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The Drive
Thursday, May 18th

In Hour 1, Fanning & Heis discussed the one thing Ned Yost SHOULD NOT do to try and motivate the Royals to get better, discuss Lavar Ball's latest comments, bring you the best of Danny Duffy from "Fescoe in the Morning" and end the hour with a fun email contest having to do with last night's Royals Broadcast Auction items.


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Welcome to the drive everybody Bradley Manning back. Yesterday lots of high school baseball support the family. Drugged out of Pittsburgh Kansas. But we'll analyze. Tim Jerry did Jerry got 21 names you have a theory and guys with Buford added trust them. Which reverse it. Can you nukes and it's like I thought that's I got nothing on that I'll just lap the guys like you first names are guys like. We have like there's did name. Kelly we're. Yeah drop like I did the first game. That is lasting like almost the same like it might aim was like Brad Brad you Jeff Jefferson yes yes how is like parents do that it McGwire in the world do you do that. I would think that and I was I'm not apparent and in nine of the European featured stepfather of three kids yeah. When your parent. I feel it alliance on your brain with so many kids like just turned to demolish you so much on the bring you so much the app to try and remember that chrome fourteen apple man he watched George Foreman is able George. Right and some that at some point I would. I palace under is on a little about the way apparently it's not him Jerry since Harry. It still sits in your criteria and subject matter anyway. I just I just saw this in and I had a little squiggly line on left side of my dad. A lot of drive back from Vietnam yesterday seat I'd still under the weather heist is back. So I had kind of a crazy week this week with sickness and at a vacation day yesterday I was down Washington five a state regional baseball. In Pittsburgh Kansas and it might as old and the royals what's beyond it lately is. Well in a you'd try to crack in my step son's teams that I'm venison to their playing at a Major League level right yeah scouts and yet it was I was held game. That's also gathered that. It. I absolutely love even knows it was an awful experience for rewarded that later on in the show but let me. Buick here on Wednesday afternoon what a great set to get to today we got wrecks other coming up at 3 o'clock. Dead so doubt former Rockies general manager now MLB network you'll be what this at 4 o'clock and it has all you can hear from Ned Yost. At 430. Early today and on boy. Last night was. Disappointing. For the second night around I think is his name is may be the best ways and yet not good. Second really got down big early on. Considered cracked on Jason Vargas for that because let's be honest and the patient and really the royals a chance to win that game last night but he's been fantastic this year and so on. Michael after argued to have a night like that not to mention the Yankees got a top bats so to me. That's not. My focus today and they Jason Vargas has been terrific. And last night. It happens let's be honest so you know things that did I hear a lot about. From fans and I think he did it for. If you're if you played high school sports are here you've played Little League sports or if you're a Little League coach. Yeah this from the coaches argued on how they let these. Deuce. Dave violence to the ball. Struck. Let them have that would swain. Is that on those hitters. And set from the outset. That's not the way it works in Major League Baseball he's got a million grown men some of their mentally theories that's not what we treated it doesn't work. Liked it Major League Baseball. So. I felt something last night. When I got home and it is. I'd rather humorous but it's based and it shouldn't. And one that can't and what he won't. Played four in the second set by telling you this I don't know how many guys who Wally back its ice Merrill. Yes exactly so well that was the second baseman. For the New York mets' way back in 1986 they won worlds. And issues. Here there are now calling it all back now Wally talk that was the Yankees and confused now wall is you can not Wally Cleaver. I'll walk back and has bounced around in the minor leagues as a manager is matter of fact he had. And against him for five days ruse actually Arizona Diamondbacks manager. But he fired before even managed a game because if the lines budget. Let us financial background so back when is this really productive like Ozzie thirteen fourteen year Major League Baseball career. What a championship. And and he's been trying to get back in good graces with the net. So he managed. Tripoli team. In Las Vegas. Lost that game in the typical law back in fashion he's now managing in the Mexican. I mean this sounds like reality series on the lines of Le Brock. All it does Mexico yes Jack Peter Kenny powers that Mexico. So been back in 2012 was the manager of that. Of the south