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The Drive
Thursday, May 18th

In the final hour, the guys play the hits, and also hear Rex Hudler's comments on the ups and downs of Jorge Soler. They also discuss a situation Fanning was at Wednesday that reminded him how much kids need sports in their life before ending the show with the best of Dan O'Dowd from earlier.


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Can go and get the 5 o'clock on Thursday against what for a lot of you. It is now right yeah. Better get through Thursday's game confront advice and answers. There's people that. Use Thursday as like. A battered agent prize that's because they just like being noted it's close and know them more time heals itself out of your sails on Friday and nobody wants to get a sales call from a sales attack on a Friday afternoon so essentially. By the time he gets. Pass like Joseph fraud in your week is done. But a great way to be done and especially that early for you guys at de villiers is cool about salesman if you produce a matter how many are cured. You bring in Monterey that your company. Neutrality are absolutely welcome back at the drive Brad standing. That Chrysler Cairns Ayers stuff today he's got that. It's doubles with the sinus infection some gone. He's sick. He's sick and I go and I don't want him here when he is I don't either and that is one of the things that drives me crazy about people they try to grind through it they get other people sick I hate that. It's a huge that he you do is the thing now you know you've done of course do. Of course had to do as I say not as I did what I tried to do it very often mean the depth of the trust your boss. You know you're you're not fake and. They can sickness. We should get playtime for the email account as as we deal OK you know book sixteens or stuck on. You when a pair VIP pass Joyce refers watch party at winning streaks and hairs on May 21 you guessed it an exclusive spot winning streaks week requires. In for another huge wall screens to watch the royals. Take on the twins. It's 45 dollar food and beverage credit. Why what you email email us is this at blue with a sixteen sports back now so it doesn't charity auction last nine. Give us some creative ideas with but they had eaten cake Lorenzo Cain. Nine on the not a night on the town Oslo is it girls girls night out girls out Oz which is more just at the ballpark. Little false advertising but again it it doesn't matter times right. Pozen stretcher yet I do it every game exactly generally general George Brett does of the things that. Some crazy ones like foot the fountains during a game like not a lot of time. Yeah get some tickets on top of sit on top of the crown lovely ideal little bit terrifying to be out yet I had nine nad not particularly good with heights easily be ideally nutrients that your day with mice died in with the game ball and throw out the first pitch died yet the only person I've ever seen do that is an Elvis impersonator on the south side Chicago as you have an opportunity to skydive and I'm not gonna be that guy that's never gonna go skydiving highlight them a little bit risk averse in that sense but. If you wanna do it and they'll have an opportunity of bullets and that's in good ones too like one was it today the water park with Sally yeah you get the Salvi splash thousands from Tyler a dean at the water park of your choice to sell her ran as the great kid's birthday party. Kabul the other ones that we like so far from Luke gets to a he said he recommends you can bid on a chance to play in the big slick celebrity softball gag me with a golfer on a money. Also really like the one from Jim you can watch the game from the ball and in answer the calls from their guest and are able to catch yeah about hedges called eulogy get up. And citrus college perera perera is actually just called is that anybody that Travis Wood. The speaker if you danceable than phony dictate which relievers as a lot of people pay a lot of money yet they would yeah. So it still playtime on the you know contests in a chance to win some great VIP passes joint burn. And as watch party winning streaks airs on May 21 by the it's a great place. To watch on their opening day holy smokes that's an awesome place love. I should it time and is meant to try to 5 o'clock somewhere there. Either of the biggest stories of the day gave the city has been very. That moment all my life we talk about them every day and five of. On ninth inning hit number one hit zero. Tonight got blown out last night by the Yankees until they made that run in the ninth inning of the good news was they got a few more donations. But the royals broadcasts option if you're looking for a positive there but. But saving a lot of fans one minute to do something drastic right now because time is running out here approaching today and I believe is deemed them before it is season. But you have a reason for why this drastic action by Ned Yost is something that you cannot you tell me why