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The Drive
Thursday, April 20th

In the final hour, the guys play the hits, talk Royals with Rex Hudler, and end the show by revealing a winner to our voicemail contest.


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Now now with respect the show. Could dry and even had from note I did I give props absolutely it. There's some people that are doing some scene to convince he'll ask you want com okay what my really good friends who's an inland and his son and his. From proposal this video's gone plus. And show last night. The late late show James Ford and CBS them. It sailed from puzzles. The big suggestions to invite someone to talk about getting out of and I hung schoolboy in Georgia got the local police. How could stage a drug bust. In order to halt the goal football golf question bump of about fight card of how long event eventually get you forgot to know. Whether request to go to law but I've never you can say this but this case. Those numbers as the Seattle conference on my initial reaction is there is no way I'm glad he's like hey you know. I don't as. I thought this girl a going into the police in bowl yeah in staged a marijuana transaction there. How much the Smart thing to do. It felt like two Americans. Like people who I don't know how to build. He's the good thing to do not like you can walk in the end it's true data is I think is the embassy about it. That's my story men in black people good got white people stop it. Carrington Harrison. I'll let you talk about when they get his other hand that they get back. Congratulations on getting. Your nine to five thank you so much for listening is driving distance of harassing you is brand same here. While highs a little bit under the weather but he's battling. Through today he's here people have questions the national as contest is the Cold War rapes or great great. GR eight. In the change. Restored to go in NASCAR tickets be listening for this drama during the commercial break and I don't rook us. They not only if that's what you Robbie color number six and I want 357676. And when the pair of tickets. To the Kansas Speedway may twelfth or may thirteenth for. The monster energy NASCAR cup series go bowling for injury in the toilet under 250. Tickets are on sale now for just 99 dollars or less in kids tickets are 29. Dollars I'm but it stories of the day. Even city I've been waiting for that moment all my life. We talk about them every day and bottled. This fits and we're gonna trying to get through this together I hope the voice makes it through the final part did you thought does that. Pigs and summit that involves the story from out of the team that had nothing to do with what happened on the field from Tuesday night to fans a woman and a man got into an altercation. TMZ has video of the woman getting physical and attacking the man would then consequently punched the woman. We talked to tell because royals vice president of community affairs and publicity. And we as the simply in these types of situations. What can be done to resolve the situation. Our best line of defense from eating issues in this game. Our fifth blinded if it is our fans saying something to a staff member or a police officer. The good news did that happen very often the bad news is that happened this cheese steak and we've been talking about old. So how do people use this because I think. Well it is about that it has cut was this a situation that could have been avoided that. Absolutely it's a situation could have been avoided and it caught the daily Beck got a goes. Without saying how how could have been avoided this would have been at the situation was escalated to the point that I'm me and savagely punched a woman in the face. I don't care about what led up to it I think that's unacceptable behavior I think too many times in these discussions we have these weird ash for X where. All is not collegiate women unless XYZ knows that women here you. I don't care that she's been on you. I don't care that she possibly pushed you in this allegedly you push a woman in the face you could have done a lot more to avoid that situation and you did in my opinion both of them should be. They and from Kauffman Stadium for the rest of the year. Should I got that far bottom line it if you got somebody buggy get up only a touch him over the Kansas City, Missouri. Police department that was there at the facts in the she's been on twice. It at least once before you get any day. She was impaired he wasn't she wasn't hurt thank goodness for the bottom line in this whole deal. Is it shouldn't get that far but it just doesn't have to be that way it's not like this woman was coming at him with a nine. Your life was not threatened I understand the temptation to fight back when people spit on you or slap I understand that I fully get it. She got a choice. And you gotta get up and got to leave you get security in this doesn't happen it's as simple as that standard temptation. Understand the anger against Caylee get that far to bottom line. Second it on the field once again. Jason Vargas of yours hands