's related to him batting first in the line up as they right now outscored as is struggling as an offensive player. Much more of an approach though. Like his approach at the plate in his method at the plate I mean that's what I'm basing I'm not look at it average are not looking any of that stuff right now. I'm saying just approach now if you wanna look at numbers. Like my good buddy will Walker's tax may change your leadoff guy if you could go straight by the numbers. Not get some days fasting is still basic it's infield singles he's got it should be early that's the guy. If you'll look at numbers he's also run producer. And so I don't know if you want him up in that leadoff spot Escobar has really run producer I'm looking down farther along Lockhart and and and a guy's gonna swing at a fastball. Down the pipe it's not scared to do an interview seen pictures. Well I guess I was what a fully understand. Yours it's as you don't care about the numbers you're just going to base the lineup off the Yule. Does not true that's not true love thing is I think if you want to seize Escobar yeah. Should all feel they did is they don't disregard to the numbers because you would even agree approach right now I mean you would agree. Even with Alex Gordon struggling he is a better hitter than analyses Escobar. Takes pitches gets on base gives you a better chance or tree RBI opportunities for the guys behind him in the order I see is a better hitter than analyses Escobar. At least in this case an analyst before you bet your willing to disregard the numbers and their career as a hitter and go off the field. So when do you decide when it's good to go by the numbers in some situations in good to completely disregard the numbers and go by Holland should fuel any yet. While I don't think you can. Illegal by the numbers this early Smart anyway because I don't think. Any these guys viewed the numbers that they're put up or necessarily who they are. I think Kane's probably he's above where he actually is in my opinion odds. Gore oh ASCII. Follow those guys are obviously mosques and those are that's not who those guys are. You know my thing is the majority of the time is your first pitch fastball. The majority it's not all it's not the Georgia received first pitch fastball when you're leading off the game escobar's gonna swing it that. Chorus probably gonna take it more than escobar's. So pitchers try to settle in first pitch fastball once there and urology. With crummy pitchers you may get. Even if it crummy pictures have a good night they may make one mistake bird act. Hit it I don't care if it's the first pitch the second pitch the third pitch the fourth page but when you make that mistake and you hit it. Careful account it's 213 the royals are so athletic. Not as athletic as they've been in the past but they're built on putting the ball in play and making the other team played great defense and try to beat that so. That's wild like Escobar will put double play. I think from the leadoff spot more than court I understand go to approach I respect court of proposed I love. I love gore I can't tell you how much I love the guys that statute he deserves it. A lot of stories I think he would definitely get me the point up patriots' the bond in game one of the World Series. I think he will on but I just don't think he's great and that role is not halfway intelligent human being. That's pretty good a lot of stuff I figure I've got to college education I can figure and a lot of things. But I'm not good plumbers don't make me do plumbing at my house like I know and you put in that situation and I'm probably gonna fail you know with gore though. I just don't think that's a really good spot form. I don't think that's a spot every one guy with the team that the royals at is there more pitches a lot of guys that is when your fastball on I want to God's gonna take advantage of a mistake. Instead of a scene pitches. In twenty minutes we'll play around one of our voice mail contest 9137170770. Your message Sarah how's your chance to win a hundred dollars to winning streak inside here is casino some breaking NFL draft news plus. Danny Duffy said something on fast go in the morning that I disagree with I'll say what that is next on Woodruff. 610 sports. It's hard to watch the royals with me at winning streaks inside Harris the Sunday. Drive Jerry sitting here baby this year as well highs a little bit under the weather. Well playing. Today drive voice mail line 9137170770. Of boys they'll contest you will. Played well won here in about fifteen minutes give you a chance to win a hundred dollars to winning streak inside here is north casino. Burton will be there this Sunday one. She knew or came to city royals probably scored two runs against the Texas Rangers the texture is asking where I would backcourt. On like light of that I had written down it's righty lefty right lefty I go as he moves came on cell mosque merit filled in right by the way. At Cornell and modesty I've got I've got gore go back and eighth in line at that I have. And I'm looking it is split. The last three years getting 85 bats it's a batting seventh season 306. Is also pretty good in the five hole. Four and 37 about it you just don't want outscored right 95 for the us absolutely so you know lower in the order he's actually been really good if you look over the last three years granted it's only 85 at bats but. It is seventies. It 306 I've got a problem is seventh I was just trying to go righty lefty righty lefty so. And it actually moving him down you're the best place of best thing to do and put put us in we just by Danny Duffy was on Tesco in the morning earlier. Today. Enjoy the conversation that vesco has with next I think he gets the most relaxed Ned. That you potentially see that's the ballpark and sometimes it will be combative at the ballpark a couple of days ago about the author and she's a little bit combative I think it was last week he was asked about the energy from the team use a