can't. I don't take over the spot they table go on a major rants. Why is Ned Yost did this situation not doing something drastic to triangle and help these Rosa fire. It is managing grown ass men that make millions. Of dollars. To respond to that man they're the bigs. It's. A players league at that level it's about the place he can't freak out on because you freak out on them they lose confidence in you guess what. Make the players their fire and it's the manager so. Here's what that should not do and Walt. I found this is Wally back. This is back in 2012 back it was the second baseman for the New York Mets for a lot of years one World Series with the 1986 managed in the minor leagues. And back in 2012 they were. Shooting at a pilot for reality series on the team that he was managing in the south Atlantic. It's a ball. He was managing the south Georgia peanuts. And this is what wall he did when he came in the clubhouse after a loss was south Georgia peanut got beat this is what Ned should not. Do your player. You. Guys and you're not felt right and you're. You don't look forward to K yet. But second and a kick in and athletically. They would look and the fallen and. Did say Wednesday and O'Donnell the team is dead the guys and as you were entry well buddy guys a team mostly ten minutes. You can't do that like we're today ball. In the South Atlantic League but he got a budget point 11 year old kids that are trying to get to the big leagues you scared to lose their job as a pro ballplayer you can do it dad. Of the major leagues now works like that try that wants to Milwaukee they got fired. With a team that was in the the play out so if you're hoping is forget to go all Wally Batman on the royals. It's not gonna happen and it shouldn't happen. Her listen I'll stick with the royals and number six today because. And I didn't do something drastic has been a minor move that caught our attention today. No cell scored who started the year in the number one spot. At one point he was in the number nine spot and now he's currently in the bench that outscored get a day off today. Against the lefty Jordan Montgomery he surprised. And I just decision to go ahead and put outscored on the bench end. With another lefty coming up you think this is something that maybe we'll Steve for a little bit more of an extended period of time. And it didn't seem to think that now mean that seem to think that as you say it is scheduled off day for him I thought it was here is that. The face the Yankees. An Olympian in George Montgomery and try to avoid this week and that probably may not need a little more often sentenced basic grows about it. Is it about 68 right now. And in good. So he can help you that was defense that's for sure he can help win games of his defense but the royals right now trying to avoid a sweep they found themselves in big holes early. Against five nothing in the fourth inning both the first games ever even been in these games are here which is about last night's game. When they came back and scored a much runs late was in the exit don't fastballs trying to get that they know when it's eleven to it's much easier to hit the major leagues and you know which means you know pitching and again. So the eggs have shown that they can score a ton of runs in a hurry royals need some offense Gordon's got the day off. But the horny Bonifacio. In left field tonight so letters back and right so I don't think this is a huge deal. I think you need to give the guy Dale's anyway the royals need office tonight they're gonna avoid the sweep of the Yankees I'm not freaking out about it too much. I think that's based on just second. Because there's something that caught our attention earlier today. At and that was Alex Smith the address the media. And basically addressed the Olsen in the room when he came to what was going to be happening and he was asked the question of whether or not they would know he would now. At the team's gonna go ahead draft a quarterback in Patrick my home is what he had to say. I certainly didn't expect. Taking him really. Spending and cut them. And here's a news. But then found out attacking back and percent down but we. So Smith found out and understood that pat homes in and of being guys. I answer this question before I was curious response on asking the experts the same question now. Smith has had opportunities both in San Francisco and Kansas City both essentially cut short. Because the organization decided there's a younger. Quarterback with more potential to move the team for. You think if you're asking Alex Smith right now if you ever gonna fair shake from both organizations are any of the organizations in his career that he was saying. Yes it it. Yeah I do on the get a fair shake in C ever sit and fair shake is maybe the wrong way to put it I think that that organization was announced we train wreck he had multiple offensive coordinators. He had multiple head coaches get more than one general manager so. When he came to Kansas City absolutely got a