you'll loans with money. Gardner field to get their time. Orlando scored from there and slog actually I think that I it was scored an infield hit for which I think. But there was two layers equivalent of. An eighth. That's study math is right your instincts and Sports Radio that Jason Vargas strike out on the call. According to war which is Brad banks if it's that apparently. Well you might like in this particular situation is Jason Vargas is currently. Highest rated pitcher when it comes to war not just in the American League put in all. Baseball with the about a potential all star appearance on the road this year. I think so I mean I think it's the possibility future although it dwarfs those who don't know it. It actually go to games duchess and your laptop your mom's basement stands for wins above replacement. On I don't need a big wins above replacement or advancement and tell me Jason Vargas has been really really good luck. 1010 that. Last night it was fantastic his changeup was great he's healthy he's strong and he's the ace of the staff right now he's the NBP yet. If he keeps doing this these deathly going to be an all star this year and he's also going to be a line that makes him fat cats next year and to create. Jason Vargas is having a fantastic starts this season while the sub. Zach drinks you're new on the Cy Young had a 050. GRE in April so far this April. Green yet another star Jason Vargas has been battered in the start. That Zack Greinke hand with a zero point 44 ERA. He's been money like there's really no other way to put it this team is seven and seven right now who knows where this team would be. If they were beating the brilliant pitching performances that they've got the multiple guys don't he's been lights out Jason Vargas has been lights out needs unity has been good. The bullpen has solidified the pitching is doing their part for the most part the offense he's suited. Number three in. Still from the pitch inside the. You've got ads inside because. Bedding saw something from last night it suggests that Alex Gordon should no longer be the leadoff hitter. I question was what did you see it was sort of hot moment eyes you know those guys that goes a little bit and feel not so much steps and metrics. I'm I don't feel like Alec Stewart Gordon is is a very good lead up I've felt that way for a long time all of last night as it is the bottom of the fifth inning game was scoreless. Powell and it was on second base in the count was 30 the court. According to the fastball right down the night. Here's the thing we your face in crummy pitchers in the big leagues are probably gonna make one mistake bird that you're facing massive bomb garter. In a non. Gore and there were ill at a fastball right down Broadway with a runner in scoring position didn't do anything he stared at. That he saw his slider low. Helpful in that cue ball alive there. I got a little bit of a scorer they got it's not a freight easily get a fastball and got its maybe not quite as Smart and methodical. As outscored its and I love the guy. I think that diagnoses escobar's the royals are the bats and they put the ball in play and make the other team play defense a loved Florida. Deserves the statute on my favorite do admire that guy everything he does I still feel like he should be in the leadoff spot and that it back. Was my hum moment last night. In the game and Alex Gordon over his last 501 investors into seventeenth. Alex our house it just hours not a good hitter to right now we're arguing is that worst to die by being drowned or dying in a fire both a terrible. Ozzie does the arcade and right now Alex Gordon seeing that you pickle you won't right now if you guys holes in this lineup as the royals and you can rearrange it anyway you want the offense is not going to fix itself I think by his batting guys in different forward that's me. Number it's old but it's somewhat familiar theme for. Additionally ultimately does it chiefs in the NFL draft and we're fortunate enough that. Matt Miller from Bleacher Report terrific NFL draft analyst and right from the very beginning. We were asking him about Patrick smoltz was. Widely rumored to the chief said it to Shawn Watson isn't off the board is he going to be there and I was surprised that Miller had to say about who might still be available for Kansas City. And there's a better chance watching them on why. I mean look on my book thirteen like the love that chooses. Won't owe them and visits and meetings have started to it than that come by whenever one went and got it all depends some now. His luck is going through over. So with all the hype and with all alone for pat the homes I will ask you guys this. If both at our homes and the Shawn Watson were sitting there it's 47 hypothetical situation. Who are you leaning towards for Kansas it. I would take this John Watson because. We saw at the college level he dominated against eight. As close to approach that you didn't house two times against Alabama and it has a lot to me he's a good college player or your great college player. For two years while he was at Clemson in I think we've seen. Guys