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Thursday, April 20th

#610MockDraft, we giveaway Royals tickets for the weirdest sex stories you've experienced, Chiefs mock draft picks, Cubs WS rings, Aaron Hernandez conspiracy theories and The Big Story 


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Yeah. It's 2 in the morning mock drafts. We talked about this being a meeting details distract us. Give me great tickets or maybe even four drought relief prospect I believe is poised to do well the next level. From what ever more. Borderline for. Go Mike go right I can't quit Elizabeth ship. Let me welcome back because usually when we can this. And each of those him. We sent that is the mock draft since you're gonna last week aren't NN pattern if that was your thing who says I better example is my thing why would we do that without you don't know that very question by the way just threw a excuse me update you on our pop tarts all I can yes that's right about that 52%. Saving heat their pop tarts right 40% now to a decided advantage to people who deeper as I don't know as a CNN too close to call it's you put that that's a big difference 4% man with a 3% error we still as pretty as pretty tight don't carry tonight theory device of a lot more divisive and I thought you know you don't part of the problem is that the so wrapped elegantly in a foil packages gravity as you're walking out the door you do right sit down you have breakfast AG the pop tart. So speaking of pop tarts today is a great holiday or wanted to give a narrower role. Today. We will be drafting in foods is she won when you're absolutely stone and can't move. A it's simple. Everybody's talking about it is the number one trend 92000 people consider tweeting about it about weeds at before two when he is trending on Twitter at its Jason Vargas Hosmer Hunter Pence and happy fourth wanna answer it though all good saves us talking about it we like food. Yet Nivins coming in at 93 the begat rocked this ticket neat when he. Giving way a hundred dollars to winning streak city thirty just topped it topped the FL we're drafting for a reason like what you're stone so when your stones and Robinson with their boys wants whatever. You know super troopers there some movie like that Independence Day. Independence then it's I don't know it's on T super troopers yet Saturday afternoon all the time. All movies independent that's great dialogue. That ought there's water until Tony's not liberty yeah and America for me kind of protect our our crops are trying to steal everything you don't think. Randy Quaid was that he was a barn storm are your rank right not a sports owners are cropped up that's insanity same thing. Yup crop duster reviews like crop dusted George Brett what's on Tallahassee think he was dusted. Wheat and obscenities in New Mexico is probably asked it he's the that's missing out that I read where wade as the only Jersey did you fly overs and fields all right stuff so. We boot winner absolutely stone remembered to a tweeting your picks to act extends towards DC using the hash tag. 610 mock draft two weeks ago Josh won with our best golf foursome so he will go first. Well we'll go second Bob third and fourth Josh pleased started off with Stoner food I guess they gotta go with you'll Kara Michael bell. Approval horrible too obvious approval well now for over approval what I was creative here. I'm thinking more specifically. Like the issues so like mozzarella sticks now you can go with me. Being from restaurant but can you give the you're go to taco Bell's. Being. When unilaterally particular type this to be the right. Yes like toppled its trip it's all the same I just tacky anybody in any accordion like crap. Up to Saudi order it send things in this gimme ten things the bag Italian girls in the L. Buck 49 bucks that he had all the same deal man I mean the readers pretty outstanding at Taco Bell claims that guy Lucas and drive through opportunities on the phone with this family what are you guys won rest. Surprised at all. Back up to ten so hot cup down all this could be Indiana so even now and I'll take everything wildly. I too like it's the end chili cheese Korea Chile cheaper aren't there enough that on you actually. All right well it's to read knows who the readers any specific height cool we're cool ranch. Rock ranch the reader and there's definite first round. It Bob you of the final pick of the first round in the first pick of the second round the pizza rolls. I spent 72 straight hours watching film yesterday after a truly people. And the do you eat them hot. Like sleeping time. A hall sleep on medium frozen. I just sometimes they can really burn I think there's now choices there you guys either a second to say it you've you've you've opened up the blow on them you know. You cut them. And we steam battle a bit eat I would bite them and then let the steam in any the second and I'd like the corner and let the steam good idea too old tenth but that's not the reason that pizza roll. Burned out of the mouth it's awful man. Awful. All right Pete's rose. Chili cheeseburger from Taco Bell and cool ranch to read notes off the the board the second round begins now. I'm but I am going to go twist this. When you put that saved all and he jumps out of the top five pick. Whistle yeah. I love it whispers. And I like I know I'll. Is there. The cash left ring itself prisoners are a waste of canyon mine. Every like sopranos I didn't see acts as always I just love it was Lucas that's why your monster that's right did so. If I've got the munchies and the baggage was loses there and I will eat the whole back there aren't well your second round pick please