fair case. I think it's that it's been a really good quarterback for the institute they needed to stabilize this organization. After having Todd Haley and Romeo for now. And Scott Pioli and that old tried Iraq. Of a regime in that. They needed stability since she's well and got to get a read John Dorsey in England got Alex Smith is the greatest quarterback that's ever have. Where Kansas City Chiefs uniform absolutely not the duty of fair shake it city of course and we'll look back fondly. You know in years ago about what routes that was able to do this team and he won a division. Got to the playoffs obliged wanna play out in the first time but it was a quarterback so I think I think if you asked him honestly. I appreciate it's completely different in San Francisco. I'm still fascinated. The sports might take its not like what we're used to like if somebody favoring somebody here this younger. Not gonna train them to take my job that's not the way it works in the non pro sports world. It pro sports world on that planet that's normal and I think he'll do that for alcohol related. Here on the drive. We also opportunity to talk with former Rockies general manager and current MLB network. Act analyst Dan O'Dowd. Great numbers injury and god bring you the best at coming up at around 545 plea not to burn and some pressure and action to die. But what are the questions that you asked him that he give a fascinating answer to was in the process of what the capacity to eventually rebuild this team. Based on the market size in based on payroll limitations and based on a lot of veterans on the scene and trying to turn over the roster you ask them. Because they basically have to be perfect in this rebuilding process. And I'll pick perfect it's possible this game yeah. There's so much gray area you know valuation player this year. You know you're not the only stock commodity you're dealing being involved has come with all the baggage that human beings Kumble. You've never truly know players will she knows your employer. So much as you think you know player you're requiring. That you get them you'll find out there and that he had no idea. Great stuff earlier today from Canada attic and we'll bring you the best of it at 545 but. Is that part of the reason why. You think Dayton is hanging on a little bit longer than maybe we would expect because he knows his guys any knows what their worth to him. The navy as far as bringing other town back a lot of it is such crap shoot. It is it's it's of the that we talked about. Gosh earlier in the week and today in the trade for prospects. And I said heist what was the final word you said you said prospects that you don't know what you did you really don't. Can make a deal looks great on paper and it doesn't work on the field I think that's part of the athletic department still too early man. You know Jeff Flanagan so we got was that Tom wrote a great piece. It was Djokovic was some deals don't. Usually go to until the first week of July the earliest when it comes to the trade deadline and deadlines on July 31 so. It is going to be its upward today and and I don't fault him for being a little bit emotionally attached to these guys. Because he made deals these guys he made the trade for risky game. He drafted and developed. My safety and the organization children's day he drafted develop caused those. Made the deal for Cain and ST what a world championship you can't tell me that. That's not tough to part with at least on an emotional level part two just like Dave said you know what these cats can. Like you know. You know what you've got these guys they are proven big league winning play and I do think that makes it really difficult when it comes deadline time we gonna do. Eagles' blitz a friend as they are those of the head not to nod and a solo show about that she got back tomorrow please feel better and it's. It does summer colds will sell Summers sinus infection or whatever it. If you're always playing like the guessing game I do I have allergies at the polls all say Tim I in my contagion exactly I do all of that made about a month month and a half does and I got that really sore throat we sell out and also absent. Well yeah on the mean models yet and Marge Simpson Bruce Weber is why this is a this is the the revenge. Of Bruce Weber after all the time that I imitated him on the show that pretty that I would end up sounding like him or Asia did you ever get a diagnosis for that Michael was energy and its nose sinus infection that's. And it affected your voice yeah it's well it's started the road and eventually expand and Scott significantly worse and worse here I am now sounding the way that I'd. I'm glad he sent. And wrecks other on as we always do what was great about it later I'd guess there's a little bit later six and sports and it. We are talking yeah I brought the wall pac man. Thing with a and and I and I asked him you know that the biggest minor league but you know that he got he said it actually happened big league spring