Georgia peanut. A minor league team. That team played in the south Atlantic. It was an able team so if you think it from royals perspective. Able is like the royals two teams once in Lexington Kentucky. So this guy's like 20/20 one years old maybe nineteen depending on the skill level. And it's a low level of my league baseball so. Some brilliant idea which I would have thought we showed it is. Reality series on wall pac man and the south Georgia he. And followed around like a mob beat in the clubhouse to raged out. And fall back because he is really interchange. He's a dumpster fire but and it and it really really really good manager. But he's got a maps which makes him really interest. So. Exactly what I think is one that used to do the royals and exactly what you can't. Here's Walt Whitman. In a post game speech to the south Georgia peanuts in 2000 well. It's right and now it's not easy to be a champion all right so artists and there is to do you only way you can be. It is if you work your and saw. I had two mother and gained one Sheehan started the two guys. Took. And practice and gets hit you're playing a disputed that and you don't work. Duke and guys. Are guys that and you're not helped write the yeah and it you don't work for you can't get it. On second and a everybody will be here tomorrow that wanted to prevent Brett you. Jews Jesus Christ you know 2021. And one yet and it won't cancel it alone. Why don't be scared because it looks like your to hear what you're throwing. If so he got hurt doing it. Together a deal. Each other but for God's sakes. You could you. Which got to work for a if you don't work you can hold a hole and away the left and wait. Two of the guys that. And he knows that up and please. You un. Play in the big leagues. Pete don't you. He's worked in steel. Asked buddy boy did they look at and it's that. That everybody. By the way I just want to mention that if you don't hear from me the rest of the show it's probably because I'm fired. That was that took a long time that I am just praying that I now they'll but he had to say the end. I'd. Like you adds. Will back from the south Georgia via its way back into does well. Well. Hi I got a text from highs on that while he was likely that audio for me and he said I hate you. I hate. So much for how to do this but let's not play for Alan I found that because that's the way. It managers can deal with with young players in class able that's what you can do. When you're dealing with college players probably not so much in high school I'm dozen parents aren't it's not gonna float parents. But that's how you view of younger players that's not how Major League managers can deal with guys that are making 12141516. Million dollars a year. So I'll give you an example like what I think fans what led to do but what absolutely 100%. Will not. Happen not to mention it was funny now. That was beautiful eyes will ably been Batman. It there's always going to be ways for managers to trying it their point shots. And you have the authority to really do whatever you want and you get the lower levels of the minor leagues. Just talked about this or he knows he's has been around these guys for a long time and maybe the old Ned. Would have done something like Disney woody kicked over the buffeting the toss it fired a lot yeah Austin's stuff. You know multi and that everybody exactly he's not like Ned doesn't know. How to do. But a lot of this is about. Reaction a lot of this is about and you learn from Bobby Cox and he's references before that. If he's going to make it a line of decision or decisions can impact the team moving forties which has Giddens of about a week. Just good. Get it all back into trying to understand and really think about what he's the and that knows this team a lot better than we did. And I think you have to find other ways to get the motivational tactics out of them. Other than his swearing and cussing up a storm you can just disappointed 12122. Year old doesn't lower the career there are some of them didn't go to college days. Took the money or draft pick in there you've got these guys are already in the shouts their party kids it doesn't work with those guys support. Guidance. Patients those things you'll work at the big league tickle. It. Oil's because of their crummy stuff but what can he do in and it does sort of biggest question is then you'd have all these different idea. You know he's looking to the players you know that there are as motivated to try get something going the players don't like sucking yeah lack a better way to put it. But what do you do then if you're Ned to trying it and. Well the first of four I mean basically the face of I mean positive face of the franchise he's the face of the on field product so it's got through net daily routine and I know. And he's got what three or four median sales. So Amy to the writers he gets in the morning by the way it's ready guys over scouting report does all that stuff. Need to the writers that he meets with everybody