little bit angry and combative. I think in the morning with Bobby's normally pretty relaxed Danny tells the I think is one of the more candid interviews that you can hand in Kansas City. So certainly kudos to Bob let's go for having him more once a week. They asked him. About the air baseball home run derby theory I don't wanna play that answer for you and we talked about the home run derby. And I'll spot played the audio for you about what Dini Duffy said about changes in baseball. Someone who's my age someone who's not an old timers no disrespect Ali forty sevens and alzheimers thank political talking about baseball you would certainly be in the old timer realm. That's what do you don't CA baseball player. Thinks about baseball in the direction that it's going. I think it is it net gain. I play obliterated. The luck in the computer at the plate and there's a lot of music you on the being no that's what brought out ought go out there about your that he. You know after it is in a minute 32 and I gotta there a way that's the order because you know her. But he didn't prove that. I mean epic. In Madrid you can all all about the apparent that got caught. And I ordered him sanctuary in our effort immediate result. Remember we open up not with. If you were commissioner for a day what would you change. I didn't think they're there all the beautiful game the first or later come in entered game. One of the Dylan from my whole life. They talk about. Bring in the strike I mean that down and away if that and literally in until our brains are fired careers is going to be regular nick. You know and it. Oh. Water that it brought up probably. But you but I've been in the regular but what it is well you know met. Or it give partly related what do you expect. I thought Janie dusty anatomy some really good points. I think we can agree across all sports. That commercials have made television programs especially sporting games sporting events longer. But they're just a factor. Now I you can do some tweaking with that I know the NFL's talking about on eliminating one commercial break it's so annoying in the NFL when you go. Extra point commercial kick off commercial bit yes they can do a little bit to make the ball watching and viewing experience a little bit better. 100% agree regain dusty on the topic of commercials and how would lengthen games. And how bad is a bigger park so. Us us part of that is we talk about how long game used to be in 1975. And how longer they are now. You do have to factoring commercials that is parked those are Zorn away dinner that's part of why baseball games a longer so to me you have to talk about this. I'm asking this to you with someone that is clearly more on beanie got beside of the game yeah been heists organized and I'll speak Eisner's and he sounds like cookie monster can't really speak for himself today. What in society. Could use improvement. Like dinged up he says I think the games per league baseball doesn't need to change. What in society doesn't need to change the Internet. Is amazing. We can think of changes that can happen on the Internet to make the Internet a better run. Flicks there's definitely changes you could bring to Netflix to make it more enjoyable experience. Anything in life I can give you one idea that could improve the experience of it. How would taste outfield whatever it is. What makes baseball this unique game it's now reached this level of perfection that can never be untouched. I don't think that's what he's saying and it would Duffy means is drastic changes like Welch is idea. Of a home run derby of the game's tied in the tent I think that's what he means having there's. Definitely ways you can improve baseball I mean last night you know when policy factories still his first base. You know the replay so it was almost five minutes. And we can see on the Jumbotron that he was either safer there's no way that they can change the call and that it's stuff like that. You know I think that's part of it. It's politics on his Arkansas fear someone's Exxon says part of the question mark commercials are the entire reasons games or longer that's why they can't fix and I get rid of them. I don't think I don't know I don't watch baseball games and think the only reason baseball game the longer we agree pitchers don't pitch as long as they did more to change what's more pitching changes which obviously Italy is the game a little bit an instant replays and it took commercials are certainly a part of it but to act like commercials aren't the only reason that baseball games longer now does not want to date yet. Yet if that's part of it for Sharon I've brought this up before even his spring training games 2 and o'clock. In between innings and the pitchers like like Duffy said he's ready to go with forty seconds left on the clock. Then. This is got to sit there ways cell was again. There's a couple things. That and ideas and this isn't my idea but we gene Watson director of pro scouting out so we are spring training for the royals he sits on my thoughts pretty interest. The Indy 500. You know I mean. The race is he gonna stop for commercial breaks image is not that's not how things work they'll take there's a crashing go to commercial break what they do that it was split screen. You know she got ads over here a commercial over here you can still see what's going on. I think that's one potential solution for it to speed the game not get the game dark start a little bit quick he's still see the ad. Everybody's happy people watch the game they see the commercial and one that soccer does a really good job of is with the running clock. They're constantly flipping sponsors up in the corner of the screen I think that would be a great way to do it. That's another way. That you get that revenue and you also get to see the game you speeded a couple of incidents that that to me is one part of it but I to a Duffy who say I just don't think. I think he's not on board a drastic changes like put somebody on second