normally. McDonald's chicken nuggets. Look good this is the mother budget and so. The last game they have a baby Buffy. We keep these nuggets are all. Up to two dollar ever doubles today Terry strong start in his draft well well I'd say Welch's thoughts experience in this. I all I. Paying. It in the numerous times. I admire. Though they are loud and as it here yeah. It was your today it is starting his. I. I have molesters serves had to do this and now. So I yeah. Waves very tough to have the munchies. In the second round playing time ago little Debbie it could be a big time difference maker that I didn't want to put me out tied again Obama is continued to not be specific. They make a ton of little that does that the chocolates with the movie actually movement of the old and yet Obama and that I think equally swift and listening ballistic everybody calls them little Betty see that there. Aren't paying little bit maybe I'll always standing on this element which one yeah. There's running with Johnson draft there's no rock answered that although there really isn't this what Evers. On the shelf cycling star that are out for us. Alex. Like what you're driving in a row to eat anything and gas incident normally would need hearings have pretty much. Much it's like you're good thin crust pepperoni pizza. Dynamic hard hitting electric cold beverage like. I smoke a rapid geno. That's might Toronto itself. If you want to talk final day of the third round. About welts play I gotta go. The first obvious or yeah bounces you back into easy. Graham. Half baked Ben and Jerry's ice cream is that Bo Jackson does Johnson. What's and a half baked. It's a mixture. It's this world you're chocolate in Manila ice cream with gobs of chocolate chip cookie dough and brownie inside. Asked them to even now here in the best of the best by far from the vantage Ares Salina our iPod your final two picks you that pizza rolls and wizards already. Frozen egg rolls. And he flipped right double digit 36 kind of native language seven next quarter that seems like one of those 36 taxi by cops no sir. Right to call me too long now. And to funnel neck are right here's another one. Frozen meatballs. You have a great guns you know he's one step above ground. They sell the baggage costs go and he likes six or 7UP at a time for two. See anything else lineup of marijuana cigarette and go into a discount. That you're just won't big trucks 200 dollars in Moscow right attitude just rolls one in the far. Film business meatballs. I think the movies this beautiful losers. What is this on a stick figure idea Richards playwright and I saw those munchies I. Would think that. The frozen meatballs are great they take two minutes to six for two minutes. And I'm glad you nailed down the amount because I think the amount is the difficult part well again I can how many what does constantly how many new how many you could at a time I've read a bad happening at six in the microwave for two minutes OK NBA if you keep. Your your jarred sauce not the refrigerator. But like in the pantry before it's open you know you taken a brand new jar saws. You have the heat at the sausages Dublin on the sauce warm with the meatballs and sometimes if you're lucky. They're shredded mozzarella in the refrigerator plant doubts over the top you've got yourself a car three meatball farms. All right well as she your final. Picked please. You sad to read those McDonald's chicken nuggets didn't have baked injures eye strain Iraq finally. All of Darden bread sticks them wearing blue again. Dipped in ball summit hopefully our yet yet they give the ball solid there's so you know there's a lot of different things you can do with it but what you do how you make this happen is that you get the magic to go. You go to all of our menu go make sure you go to take out in get double the bread sticks a medium bag with like eight bread sticks and they're free. In that will yet yes or double the red stakes they might charge election I'm not sure but yet like eight back at eight net bag right. Aids is caused you to steal that bag they don't go stale and no good so then later. After you've had sure you are funnier fourth when he fun venue storm in the microwave and heat amount they got a microwave this eight days they microwave. Or is it okay all right well it's is already won the cling to. The I'm making nice long one to finish up here so yeah write down obviously red lobster cheddar bay biscuits. While. It's fine and I like the red lobster cheddar biscuits that are to be LeBron when a bronze crime. Go to Ron Toews Rosen meatballs are pretty good DOT's LeBron James of munchies that's not true I am bobbled the category was white bag with black writing. And yes and big in bowl beat Italy one time it changed my Twitter bio LeBron James of munchies and is if you probably. Should go with that's a congratulations to well to re giving something away to people weigh in on this week argue Iraq as tickets and Biden and that's exactly right to be listening for that if you chancellor rock fest tickets we do it every single day here on 610s portrayed you'll do next hour week Nivins is he will be in studio and the way we're gonna give away rock fest tickets. Art this is going to be kind of its risque but I am willing to do it there was a tennis match that took place the other day down in Florida and two people were you know getting on with Veronica of on and you could hear it in the crowd and the bad because they had stopped the match basically OK so 9135767610. As the telephone number 91357676. Cents. Ten is the telephone number. What is your most awkward sex moment maybe you walked in on somebody media was with youth the most awkward moment is going to win rock fest tickets we do that next. I don't know what's count was seventy. And that reckon that back out west about what 35 homes as well still working northbound I 35 Santa Fe crash their act passed under its first. Basketball is 610 Sports Radio to my bumper traffic. I'm have you had a chance to win tickets to rock fest also coming up in about five minutes or so we'll give utensils and a hundred dollars to winning streaks burns gonna be up there on Sunday should be listening for this dropped state of Missouri when you hear that. The caller number. 