like Watson. Recently to the NFL for pat holes and we need to play that the larger cut with our gunmen Millard was just on here. The office at pebble homes rating college. Not a lot of guys that seriously and been successful NFL quarterbacks who can give or is it just Mendoza and take his word like it's gospel. I just wanna go from anybody that we studies this what makes pat homes different. If nineteen people have failed doing one thing why do you think being the twentieth person you're gonna be successful doing it. The year style of the office that he leading colleges had entry is leads the NFL success. But I'm a little surprised he's getting hyped in bonds every year there's always one quarterback he gets it this year just the guy that you like. I. I would look to the team needed at home so if that's what it's going to cost the chiefs on file with the Stanley you're. The shot once again I always had been. Every one of these guys stunned everyone of these guys or one dollar everyone of these guys. Are terrific quarterbacks in most of these guys are going to be first round picks so I want the guy. It won two national championships got essentially pile drive. But Alabama's defense in the national title game still managed to come back and win I think we get caught up so much in talking about. Arm and system and all these other things I want to make up in a quarterback in the it was Drew Brees who said that. 75%. Of playing quarterback in the NFL has nothing to do with your physical ability how about it Soledad with an attitude I want a tough dude. And Allah to Shawn Watson because he's a winner. And that was hits. Ford today will exit the royals in a little bit I wanna answer some of the text messages off what our number one hit of the day was if you haven't seen the video yet. I can subscribe to if you don't want Ximian punch woman completely if you don't wanna click on. There's an incident at Kauffman Stadium on Tuesday. The woman based on every count we've heard your conversation with the police department. Toby cook when he was on the show earlier today the reports from witnesses. What's causing a disturbance. Your information says that she spent on the Maine and few times she potentially have my camera he said not cheated cheated Shia. She she either had ever slapped him at least once before he did and she struck. Well this and that should are welcome there TJ and Paul's often hits are in the face she was impaired he was. So people attacks on our asking different questions. Seat I'm sure is that your opinion is that you shouldn't hit anyone at all or just you shouldn't hit women in why is that your opinion. Fair question. Maybe I'm old school in this and I understand now it's 4017 how we discuss gender roles is just different. I'm still old fashioned when it comes to some gender roles. And her fiance you should take the trash out that's as your sole responsibility as the main in my opinion that's not feel about it. I also feel like you shouldn't it win. I don't feel like that's that hot imitate. I hate when we discuss and talk about these things that I think people have mental. Gymnastics. Like someone on the sex line ask what does she has a nice finish trying to kill you. Now we're creating these horror stories green light scenarios in which you can punch wouldn't. Let's talk about what actually happened let's talk about real life yeah it's just the rocket launcher is a blow house in a stating right there are pointing at you right. We're talking about different things just are real life she's not Jason and let's talk about real life year. I'm sorry there is no reason in this scenario. To punch it woman in the face if it was a Maine and I have a different opinion if you let the gain in bill behind you. Chief person action you spit at you you turnaround so do we take on them chill out do you think gets physical with you and you knock him out I got up and no issues with that. All I did the same opinion that people see now about this you gotta calm you caused the problem you got knocked out you got drop that's your problem. When it comes to a woman I have a completely different opinion in this scenario. The gentleman I wasn't threatened. He's paying there with a woman and just hauls off and punches her in the face you can't tell me that this gentleman did everything in his possible power to defuse the situation. And even so it's not like in the video she's running adamant attacking her and he just pushing their awful. This is. They're standing there he hauls off and just Sri fighter punches her in the face. That's an appropriate that's not something I feel like we should have the debate I feel like there's some things that you we can have a difference on opinion of I feel like in this scenario the very very simple philosophy yelled you shouldn't polish women in the face to be something that we all can get mine. Mean this is avoidable and it really was that was an interesting social study in his whole thing I. I talk to. The police officer that I that I spoke with who's there. He said. You know this woman was where New Jersey took it off and tried to flee