else that he does a pregame thing with with Ryan a fever. Then he's batting practice and he's feeling guys to find out what. What he neatly asked and he says constantly listen I want. My coach is coach Gilles went get a handle hitters they've got to get nailed pitchers Russ is getting the outfield defense or solar. And Ager should get a handle the infield pager deals with catchers in nature those guys have exactly what needs they get on the field doing. Listen make sure that healthy clubhouse is it is priority number one for a Major League manager it is you've got to make sure you have. A healthy clubhouse and the fact that that that you have veteran leadership in there they can deal with a bunch of crap that doesn't have to deal. And and that's what he does an and so when he gets into the game he's reckless in how we use our pitchers. Do I need to pension. On should I suggested. I hit run. Those types of things he needs to make sure that clubhouse is healthy atmosphere that ballclub that's his number one thing. Let me ask you this an aura against the by. Let's say that got to that point Dallas I was feeling at the time and he went off on that team up with that. Effectively lose the team meeting for the rest of the year do you think because that has changed because. He has adapted to the newer style of managing in the new style of dealing with players that maybe they'd say. Yeah maybe we got actually started get it together for it's legal it's an option for dad with this club is a steely veteran guys. If you wanted to do that maybe. Win moves at odds were still puppies and their up here. But that's another reason laboring at a guy like royal body as late 2015. An analyst that's got to come from within absolutely a lot of asked you for sure in the next job is to nature the information could ready to go next job as the delegate. To his assistant coaches and his bench next job is to make sure that the pitching is what it is where it needs to be. In certain situations that's what net job this next job is not to be Wally Batman with the south Georgia peanut. That's it and that's not seriously that's it so while that's great audience fired now and it's do what you toy yo kids you can do that there. Can't do it at the Major League level. After a tough loss though. It's just not time I can't don't understand the fans wanna do that he can't. The all comments yesterday and they were a major story but. You know I think we're sort of miss in the point on this. You know I think it could think that could be most damaging to him as not have been brought up Alex when I mean that's the better. 610 sports. Welcome back into the drive Brad thank Betty Chrysler C God's under the whether he should be back tomorrow he's feeling better. But he's gotten better. Heavy antibiotics is what I understand in a fun Feely feeling bad and summer colds. When it's warm outside. Nugget sociedad should be back with a tomorrow or revenue greatly cabbie Wednesday pop quiz coming up to 55. Wrecks other 3 o'clock former MLB general manager of the Iraqis. Dead O'Donnell joy is at full. So this Lavar ball. Lavar vaults for those that don't know and yes it does irritate me you have to talk about Lavar ball. I'm already tired this guys act. But I get to my point here's. The horrible as the sun Alonso ball and could be one. He can be the topic guys had to number two to certainly number one number two or get both nationally and so he's like it Josh Jackson type player for those outside of Kansas experiment maybe. Have no idea who wants a ball is really about. And his dad came out the big ball or branded issues. And yourself for 495 bucks which to me makes we wanna vomit you are a picture as science. A global Lavar ball absolutely. So shockingly the marble is getting its on air time on ESP and some of the bigger networks like fox sports one. So he was on with Colin Cowherd and his sidekick Christine Leahy I think is terrific job. On that show. This is the -- ball had to say this is why does a lot of marbles making headlines this week he's the father by the way Alonso ball. And he's the most. How do you put it it's not a helicopter parent right I mean I think it's a wrong way to put it he's. Isn't it self promotion and he's trying to. And he's not a way to she's not afraid to shy away from whenever he's feeling a lot of people almost look at him in the sense of just a complete care picture of himself yet. Is larger than life he's he's good and evil and hate the B announcement. And I don't know the members here said on on the hurt all encountered Christen increasingly. Have you sold in the issues yet. So good amount to be. Considered different amounts how many. Stating only. When he went yeah I Don Imus to anyone about her over time she isn't the kind of answers to says she's good moms who novels did you see this guy just walked in Brooklyn. I don't look over the because these kids knew how all right now I'm just leave me alone I'll tell you for 500 here. So she's a reporter for job is