1414. And you'll win a hundred dollars to winning streaks and I would burn on Sunday up at Harris are seen. All right this comes from a tennis match down in floor there's go to Florida. Are on television classy place in American tennis matches being played the professional level. And there's stuff going on the background. I still here. It's still going. What is going to have been backyard. And that's the best players yelling there's an moaning yeah going on the background on tennis players I can't be that good in the announcers he's kind of you know he's whispering tennis rank. Is that describing the action at first they think it's somebody walked in the crowd maybe you're watching a video watching a video on their phone and then they've discovered that there's an apartment complex. Just across the way from this tennis center room and apparently this is a sound of people going out yet so very awkward to see an idea of the test fire started. Hitting balls over her apartment complex they're kind of making a joke out of that. From I sound like it was I mean loud enough to be a distraction right. And on TV's what is your most awkward you know get it on moment best I. Win tickets to rock 91576. Sevenths extent Alex and we would your first. Eric. Yeah. A new. I ought. Where my girlfriend are suit maker family. In Korea. Or spring operate in order came practiced. My dad and must have gone into my room or something. And he holed the the rapper. In the tool rapper. Interpreted it visit the Meyer. At least dispose of the other. That is pretty all right degree to which UN soldiers the leader in the clubhouse somehow or even early spring break in Emporia yeah now that's bad as things it can't code or four Emporia. Steve in Kansas City Europe next in morning. Yet in the game. Me and my girls certainly. For a couple drinks. And we were back to her apartment in her bag in her apartment and as leader in the parking lot. And looked out the windshield of my car and noticed there was a they are watching. Cool cool. And it's terrible mistakes that would creep or. Film I can hide. Oh man cal living Gardner good morning. It or. There are clear marker. Out of the senior high school that my out Michael front door well he would not doubt. In my. Internet my Brothers this week the what equipment and didn't you know people. Look at a broad street and I know. You know work on next thing you know knock him on the door and I'm like Hannity I'm happy. And what would it. Cadets are in the letter. C I'm gonna lie. At SeaWorld. And grab the cover it up naked. And I'm like it could go out. And then beat like a little bit. Out all of our Bruntlett. Album did not stop covering. It. There's let the bad into the house all mine guys act line we're gonna as a moment don't answer the door preside as the once once he's in there he's the dad yet he's in that room ultra so good schools to not let them in the house in the first rise that's rather let's actually I never answered the door all right -- and gives us an idea that that's what. Side though. Rick we have birthday we can party at my house went some girl woke up in the morning wanna target. Morning such evidence he would heed my bed. Sure. That day. I went down and try to hear my brother that walked in on him an integral social. Tune in Monday. Obama. Are kind of puts you on hold housing counseling Gardner with the old man walking in gas stores and I was nowhere else apple may catch DA you know Vietnam with his daughter -- yet that says that that is it's Jessica's Brothers let him down like I don't let them of the bill a little bit Dolan SR then we have no soliciting sign -- front here you're you're not allowed him I mean that's day one stuff -- rings the doorbell what do you do yet yellow tiger actually hide so -- -- isn't your home you stay away from the front two rooms you make sure you stay in the back rooms that way you know you don't get caught yes exactly pads look your Brothers -- and -- you're going. To rock fest if you didn't win now don't worry that give you chance tomorrow at this time as well don't forget to be listening for that SoundBite when he here be caller number fourteen coming up we go commercial free. And we start off with a debate about it he read an ax the other side defending him will tell you why. Next door of that wreck is well down in the wake up back at past 151. Just like it here children across the world that the dreams where their future and one child the opportunity for a better tomorrow at unbound dot org. It's got load is 610 Sports Radio get off my bumper traffic. Commercial free until 9 o'clock here on 610 Sports Radio 915 will be joined by gaining Duffy he gets set the pitch tonight down in Texas as the royals take on the Rangers and we'll see if any can continue to great start to his season and if he can really guys continue to great start to the to the season for the. Tire rotation best ER a in all of baseball Jason Vargas was just sensational last night we'll talk more about him coming up. In a couple of moments here on 610 Sports Radio all right noted chief hater Pete Crisco attract of CVS. Wrote a