training from Earl Weaver. And and we had a good laugh about that but we also ask about more easily because. Haven't really critical slayer. You know over the last week or so I think deserving lease on the Ambien unfair and that your ass in much of a player. To. Not dive for baseball a 32 game in the ninth inning. You know an endless single turn into a triple a figure as in much of a Major League Baseball player that Little League game again. Your kid in my stable ultimately I get a word old dudes like we make mistakes we and other stuff are minding your Major League Baseball player he can't make that play you can't. Do it's a layer did and try to stretch. It's easy single ended delegate Donna by. Twenty feet you can't do that he's certainly can't measure cutoff man. Like he did busing is to a missed you missed wit. In the name is cause he had two guys lined up there and he missed them both and those are three fundamental things that. I was a that really disappointed with in or isolate the good thing and that is like. I think it's fixable stuff but you know I'd spent ten years of the miners ten years in the bigs and I asked you know racks of about about or racial and received from. You're too young players are questions that leaks out days and the ones to competitor Berkshire you know such as you know. Personally. I did secure the ball in years in the minors sixers. Secure and able. Uncle there or stately yeah we're not Pittsburgh. So far who works harder. For Obama should. And promoter in the next day. So. Let it go out and it took advantage of Tripoli and kick some bullet. And and I got my shot of the Yankees. Then we'll guard. Never the right select on mortars. You can do it all these years. So whatever mystical and write a page and would it lead. We were down by Iran or. Will I admirable stuff for exposed to show. Show that's what people watch that's what they call it sure looks like analyze talked about Obama talk show. On export its its own television. On cable network. Show. That's what order it and you want justice and polished by going to show what about these. There happened to develop a clear about what you see are part of the. I guess the flip side of the solar thing damage this last segment that I think that's of fairly easily easily fixable isn't what what he's doing right now. You know it's important that we catch it didn't work they've gotten that you get. A about. You know my great great like that. Which you think. Before. The ball its own distinct reflective of that but the previous would pay there what's the situation here what do marketed Q. It's been. Include the very top there were uncomfortable. At all because outlook by one can live there. Well you know oh. You think it in in the field. A lot more. And couple that he's. Not still didn't have to look at march which you still have to say you know bring out there and in the pure progressive guy. It's eat dirt where I'm like important potentially at I could be very nice outfielder. On the there and look into the and put to its order the court. Baseball coaches there or are looking upfield. And and which makes it all the side known for being built talk in it even during. And their solar movements he was wanted so. We're improved but eve party. He's the substance in it now. Article which side. With this in a cellar ruthless but I don't think he has. Out thinking they'll get much worse defensively and has been last week I just. So yes of course she's gonna get that are. But I think I don't think so layer can be any worse defensively than what we've seen I mean this is basic stuff. He's not doing my and and I had sits on the that was really he said that you know he did make a diving catch in Tampa we I did see that as a nice life. And there's no doubt that or Chrysler's. Not doubting his atlantis'. Not at all. On. But when he made that catch in Tampa doesn't mean you can make that catch every time and you've got to be aware of the situation your it. You have to what's said to many is open you know. Brain fart for it for a lack of a better way to describe it you know I I remember. It was Chris Getz at home running it's the Braves won. And their place in Atlanta when Goetz was still raw at the top cap that was out gosh. You know what's gonna happen next because again it's not a power hitter that hits a home run immediately think wow now he thinks he hit for power. So I don't know that's what capital or any solar now but if he dives for a ball in Tampa. In his situation where it doesn't matter any makes the play that Collison a guy like that it lacks defensive. Smarts is gonna try to make a play again and if if putts right and and that I would trust and on and got played pro ball for salon. Do their man. He's can't do it. And it's like Dyson trying to handle it isn't a home run and it's gonna screw up for a week. Is he thinks it is a home run hitter short term success leads the essential long term felt absolutely and I. Tell you don't you don't feel like. Was not quite a bush in golf. You know