to share your report to whoever she won't behind what I saw you Colin. What is your problem in the meantime my problem here is you are a picture. Why I never Wear a bit polish. Don't even topped the box urgency among the what I but I said that I wouldn't Wear something since it haulers the same thing all due respect your great report does not report it. I have a right to say when had to let him and all welcome to big bolt zone. I think I actually it was saying they had like appoint her he's not even an out and television now. Offensive and I just said you know if you wanna you know work with Nike ideas and under armour to maybe have something that appeals to women and. I don't know as a legit I mean I don't have to agree another with a profitable concern but I thought it was a good. I don't and that's why I'm not free I don't I don't owns and I don't see. I wasn't as they did is like I I would never witnessed what to show you a little mouse and Donald told. Mix well. Well I I think it in order to have a successful company you're gonna have to have women. Who like your brand yeah I've loved ones come but anyways so I got marketing consultant will be able to. OK so let me let me go into this thank you. Securities courtesy of fox sports one count Colin Cowherd show. I say I saw on I thought I thought it was rude increasingly I'm not I'm not down with rude people. I think you can be really successful. Individual and not be in jail I think that's a doable thing I really did I don't I don't think it. You're asking a whole lot of someone to not be complete jerk. And still be successful I think that I think I think the two can be done again. But here's the issue that I. With that whole deal with each other than the fact he was rude Christine. The issue that I have is that I would never buy anything from a guy like a horrible. Why would I buy anything from a guided to their whole it's a jerk like that so go by caller I mean this car salesman is complete jerk to me. And he's arrogant he's as high says bombastic. And rooted. Not spend my money with that. Or at Dutch store on the dual. And so the fact that he's coming off that saying all these things and he's rude to people he's bombastic he comes off that your. The last thing in the world I wanna do is buy a pair of 495 dollar shoes from that guy to miss the point. But he may be faking it to he's getting on ESPN and fox sports what are these other places that he's a lot of blood for his brand and is. But is it the right kind of public not buys a product from somebody that's that big of a jerk and is not gonna do now on the ill prepared issues that a car. Sweatshirt not a tank of gas not any. Do you think that's reasonable to expect from everybody though because. A lot of people would be in that complete same sentiment is you actually think I don't like what he represented I'm not gonna associate myself with the product. Make a lot of clothing. People buy from Nike. And a lot of people wonder if there's any sort of sketchy activity going I'm. Going out where they meet their clothing oversee of course there the amount coming in yet so you can make that argument for everything now a lot of people than reasoned with themselves to go by Nike. Dismal. There's there's no accurate. Pictured it shows a six Urals where they and their shoe that they are paying a good amount of money for. Want her marbles here tangible representative of that product yeah and I think eventually. What he's trying to go for is exclusivity. He's going for the top of the line because he believes that what he represents is top of the line and it's up to the consumer of whether or not they buy into it or not. I just a note every consumers than willingness to themselves. Well I don't like what the product represents. The medium and abide because. It's not every. Body not everybody I'm just saying that that's my point on I'm like I'm not buying a product manager module and these turkeys church increasingly. He's over the top. You know you know and we'll hear from Danny Duffy coming up later a little bit later in the show he talked about. What it would be like for him if he had a father like he gets drafted in the he's got to deal with that so. I just think the guys are self consumed here and I'm not buying his product and it irritates me that we've not talked about a day but it is a big story. And go forward now to talk about all I just wanna make sure that. That people where I stand on this thing because I think he's an eye. I think it's it's been very clear yet where he spent I just I just don't wanna buy products for people that are jerk to me fill lights at the guy. Out there for Nike alliance agreement insane stuff. You know and David really early in the face of the product to really Smart commercials. An image that they're thrown out there you know they'll buy their stuff. And and this guy this guy is something else. David do you worry though like if you're if you're thinking okay I'm a marketing expert for big Boller brand. And you if