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The Drive
Thursday, April 20th

In Hour 3, CDot wonders what the Royals reason could be for not starting the season with Whit Merrifield on the roster and wonders why 4/20 is a thing for pot-smokers when they're likely to smoke most other days. They're then joined by Matt Miller of Bleacher Report to talk NFL Draft before revealing some more new voicemails.


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Act in a glimpse of the drive fans are harassing your race meaning here. Any injured. But playing through being Chrysler is their producer of this thing. But Edwards injuries. You know that I thought there you know it's got to do seriously. Outside it's their problem there on that letter makes. You really interesting now when a guy that's it that's who we say a warehouse facility it's nature's Arabs and aired on he wants entered and that's currently have got. I'll try and take the non millennial approached it. Fixing my my voice in that you don't get me answers a year in the that's no fun and now you're in radio it's not like your library. Right I admire that this is kind of what I do exactly so I admire you for. For coming in here and deal bring it tree. Lots of softly and. Off. They like. Lineup is now for the royals outscored is leading off my sockets is hitting second pane Hosmer parade is. Moss basketball Orlando Mondesi in Dini Duffy is on the mound today. You're gonna go nuts on this I'm gonna go nuts because the or decided what the plane is with Rahal months so like. Every day getting frustrated about Raul Mondesi being in the lineup is just they it's it's it's a failed thing to do. But I don't understand is. Incorrect if I'm wrong. Offense is struggling correct that's correct our struggle. There's one person on their team. I think is a good offensive player that I don't understand why they are doing more to give advance to present a person what mayor field. Not gonna sit here and silently adding Whitman air field has been Zobrist or I think he is the elixir to the royals' problems like down. Mayor fuel so far in his career has been productive. He's a good bet. And right now in this lineup. Warehoused was not hitting well outscored in is in hitting while outs he's Escobar isn't Paulo Orlando while Mondesi. Does have a lot of holes in your lineup. I continue to put a guy that I don't think is a hole in the lineup I don't think that person's Whitman air field he's put an 83 games in his Major League Baseball career. He's got an 88 hits in his career he's hit into Haiti during. Out of those 83 games he has hit in 59. Album. More than likely will Whitman or sealed is in the game. He's productive. We know about his versatility we know we can play. 67 different Brazilian oil twelve positions on the field he can do a lot of different things. I don't understand why are right now while the offense is struggling with mayor field is not a staple in their line. Right now you need guys that can reduce U quality backs in the line. Based on the information that we had I think Whitman air field is that quality back and I would do everything to get him in the line. Elena try to give you reason why he's probably not in the line that would polity last. If you're you're you're committed to play in Muncie at second base which the royals are gonna do. To keep giving him a bats are facing a right handed pitcher which means Odyssey is better on the left side is switcher. So you put him back in the lineup in the night and he's facing right. Paulo had his best game of the offense it last year or last night you start to heat up the thing. The face of pitcher this that was look at winning when I I see it lineup and want want is to act I betting man what in the like a possibly be thinking like why would they put that. That Cali and so like ten to go back though to the splits and the good batter vs pitcher look at stuff like that. I don't know if this is it that if I had to guess what policy and right and wit is not there. My first guess would be that that policy faces guy. Andrew cash or the pitcher facing tonight. One for two months seem pretty well. Paula had a really good game like heaven union that's a no one for two seeing like 500 and it's just very run on. I'm just guessing and guessing right now are trying to figure out why they would do that I think also. You've got the opportunity to. You were with wit on the bench that gives you a bunch of different opportunities. To put him in and put him in where he needed at a certain point the ball if I had to bet everything I. I would say at some point you get to see what America. At some point you to see him maybe they paid attention from Odyssey you know maybe they put wit in right maybe the wit is a guy that you can put in my. Every position on the field with the exception to catcher pitcher but he play every single one of those positions civic center. On and so I think you're gonna see him tonight at some point and I think if you start ball out there. Right I'm writing. On. You know maybe maybe that's it I don't know I mean I don't think you can make an argument for. Not having wit in there on a regular basis I just don't think you've seen at second at least. I would say right now when you don't have quality of someone texting and stop blowing up wit. He's not our problem solver I promise Adam Mair fueled the problem solver but royals don't you know the problem solver for the royals is present Eric Hosmer. Alex Gordon is the problem solver for the royals my stance right now with the