guys don't hit the ball long way they'd they'd bust a couple of drives like 280 dollars and I think the big bombers next thing you know you'd drop and hit three digit away. You know I mean and so I hope that's not what's happening to solar and that's right rusty coached one of the best outfield coach. The best outfield coach in baseball he's got to be on nonsense. Is this is the easy stuff. The heart stuff is the footwork. You know take it right and little ball. Learning. The Cairns at new stadiums. You know taking the time to figure that's the that's the hard stuff the stuff that he's scrolling up right now is the easy stuff. Not hit it off man and. He eagle. I figure a little bit biased in this because you've seen team the last 23 seasons I don't think that is nearly been flawless when it comes to this type about he'll be the next itself as the break the anchor of season big leaguer. You should especially the Major League level should be understood but man this. This service that happens in the majors. Every day rely and I all absolutely. Like that. The stuff we see from the use of misconduct and you see guys go on long and and thrown it away and errors made every day in the in the show. I just think from the perspective of watching so many different royals games and taking the pride of his defense which they have for so long we're just not used to seeing. And I think because of the fact that it is fixable that's the biggest thing here typically has a usable spectacular. Outfield coach rusty since one of the best in the game and and that's understood by. All of Major League Baseball is that rusty as he reputation fixing guys like this but. It's a thing with patients have to give it a little bit of time that even talked about a pre incident that he still little that Robert. And they believe in this guy long term state and certainly doesn't always do and traded at Alley way gave the sport and. The tools are there. But with the right coaching. Got a lot of time to work does not going anywhere yet former years controller is a letter it is over the starts to come sooner rather than this took. These mistakes that I that I don't tolerate I don't care if it's sports or whatever it's lazy and stupid. Now and I called solar lazy but some of the stuff he's doing stupid. I don't like aggressive mistake she shot a play the other night were Lorenzo came it was the first in the Yankee series Lorenzo Cain was coming and and was aggressive and a balding you outscored was behind that on Friday night it was hit or insular to 32 game in the ninth inning you know. You know with two outs nobody to back him up and that's stupid. That is stupid and so those that's why I'm mark counselor right. You know that's the reason why I've got a major issue with the way he's playing defense that guys not hit. Hit well enough to be able to put up with that kind of crappy defense in the let's has gotten a fondness. And to actually a right now so the stuff he's doing. I need to get the the fire extinguisher and tears to smoke out here seriously an illicit and I understand mistakes and aggressive mistakes and I understand. So it's gonna happen in the it you know you feel 7% on a baseball here at all of them like hit that. The man lazy stupid I can't deal with and in some of the mistakes he's been he's diners is flat out idiotic. And they really are. They high on done eyes and feel better but I will take us whether you got out of it I did I needed to yesterday which is something. That I actually love even though it was extremely emotionally painful. Detail I think it's something that every kid should experience we come back and. 610 Sports Radio. At. Oh. Okay. Was it ever be. Under the level it's one of those things you save them with a. Probably like it here right here feeling great you about whether all of mother. We're all under the weather. And it's about. It's it's a literal man I don't know it's just you know that things people say you like. It was very sign fill the in his view it was it like under the would boost those over the one. Oh. I don't either. They may shortage sixes sports act now it's great stuff on there. Inhaler improved version that edited terrific site Danny Duffy interview from today and we don't Pasco. Goes on with us today. Which was terrific. Some really good piece by Mike Welch Steve and Serna the continent really really. No doubt. And hopefully some are more fun audio and video coming from the sporting Kansas City media games well yes and an absolute blast those final score idols. It was horrible our eyes I know you final score was bad guys three. Gay guys enough. It does not down but it's there were no twists there were no injuries. Ron and I were talking yesterday he vanished where cup for the games that run as nothing about soccer in north up now I did not work comp yesterday and there is nothing that happens. But there are no way I see there and nobody got hurt that we certainly went for me he's got smoked three also island for those he would attack the