little article yesterday ranking. Every NFL head counting and zags are you see this article because he's blocked me on Twitter whatever is an advance on that salary it's of TT UN and everyone else. So he he ranked the every NFL head coach. From bill ballot check obviously ray number of course number one price on but. Bill Belichick number one break by Super Bowl victory solidifies his spot sure. Number two. Mike McCarthy with the Packers. Bob always forgets I always if ever remembers the go to the idea for some reason or is quarterback Aaron Rodgers. There's some wanted to fire the past two seasons that was purely absurd he's the second best winning percentage of any active coach behind Belichick but not so great in the playoffs. May be. One more ring and sedate. Affair and says there. His third ranked quarterback. Coach or her coach. Andy Reid and a Eric you said three losing seasons and eighteen is head coach. One of those in his first of the Eagles and 99 is that eleven seasons of ten or more victories include a pass to with the chiefs and the class twelve times. Reaches of Volvo only once as an eleven and twelve post season record which hurts even so he's a damn good coach. I know it has ever ring but he's done some amazing things this is why he's in the third spot above some guys who have won two rings such as Pete Carroll Mike Tomlin. Sean Payton. John Harbaugh. Is the guys who wondering where one rings that are just behind him. That's why would put Andy Reid is number seven and now I can't put Andy Reid above somebody who's been at the promise landing conquered it and and it's that I see number 31. Of all. I was a little shocked that he Carol wasn't number two. But you put it might get caught in cars do number twos have very shocked by Dan about OK three behind Belichick and Carol would know they exit Pete Carroll number four and in Jiri at number three the like injury and he's a good coach he has some shortcomings. Yes some things that. He probably could improve. Eight and the play calling over somebody else. Work a little bit more on time management. Be more of a head coach in less than offensive coordinator these are all things that probably making any read a more successful head coach and hopefully get him over the hump. Who super bull. But he hasn't so I can't hear him being number three in the NFL I put that number sent bucket and. And I understand and an ice and I saw a number three on this list I was like I can see that and this is coming from me who people say why do you hate Indy re I don't see Andy Reid he gives me anxiety he pisses me off when talks but I don't eight Andy Reid. I'm grateful that he's running our organization here in Kansas City we needed Andy Reid to one our organization and am a big you gotta have a ring guy and any re still doesn't have a range okay and that's it that's cute he doesn't have a ring that. That is important much like Mike McCarthy getting his second in Bill Self getting his second. Any Reid needs to get a first team needs a Super Bowl ring he needs a championship more than any other coach needs a championship in any sport. In the United States I firmly believe that because it will validate everything he's done. But in eighteen now going in his nineteenth year in the NFL and I don't think it's gonna happen this year where he has a losing season. He will have three losing seasons in nineteen years as a head coach in the NFL. And one of them as he Crisco pointed out coming in his first year when he took over rich coat tightly Eagles are haven't I was charged before he was. And so he turns franchises around turns them around fast doesn't just turn them around for a year sustain success and continues to get better every year. But he's been in charge of a franchise he's done that here in Kansas City every year has been better than the that the last year in Kansas City it's time to win in the postseason moment. Big big big big proponent of you gotta win in the postseason to validate what you did but if you're looking at coaches right now. That are running organizations. Okay yes on paint got a Super Bowl ring John Harbaugh is got a Super Bowl ring. These guys do that championships and that means well it does but if I'm building a franchise. Besides Bill Belichick. Indy Reid's probably the guy that I want to build my franchise is he's gonna do the right way. He's going to sustain success he's going to put shall position every year to win players are gonna bust their ass for him you gotta get a good product out there on the field. I mean it doesn't have the Super Bowl ring and that is huge marketed amok at a discount that but from building an organization taking control of an organization turning an organization around. God he's been great here in Kansas he's been fantastic he just needs to get that. Bring Riley's been fantastic outlook around yen obviously ballot checked the gold standard I would take Pete Carroll. Over and you read. Therein and look I think you could argue who would you take over any read out of all these it's not necessarily that kind of list it's who are the best coaches. I'd say it best coaches have put Pete Carroll had a might have to put Mike Tomlin had a them in my college's beat yeah. In the playoffs in any destroyed home too well against them last year so put Holland ahead of them maybe I give him not over Sean Payton. Because pace had three consecutive seven and nine seasons and that's just in the lab and meet us at three under 500 seasons in nineteen hear yelled at 30 yeah I can see I can put eighty read about Sean Payton I would hear an argument for about John Harbaugh despite the ring. I can hear that argument without Andy Reid there is no