offenses. Try to field the best and most competitive lineup that they could right now what we're talking about. This offense is struggling. I would continue to put the guys that are struggling and it out of the fringe guy that went down the bench that has a better hitter talking about six outs worn for him down. Or now having. I'm talking about there's. They guy that again and he has played 83 games in 59 of them he has gotten hit. He's played 83 games he's got an 88 hits in his career he's a career to 83 better the is someone like that lineup right now. We all lost in the last couple nights like this offense does is hum and right now in Boston. You could use. A fix here or there essentially get things going somebody that can get on base somebody takes a walk somebody that gives you a professional AB. Would follow in the last night. Apollo and star he's the guy the guy should read two stolen bases last over slid one. That's a that's and you know pulled up to crummy start but maybe that's at the royals see that's just dollars out there like maybe they see a guy. This is start eat up a little Pollack the best his best game of the year last night sold couple back 82 base in the overs when he tagged out. I think that's maybe what you're seeing it on track figured out too but I guess I understand. A look at. And you don't panic actually got to protections I want to see if you can run on this guy he can run those guys that you Apollo and now he's better chance to steal it back and win and that's part of the two. You know if at all is not he's gonna be on base it was this deal this cat may think it's steel and under pressure to and it looked up what he does as it was he slowed the plate. And steal more backs of this guy you know is. You know is is it. I mean there's a lot of things that factor into that I don't think they're just gonna throw darts they were gonna stick with what we got a matter one there's got to be a reason behind it. You've heard something on the pregame show about Ned Yost. Van. Speaks to the bull I did in it was it right the fear was talking to mine before the game yesterday. And he in the boy was making was essentially that. On the pit the starters have really helped the bullpen in the head. Said yeah but now. Do you know they're doing a great job we get this deep in the games but again. You know for struggling offense really puts a damper on your bullpen. You know last night was another prime example you know we wanted to get that came over with the before we had the you know right after we use Kelvin before we use Calvin and you know now we ended up having to go you know two innings where. With Alexander which makes him unavailable tonight and everybody in the pan either pitched or got hot last night which. You know it's not a great thing and you like to give guys. You know little break here and there but with the off day the other day. We came in fully stocked and now you know we're just have to stop we will have everybody available tonight with the exception of probably Alexander but. You know those when their offense is struggling they did it tends to put little more stress on the globe and in other. Will silent. On yes so that was an interesting comment from them and that was before last night's game Ned said listen. When the offense has scored games go longer especially tight games. I I think we when we think of the ball than we think the guys that pitch the guy gets warmed up to me he's downloads on point pitches when it says on that guy's hot. He's got to get warmed up before they come and and that's. Couple more bullets they're gone meaning over the course of a year you get hot you don't pitch that's still where and chair even though it's not in the game and so I thought that was interesting. If the the effect that the lack of offense has had on the bullpen it makes it tougher man. I mean last night Vargas was terrific. Seven innings and it was Soria and perera and Moylan yeah and will Alexander those guys they'll get arrested and then onto you know hot. They don't have to come in the game that gives them an extra day of rest but. When you can't scrape together Iran and you're one for eleven with runners in scoring position. And you're going eleven things you get attacked the pin. And I'd that was a really interesting. Thought from dad because I think we tend to believe in in the starting pitching sucks that's what affects the bullpen the most but the offense can do it as well and I. And that's another thing that. That we need to see we see the office it better to help the bullpen. You know they still don't have in my opinion. This summit will solve the seventh inning to piece together right now did at the other night with more than one it's still not. You know our seventh inning guy eighth inning guy and ninth inning so the more the offense can do. The better is on that pen and a temporary in their every single night. You know it'll have to do that you don't have to it's meant to build up league takes some pressure off those armed and arms down. Makes a lot of sense that the struggles for the offense is permeates through the rest of the team and I your it's your bullpen. I gotta put up zeros for a lot longer than they have to hold it and then hope at some point that your offense breaks through I brawl in in agreement. The best thing for this team would be his course and the camera you've got to start school on some college guys are taken pressure off durable pain in your starting staff because. You need guys to go seven innings one run kind of ball in order