04/20 9a - Drafting Dalvin Cook, Danny Duffy, Nivens from 98.9 The Rock

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Thursday, April 20th

Spec thinks drafting Dalvin Cook would be the wrong move, we're joined by Royals ace Danny Duffy plus we giveaway Rockfest tickets with Jason Nivens from 98.9 The Rock 


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All right any doubt he will join us in about fifteen minutes here times extent Sports Radio he joins us every week project like this a construction just a construction making a 5000 dollar donation to dole is bandage project. On behalf of Danny Duffy for his appearances this year your odds extend Sports Radio or striking out pediatric cancer with the help of Danny Duffy. For the good folks over at this a construction so we'll talk to the Duff man coming up. In about ten minutes or so here on six tenths portrayed all right what do we got Stephen what do we got you through this out there yesterday we had. Old hair. I'm very interested to hear why you think the Kansas City Chiefs will be making a mistake by drafting a quarterback or running back in the first. No just or ultra star running back so. We talked about yesterday and there have been a lot of mock drafts linking. Or Steve running back to Alvin COLT to the chiefs at number 27. Now wells well I'll I'll start with what's that I need to ask Q couple questions I know where you're part of the best running back. Head you know above the shoulders. Of everybody else's wondered what it correct. New to an extent I'll think he works in the chiefs' offense is it down not just it Justin in general your total I'm right you're right here on Internet yeah best running back if your draft if you're ranking running backs you put forward that one Oca. And then there's the you would say a drop lost to number two which would be dealt and cook. To an extent cooks a better home run hitter and just it all that but yet to an extent do they are now there's a drop off to be ranked number itself. And you have cited. That there are lots. Of running backs available in the strapped the depth at running back is one of the strengths of this draft who cracked us. Watching the closure guys' eyes. And that it take you to a beer festival. And is Tammy there yesterday mr. Tenet good a lot of people weighing in on ten which is but there's a boulevard ten. And then the rest of the tense or domestic Beers so you gotta Budweiser tent. You gotta Miller ten you gotta coerced and you got. Milwaukee's best tents and camp OK but then you have that boulevard ten. Milwaukee's best. If you just it was Milwaukee's best and sorry guys I'm headed over that way Milwaukee's best best in the name is six dollars. And generic American beer. Other Jim generic American beer is three dollars say that again. Bill does bill or beast is six dollars sent right back and Budweiser is three dollars a ball flight is three dollars Milwaukee's best is six I'm glad he's feeling defeated. We have of a case understand anyway and that boulevard week in a scenario is is eight dollars okay. Leonard four net is the boulevard wheat. It is the best beer at that festival and your probably willing to pay. A little bit more. Because of how good he has. Would you be willing to pay six dollars for Milwaukee's best. When you could get the ball like for three. Just answer that question sent to rephrase it again what I am I willing to pay six dollars for Milwaukee's best when you could. Walk across the aisle and get up above like that are well are we talking same. Says that we told us as well let's now let's use the analogy the analogy essentially is would you rather take a guy that's not the best running back in the draft head and shoulders but maybe the second best running back who has incredible home run hitting ability at number 27 overall. We're waiting till third round to take a Korean hunt or Jeremy Nichols who could be very very good idea that. I think your analogy quite honestly is a very good because I don't figure you're taking. I you're you're not paying purse say you're taking a player that you believe it help you win right now out of Galvin cook is there yes I'm taking him at for six dollars out I would. I would invest in football players more money that I would invest the deer because of just seeing bureau. You're I've seen I seen in the analogy in the relevant analogy the reason you go to Milwaukee just resting beer this player's going to be here for awhile is what is missing is you have. Knew that they do it answer the analogy if I already have a case full bugged by which is not politics. Well then why not spend a little bit more on Milwaukee's best for six box knowing that that could benefit me more and I think that's about three or something that you can get for cheaper gas played but here's the deal at the end of the day you're gonna be buying more of those three dollar Beers and you are those six dollar Beers he spends six dollars and 83 Beers higher alcohol content better flavor you feel good after three pilot was not talking about it and he needed and it was