conferred a good time coming up this Friday. I kissed ET bonds baseball's indeed I agree that's the united. The Great American Ball Park great ballpark great time great places C game ever see the ballpark is is fantastic. First pitch 705. Tomorrow gates are gonna open up at 6 o'clock I will be there that's fun possibly in the broadcast Booth as well what are you up for the team bonds got a ticket inning to do little PA announcer is going to be Harry Carrey I can be there and Harry Carey might show Denny Matthews match show that he's seeing tick that's the ball game in March since envoys that would be much yet I can certainly be an option on the table lot of different personalities might show up and it's always going to be fun part in his furry. And down for the first 2000 fans you can have an opportunity at three T balance T shirts. On a hot dogs on Friday just the dollar 25 T bones baseball on world dine and on May she guys in there for opening night on Friday in Allen. Ford senior Daniel Hillis next week too nice right she's OTAs then that's right and we're gonna blow up sixty in sports that come all sorts of content and she says it's. It Seattle pro and man. Even though the voluntary you'll see him a threat. It's a yesterday. Or is the real contest to don't forget about that doubled the odd to decide a winner coming up in about four minute that's four minutes we're gonna do that I'm sure you what I saw yesterday I took today out to get indication when and Pittsburg Kansas to watch. The Kansas Friday regional semi final baseball game. Future steps on the play center field that's cleanup. Batted cleanup yesterday. From el Valle and played blue valley southwest. And unfortunately am no valid lost two to one in twelve innings. But it was one of those is one of the best baseball games I seen in a long long time to don't want it twelve innings memorized games seven innings and the reset. It was it really sought the fact that the Mill Valley boys lost. But absolutely loved. Everything else about that game I love the fact that on what sports do for kids. You know I think we caught up right now I want to make sure that at every day of our kids' lives just give me the greatest day in the history of their life and tomorrow's going to be even better. You know he's SharePoint sports. And it's metal it's physical it's failure its success. You have to be coached you have to be a good teammate. You had to learn about other people that maybe you didn't know well you have to work well with those people additionally life lessons that can be to out of really proud of my future steps I was. They got beaten and he's starting center fielder batting cleanup yesterday to never great at the plate he was the first got the I got to shake hands blue valley southwest I was so proud of them because of that. And that's does the things that I paid attention to yesterday and there's so many great life lessons and sports in an on the I'll beat this drum whenever I can't and yesterday it was such a great example. I took two groups teams that how to tail off parents were there. They are intense and fair you know there's a couple of calls like there aren't any game that win against each team so that's another thing yet to deal with the life. Unfairness. Adversity. You've gotta you gotta adjust on the fly. Everything was on the line and season. The coach is it puts so much into it the kids it puts so much into it loser season was over and I just think there's so many great lessons in life. From sports. I just do and I know there's other things to ice it did and other activities but I think the combination of mental physical success failure coaching. Adversity all these other things his conception op in such a great way in life if you play a sport you know great the great. I shouldn't be involved. Lord about different people know it's like to fail. No it's like to win and I figured it day in and I Solso much of that interest are really upset team and a budget a group of boys as a team that was celebrating by the league. Aggressively about south was great baseball team pitcher the pitcher I don't know notified by just yesterday I was so proud. And hurt the same time that makes sense yeah I'm with you that sports can prove. By that type of perspective for young kids for older kids for anybody to understand what it's liked it to winner les and overcome adversity but. I think a lot of people intensive. Think that they're that's really some of the only ways to be able to do list especially when when when people play football. I thought old women typically don't play football and a lot of guys use football's that's how old helped me become a man and that's island to pick myself up and. Anyway that didn't play football that learned a lot of those life lessons besides sports. I think this is something that assists comes from from parents and parental figures that you teach these to your kids at an early age and help in pro you help them develop. Necessarily have to come through sports I don't you think