John Harbaugh just put that out there around. That's really. And of course there's another guy that nobody's talking about who has a ring and Gary QB. Isn't coaching area a left there is gone so yeah he's done is so he's nine on this list. So you have that Pete Carroll Mike Tomlin. Probably John Harbaugh and then Mike McCarthy. And Bill Belichick and probably putting you read number six is you'd have in the top of the who has won yet he be the Barry he's right now he might be the best. Host discusses that's never won I tell you clearly has the lessons as a sports it's never wanted to he might do the best coach if you think about coaches throughout NFL history. You're going to be very hard pressed to find anybody who's done more. Then in you read it in hasn't won a champion Reeves could be on the countless injuries to be out there are two franchises to the Super Bowl level wanna ring. And I think. It just thinking about it right now quickly our lady Marv Levy is a good point did a really good things there is well. I can't think of another Marv Levy did really was Levy was the first one it can in my mind into bills and then after that it's if your hard pressed to find a coach he's been better than any reader hasn't won a championship and that's always going to be the conversation when we come into it. Where eighty read ranks amongst NFL head coaches always be that you have but for any and that's why you're absolutely right Tesco it's it's a great point. Andy Reid needs a championship more than anybody in the NFL and really more than anybody in sports. As he he needed a championship more than Bill Self meets his second or general health or needs his second he wants like MacArthur my this is our senior his second or Pete Carroll leads his second to you know. This guy needs his first more so than anybody needs a championship right now because. As you mentioned might it is do you bought hanging over Andy Reid. But if I'm an owner right now and I need to rejuvenate my franchise in Andy Reid is available like he was for the chiefs it's the only guy I'm talking to them doing what ever it takes to get him. To rebuild my franchise to rebuild my franchise into a franchise that is respectable. And is not a laughingstock anymore like the chiefs were before he took it over he truly is an amazing football coach he's an amazing pretty builder of a franchise any. Andy in any sustain her of success. But that and a playoff situation comes and he's not able to get it done. And I saw them talking out of both sides are now I kind of am on this one with Andy Reid you have to be that you have to you have to because. Eight states say yeah but there's a huge yeah but but the but the like. Up until that maybe nobody better you know it's like I look at it he read I'm Mike. I want him as my coach. But I don't as my coach in the play. Center. Allow evidence while right let's talk tell you if if if Tom Coughlin was still a coach he beat he beat a lot number two list. Because EB go delta flight went to Super Bowls in two to the giants' Super Bowl and the Jacksonville Jaguars who may have seats industries patient you'll feel. We don't yet I think you're probably required at least you kind of think about all the different things that. No account play into this list not the coaches who have recently walked away like Kubiak sort Coughlin did you start to realize there's not. Very many great head coaches in the NFL it's not about that one they're younger guys that they are really don't like I'm a big fan of Mike Zimmer I think Adam case for the dolphins is gonna be great and nice things all right there's there's a lot of coaches that they are talented at. Put as far as accomplished an established great NFL coaches. To about six or seven which continues to prove my point I could do the job and and I might say that I thought. I'm not saying that joking matter there are still bad NFL head coaches are so two birds out there really is if there's a lot of losers that coach in the NF files and the bottom molester quick just for fun just for fun who's at the bottom of the and a berth. 32 whether it tie on the day of the ranch they Anthony lived chargers always always for older guys here got and it's just a Broncos cash in hand 49ers kill her bills yet but then there's Todd bulls whose number twice and the Sonics coach is there actually out there Doug Peterson and 120 says Xena. And Doug morrow did the jags hue Jackson with the browns might Malarkey with the titans more he's been there for why it's terrible that Mac to do with the giants. Jim Caldwell of the pines and number 21. A call was important well. But what I'm getting at is that there are a handful of elite head coaches in the NFL we have one right here in Kansas City. If you Chicago Cubs. And you happen to go broke you better not sell your World Series. The Chicago Cubs and they're claiming other teams have done this have you guys ever heard of this before I never heard this before. The Chicago Cubs have put a clause into this World Series ring he gave away 1908. Of them this signified 1908. They put a clause in the contract that if you sell your annual get stories ran the the need to Wear that many year my goodness you're finding. Yeah yeah a lot of people everybody you know tightly integrates it into a season ticket scattering 170 people there and and thinking a lot but here's the thing here here's the deal they're putting the claws into it that if you sell your range. They have the option to buy back from whoever he sold to two for one dollar and making go after those rings and get them back so. It really hinders your ability. To go out there and sell. This championship rate history on players only