just not possible at any mistakes dollar Beers so I think I analogies states. But guys I let us let us I think it yet I. I noticed at the port they're plenty of running backs want to wait to get these similar running back and get an eerily similar running back in the third round. The new beginning in the first round because I think I don't know I I think we don't know what you're right but I think if you got a god you're the first round grade on that you believe as the general manager can help you win right you take back. Here's rom out with and I think if you have dollar and cook available at number 27 to Shawn Watson's Donn Rubin fosters dot I'm taking down and cut. And it. I'm coming back in the third or fourth round most like the fourth and gravity Karine hunt at a Toledo. Who has tremendous upside but wolf fallen a strap her to death and at running back there's a lot of depth to that position so leaking dam in the fourth round. So while you go through this you don't need to take just one running back the chiefs need more than one. I made it look needed target or west and make him a team. Spencer ware fell off the end of last year he added CJ Spiller looks at eleven it looks like data CJ Spiller just because he happens to shared agent their area that help get that deal on. So why not draft you two running backs wanna take Dallas cook in the second in the first and then take a Korean hunt or somebody of that ilk in the fourth. Both for end and that way you have at least a better chance to hit the running back position something that she's absolutely have to do if they wanna make the offense better. Smith is still your quarterback so you get any better running game. Drafting. With welts isn't else value. Not really it's about is winning. Value equals winning. If you are ranking the positions on the field in terms of most important to least important. Running back. In less you're picking in the top ten and you're going to get a Eliot Cora Lee Peterson player. It's not that important. I think it's making it come back those Steven. And the reason is making a comeback is as yet a lot of good ones can be beat tiger and seek out and ask you yell at last year's net area. Listen it if it's if if you're a top ten team in years you can get a four net or Zeke as particularly. I did you you take that guy because he's special. At 27. That's not the same thing you're not going to get in Ezekiel only in lest you get lucky. And that's that's not true that doesn't play guys just around to mean it looked under Hopkins was a 27 overall pick that's. It's such a crapshoot the draft which is why I think you take two is really go blue for an audit and on the surface spec. I agree with the philosophy the running back position is not close to the most important position on the team. But if you look at the chief frost heaves it may be they're or a lot of major holes with ten draft picks. Yeah have you well value but not many of those guys are gonna make the team when you have a veteran Lleyton team with a bunch of young guys because John Dorsey is drafts incredibly well so you can sacrifice some of the value on the surface for what you actually need it. Read it here's here's a well phrased it. If you draft Alvin cook at number 27 overall you'd draft an immediate starter right with your number 27 that's right good deal that thereafter corner. You could do that at inside linebacker U not necessarily win it anyway they had USA pulled it but I think on the surface. Galvin cook has the best chance of being a starter right away although you come Indiana they'll be starting running back right what it takes time. The Phillies have any special to be one quarter it's up that happen in her meek Wilson left because I'll think there's a Ryan linebacker in this draft and unseat him. Mean not other than Ruben Foster who you're gonna have to trade up to get I think he can he could unseat and be with a great combat vet next thing you know. On the back let's not pretend it like for me Wilson is the answered all hearsay president wrapped linebacker but you just grab a middle linebacker is better Maru within her meek Wilson I don't see that happening. But you could grab a running back that's better than anything you have on this roster it's about how. Porous. Do the chiefs are at the running back position that's put fuel service. Coming up we talk an army and Danny got these we do every Thursday here at 915 he's pitching tonight for the right down in Texas we'll ask him if the giants being back decay brought back any memories of 2014 we talked to the dust next. This game got these same song here on 610 Sports Radio that means it is time to. Talking adult men each week he joins us here on six stents portrayed in our good friends it is a construction or donating 5000 dollars to know his bandage project to strike out. Pediatric cancer we do it every week here on six dead Sports Radio does he's pitching tonight down it Texas. And Diddy you know what the giants being back at the K man how great was that bring him back memories of 24 team. Apparently Graham