base. You know in the in the tenth inning to speed up the game because of the park to see that you get to see if that happens if you started ending off. With. To know things can happen you start an inning on with the tie game with a runner at second but. That part I agree with like that park like. I bought I don't see we don't need to debate but I thought it was a good guy. I I hate that you hate that I think most yet though like baseball. Well I think you when I disagree with a little bit on his when he calls the game perfect I don't think there's anything that's for but I would say there are more people that agree with excellent excellent says. I would rather baseball ceased to exist and to let it change. We think of changes and improvements for literally. Everything. Everything that is in existence weaken pickled. Great things bad things. But we are the nation of complaining about things in the finding a solution were not complain about your iPhone or whenever actually they'll they'll release a new and I've improvement in like I think you understand that technology in society that things always move for and they find improvements to. Right now we could do an hourlong segment on how to improve college that's all we can do it now and in. A lot of people would agree yeah less time outs improve the light we can think of little improvements what makes baseball also differ on the baseball being that you are I'd like baseball. You have the romantic passionate love for that I think a lot of other people rant but it just hits like your funny when I hear. The game is perfect it doesn't need any changes what else is. Like is that I I interpret what he said different than you. I interpret is no drastic changes tweaks are fine nothing's perfect. It's not going to be perfect this is not I just think drastic changes like the stupid home run derby rule which is ridiculous I mean. So I. You know that's what I think he means it's not perfect. But again changing changes on comfortable even in even in tiny bits for a lot of people got to whoever these guys the ones plain and they're the ones that that's gonna feel more than we'd. And so I think when you say it's not like it's hard enough to be a big leaguer and get here and be productive and do my thing and I get it changed the rules on me. Holy crap I got enough for my place here to try to keep my job in my little tiny window of a career that I make really good money and hopefully never have to work again and and that's what seemed like. I think that's what it is from a player's standpoint from a consumer standpoint again like we want more and less commercials and faster and and and a higher pace and. I would even say some of the little things that might make players uncomfortable that you need to deal with armor we had gene Watson on the we're in spring training is correct and he said. Like through the different levels they don't want the game to be different because they have to teach yeah we accept that and other sports I mean it. Shooting a three winner in college basketball high school basketball is easier than in the NBA you assume and you know that there's going to be adjustment to shooting three pointers that you could weed out the guys the team issue in the greater shooters they have more value because they can shoot from farther distance. If the NFL hash marks on the same as they are in college football like we can deal with the level of adjustment that it is so for baseball players like. Part of you got to deal with the potential change that is coming in someone told me an injured old me your honest in this quote. The one constant like this chain console like that's the one constant thing that has been every year of your life. Is going to it's going to jail. I just I am on gives it the way the game as for the most part you know I think you'd we get here and there. You crazy stuff to try to fix it and I think you're gonna ruling you're gonna lose your base they released was part of it in NY. Why screw with the customer base is completely oil I think eventually. It will come around a baseball league a little bit older in odd I've I think they really do when you have kids your guy. What's that you get the ball game if you got a huge baseball. I just don't think there's a lot of things that need to be done her I really don't like I don't think. People that don't care about baseball in a rush to the ballpark because some change was made it saves eleven minutes off the game. I just don't get it I mean the other night and he. Eleven inning game this is I think was the day after we discussed Welch's idea about having a home run derby after ten innings. I was hanging on every pitch with the strategy wanted to see what Mondesi was gonna do. And the part that idea too and now I know I'll go and spoiled and well or I actually struck out bump yeah but. So going into and the other there's so many hours you try to do these crazy things you try to over think it. You know and and then that's when you released are screwed it and that's the way that's the way interpreted dot fees that isn't perfect the perfect about it. That's okay man. It doesn't have to be perfect nothing is perfect and you tweak it sure. You know this crazy stuff where you wanna you know try to speed the game by putting dude on second home run derby after ten innings to these. Coming out the round all of our voice and all kinds as a 9137170770. What would your message be aired odds were to get him going the winner. One's a hundred dollars so winning streaks inside America's pairs casino we play the first batch of those free national address. Sixty and sort. News and news when not knowing where. And I'm. Bang Hannibal and the zionist and here's your brain hanging here as well have been highs. Producer of this thing under the weather but he's battling through it today we're having a voice contest. 