and they Cotter handcuffed her and like the entire section. Not just a couple of people like the entire sexy section stood up and cheered. This fact she just got punched in the face. I'm fascinated by. Like. She in the face it people are cheering. That she was caught so I'm wondering how much of a disturbance. This woman was and that's increasing to me. But at the same time you can't on somebody you can't watch a woman you just don't know. If this isn't life or death this isn't anything like that. He got a got ticked I wrote here and you just got to again like I understand. The temptation if someone spits on you and slaps you. I understand the temptation no matter who it is to wanna strike back which you gotta stop and you gotta get out of there. You're at a ball game your in public you'll or. In an interplay and it's not cool punch anybody anywhere I get dad but I'm just saying get out of their main you have outs like you can walk got hit an usher. Did it get somebody from security gets something. Get out there take a deep breath decompress and this all goes away now it's turned into this huge thing. It's a lose lose lose lose to lose for the girl she was in any it was a lose for the guy. He was an idiot it's a lose for the royals because now this is everywhere it's a lose for the people that had to witness this and have their night ruined at a ball game. Just don't do it man like it's not that all hard to walk away it really isn't. And people attacks on her saying things that we all can agree with. All she shouldn't I don't know and it's like no the band I didn't let's not waste time debating on things that we all know the answer to should she hit him. Obviously no should she spit on him. Obviously Nolan got I didn't answer is question lies are okay if you're enemy and I had a woman. -- if explain that you gambrel what are we doing here to explaining the difference and punching me in the face and punching a woman in the face. Prepare to should have been better I I I can't really phrase it it's your point immediately you don't you why they're different of at defense I see help you and that's an area again I'm some double standard that life I'm willing to live with and accept. I'm willing to live with an except in my own life the double standard of if they may have crossed that certain line. Drop us our level of respect that I think almost been that you should treat other Ben whip. And if you violate that the and there are grounds to get physical. I'm willing to accept that I women in a completely different category. Was raised the league and other people like. I don't know what the answer is to put in that scenario I think as they made in your responsibility is to handle that situation a lot differently. And based on the information that I have. He didn't do everything in his closet in his possibility to defuse the situation and there is no justification. For his actions. I can't find the justification for if you can all keep praying for you. I think what he did is highly inappropriate in my opinion both of them should be banned from the park her actions were disgusting to what's not to ask for this yeah. She should be charged with a crime to you should be allowed to spit on people get away with the not go to jail also shouldn't be allowed. So punch women in the face can also go home Scot free from a two so both of should be intro. I agree in and listen. Walk away that's alassane walk away get a security guard take a deep breath. And none of those tasks that like it's really that simple it is it's not like forget the year it sucks somebody did something dia they should've done. You reacted he should out deters a final disguise for New Hampshire today it felt like man I wish I would have done that. We shall and in that last two days the guy's father again regret what he did and I'm sure the woman is to get do that and you're in that situation. Take it deep breath walk away. Don't punch somebody that are. Rec solar comes on Thursdays at 3 o'clock with a roach he's coming on today at 525 he joins us next to preview the setting game road trip for your boys in blue next on the draft. 610 sports. I enhanced my. People would would you call that people again that I have word are. Rex toddler cheese and crackers what a bomb royals TV analyst thanks group it would. Love hearing the game would be. Fifteen year Major League bedridden and we've got ball. We've got big league championship all the therapy Thursday therapist. Beard and help the people. Rick's not learn much room. He body slam you right here click on the drive. On the tour. In our voice contest coming up in twenty minutes push your message be. Eric Hosmer rolling 9137170770. The winner wins a hundred dollars. To winning streaks inside of harrah's casino let's ask questions are guy let his weekly appearances are brought to you by Lee summit dodge Rex Butler joins us on the drive. Plotted. How are you doing man. Paper you know what great people here that are watch your sort of age city's upper line drives that Veoh. And that's the beautiful thing that's look at it help you get blocked in at W on the line. Might