players apparently not to sign waves across which is stupid because I think those are the guys are most likely to have the best obviously rating those are the guys that I normally sell their ratings because it inevitable we've seen over the years. But of Mabel and accounting ends up losing their job and in retirement he invest in Miami on money scheme she may need that money. They're not gonna allow her to go out there and get that money by haunting the whole World Series ring. And I just think that's a bad look look I'm on the part of the Chicago Cubs. They don't have a known Dick content doesn't have been. A union. That's the difference players union which shut it down to try to do it the players but I think he's a great idea by the cup plot. Because highs and how lame is it when you see people try to sell those rings off and I'll last up to when you should really cherish you should love that are you just got to World Series during giving you by the organization. You don't wanna have those things is going off on eBay because they are given out 1900. Ian you know those things going out an email like hey here's a cubs ring it's authentic for. Fifty bucks liked us. That undercuts everything you've accomplished in considering how long the cubs had to wait for it. I would do the exact same thing if on the cubs' organization. This ominous phrase like this here ought to tell little story OK right now there's somebody that's working for the Chicago Cubs. Probably in her fifty's it's caller Tami Casey she she works in baseball operations. In ten years. Jamie's going to retire she's gonna sit back and ices you know apartment on the north side or she's going to be a while bar or something like better annual high slurs and you know downing growth or something. OK and so she's going to be doing her thing. All of a sudden she's going to get jail she's just fall ill as they liked the sake she's gonna need oxygen. She's gonna need you know what they called a diabetes medicine you know insulin she's gonna need something on the sell off assets all time writing to you to paid medical bills off and later like there's gonna be historian WGN and Tom skilling is gonna be out there given the weather report he's gonna throw to somebody is still going to be there you'll still well. Certain items will be donated a million dollars a year tell you the web earth. And so so she's going to be featured on this story. On WGN. Twenty years ago the Chicago Cubs won a World Series and now one of their former employees can't pay for their insulin Bill Davis as more. Right here is maybe she used to work for the Chicago Cubs and has a world championship boring but now she can't pay for her insulin but she could see was able to sell or are playing it to get the money that's the story totally happy it's happening it's. Happening. What the Chicago Cubs are doing right now are basically slowly killing their employees and a world championship rings who are gonna be able to pay for their insulin and the only way to pay for his Hough that ring. And the cubs are gonna say you cannot that we're gonna buy back from a dollar meanwhile Tammy who's in baseball ops right now -- damn insulin or insulin pump or or or one of those epi pens and she's not going to be able to did it because her insurance is not old Bob here's messed up in the cultural or seller rain and she's gonna die and it's gonna be in the hands of the cubs. That's there's more on the hands of the United States health system health care system if that's really going to happen Tony here that's going to happen and that means to healthcare system is completely serious drain she's traders say is it or be like take a bit I just medical I I I I. I sold everything. I've got no money last bodily Minneapolis I'm in Shaq I'd gotten a ring that he gets 5000 dollars is gonna help the medicine might read but I can't sell. You want that on your hands cubs go for you talk about the curse of the Billy goat we got the curse of Tammy. A how you respond to that I would it was the dealer spots. I there's nothing there's none in I can't hear you decided they don't this this story and make it. Not about the greater hubs nation I hated about. Break it did because what 91908. Of these there will be a team that's a story. I mean this dark stuff. And percent happening. This woman sold everything our kids are gone she's the only at last year's bill bloody should be sitting at a house she she will be important to so Adobe by yellow pages stacked behind her to be sitting at here and Davey magnificent and didn't get it because the Chicago Cubs won't let her sell her reign. It's a battle it really is a bad look at the cubs people or Hartford this. Okay they work hard for this for for all these years. And it's if you need to sell something to get your medicine because we have about health care system or whatever it is in this country. They should be so you aren't that review should be able to do what you want with that rain and that helps prevent. Neck it's like you're Chris is bonus and they're gonna tell how to spend it. Exactly. Resorted joy of the month club yeah chris' zionist anti anesthetic here's your here's your here's a bonus check. But you can only spent on this this in this brought also a bonus of us there due to be fair they don't have to get a rain it's not like they're your floors to take her ring. You were absolutely right and that's that's part of this yet to look at it from the cubs perspective if you want to have a ring. That's great we will give you around to say noted that but if you turn around and sell it vigor using the ring in a way that we don't want to be used so we won't give you a ring if that's your