and that. Now about important year. As a reminder that it could get it. Unreal out period and you know better. Yeah oh. You save that better because of it that was kind of the message that we all got like in 2015 like. You guys use that loss in 2014 to bounce back in 2050. You come back would that same kind of vengeance and 2015 of 2014 doesn't happen to you guys. Yeah. Elect and I don't matter. My perspective. Well what it out of court in your diet. More fired up creepy though. Ultimately got up there now integrate that actually audit if he got that hit a bat every bit. By. I'm Artie. Make difficult because we get there in you know back back. It has put it had met you know do. On a lot. Accomplished a lot of. Hmong gardeners got a dirty word to some royals fans think it. Even though he was so impressive in that series what he what do you remember from that fourteen series if as a as a fellow pitcher what did you see. From him that impressed you. I mean we are. Never game or like we see aggregate. It is performance. Amid mounting sort of our. Appreciate another great. In good enough unity I mean you know I Oprah yeah it back. I would Danny Duffy here it's extends for a Sports Radio rookie Mike has a construction and Danny. I think one of the cool things about you guys right now with the rotation is like your feeding off each other like Vargas went out last week against the eighties and and everybody since then in the rotation this put up a start equal to or better. Then what he was able to do how does that happen for you guys. Tom you know it worked it started out that while on I mean. The better part of it are you know and grant in the paint it doesn't you know all the luck is that it is. No. Respected athletes and so. It and it indicated it thought about that. How much do you or what do you do in terms of of a study an opponent do you look at a lot of video how do you go about preparing for. Your next match up like tonight's against Texas. Or at some mustard I don't really. In a little bit about you know the big huge server you can. And turned I have looked accomplish that marked. Anybody. It got. You're out there. Or out of it and quote what. Is that what it meant nothing to extraordinary. Very simple plot that of course couldn't. All right we're gonna talk about something here that is very very important very very vital. Welch came up with this idea of after ten innings of games are tied. We go to a home run derby format to determine the winner instead of playing on extra innings I talked to everybody just about in the clubhouse about it the other day. Pitchers hated it. Hitters like it Ned wants to add circus clowns and elephants to the outfield as well because he thinks it's a crazy idea. Where do you stand on that leg where would you stand in Major League Baseball says we play ten innings it you know that's tied after I would play one extra inning. And then we go to a home run derby format to determine the winner where you odd man. A pack. You know. A brand aside beard or. Whether or not. In Hillary. Or are now. There. I felt all right. We're. You know org. It would. At least they have their man there. I think it can albeit at net gain up about. As a player obliterated it but I. The love in visit here at the plate and it's a lot of music you on the audit them being you know and that's what brought out. I'll go out there and I'll be your that he. You know accurate it is that minute 32 and I got to the fairway that's the order because you know. But he didn't prove that. That it doesn't let me ethic. In Madrid in at all at all about the Pentagon early on got you. I think percent I think you and that sort. Now we're here would be very weird elect paid off I don't think you. In the paper. You know it's it's funny you say that because that the die hard fan totally agrees nothing needs to be done. But I think in in this day and age that were tried to make everything faster Danny let which I like football games faster basketball games faster it's a horrible start to make a life faster. You know at times that it just kind of enjoying what happens. And the baseball really only goes past the tenth inning. Like four times a year for each team the numbers of very minute number of how many times you actually get past the tenth inning so wouldn't be that big of a factor but promised the fans standpoint you tune in to watch him all this and you found out like. It's a yankees and twins is going to a home run derby flip that sucker on what do you. Yeah well it that would the only option. Going back Carmelo other runner on third that in our second base or whatever it. A lot. Is that if you. That it does that that it. So you know are out there that's good about that you met and I'm not that. What part and I ordered him saying in our effort immediate result. Remember real about it not with. If you were commissioner for a day what would you change. And anything where there's vote. The beautiful game and circulated on the insert image. Well the Dolan from my whole life. You know I've thought about. Bringing the strike now about