go whatever that site. That's what's gonna help. You in the you know prisoners works well first of each article opposite field and they're out there on third round circle and go on air out of your projector all will partner larger look at our office. Great pitching and defense ample for. But what's the craziest thing you ever did he get out Islam. Sure older slot my entire career. On behalf she got that started it. All of that all these awful part of their career so beautiful piece of art all. There are you. How the operate that I've observed. That the legislature it's your it would it would decline for eagle so all of our art our. Our. I wanted to hit like you know you're you're about chipped it might friendly. Double lautner in for so if it's given the public utility player you know you have to accept the role. Patient it argues due to the player who is the way of actually you know I know what your yearly wage war it's funny I played great but he still. Headquartered in doctor Ratner the other have to pick one we have here. Here and here come Bob you know it was an interest in their career I can't learn a lot. Alert you really important here. Putt yesterday we had Sean Casey Owens Katrina who he is former major leaguer and we were talking about the role of a hitting coach during a slump. Whenever you went through a slump and things work. Goal and how you thought they should go did you ever go to your hitting coach you gotta ask for vice. Oh absolutely when it was. Particular order. Though aren't they act like written notes. Our operator and him went a little sparkle. And what you're share it and yeah I mean it was twenty feet away in that picture in your art involved there. You know that your body is your arm or hear. The part of the vote. And then I'll. That would support here in your doors that will resign or to pick up the rotation and then you would start out where it all about my shirts are. There is a ball a little. When you're in one on my that's going to be good and there's so it was all about. I'm trying to you're going in my heart that Hitler ordered off the ball. There are a lot of different things you can do. Our locker room you look at opera but most importantly urged that our prepare yours and with the angels. Are you to achieve our 3 o'clock. In the atmosphere. On the road and we're a fielder's throw in your car situation. Because every time an interception that batter's box. That is the situation. And you are delivered it to and so he would cause situation. It earlier off. I would decrease in the next 8111. Jet caught. That's. And they're great beautiful. That you can audible or all right side and now. When I was secretary. I'd be in all. All it all out on 00. After hooters are and our support him. What mr. try to find a hole. Sometime in all of our. And in military or not at all be here. You know it was just sit there are the sorts of important for the lakers. And now there's a lot though that you do. But we were talking at today about what we think makes a good lead off hitter would think you have leadoff I think Obama. A 105 at bats in the leadoff spot what you think makes a good leadoff hitter. Here irritable. Leaving that. Where it rated good in the National League they're. You know upgrade on them. So let. What purpose but it was. It didn't. You didn't hear it. Are okay and they're good enough there. Your boat and swim with inflating yeah that's why not put water on instantly and Butler. Erica awkward. Lies. But you would operate our country. The you know whether watching I was little walker I would. I'll put up at that it's not that you know all races but you know. That's the a one hitter is there aren't that you would you know whether walks or here's what it. Putt I mean right now with what you just said you fit in perfectly with this line because nobody can hit whenever runners on base. Now which it'll dirt here it's sort of they'd much rather thankfully there were more than a call partner in. Order. It's deeper look I think so all he's not it's still on the account if you right now. Where they are. Understand that offered little there I'll apart is its order a lot of our court to start their exact double fault well. The chill every team as war. Area here. They'll work. They're awful but a lot different spot where the race is struggling offensively they're all you're. We got our our ports our our offer it or not enough there there are there. Most forceful and we're looking to pick in April's 11 game we were probably near Houston Astros to three out of four of them. If it's. So you'll have a pitching your trouble we have starting pitching and airport consultant come around. It's over you'll have to score a lot of runs 1404. Starts there are certain guys out. Q does that war the war since the oil. Very small. And Sugar Bowl. Let. The pitching some more let's get into that like one of the concerns that I covenant. It was a really concern I just kind of wanted to see how it plays I would be out. Jason Vargas came back from Tommy John men he has been lights out at me. Guys you look at what their talks about is is building number one