for you to have a chance to win these games because the offense just hasn't been. Very productive so far this season let's step aside will continue voicemail contest 9137170770. Gets of that at. 445. What was your message be to Eric Hosmer as the winner wins a hundred dollars to winning streaks insiders Kasinga. Picket casino but coming up there's the so called holiday. Then maybe causes me to have my own get off my line moment and we talked to Matt Miller a Bleacher Report NFL draft down to order at 430. The conversation is cornerback a need for this team heading into the draft do all that next coming up on the draft. Seeks its. But again but it didn't it didn't couldn't and wouldn't. Banking on the drugs and it's hairs here grandstanding here in the highest alert in what battling at 7580%. Blood spilled. Valiant in his effort hold down today producing. Real quick so we're talking about what was in the lineup. Apollo is tonight right field. Joseph the liberally caption for the Rangers tonight. Seven stolen bases against the disease. So my guess would be you see the royals run a little bit they think they Balkans he backed off it in when he gets them and you get on base to steal a base you know. You know bulk of its last that would pretty good. Imus and let yeah. He got on base steal I mean you sit under 200 right now and there's there's no guarantee. You'll steal bases that is true that's a fact which it into it and I'm just trying to get us why me you know why Orlando's out there. It makes perfect sunny that it is that he can run and grow makes perfect sense. I went a little. Reggae music a little Bob Marley music please. That 100. Celebrated towards one. You don't celebrate a dollar price I assume you're not someone that port takes in this holiday. Silence. And I've always ask. Skill and how he would not an honest I would take that as a yes on the other guys that I participate I sleep ordeals the little we sometimes it's not just give it. Is it about four boys Tikrit if I'm wrong but it or to smoke all the time. I don't think any other day. This achieved this is that's we all have different byes totally different light decision I'd want to tell you got to the delight when it comes with a polite there's. Why via the sizzle today in this in this thing that you already do it's just a regular final Thursday you just regular Thursday. Maybe you indulged earlier today Google it's a little Obama you cut down the lights we'll figure out who shot the sheer will work together to figure this thing now. But lighting emphasis on today when it's something that you normally do I understand the same after today you drink green the year. On Christmas we have certain Christmas activities. Easter you pick the holiday. What July only that I like I am just break a modest. Going outside like some bottle rockets on April 19. Unforced what you're doing what you normally do. Everything's done and know these it's like gesture can update it's now. They each face it national via de. But is National League what did you think is pressure can't Arnold and his sister who's got a bit. This is national treasure tech Dave maybe you had some kind of inside knowledge that's the first thing about the public about it seemed like the person that of which are tetanus sweater you seem like that kind of I don't. On a gentleman and I don't dress that's. We get a cat alone then I'm not present at the mattress and I was curious man you just seem like the person that would pressure that day is January 14 by the making them there's a real dresses. Blood pressure to address your pet this to Vienna. It weasel that's I don't say that you shouldn't judge people by judgment you have your dog in this letter. If your dog and C news now I'm just I don't like that's I think why isn't all blue cardigan run. Holidays big in the Tracy who like. Christmas handkerchief. And and but yes letters to like it's been my money on stuff that. And we ads you know I've fallen leveler pads again it meant pet. Pet owners and pet lovers such suckers they spend so much money. On stockman for their bats like a solution he got into I should certainly a pet Smart I was shows the inventor of PetSmart that was the case. I'd be so rich right notably his pet lovers are suckers man everything we had this conversation. Is. It. This much at ease when you were obviously it does is go to line. To a slim Jim definitely. But we have. It's got rescission on the show several months ago about how if you got into the markets particular it was like yeah could you have started gluten free. Pet food chain and you can't live. People will bite Helen had probably already have you guys are probably use it. Again I read the text you guys soon. Tex sign that the ninth loser of six. Christians worship god all year but hagee is special holidays for saying he's here. I got a I don't think we should compare April 20. Easter that is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ in Christmas with the celebration of his birth I don't think that's the same thing. Now if that's the same thing more power to you I think they are totally different. Smoke weed you're an adult you make those decisions for yourself. What's what's the emphasis on the day that you celebrate for twenty are the people that do wit all the time is a casual person that's like you know lot. Hold off on the smoke and read that original today I don't try again I understand the saint Patrick today. Bring you go up to drink green beer every legal analyst board smoke weed and I don't know. I'll protect from the 816 