motive right way to undercut that is to make it impossible really free to sell the rain because we can buy back in any time for one dollar yes. I understand it from that perspective. I was taking your cash and then ross'. Well I. It sells a million and run by big I personally just gave you 5000. Sounds like practice that person on some say Enron yet does that ring belongs to them so you buy a pack for a dollar at any time right it doesn't matter it after yourself for ten your heart disease doesn't matter ever dollar Tammy better salad Wright Santana he's got a solid. That are insolent and run away from the first thoughts on all there'll whatever I just exit shoddy look by the cubs man I think it's a real shoddy look by the cubs because. As I it'll told the story for effect that story is going to it really Europe and the united that. Restart this and a 100% on the cubs' side that your right eventually I get why the cubs are doing bill. But it's probably going to backfire on them in some capacity with. With that damn Tammy story out to be sitting here thinking about all day and I Dante and he turns out now that the cubs could step up you don't will take care of you'll pay for this we like to keep hearing will take care the and so I'm sure that's what though I'm sure they could probably step in and do that because they have so much money but. Only when that WG and investigate ask what the investigators don't right now is. Once restored order Islam because he gets a little as well because of all of a book what happened to Chicago Cubs staff did they save the day. They have no choice talk about foreshadowing a story that's eggs that's exactly what's gonna happen again this game and what he believes the story are you had the I team on this. Because of RIA team in Bill Johnson on the series we got Tammy her insolent. You're right that's exactly what's gonna happen. If BCI Annan says this added there's a lot stretch. Let's discount CN can't exactly cuts congratulations to rotate chip. Aaron Hernandez dead. In prison and there's a lot of conspiracies now floating around out there. About Aaron Hernandez and things that may have happened not just happened there's talk of these suicide. There's talk of murder there's talk of all kinds of crazy things that are going to smoke synthetic marijuana the night before. He had John 316 written on his forehead in red marker. This is a story that while I don't find nearly as compelling as OJ Simpson. It's going to have a lot of legs because of the error in which we live. And in the times in which we live being the fact that everybody's got information everybody's got to answers everybody wants something right now right away. And I think this is going to be one of those most talked about stories Fareed very long time for a guy really in the greens scheme of things was a blip on the radar screen when it came to the national football. But I guess a blip on the radar screen from a historic perspective and Aaron Hernandez was a massive star was a start Florida store the patriots he was one of the best tight ends in the league that created the best tied in tandem we've ever seen. It's been crazy story from regain it and if you look at just the timeline edit resize this massive deal I think it was a 46 million dollar deal. And then gets in trouble right after signing it for a murder he committed. I eat over a year before a year prior to play an entire season and now it's taking all these twists and turns were people are asking well. How do you do you. We've tried more and out a look. Into the past of players and what they might do before you draft them in the answers of course now he had this is it just like really no idea if the guy's gonna be a murderer or not some people are looking at the NFL like it's the NFL's problem that's. He's big kind of my issue with how the NFL is covered so when people try to make everything that happens off the field. A problem that the NFL hat right like if you were to take. Let's call the mastic violence numbers from the NFL. Being compared to domestic violence numbers for accountants. How much tire would actually be maybe a little. But not to the point where you're looking at the NFL and say hey the NFL has this culture of domestic Mount Snow it doesn't this economic culture of murder. There are bad people in every profession and now where there Hernandez people are trying to spin it into one night to take a harder look at those draft picks today well. I can't predict that because other businesses. Do such a great job. And they they have the blueprint for the NFL to do this right they go to any major corporation and they've they've figured out how death there at these people out right I. In the NFL should have that. And that as well well I mean album Greer of Monday Morning Quarterback and SI dot com is is really like it is this is bottom of the barrel type of stuff IE you scouts GMs and coaches of mass of the Aaron Hernandez's situation is gonna affect anything. And one of the quotes a uses. We don't call out there wondering if people are murderers I mean that that to be like for any walk of life I mean. Any guide you hire or gal that you hire any job. Quit the game OK let let's just get that straight. They could be Manhattan you'll kick go through the hiring process in the draft process and all these processes and wonder. If that person's gonna be a murderer but that's not how people think man and it's the truth that's not how people think people wanna know well. There should have been a sign there should be subject below one except the reality that monsters live among us and they hide it very well yeah like every time check all the boxes including on being