in that regard oh all time. And welcome addition. Ortiz worked so are out here when you look the bottom. Feed it just perform. All of them are here watching it dropped forty. And blood work in the art weight room. It's now he is as well. He is and by the addition of its career that's work. Why sometimes you can look at the brutality. Of the player and and and physical condition. And sometimes. In the (%expletive) Hurt them some guys who were like Bruce Willis. We'll bring all there would not work in practice or 7% body circles like oh. Pretty ball where you get a where are you are where it was this string look at it and it will. He isn't until this year and that's what we're seeing we're seeing it gotten hit. Here or church. And jump on public markets oil. Well it's airport and that's what are the outcome. Eric and now. Talk quotation so it is it a within their it would. Is it your creditors to absorb. The bomber cart. Here talking to Rex toddler. On the drive his weekly appearance is a raunchy by Lee's summit dodge was like as a hitter now we've played enough games today you have enough film on tape of certain guys and now you're going through the second. Third time for a couple of teams through the rotation what is alike as a hitter and now preparing as we get further away from opening day. Oh well look you're still doubtful he or you Easter he would be. Oh wait you're. Back to it. The once you're on your word be your ego and you'd have a knee and then all of our. Doug sent a second. All of its interest in that's what track record of four. They're yet. Where. And and then order the second look at it there and you're. Certainly hurt you every single year. We take for example watching the story. Lab he was of course. And that she needed to its way he wants the ball. And got in yours and he won that year. Mean I've had before. Every year we're back here for me I will let you. According to our articles that are out lots of odd players. And analyzed. Where did you struggle when we met here that you're you've learned so much younger but you're going to be better. And that's it was with the of his age or what are your other guys. Like on the he does have a sack record. So the questions here leader or. And for the outer Wear it while earlier that you know her yet that's what we're doing. Bill Walker and it will a certain that it's out there and you can you believe that players. And what you're still competent then but these are uncertain situation. Where support apart today and the fact is there. There's the player with a response. Performance or when you're sure that there for a good and so that hurt later here you are wonderful culture. That he was adequate and I feel that they're perfect but as well. What amounts sprinkling about it. But we shot three delayed steals last I mean that's pretty rare like you'll see one occasionally. But the royals did it three times and actually had all three with the exception Apollo over slide in the bag deal in that literacy and. Very red very impressive. If you see or a lot of that is because we're we're aware priest your name. And that that there's relates to a design your catcher in the game you're alert you're smoke covered it is. I'll start. And so when you're the agency. Where big infielder. With a with a cart goes all all of the pictures. The first book club so the first baseman. Oh start were trying to restrict you'll take out all of that stupid look afraid. But the recall. Import surgical recharge the big hop that's enough. To delay the work all the park kicked nothing in your first look at the way that you look down. And that's a you're of the race it's so wonderful opportunity hit a lot minor league you don't go out and actors and especially here in America ready. I would want to at least you'll. A couple practice and all in the in the last several years repertoire. So really a wonderful web part and now also he's. The defense on their toes and and content six. Why don't teams do that. It it to catch middle infielders off off. One paying attention they gave it screws with the catcher and the pitcher a little bit what teams do that more. Well you got it in the later. It can't coach. Instill that he and that's where we got the combination a coach like what he has an ability. You got it just. That the jump over there and then the player out there at the copper. It's. Operatives in a bug or. Walk on spring training. You'll that before in some. And then in the market opportunity that he could do. It's like I have to sell. You're seeing a lot of are. Not quite yet and all were hot. That doesn't want you to under seal so you're three nights caught it. What are the kitchen Butler look like it's bigger double clutched under their belt. There. Our guy Rex toddler always appreciate the insight into the behind the scenes look with your Kansas City Royals his appearances are brought to you by at least summit dodge Hud. Go out there and had an amazing broadcast today. All thank you see. You know sources. As. Or below a certain standard here there and check out man we're gonna lose your driver but I you know what you're here and