hi sounds like Marge Simpson at a. How think that's such. As. Those who'd you disown Bart says so is it is Alley Bruce Pearl. I don't I don't know what Bruce Pearl sounds. I assume it sounds like this. Does anybody with a strained voice right now then rallies on the line. The spread more resemblance to think I don't do any prizes to give way to definitely does double techs like competition over. What what's funny is that high sounds like a dispute is comprised solely on that marxists in the days so it makes you laugh. Adding it will be the show. Out to be able. We get a ticket the Al fine yeah I'll buy them up and and the parallels. So that Saturday game against the just accident if you the funniest thing Heisman sounds like I was as YouTube Prez just thinking Chrysler sounds like blink as easy and Marge Simpson's leader in the clubhouse in my I was pretty good that was really. He did that he needed more urgency and I don't think that's idea. And. Matt Miller of the Bleacher Report a fourth thirty a lot of quarterbacks though I'll talk to him I was having a conversation a couple of people live. I trust their opinion in their knowledge when it comes to talk and she's we're going back and forth about cornerback is cornerback a need. You got one quarterback situation all figured out markets Peters and on the other side he got a lot of youth believe this team has seven corners that are under the age of 25 down you got a lot of young corner you can go in the hopper. I treat quarterback. Golly how I would treat quarterback and how we treat pass rusher Adrian looking too many good ones in the fold. If you of the franchise quarterback on the board like and you know what we already got one word I take note you draft them. If you think there's a potentially a leak cornerback on the board Carol you have your roster would you take with he's available. I don't care if you've got JJ watt digging cloudy Justin Houston all one team you pick what you think the three asked if you want to be made that analogy. They alone you. If you it was a great pass rusher that falls to you were you all are. You take them. You and her team say you know what we got way too many good corners. Too many guys that can rush the quarterback right now we just have an overload of talent at the quarterback position. There's some positions and there's some spots on the field. If that player is good enough I'm taking them and I don't care about draft needs and other positions that you don't corner that's greater than hitting inside linebacker. If you hit all are defensive in our outside linebacker that's greater than hitting all left guard. Take more changed at those position because if you get it right you have some of the most Bible things but you can have in the NFL's I guess is quarterback in the for the chiefs. It's always indeed it's a need for any team in the NFL whether you're Seattle where the the Cleveland Browns whether you're the chiefs. If there's a good core world war in there when you select you take them in my opinion. Is that she's out right now. So you got. It's obviously got Peters yeah gains on either side that he hasn't proved to me that he can stay healthy. Right you and you in the camp yeah. OK so the you know safety Ed Baird Parker. Yet Stephen Nelson DJ why Terrance Mitchell and Kenneth Acker aggregate corner. Get them get a couple. Did you write when you hit a member that she's at a dale Carter back in the day and he was there you know at corner markets Peter's been fantastic. Put another guy on the other side of Peter's. Can't throw. Could say right now it's about creating as many a leak position groups as possible wherever that is. If you add another stud corner opposite markets Peters. You can argue that should the best secondary in the NFL it she's already have a good secondary would vary Ron Parker and markets Peters. A really good one. If you and other shut down corner are no I'm really good solid number two corner. That puts your defense over the top and begin to me there's some positions undrafted every single year I think that's a good player regardless of what the needs are yeah cornerback. Quarterback. And pass rusher our position that I'm taking all the time with the NFL draft officially a week away we'll take a deeper look into the she's potential draft plans with. Matt Miller Bleacher Report next on the draft. Sixty and sports. On demand team and Twitter links the brand spanking new sixty in sports dot com. And on the drive. Carried singers in near grants meaning here. Marge Simpson. But happy. Senators say did use the punch them like all the time let's go or don't like the turning the Mike and offer you got the bracelet on some key numbers for the people not understand you did you gotta look at numbers. For the team pulled. Drive voicemail 9137170770. Our drive voicemail contest how would you do it Eric Hosmer going what is your message to him the winner gates. All hundred dollars to winning streaks inside here is casino we will have the next batch coming up at 445 but I'm excited talked to this guy. Matt Miller of Bleacher Report he is an NFL draft scout on Twitter. One of the more knowledgeable people about the NFL draft Matt thanks Africa wanted him in. Folders and Flickr and the like and let's move forward of this. He got hit everything on the corner of political problem but it's cheaper everything like. At the phone lines I'd go up again as secretary. One defeat the ball here. It's like to make the cut but thank you. Now have you worn because. So much of the strands has been