but I mean that down and away doubted if that and literally in in your brain for our fire careers going to be regular nick. You know and it. Oh. It is it brought up probably. But in my opinion that it never cared much what it is let the door met. Ordered who gave partly related what do you expect. Talk or Danny Duffy here on 610 sports radio and indeed any big NBA playoffs started up I know your big time basketball fan before we get into that I mean I guess you guys can kind of identified it would Isiah Thomas and what he's going through for the Boston Celtics and you got a chance to talk to him what would you say. There you know develop a lot here and they know on base there's no playbook or it. A target on the oh purple or. Duke bird in the now gone out there and describe it between alive. Pretty aggressive. It definitely and the standard and yeah for sure. How do you guys do that I think we as as just regular Joes gonna take athletes for granted at times are like OK something bad has happened but you still got to go out there before. And he goes out there drops 33. The day after his sister passes away how are you guys able as athletes a car compartmentalize. All of that kind of stuff. And get past the the the emotion and just allow their perform. He can't thank mr. nobody even if nobody thought ever ever think there's anybody out there were there didn't get beat they're. You know I think. Walked in yesterday but let's use plain about it but it. Brought back. You know. Certainly out and out indefinitely. You're a lot more in I go out there. And about eight. If tight are. If it can help your performance. Obviously the tragedy without. You know you never. Want anything like that and so on anybody. Oh without. You can't control having those thoughts which you mentioned thinking about ace do you think in a way it is been helpful for you. Two to think of him under on the mound. Yeah I think we have the human motor and he has run away from a man. In. They're healing and it is never gonna have you or. Is it felt. Oh and something bad happened. Of our life. Or what form they're together. I'll be the first group made up about about ago. Every couple days of sick of them. It somebody ought to in. Obviously. I thought don't watch other people. Reminded about it but that's part of Michael though it. Opening bit. Remind people there are the life that. Talk or Danny Duffy here it's extent Sports Radio at the lakers are out of it's a Hoosier horse in the race now in the NBA. Beat a lot of good man really you know if you wrote again it is eroding. In my. The papers followed sort most states let. In. In each category. Don't forget Danny let everybody know. The notes five days a week from Saturday and he gets signed up for that's what it by pediatric cancer. Yes I'm out and out of you kids out and Bob happy belated birthday men and on the bed late. Abbey big or zero. They Duffy thank you so much my man here on six did Sports Radio joins us every Thursday in kiss a construction is making a donation of 5000 dollars to nose bandage project on behalf of Danny Duffy. On for coming on to strike out pediatric cancer coming appearance extend Sports Radio he's here. And you know what there's not a better gave Ford its Jason Nivins and we're gonna play. Position or sand go right is that all of label rock says ticket soured six movers into I'll move on sorry six movers sandwich so excited about our our food or eating in the river market hotel. I totally off our tracks to grab a phone line 91357676. Dead we're gonna get you access tickets next. The. I guess I should Delmon. So that you could refrain from making anymore analogies. Like it was a correct analogy it was a horrible happens you. Today all of whom we TV news in depth there are. No. And you can't stay off the all we. Hear again. You then we eat duck days wall or who we. One of these nicest thing yeah we need him when he's nice state off the lead down. When teen. When I'm when they don't let slip and hit big wins they only eat Wendy's what. I don't know code. Am paying me. Next when he's that nice summer mornings on this in the view of the way they've committed a down this. Yeah I know that the CD you can spot it smacked an idea I now I don't know. Yeah. I had. And what's so they Davids is a studio from the rock cal are you must like well your face as a DC good to see used it as well yeah yeah yeah. I went to a concert last night and it was okay we won't allow a perfect circle starlight that's a little lackluster beyond really yeah how to send a bigger show I wouldn't do but clearly there was something in the air in Kansas City yesterday doled it out there it was just a bunch of drunk dumb zombies yet. And then you had the situation that the airport right in that situation that the ball game right. And is happy that the wife and I had a nice little date night got home I meats and chicken yes that's not a metaphor now patsy made object when I got home that. This place and that's not a man and a metaphor for what he does it because you could you need to do you need to pork and beans