9137170770. The winner of the was no contest. It's 800 dollars to winning streak inside Ayers is seen. All to do. Called a number leave a voicemail. What message would you give Eric Hosmer to get things going my message would be very simple. You know playing today he wouldn't lineup for me today about that yells and I would say what you need to do to get right. But it's clear there right now you're not beard Hosmer that we know you can be. If you like he'd take today off. David Glass give you the private jet. I don't care do what you need to do. Take 24 hours come back here Friday 8 o'clock in the morning ready to work ready to go. Just take it day to decompress doubt be my message there you would have a different. Nazis came keep working Adam and baseball's about rep she got to get them. Got to get reps many of the -- don't you go and get to keep working aircraft I'm not gonna say hey take a day off and get the jet for hidden 200. Now I'm not millennial manager I don't anonymous and Haas was safe space. Because he's had a rough year offensive power to keep working on and that's what he wants to do and out on top of that you don't want your best hitter. Is to take it day because he's been lousy and Asian leader to do so yeah that's not what I would deal I would reinforced the fact that he's a champ. On a bunch of different levels he's our guy that would reinforce him with facts and Sheila ms. Reza. So we are having a voicemail contest what would shorten message be voicemail number one. Here we go. Apotheker. Call well but there buries. It. It. I feel like we can bring a little more energy. To the voicemail contest that's not settle honor I thought we can do a little bit better layout slightly easier the winner will no that's not it now the concept to slump Lester good but I got to sell more. I'm gonna contract wrote of democratic. You know that is assembled a bolder and you're in with a guy in Italy Garber ball girl in the rose does in the front. Are able to television likes it. I do like we'll keep that'll keep that oil and in the rotation this is voicemail three your message to air constantly get them out of the slump. Yeah I would just like he had maybe. Possibly. Eric how murder might accompany each Cheesecake Factory. And that my comments would be great. Thanks Greg I. That was amazed by that ended chuckle she like we'll keep that up that the Culver. That the did the Culver and imposter. I'm not share I don't know but it sounded very much. It was with the guiding Goldberg like we're supposed to know that the post they got a little tired Eagleburger and ask you in the post game she'll ask if you under the Cheesecake Factory than. Burns a hole so that you don't talk cameraman now that you gave me more details that's like on him out longer on the dollar movie. You had given me a lot to go over the day the guy that called bird in the post and show didn't give me a lot which is yes. Cheesecake Factory the same thing you don't like to go their Cheesecake Factory right. Voiced a number for your message stared out. Thought. Yeah. Yeah. Ha. And. The self serving pick from Albania ice. I don't I don't like that that silicon that was you and public coffee cans are pretty decent wine on the Dow. Out leader in the to me now it's not the only real I've got these little guys that is the only way underwater Liu made the bold call us. And Michael this idol I plug his own salt I appreciate him making that phone call from beyond this helps global free in Folgers Kansas and kite string as the city is called an everybody can afford cellphones that. Pair of a well the results while he certainly shouldn't go into the casino and if you can't hit the vote boys on the over five. Here's a poem I wrote the air out. I don't vote her out. Here air partner. That's why that's why later so far as well we got what yet right now I think that's better than the other woodlands Cheesecake Factory got me that's funny are we got one more year. What would your message be to get Eric Hosmer out of his slump. Little. Right now bad. But you've been down for. What do you still stand mr. Crowe got a commodity. When. It and we did it. When. Get that ball like the backside of Newt humanize the yeah. BR right there broken and you don't BO. All right we're Cummings at Uga remaining. Only one needs to and into the next round. You gotta be decides you gotta make a choice which one you motivating to win round one of the voicemail contacts. I I got to go to the last two on the got Cheesecake Factory that was funny to me that was really really fun OK you're giving him Cheesecake Factory. I won't be taking. The motivational speech the last one. It was a Chappelle's reference and he also made in the acumen is joke I'm gonna give it to Monday uncle in France. The of the motivational speech on to the next round. Ice I assume we're taking a look when you call me big guys to the next round. I really once but that really does no good here and to Peking tiebreaker. So I will go. With the final motivational speech. But in making an out of silicon and pay to yeah big bully you know a big bully senior both them. What's behind. Us the close to me it was the code the pole and that's it stops and that was all right you can only take one Uga didn't take. They'll pull on our you can take that Cheesecake Factory when you take we're we're not read next ram yet not take take the take the ball take the ball over I think more people. Would prefer the pollen in the I think Cheesecake Factory funny that made her feel extremely awkward on the air which is why that I've. Yeah radioed the other. And then and then I round two is going to be an hour 9137170770. Called voicemail Woodrow message beats area gossamer. If you're a winner you know hundred dollars two winning street inside here is casino coming up in two minutes the lineup is out today. And there is no longer. You can't make a convincing argument. Why we mayor fueled shouldn't be on this team plus one that is concerned that the offense is holding. Back available in two minutes islander. Here's a poem I wrote the air partner. I don't pollute the air out. You're aired out.