deputy will be so. That's odd. That's our guy Rex already Duffy will be tough always arrive and I mean not I mean anybody else I would let that slide but the fact that it's you know and I'll let that slide getaway if ice it's sad that we would of mocked him relentlessly. For saying with the Amy Duffy it might be a puffy. You know which I allegedly steal thing and and a couple of things that they they sort of Keon because. Any matchup to watch in a baseball game he sees it liked it's kind of weird trying to ask about it try to find out. Why that happened I mean if something looks out of the ordinary that's increasing on a check it out. Until a couple of the key thing to that they look for a fight the middle infielders double checking the runner. Which means I typically. When the pitches get ready to be delivered the killer look at the runner on first and then go back in if she doesn't double check to see if the guy. Runs in that's a key in the other thing too as of yet to catch a disorder. Did they call stick and it if he catches the baseball. And then and he sticks is trying to frame it hold their for the umpire that's another key if you catch infield is not double check and runner. And a catcher stick in and trying to frame the pitch. Perfect sounded to do Italy steals on guessing the royals probably saw that housing of some numbers tonight can we are talking about why is wit on the bench and why is Orlando back in there. It doesn't make any sense to me blush seem to have you seem to have a logical I shot it but one of the more consistent all the players item on the bench I don't know if it's logical. I'm just saying and try to come up with a reason first and foremost I'm an idea. You said Pollack died after the game he had was two for three scored a run the game winner and a stolen base last night and actually had two of them let me finish you know enter cashier guy. Eyes pitched a couple of times against the royals he's given up three stolen bases a lot of times. You steal on the pitcher not the catcher and and Jonathan Luke is a guy that you can run he's RE seven stolen bases against him. Already this year so I'm thinking maybe it's part of the running game and I feel like they can run Apollo. A little bit more than way he could probably plug in win wherever you need to later on in the game that's columns I've no idea that's why they're doing it but if I had to guess that would be my best guess. I assume that's part of it in I mean you have you have to ensure that rom on the Seagates as for AB pass away so. The odd man out continues to be with mayor few who has played 83 career games and as the heat in 59 of them and in his 83 career games as 88 hits or offense is struggling. I would hit one a much better off I play at Carolina but. I guess I'm just different when it comes that I kind of. From the 16 attacks were talking about the late steal that from the 16 is also in the catcher goes to his knees when he throws back to the pitcher that's another key. For delays the of these can't get out make the rounds yet. Just little things to keep when you watch the game as specifically when your at the game that's kind of tough to pick up when you watched on TV when your game but those little things that sometimes you can see what's gonna happen. We pick a winner far driveways mail contests including a surprise response from Lamar favorites. Plus our two biggest takeaways from Matt Miller including who could but says there plays Derek Johnson a middle linebacker spot next on the draft. 610 sports. The. In all. Meaning here as well high school. Producer pulled this. Thing. Great yields. Was there is some 9137170770. It was what is your message to Eric Hosmer. A message stared out there was a very simple. I would have played her husband that. I would has said. You know I think you needed day off. Whatever you think is best for you when the day off that's what you need to do. If you wanna stay here in Kansas City. Relax if you feel like it's extra time in the cage if it's spitting the day when dale Slavin working on your swing. If you got to hang out George Brooke for the day's news watch are used to hit back in the eighties whenever you're thinking get short swing though and the message you need to do the next 24 hours you report dust Friday ready to go with a clear mind and clear head that's what I would it did for her house. You're a different approach to your house Largo. Say go go play more reps to grind and work through it got to do man he's the leader he's the guy and take it off. Get out there do your thing and not to mention need to get it up his defense we wanted to Brandon Moss at first base. Miss some spring training he's an average defender best you get a little dollars the team when he takes today. It just does so yeah he's a pro he gets paid well go out there keep working through the early work in and and and and get your bill and it. You can't just shut down and take it's not you're not a plumber and you know not a radioed in on. A sales guy on the you don't get a you know a topic here I mean you're you're paid. To play baseball and play well and do your