you are the marketing consultant for Lavar ball would you then it's on payment equity do absolutely it can tell the marble to do. The he would he would hire marketing person. Tell him what to do clearly he has in the hole because increasingly email lot of good points in the fact that a lot of things a lot of these companies. Need to fielded markets are women there and to make women feel comfortable buying their product because they're the ones that are buying it for the suns still president and different. Their husbands and they're the ones that are usually shopping more often and so there is something that you need to be able to drop from. I disagree about is how you feel all of our on how I feel about Lamar ball. If there are people that want to go for exclusivity. It's saying I like the exclusivity of big Boller brand. It really doesn't matter what he says so long as he keeps promoting his prodding getting out the open what nicely that's the top like Wal-Mart. It just kills. In and they got some sketchy. It was in benefits some of their their prices are exactly the appeal to the masses he's not he's not try to appeal the masses ease. Who is trying to appeal here's I don't know if you divide in which he's got some new George. I did publish those costs I actually don't know they word their gift from and others I can tell you get towards a couple bucks to fifty Neil they weren't I know there were damn channel and a good jordans and elkington as a bunch or inviting those are anywhere in the neighborhood of 2.5 to fifty media mark. I don't need user anywhere close to them via but. Now that I am prepared Jordan's at puberty that's an incident that you feel about that I. It's been 495 on me and in 1990% of the people art and it irritated 51% of the population. You know when he tells Kristy Lee stand link so to bolster edgy it and a boulder stupid one of the it is. Basically a horrible royals is huge Laker fan day Duffy joins skill of the Morton for his weekly appearance and is great stuff from as he was asked if you won't until all it was favorite team his answer might actually surprise us next. 610 Sports Radio. Kansas city's baseball station and Kansas city's football speech at six. And Sports Radio. What did the driver advantage. He spent. It. So hopefully he'll be back tomorrow for Friday for drugs faster it's a prize. Will this be the Friday. You finally reigns supreme and pick a plan to speed a Friday that they finally at the streak ends or it could be that's. It depends what topics are man. The topics Spitzer random. Or whatever so it's usually frame of mind here there's something that's relevant going on to Mother's Day topics last week we did I don't know what what. This week's profits will do it. I don't know what they are well you know they are indeed. All of play our charity. Assigned so we should be to them avarice and pop quiz of the 255. What a pair of the IP that matters is me or pop quiz was luckily we got it to about does he got royals say it's an coming up in about ten minutes. Really funny email come to us that you know I came up with and those are for the VIP passes to our guy Josh Turner's watch party at side guy here and time winning streaks of red diners at the scene that like free stuff. Especially freeze that they come with VIP passes it is Antonio. Your VIP. Let's wish you before any leeway to VIP something that doesn't take away from the appeal VIP Obama. Is elected the guys get a man. It's about Danny Duffy Kamal Bob says don't accrue with a while she played in the morning inspect. Every. At TV. There's every Thursday morning so Duffy solid with Tesco and and published estimates and interviews of some of these guys and and and gets to the bottom gets in talking honestly that's the whole thing so. Bob talked but Danny today and any began. These guys began the interview last you about what makes asking magic word for them. I've been what do you think your footwork this. And in there that that is amnesty for yourself we'll. Play it that. They don't really play well what you call it our dispute. Obviously got pretty glove. That's pretty they're pretty you know. Humble they probably jeopardy. But the fact that sort and again you know so yeah there are also. It is it's fine and I know a lot of the stack guys in numbers guys just don't understand why you know he continues to lead off but the win loss percentage is so different. When he does lead off the when he doesn't Leo what's it like inside that clubhouse is Ned told us the first time we did back in Tampa people pretty fired up inside that clubhouse scene asking lead off. At at the U he knows that in might be certain. Can't qualify everything in there well. Hold the ball it. That's fine you know like here now we are now are there any do you go on where the bird that they're not. But in underneath. It. I have we're going the way I doubt that at. It's. That we'll move both that we are going through and then that they. They edited it it it you know and make their life. And