by more chicken any man ever seen. Everybody's got a hug and a predator bellies settled among McDonald's happy I don't know body to Wellesley and in a food coma right now I'm not a this is happening right. Here. That is really good so. I was at the game last I see this incident take place undated I didn't seduced it and it was Tuesday to today. So just happened on Tuesday night royals fan punching a female fan I mean it was I mean. It's not a FaceBook page you can check it out there and -- huge growth media results there's other way to put it yeah absolutely drills are out there and I'm on the the you know my my opinion is always going to be there's no reason to ever hit a woman if something was going on what its security what he's assaulting them isn't your report says and he continually punching them in so why and why is he the security the security guard -- was there so I was point turnaround walk away gate while we have you beat Clinton women discussed the security guards there at that point it's government deterrent to walk when he gets to guide clinching the American Airlines pilot I mean it is absolutely. Insane I don't know when everybody can see his knees the shell hit the sticky -- realize this is still details for twenty man yeah. Say enjoy acts are innocent people of Iraq fast as we're here every day leading the rocks as of June 3 some great old school bands are going to be there as well he got rats he got. Does Cinderella Tom Kiefer you got and you know that's kind of blue and Sammy Hagar obviously that sort of kind of brings us into where the rock started 25 years ago and he moves in the ninety's with duke candle box collective soul you get into today with hailstorm bowl beat. You guys Max and their budgetary so it covers and I swath of what 989 Iraq has been over the last 25 years and of course GA tickets available 989 Iraq dot com and there's still a handful of our VIP tickets a little first year doing this and that's pretty posh deals and checked it out 989 Iraq that come 989. THE RO CK the sea is silent narratives come. It is I'm we're gonna give away a soccer president interview you get three in a row correct view our goal at Iraq's best music bed start Steven KC. Good morning miles Randy you are up first. Playing sex mover sandwich that's and I can't get that I'd ever I'd Stevie ready. Already died first one up the Bill O'Reilly is the sauce. Six movies correct that this them that it it is. I'm a mother on the year ago six move or sandwiched. The British rail the British rail six movers and a wealth is a business dammit it's. It is a little bit. That is easily ran. See how things out of our secretary that it's the longest game it was just over there and London down so you sit down that one. Cardinal lacing your next good morning hurt. Good morning morning. You know what is and our background all have things that there was a minute ago sex movers sandwich Kurt and only the sixth mover sandwich. That Tony Danza is that Tony Danza six numbers and what time that you're yes. All forward and I know it is a sexy move blown. And is that when you show somebody who the bosses thinks. It's speech to fight it here at the American royal years ago it's crazy apple my arm around to get attention turns to block him at all. Oh yeah and he sort by the way never looked like he played for the St. Louis Cardinals all Tyler at least some Europe next night time and here we go. Is the men which a six movers sandwich the man which -- be that is correct and I. Yeah ecstatic I give ago. The lucky here. A simple reason there a lucky to hear a that is correct. Rents and what's out there ago Tyler you got to you gotta get there in a row here let's see is. The Kingston. Then things move tennis that's movers and what's the Kingston. But it to go and we're sick of Bono. Using correct some. Yeah. Yes it sounded so much like assailants that you almost its security yourself right now Kingston Kingston execute well great food. All right well you ready night sir Knight well ingrained valley is at hand dog sex movers sandwich him dog. Which is correct we are moving forward. Is Charlie's revenge at six movers and acts were sent this is you know right away it went on for. Oh. The Leonardo DiCaprio is that he's six movers sandwich that we have noted camper. On there who. Know. Now this. Add the caveat in New York City the I think that Carty I think it was a cart yet known who handled through the list yet he can't think to yourself the Leonardo DiCaprio as a as a move because right now. He's not old enough and it's a say like he's not like it has been was a Humphrey Bogart that we could talk yes yes Greg liberty good morning. Lauren Greg liberty here we go Alabama tuna melts is at a six movers Edwards followed him and to them. I opened a sex movie is. Okay all right here we go these silent Bob sex movers sandwich the silent Bob. We're. No that is not that is a sandwich wrong. That adapters. Gains came sound odd man so you know Alex and he says it all the opportunity to say he's never silent and it isn't it and why would die right who