about quarterback in my big question about quarterback has been. I'm talking about Robiskie he's not gonna be on the board when he's there but I would like to go down a lot of talk about these quarterbacks and how you fit into the offense. I feel like early on a lot of people like to to shout lots into the she's but I don't like he's gonna be on the board whenever they select let's start with pat homes. What do you like about Tamil homes and what you think he fits this office. Liquid I think I think that the merchant Watson among all. I think well more than thirteen like the love that chooses. Blown off and hit it in meetings since started public since become one whenever one went in them and now. His pocketbook of the world like from the point where your partner and the market sector where in you can actually our partners got to have its wildly from. Tom by the public sector where. Now let's go to war altering this weather system. Ending didn't need the popcorn and very very intelligent so. Obviously you're seeing where college were awful and it has nothing to do you know sell. But the way. The people talked in the you know felt that it. It causes but what we can teach him to do in the NFL. Because he has sold. That is a recall vote is so good plays and his is where tension and so. That they think he's going to be able to translate yet so probably what you're saying where you're able there the of course. That's gonna ask you next maybe you can expound upon a little bit more. Quarterbacks like pat homes in college have not translated well to the NFL. Why are still people so certain that pat homes is the one to finally break through. Well I I think it's market well you know jerk off with a more fickle so. A big turn the tide turner and it here or anything like you're you're absolutely right. Quarterback command of the system have not become audience of over there I think the thing is. Those systems are so do. A lot of guys who let the chance that these are the party and I'll look at quarterback I relations chains where. It used to be about more production out what actually. That the world could make a strong argument. You know it about the air raid oil market Margaret organ. It's not so and so what these guys that are hysterical cal Oklahoma. I think it's just there's been an opinion changer now. What these guys can't do you know felt because you're right now because it won't come go currently. And you have to at least develop it that's for a year you know traffic treatment that oil production ready. You know which is what you do and every other position. So as well because that somewhat like home as a chance to really jump off the forward. And they legal and Watson played him there and often that included pro level saying that later. Very high level competition but we're in the big twelve. Or you know even select the country that the more political or eight feet above the post office. I've. Now local group up there where it if it's that it thirteen. I'm not shocked that all future in this article but I wouldn't be surprised to. The supply Burke and the quarterback and you're strapped. So it is so as you someone like that the news I can you do that reached it would if. Man let me ask you this on. If you don't see all of you are a pro style quarterbacks coming out of college now because almost everybody everybody runs the spread I would think did. Quarterbacks coming out of college right now fit Indy Reid's offense perfect like crazy to think. No oh I think any offense that policy and saw her like. Probably or the that they do program I think all the offense as well because. But one thing and vote and it is. Not to look at that because the shuttle's left coast which it got the child walk with yeah that was huge or am I mean obviously it's well Alex quarterback. You know look moral code is better that you don't need and so I think we look at Watson deficit. Because of his intermediate passing and so because of mobility so it. Look at them like leadership like OK a what was his leadership a lovely a big moment alone not afraid contact you know Alabama law. Since world early in the game and you've got backup tackle. I'd want Woodward. Our interceptions where he had to kind of velocity the ball float a little especially outside the hashes. But you know outside optical. Help them do think there and a mobile. Obviously you know it's huge upgrade in terms of art talent and again. He would say is that from the playbook there and he's been able preferable hour make it to happen. In your experience of that equipment now with similar there was buried very much that way and even ground at mobile quarterback do you want to get out of the pocket. It is more important than. Well there are very different and and a guy who obviously that's where there's much more than he's given credit for our I think would be a pretty good that. You're talking a Matt Miller of Bleacher Report an NFL draft scalpel and supporter one of the more knowledgeable people I think you can listen to about the NFL draft. You got it sold a little bit what about to show lots in my missing dominated Alabama two consecutive years played a pro style lost since. I don't understand this mixed Robiskie Hyde didn't play a whole lot in college. I don't know how you can watch both of them in college intake at homes over to shall Watson in that we talk about interceptions in winds into a lot of interceptions Matt Ryan to a lot of interceptions in college. That is not those guys from going very high and the NFL draft what about Watson or