obviously that he's they're quite yet personality. And I think you intimate that and this and that. Our our weekly visit with the royals lefty Danny Duffy fans are well meaning for the most part. And when people are going through struggles you hear from from different people we got a FaceBook message of the day which which made us laugh that. Somewhat it's suggested Alex Gordon stopped chewing gum that that might help him with his swing. Hey do you ever gotten a weird piece of advice from me from a fan and how they could fix your game. I had a better removed actually last week if you if you you should start throwing in knuckleball. Like Tom Candiotti. And eight split fingered fastball. By Hideo Nomo and if you have a curve ball a period veto. And it's saying look like James Shields. And of course seem like Nolan Ryan. You probably would be really successful and on that marriages aren't lap and put it up in my locker. I mean they're big they're going to be fine. It probably. There's a pretty impressive latitude you really think that in appreciate it but it. There was a handwritten note that it developed a filmmaker knuckleball what it was handwritten it was a tight that mean haven't had this thing rides do you. It was handwritten. Very legible. And actually be appreciated it is that the most back to back. And aren't right. The sort of be proactive and out there that dobbs news. Hit it it extremely funny. Should your lakers. Draft Alonso ball and no I handle of our ripped out quit don't quit a man. I'm just kidding I'm if they have to lose that thing. Rather so humble birth. Everybody complains about it. You know I'm loving and father and so written with the unique way. But you know at some point you know these networks got to start out giving him a platform now and then. If it's Longo who won and I honestly and you know right. People need to talk about it but the Bard not the only outrage is you know data out there. He's not the only one there's audio on the rotary in its candidate you know break down. All the writers are complaining about it and it's a little platform with about one and the ligament that. I was in good. I respect. I want all of the let me honestly we did you got back in. Of the being that there sure. That's you. Look I I want no part of that do I I would not taken because of the father because of what he brings to the table of the and I hate using the term distraction but I think with the act guy. He could definitely be a distraction because of buys JR outlook is he just Jacksonville place would end. You order and are well I would I would love to see Josh Jackson out there. Nice set of arm my. Yeah here it is but they're like I mean at. On I mean beat Latvia Clinton of course no doubt about and had to do and that's why I'm here in both or all the Brothers so humble. But when you got you know. It said it man. You know while in Europe and literally speaking. Light at the worst person in law that is cute. I mean literally all of us should who. Yeah I thought I thought it was. It bit it bit. If it's sickening. And expect there and I can't speak from authority and I'm not a part of the family right and I feel bad talking about someone you know and me like that. I'm sure they got a wonderful and we let. If your yardage came on there. What ball boy if there electorate well got it in and do. If that has found a very different light the rookie a product that you're setting your son that everyone in this. The so it's gonna make sure that you cruise. In other people law you can even more now as the does that mean that followed at Oakmont that murkier. All of you log book right now working on car does not. You know. The other day that this is our candidate is being in a little bit overwhelming odds and doing it. That is its credit very professionally and you've been doing their break he hit hit. You know what this man variance is intrepid here. I wouldn't take him either. I would take lots of all either if if if if I've got a coach we talked about this of the cabaret thing last week in the players that are similar. And several similar ability and the outlaw what baggage in a budget drama crazy dad and he got one it's not take the other one. To undone because you think of our laws but it does appear to have everything winds of perfectly equal yet but there are plenty of scouts that feel like Alonso ball's gonna be a better growth and mark health altered. Josh Jackson really depends on who you ask there. And get what's important to remember is that Alonso hasn't. Done anything to really put himself out in the spotlight in love car nobody in his debt that it eulogized at an average intakes and connect to deal his dad and that's get a you talk distractions. And again not to distract the players. Not a distract the fans what's gonna do is distract the coaching staff and front office and those of the cats that make the decision on the players that that are on a team. That's that's where that's coming from so. You know. It's from ever lovable