is this. Alex Alex Alex you ready. The Jesus waffled sex movers and it's that he's called a there are six who is correct we're moving forward. Do you Lynn burgers and which is at a six movers and which the lender that that's that's us there or. You're correct yeah yeah yeah it's exactly it's like I am with them and dad and sometimes its military you know and it is about it's that attitude about you would think that sandwich when you know what they held them limber ideally go. Vital one for you Alex. Beat Louisville slugger sex movements and what's the Louisville slugger. The man you guys know it's. Okay. You're not a non Karl com I'm Carl you there that was sent out there I knew ago. Bison meatloaf is that a sentiment brokers secretly behind us now he's letting the that's correct we are moving forward. Liberty bell sex move or sandwich liberty bell. Since moved his right. The Jefferson Davis. Sex movers and speech that's in Davis. Who switch and Karl Klug on Iraq. JC is mandated. To Iraq ms. Nivins is in studio will play a little overrated or underrated that we Jason Nivins coming up plus something is coming up that everybody. In our generation's gonna wanna have we'll tell you what it is next. The royals tonight. We got this ballpark in Arlington Texas they call it global life stadium the Rangers. Played their Dini Duffy on the mound if you missed our conversation with him at 915. Don't be about our podcast page in our website at 610 sports dot com check Saturday website at sixty and sports dot com for against the Rangers and then on to Chicago. 43 against the pale hose before coming home for a weekend series a week from tomorrow. Against the twins on mini sort as they come into Kansas City givens of Iraq in studio with us here gay sex and sports or radio super Nintendo is being re release were there reboot and every. Greece they allies are we now pretty much you know a few years ago we got that forty games a monetary council at dad how was that is on the I mean that though the little ones she plays on and so it's kind of like. And I remember when I was that age and miss some of the tar and then I know they did the same thing with like regular Nintendo and yet they actually sold them out so much that there's more demand for the Reagan and Nintendo but Nintendo refuses to release more good good boats because they say it was never meant to being long term yeah I think everyone to release this finite number of old school Nintendo systems we are releasing and we would call a quick a quick cash grabs because you know so. Yeah me because Rick Castro back to be if you wanted to make more of them. -- mean you know and quick cash scrap not a not a real -- do you create the buzz yeah everybody talking about he would make excuse me throw about the use cell while he had great success and then what do you do let's do this was superintendent dale a side note of that and hurting out on stuff record store days on Saturday so if you're like me and you enjoy vinyl records a concerted Saturday so in the there's a bunch of the shops around town that'd be partaking in -- which is like limits in this in this instance that as I called yesterday Bernard and now it's called record store today Scott. Argued are you vinyl scenery like yeah about it but yeah the vinyl is back type of guy and I've probably probably have. Thousands owner collection wow you'll hitting beaten them back red room bars and that move yet yes I'm hitting my friend. For an Jonathan Chicago couple years ago. Is well yes vinyl is is coming back if he bought that fund armament and bond he had them on finally thought it said it's so much better on final animal it. I don't know that it does he also claimed to discover the plain white tees which is a total loss. Brought on his part I'd I don't have some podcast. Called hysteria if now on about the about you know all these conspiracies and his biggest conspiracies claiming to. Have invented and discovered the plain white tees out seven days ago you claimed to invent the self ideas. No no question I got a perspective yes I'll be since 2003. Original question yes even amity that you either I think Thompson and it was a photo journalism in my team patriotism it's different here I am on the road like that so I had what the first camera phones ever because we were doing endorsement deals for phone company backed him against all the new technologies Hawaii where theocratic Kodak camera. You know you're vulnerable ever had but I've done that people tell us in sending out and if you know I have one time I get one. Dips though with super excellent idea and Oakmont. Oh that an Obama like the new ones are really small almost in baseball card size far then again or not it's like but like the old one thing I found an old one incident I found that resource and some some film for the super expensive they don't they don't animated film and again and more it makes sense. So I don't analysts say Gerardo de las reboots or prizes to those super Nintendo is yet reboot it which is a good move on their part but that's what we've become now. As