thing you got a whole offseason and he needs he needs MPG though you're gonna get in December or maybe October if you're not good enough so just go out there get early work done looking your resume. Use it champ. He's gonna heat up it's what he's done he's won at every single level I would give him factual. What I call factual reinforcement. Tell him what he's done what he's accomplished where he's been and you keep Dylan and but he can't get skewed idea that he's paid so. We opened up the voicemail line and allowed people to give their own message to aired housed these were a couple of the ones. That you lied to earlier today. I. Right now. But you've been down for us. What do you still stand mr. crow got to come out of it when. It and we did it. When. Get that ball like the backside of Newt humanize the you'll be all right welcome. You don't BO. That's a strong entry to me I really enjoy them. This was one earlier that you also like to dwell. Here's the poem I wrote the air out. Titled pollute the air out. Dear Eric partner. I. Very sound wisdom very sound advice advanced to the first base in New York Kansas City Royals. Those are two finalists this oh yeah yeah that's I think the two finalists are gone. I know you're a big fan of the bull Durham quote I did. I thought our program. Got to make sure you put the rose in the fraud I think that was solid. We've got a new one well we haven't played yet this is look coach's perspective I am sure he coaches. The means he's pizza team which are going to be going up against your old Shelly easily we'll play yet so. I'm sure his perspective is going to be Major League ready. Here's a coach's perspective on how to help Eric Posner. Netanyahu has broad in Manhattan. I don't. Nobody believed you right now that your work your Kayla. In the time. Check about everything that your play hard are the options are common. What are that I can't tell. And her man you honoring. What people have a mother and her outlook spotlight. People think they are. When you're not at age are that achievement. Other open up a case of the blank check. I'll probably K we ally in this week. You know screw I. The real artists. I'm not saying I had. Ever out. Solid solid battle this one reminds me of earned this is the diesel went to rank. Yeah I would just like says he had maybe. Possibly. Eric how murder might accompany me should Cheesecake Factory and that Mike on the nerves it be great. And my name's Greg our. So go to the Cheesecake Factory with with with the debt maybe that wouldn't want a strong selection we have yet really struck selection I kind of a low key you'll Greg Dan you don't feel like a good a third set congressman and a go to Barnes and I go now nobody's off take you cease to extract. I mean I would have recognized I get personalities and appear and answer the little guys who freely it that you would do a drug called it you expect and a half ago. It's illegal. Cheap day Ali I mean boycott immediate goal and nick humanize booty like now that's my favorite one. Vote we vote here yeah it's democracy. That's a lot of hope for writing the motivational speeches the best one you know what guys. Dellums very very solid. In the fact that can't imagine there's also we should also referenced try to notice until the second time thorough that's a strong candidate for me look out and humanize booty but on on. On one. On one condition. Idiots who votes and it really needs your vote now you don't elements it via I just wanna hear guys talk like Marge Simpson moment OK that's fair. It counts Art Shell and become a fan of the beautiful and particularly you sound like tomorrow and it will honey it will decent lie hinges UB just by console while some general betray. What you or when you're sick what's your remedy whiskey. Look there flu and was just the old traditionalist and I illegals. Old excellent as you read is times like that Sarah moon Qaeda out hustle guys dream that was I get a beer and a shot all the good. And then target what's the other one on their flu alleged U wanna really quick and I feel that you put Amylin heels win the without. Losing your generation told us that robo tauzin was the fixed everything you know what it takes erodes us and that's what it's most secure not got to tell me it takes some of its us. Well rested to put this leaves he shot up by a foot fell asleep you know takes over its us do it takes a bedroom and has lied for years about the Ruben Johnson and now. Couldn't false leaders taking Benadryl for no reason is really shut up and go to bed. Actually works really well it does. If you didn't win it. The voice of a contest today don't work as tomorrow 4 o'clock in the pleasure of another chance to win the city's playing pick a player I mean good. Somebody who let itself. Big nickel players like Eric Hosmer with a runner on second and third that's cool that's a little harsh like there about the says they've heard it here it is tackled it hard. They only as Cheesecake Factory again so did they drag. They do they make beautiful couple. For banning for heist it better eyes is the drive was the tomorrow. 610 Sports Radio.