man actually more mature than a spot. That's what it sounds like to me. It really done so anyway great self professed killer Danny Duffy by the we did on the mound tonight against the Yankees in the series finale the royals need a win tonight. To avoid being swept by the New York Yankees say that the royals did of the broadcast auction. Raise a ton of money like 1101000 dollars royals charities which is awesome that some great ideas. I think we can do even better we've got VIP passes for one view that actually does do better we'll explain next on the ground. Sixty and sports. Whether it's happy Thursday everybody grab bag back behind there. Tag there's an off today on whether he's feel better but we'll get back tomorrow. We'll take on the Yankees tonight the series finale the royals and try to avoid being swept to make sure your Verne tonight 6 o'clock. By her assistant Sports Radio for the sun fresh on deck show because she runs a canes in the starting line tonight which is wrist and diving play. In the fourth inning of last night's. Lost the game on the way another ugly loss for the royals. It's not been competitive in the first two games Ceres. He's 29 hits in two nights royals record now. Sixteen and point B which is kind of funny because what was it. Tuesday. I'm my needles sort of lean toward by and and they they've they've been they've been wiped out I'd I tried to do locked out Jackman and still it just tried to be that bad as little lines. A little voice or refund on your shoulder now and now. I've still. I don't I still. What I 31 isn't so I stood out like thirteen days until mine official date. Of may 31 one is that it alleviates India thirteen days so. Godspeed to you. So that the season really gets really do it last night they had there. There auction broadcast auction last night they raised a ton of money for their chairs and and they spread that money over the place until we could said he. Galleries 1101000. Dollars last night and some ideas that it's pretty cool. On but we came out was some and email contest. And the dresses blue with a 610 sports dot com. Regular pair VIP passes to join us for burns watch party winning streaks and here is. On May 21 you guessed it an exclusive spot in winning streaks. Sweet requires in front of the huge well as greens so what's the royals take on the twins and a 25 dollar food and beverage credit. Your emails for your ideas for the royals. Charity auction to last night a cake with the reds at him that I was interest substandard food he loves the Yankees should eat some cake with a runs OK. For almost like. 78000. Box seven or maybe even more LT TEK Lorenzen measure them it past the 101000 dollar yet to delete Kate afloat which is fascinating. But any. It sounds well liked it. There was and go to that George Brett and Jason Kendall's an active. That would be a fun always that was right. I that was the second highest price one of the night other than going on the road trip. Read it to go to Ali with the team and fly back on the charter and I would do that that that sounds like a blast. Which I thought it was a little bit of false advertising. Girls out Hoss you and I. You're awake arguably the media analyst and sporting kids city yes he's I don't think it's like road Westport on the or soccer moms dude charged or is on the ball so all of them actually soccer moms might have been better for this they might have been a little bit more cash to work what magic and grab a hostile in the grocery getter and go out on the town for soccer moms to meet when I saw that wasn't one of the higher priced items of the night yeah. I was Stein. I was vaguely how does not get at least fifteen any Italy's soccer moms is. Gotten together put in 500. A couple of its greatest fortieth birthday party we ever had. Well the thing I was pocketed Texas job our boss he was planes and in some clips today about my. From consultants and things and he said one of the guys said he thinks headline writers on the Internet should be highest paid people of all time. At least on when it comes to media companies. Because you get the headline you click on one of filer. And that's what this is this was little misleading mail cause the ballpark on the field for batting practice. Yeah really Joan Collins. You're still hang in a look at some different ideas they can maybe add the charity auction. Float trip like or ever. I have yet they were I'd never done until I moved to Kansas City. Well in my favorite things debt since I got here it was one of those whose he's with the stringer at the right next get a beer and there's that are. It's for game. Is float out there that some cocktails. During the ball and you know that you get YouTube. Cooler float or other to these rip Beers and and flew out of bounds in the big leagues the exclusivity with you dive into the mountains right now you go. Failed but now you getting out of bounds for game you get to the few people and it's going addict ago for a fortune I don't think it do you think we actually