a society this is that this is the time in which we live that there are no more new ideas. It's from movies to music to everything else everything is he reboot a something that was great in the yesteryear. Like when our dads are aged now I remember my dad is mainly guys were making radio grade again we are. He absolutely. They read the big in the sixties back there and they're doing what's is out of this out your whole audience. About the Yankees going nine and one of last and it to next time we were talking earlier that did what they are do what baseball is doing right now so late into the surprising and doing things aren't as it 647 games and 77 tied for second place game back they're fine with our ultimate four teams tied for the Yankees should not be winning nine detectives put team did you read it bill to judge is judge and a hit ten home runs last. Exactly thing. So yeah some items what he gap. By let's do it overrated underrated as a talk about the super Nintendo comeback yeah. The it's a very good about his big hit is the downloaded that on. Nintendo was never as good as Nintendo has done an accident I don't know it's probably twice letter G so to go. Yeah motor large parts. But I don't know that probably sold as well as the regular attendant maybe not but I'll say this the goal that I reboot is going to be huge because I switched from yeah don't they just way too then I would to Sega Genesis and downwind I didn't I didn't I did not have. It overrated or underrated Nivins jewelry in all forms. Underrated I think I think it's and nice accessory sales of bird yeah Google surprising I thought. Ally of survived that I guess depends I'm probably speaking jewelry is a hole and I like a high end jewelry I also endorsed machine company price tag. Saw the Narnia they knew where you're you're in your bag and coloring is watch yet coloring little blank. You know. Don't you get that and it is safe to bonanza but yeah zealots I already generated the celebrity PGA's. So letter as in as in like radio yelling no not radio DJ is like no clue how shows IDJ Shaw haters like who is excited dad dad and ot nine. DJ. And became DJ jazzy Jeff that's not as I'm talking about warm time out like. The DJ's to have the big club shows now BJ AMD and yet I'm not I. Overrated yeah congress until overrated and he's he's he's not bush and I don't like Baghdad amounts to about all of them told them like that something like that too yeah. For me it's not my place I go over rated talented but does on the money though that all my dad. Don't go your laptop. You know I think that if you're the man you have it does sound people the mess with the iTunes app gets it you know. Now now you go to school on that you got turned tables and as you did some thing or tables and supplies that the editor in pools of microphones where attack yet. I get a couple more overrated or underrated Jason Evans from 989 Iraq go to 98 and rocked act comet into rock faster video. And aside that there will be a sixth intent of this Arabic now we carry outfitted with that teaser ads and other sports and politics and yes. All right 3-D movies. Overrated have you gone so we're not going to kids who Wear the glasses and its inaugural all the time I love the 3-D I've I've tried it exists it. It's a little over the first ever did it was at cuts and yes Michael Jackson's things exact analysts etiquette that's sort of the the high water marks a sense that it's kind of like meant to. Makes the movie's slightly better I saw Beauty and the Beast and treaty that was getting bit yeah where Union Station. No. We we went there is no way that we took the little one to see NIC you know if yes 3-D there is automated pattern out of it was like. Were they funny like only add this is the best thing ever because some treaty but it didn't matter I I I guess I guess I'm. I would say for me it's overrated gets it done and forever nevertheless I saw funding. Like that that jumped out at me and Huntington. Dead and and yet I think that that maybe I'd be more more about it right now over and I finally overrated or underrated at buck days. Well ridiculously Horwitz the glee overrated your eyes are nowhere nears the system of all I think 27 dollars annually at the same as you would have bought meal yeah. Need to be paid less than just a meal yet. About a thin about an illegal gambling a good with a family UN safe it's a Mountain View and unless you're one of those people that like Kobe she is it that yes it yes 87 hot dogs and sixty minutes and listen to those people are. Who Lou Eli round here. I would call anybody out including democracy of it that's got I was named Sylvia. Yeah I can see yet but now I overrated yeah I think so well. All right finally do you see your pop tart. 52% of voters say yes they heat their pop tarts 48% do not so overwhelming majority. Heat their pop tart yeah rigs just take it and rip it out of the pack it is their started Dahlia savage nobody does that you put it. In the hosts a much closer and I thought yeah I've got into and I appreciate you can make it two minutes next.