a murder every time that I team does their investigation they knock on the neighbor's door what is it is quite so we have no idea does a nice guy I mean how many people didn't know. That those women were trapped in the basement in Cleveland for twenty years. Now twenty years nobody knows nobody know me on his thousands. Driver now. That is set and that's that's the reality you never really know. What's going on he ever really know how somebody is you know the brought they put forward to right that's all you have so who was there Hernandez's catch and touchdown passes that he's gonna be a cold blooded killer or. Nobody I mean maybe maybe there are some people out there they write really well he's capable of doing bad things because there were things in Gainsville. There were times he got in fights and stuff like that got in trouble and Urban Meyer kind of let it may go away so he had to answer for that when he took over at Ohio State. Are Big Ten media days in 2014. All anybody wanted to do was talk to Urban Meyer abusers right after right right right after Aaron Hernandez was an arrest you let him get away with at Florida let him do exactly does get announced are gonna buyers' fault and you got murdered Mike that's not how works a couple of fights at a partisan. Equal murderer I know I mean you get that that would be very very very wrong for you to go all he got to a bar fight yeah. I like like you can't go from he disease make make that leap on your jump to conclusions mat so I just think like like they're trying. These ESPN's these networks are trying to make this a sports story and an NFL story. And it's not anymore it just is an NFL story any more air Hernandez's one diet of of hundreds of thousands of dudes have played in the NFL. And and you can't just start booking and wondering if everybody you draft but let me ask this guy are you think he'll be a RIA the crime story cat. As NFL ties has been held high it's not a football story anymore and I wish people would stop trying to make that conclusion out at. Ask coaches and GM's do you think somebody's gonna be a murder one day when you draft old school with her mindset from the tech slide six on threes or sex. Assigned a locker eliminate bad football don't murder people and it's the southern SSI and also. Reference that happened yesterday the CT connections are tapped out. You see that Ari hadn't via Bleacher Report yesterday players that. Mike Freeman spoke to they were he was just move Freeman crushed for pre was just relaying information. They wondered if there was a connection. And it's probably people were a little bit denial yes. For a tight end it didn't really take that many blows the head and all that that's the much if it is football well CT. Because that you know because that fits the narrative man does aired in narratives build up good stories to be bigger than they are because well. How much of a story is there left for Aaron Hernandez what Aaron Hernandez did has no bearing on any. Other NFL player. Big story. Out it was a regular salad I wouldn't send. And I'd big story obviously is Jason Vargas in the way that he went out there and dealt yesterday an amazing day by Jason Vargas if you had money on Vargas. Out pitching Bob garner raise your hand nobody's hand went up in the air but that's exactly so I was what he did last night seven shutout innings four hits struck out nine he is now three NL with a point 44. ER yeah pretty impressive for him looks an absolute command right now Danny Duffy will join us at 915 he's pitching tonight. For the guys royals as they head on down to Texas to start a four game series. Down in Texas but also the big story of the day of course pass to be 420. G men and do you know. It gives us eat and then a keep them where smoking Casey didn't play is still being you know Jean Schmidt and G Dayton. Today about best go but I like to be blunt what you're she didn't remember Lamar Hunt winner in the garden weed like the kitchen and he would it be reading. What's up it's playing you know what I mean she's an all day is my favorite thing perhaps some funding to play good to another does better than she been review. Thanks so I am all in the streets she can win every step of the beat. I'm up tied to the top of the three G and is the best when did you deliver me I'm Mike Welch always on the ride to achieve this all the time no immediate right is. Is going to be time to Super Bowl just right to be cheap and all that. She made birdie. As GAJ and smoking Casey is still being so cheap bit. I. Lot of people request and was going I don't know why today they were presidency let's. As odd as coach Jackson both thought the other tax line otherwise that's the only reason we vowed to play an active. Now a 100% fake news I says people wanted the people the people crave she fit that's right it happens to people do crazy cravings you do you really do coming up in about fifteen minutes of talk start mandating Duffy here. I'm sixty and Sports Radio legal commercial free at 830 to nine every day here. I'm sixty and sports are ideal for you listening who Lesnar coming up. I am really hesitate to do this guys and I know you're on my. Side with this one Specter's got a hot Tate. That he needs to get out there about Galvin cook and how he doesn't think he's the right person for the season would be a bad move and all this stuff. We all poke holes in his theory we will do that coming up we had beanie dusty at 915 been given is in studio where you rock fest tickets again coming up at. I'd 9:30 this morning so be listening for that but coming up next spec has a theory and I don't think it's gonna go anywhere will tell you what it is two minutes next.