think the obvious that a case. I think people do that are. I know some Wu got to do the Kansas City he was he was lit about it all of that I don't think Casey violence that that's not good for a now offers jobs for the people is one of his prime responsibility of the I would like yet like seats on top. Like he's pretty. You know on top of the scoreboard until they're ninety to Kauffman Stadium version of like green monster it's absolutely except effort. I think that's doable subtle way up its seats batters. I'd be a blast. This went to. Post guide us guide me in Easter to some other dude and he pulled the chute. About flat in the game ball. Very cool idea remembers first pitch I remembered what the White Sox and Elvis night every year and they have skydiving Elvis has come in from. You know miles up from this guy they died and they come in the first. Erica love. Get to go to houses barbershop. It's cut in the stadium is that house can't roll some bars they get that it did blow apart and oh that's right look at. At the same Erica does not yeah what do Goodyear and Eddie. Now that might get some major cash budget that is used colors colors got cash man. Yeah godsey Trout each Saudi deer that maybe I was property like edited by bus at the over under fifteen caving to a tacit. That would yeah that was this year. Scored expression. The media. Or curly. That I'd feel incredibly neat gan a charity feel weak a lot of minuses I mean that degrades it out. I would do this to deal Brett Lawrie reenactment with cal in Guerrero so. Yeah yeah yeah you bet on this package and re throws your head and he goes it's crazy guys these are exploited his head and says amity and head next. You notified it was related to the big clear. However throw nine you don't. Like those you know sumo wrestler outfits are so you know we're fairly protected in case he misses and actually. Does is it the way like hockey mask you don't think that be fun no I'm not paying a lot of money to have Kelvin her throughout that's you know that's that's just need anyway. Submit your best royal broadcast auction idea of the top one will get the VIP passes boost its sixth and sports dot com will will tolerate and consulate rupture. Yeah and the until they take maybe a baseball IQ test to get story solar I think it's an end there ego as big a lynch last night this guy's driving me nuts. He really years. You know it started Friday when he. Did to think you're not supposed to do one run game in the ninth inning. With two outs is. Let a ball get over your head or die for it like get over it he dove for a ball run the third drug trade then and that and the in game one of the Yankee series tries such as this stretch a single into the delegates though probably twenty feet and at last I missed. And this guy's a fundamental joke right now and it irritates me because the stuff that that or is solar is doing right now. Is the stuff that should be happening in Little League games or in my stupid old man. You know your Europe pro you're a major leaguer you'd need to be able to do this stuff now on the flip side of that. This is really fixable. Really fixable. So hitting it cut off man. Is of fixable thing matches. Any kind of been a chemical to the first guy last tolerate or solar missed two cutoff man in his marriage really is in this Hosmer. Mean what the stuff he's doing right now just unbelievable but not stretches stupid single and a double. It got like twenty feet that's easily fixable. We're not asking hidden under fourteen mile an hour fastball you can fix that you can hit the cut off me you could not died when you're told not done. But those are all fixable things and I realize he's a young guy but were asked about or racial there coming up in just a minute but first. Probably yeah. I'm going to win. Pop quiz is brought to buy victory Chrysler dodge Jeep brand repair takes the next court elevation the knot on May eighteenth. It's tomorrow night as the kids literally take on the New York Yankees for his 7151. Pitch to hit it gore they should take its. Make sure and visit royals dot com slash being tickets of the pop quiz today. Day is the music artist. If you've been paying attention to the headlines today that should be a problem. One other thing I should mention fanning I'll let you down I fumbled as your producer today. Because the gourd an Asian games is two nights is actually for the next six and Saturday in its fight solid lines. Now wait a bad job I mean I would say and I call it ownership I'd like your perfect. And believe now where I'm like really party only mr. per I think yeah I thought it was the eighteenth anyway yeah it's it's headlines Thursday the eighteenth that is the that is to. Even pay attention the headlines you know that you know that Bob was a promise that. They had two minutes rusty as Rex overjoyed as his perspective on the ups and downs from our guys more easily error of plus. When. Actually like that adds. To the royals charity auction we'll be right back. 610 sports.