are people like me missing. I think would look what could it not an exception is the way it's like that context that. It's because someone would get on the field like game a little bit but we're just. He didn't see underneath coverage and like a linebacker for the nuclear elected a guy. They're kids were more like well can we get into work itself and and we believe we if you choose to read underneath coverage and you're big enough and strong enough. I initially I think we'll watch and it's the third fix. It thirteen patents that network server to vote anybody in the quarterback. It'll be the small sixteen to form. We're even though he had the sympathize with all the twisty and he carried it differently you've got a small flame the current or Nintendo you know. I'd like he's been measurable it is that was small plane I think that the company she feels OK we've got a guy who's. Not very big turn the body. Governor Robert enormous importance clock unlucky velocity but he caught the world flock is in but it umpire so it's just you have enough question mark. And I think we talked before certain that I. Gavel from me here. It is public that was the pros and con and you look at an account with con I think for a bit he while he doesn't have the biggest you know. Sample of the world can can't bring a 36 games would be like okay this. That might actually work in his favor because he's only played thirteen games. It's all positive and it's all about what the problem outside because Ullman you know sort of where you're just think how good he can be it in our look again and our system they've got stronger or. He isn't very good runner but he's like that want them all due altered their trip that he he's more adult films packer and at some of the mechanical issues that you had or like different things that you know at their core press guy had some of the issues so you feel a little easier six. We'll watch intently to arm stronger you're always there if he's more. Moving down the line when it's awesome quarterback Kaiser from Notre Dame to shine Kaiser. I seal in September. In October a lot of people love ties and as you've gotten closer to his ranch he's kind of fallen down a little bit what you liked about him what are you dislike about him. I love the besides the physical schools with confidence. His ball placement at her and indeed here. What I don't like is that those audience streak is the I mean even dug in this year where mistakes. So I think we'll Kaiser. You're getting a former player. There were moments in 2015 when he hasn't been felt how proud of what he looked like the aboard quarterback maybe a potential number one overall pick. This year with Alcatel around and you've recently struggled so I think that's what you worry about it yet guy here. Denial if it in the final year. Yeah he's that there's no doubt that the coaches have their equal partner of peninsula technicality. You know he never really if that would involve the leader of that murder offense locker room started he wore out a little bit and ending councilman who. Just didn't think an equitable pastor so it's somewhat they didn't post up a little bit to. Here to build confidence back probably on the field for more and also just in terms of they know the make those quick decision I think that the wanting usually struggle but our well there. He has all right now though fine. I'm all maybe you by David where at this point and a lot of do interviews digits are ball well what you what part of the account that the balance. If that person like liver trouble before. He just kind of getting out labels saying you know little little little quiet well probably not as clear. Some how would you rank quarterbacks that you think are going to be there when you don't think your best he's going to be there for this team. You don't think demo Holmes is going to be there because of Arizona and used it seems they're really like a home based on everything you're reading. With this team's top 100 picks what quarterbacks do you think they would have ranked as their possible 1234. Scheme and how they fit into this office. You know look at how we ought and again I would say. Let. A list because of everything but it. Table and it well boy cute secretary here like. Hammered at the thought that he says he's incompetent cards well. That probably led Kaiser. Peterman. It might be or Greg it's Serbia wasn't burned since it was below. Normal physical. The Soviet buys take on what she would do that document approval you as well. I think well it is. Similar to like my home or for this year and that because we won't start at one what are you buying outside really highly. You partner of evercore. Because there's not anyone who's I answered every question there's no discipline and they'll markets more. Definitely in order in this class and an update even deeper than last year's group I jerk off the court and work toward. Recorder back in class this year so it's it it would. I agree that it would not agree you're the ones that someone point seven because. We could you got all the core and that's the great thing it was cheap to putting. He got a chance that they needed it needed local can't. There's I think a strong sense from what want to default loop about the action there at quarterback like by itself. True but you look up and bomb group working as a very good chance that she could have been their points. Think it Kaiser is a guy that. That would fit Andy Reid well as its C you know the chase has taken some. On the column problem child over the last cavaliers remark is Peter's that is his issues you get kicked out the team watched and although about Tyreke kills things big Kaiser would. Fit well with Andy Reid. The thing about what Carter just from the more important thing then and some players that he's a certain. For like I don't know yet. I know for a leader but I know that Alex is like there. Outwardly that so. Even when he's you know a year of transition. Where he doesn't have to come going to be the guy. I think are likely agree that you know. I think maybe. Maybe by. Critical for him I have actually been on Ted. Is definitely you know some connection there or what have all things considered the. Here it's talking draft with Matt Miller of Bleacher Report for a couple more minutes man I wanna go got a quick through these and kind of get there's some of the possible needs for this team. I seem passed a draft a running back I think this would be a loss strands if you don't pick up one of the quality running backs because. Everybody that covers a draft says this draft class is pretty deep at running back who in this running back class. The current actor I've ever covered an and I finally got there were some guys that offer my. What order they go on for the applicant gone. I love you met and I don't know it's like you're part of the problem here. I don't know Roberts how much Google built I don't think you can drafted in the first round whether it's huge or anybody. Either second. Absolutely I would. I'll be all that if that indeed all pro running back. If you only get an account on field stuff. I'd like public marked as if he's probably not gonna last full effect around. You know like this record like uncle Leo Jennings uncle from forty like at the Circuit City. While back from south for a bigger. Of agility. Have you you know some ability to play on third down as a receiver and blocker. And in order where like if he didn't look like. Other former logic here but if little. It was achieved all but since then you know historically or what the vision in your movement for the tribe or the executive makes it actually so I would trend toward those guys we're going to be good receiver. And after a late at sleeper the there's Turco and from what Elena in key but you're the fastest guys in the grass. So yeah he. He paddled it about right now 56180. But as someone who discovered that the fact sensible part of it is pretty interest in options. The last question here for a Matt Miller of Bleacher Report inside linebacker. This team I do think is going to draft and inside linebacker at some point where some possible fitting guys who liked to replace Derrick Johnson essentially. Yeah I was you know I think that the quarterback and I want to get a linebacker. That Rupert pot or even look diluted tests that just whether it was brought by telephone network. Think he's the public will be gone. You're in the fluid in Florida he might be on the reader to adequately answer. So you know that Cunningham and those who interest in option great athlete a guy who could who had been wearing Pittsburgh linebacker coming into these tables of the polling guys in world silent silent on the bumper there that would make a tackle. Like yeah that's very good athlete. It would be here at one possibility. Well round two. By the look at someone like that people. I didn't grow it from elegy might be a little more so that he didn't like I ought to live. That's my guy Matt Miller from Bleacher Report follow him on Twitter is York scene of the NFL draft like I am NFL draft scout loans where man always appreciate the insight always love talking draft which human. It. Matt Miller follow him on Twitter I'd I'd talk drafts all day. Honestly I'm more hardcore NFL Phoenix college football fans in the average person all of the draft just perfectly combines both problem. I watch a lot of both sports so I get to finally see those two things. Intersect starting next Thursday. When he is being I just actually love the NFL draft in the show I think it's different because this team doesn't need to take the quarterback. That I you can have that conversation in quarterback is one of those positions you seem Watson play my home was play. In. In the big twelve that these are guys you've seen the guys you feel like you can evaluate with York. Own eyes. We continue our email contest next 9137170770. What which were message beat air gossamer. The game going hits coming up at 5 o'clock all of them on the track. Sixty and sports. Continue things you. A house. The winner gets a hundred dollars. Winning streaks at harrah's casino. This. Wasn't from a local listener. And it that in. Net I. You play. A win. But being. On you ought to bet. You all the great kit. You're a world champion. And all doc. I'm Major League champion. You can do it you know you can't. I'll look yourself in the mirror and remember. It. You build it they will come did you play to win that game. Do it too much. Not a big strain and Alan. Now you would we got a lot more right. There. Actionable. Just ship all played it better. You got. Down a little bit are you down got up. I think the moon if we lawn mower here. Hot. Button. Sling an additional. Important eligible in the last note to come out of the picture guard make sure the play hard chart. Our. The impostor Bruce Weber. With the deal. Calling on us there it's good. He's being in the end Bruce Weber and along trying to when not a hundred dollars coming up it's two minutes you'll hear highs as open and we gets and it's the biggest stories in Kansas City today next on the drug.