that maybe it's a really good way but it maybe it's not something that's not reputable. In other situations. And then there's a lot of ways you can learn the difference between winning or losing in an understanding what that means. I think kids from a young age know at odd times sometimes their baby into thinking that. As they go on overtime so what they do was always constantly right. No at a young age they know when they've lost the game even if they get a participation trophy along yeah you know maybe just. Now. Maybe I just think it's great but I did I know I know you fell. Yes I did I felt that us and tell us here to buy but she's I was move both sides. It's the way in Kansas review Booth at sixth and sports dot com the winner will receive a free night out VIP pass. Over to burns watch party inside winning streaks at diners at casino it's an awesome time he has a blast for this upcoming Sunday. Our public course emissions on Campbell she is a winner right now the leader in the clubhouse is from Jim. Where he thinks the next great item for the royal broadcast auction should be it'll watch the game from the bullpen and you get to answer the phone calls from Ned Yost on locker not so whoever pulled the noble thing. You get to Selma to warm up. Like dad picked the pitcher I would do that that's the winner for me OK there's a couple more coming into the sixth and sports dot com is from neck. What about ringer and you get to have a Kansas City Royals sub for somebody on yourself well liked islands that I'd feel better. Imagine that failure we got this guy Mike. You know it's amazing isn't lefties and I so the bigger guy am Michael Smith. So that's from nick from Sheldon. It's remote decay. It's a mole the grass it's a work with Trevor antsy to design the pattern to them on the outfield and any good seats in the diamond club. I'm probably are weirdos I would I would Isaac you gotta pick a winner again we letter right we I'd gin. Watch the improbable and yet to have a royals ringer or your commode became public you know illegal gathering here. No there absolutely dominant. Last minute absolutely I love that idea TO did most gradually hobbled team is a couple of large bombs congratulations and accused the winner Booth at sixth and sports dot com for today's game. I great stuff guys who we come back a great conversation Dan O'Dowd former general manager of the Rockies needed a similar thing in Colorado. That date is probably gonna have to deal in Kansas City you're he had to say about that we come back on the ground. 66. On demand team and Twitter links the brand spanking new 610 sports dot com. Maybe you could mean good Lou. Pulled out strong man I loved. And loves it. It is almost Friday than fifteen minutes and it's Friday. Fifteen minutes guess what else happens. Josh targets on fresh on Dexter on that show. Royals take on the Yankees tonight furniture ready to go man told the royals in. Get a W tonight avoid being swept by the New York yankees' Alex Gordon out of line up. Lorenzo Cain in the line of Danny Duffy on the mount it great conversation. Earlier today. With former Rockies general manager Canada out user for fifteen years to the Rockies two World Series he's now and will be network and he dual rebuilding Colorado that was similar to Kansas City. No doubt and but the oil that it. More of the old fashioned way which way to wait we did in Cleveland job part of my shelves. Scouting development patients through this development system. And let your guys particularly to date with level that stayed patient with an update with level which is what the world them because they take us. Yeah you had developed guys like what Matt Holliday too low. Just France all of it. So low that scared that and so. You know holistic guys that and that means foundation. 07 World Series. On they will allow date more a couple of days ago he sits on the I found very interesting. Because of course the topic is gonna come up all the time and and got these free agents. 88 kaine moves ASCII. And highs at the end of the year. And he was you know let's talk about when he is are going to be flash fire sale is so when's it gonna happen. We get a trade what are we did you know all seven that's about those really etched in our pick your brain about. He's you know we've got so much information we can make that deal in 48 hours he really it Italy takes. Let's 48 hours or less to make a deal to change the direction of your franchises there really go down like that take about Eckert a little bit. You know I picket today's game dialogue which you have with clothes on an ongoing basis gives you probably pretty good. A look at the that we built what you're gonna get for your players. Hey mister great relationships in the game I don't think it that way properly for everybody. That it gets down the fact that one date extremely. Respect that is very true forms person. Try to transparent individuals do. So in his case he probably gets a really good feel for what its value as players he has. That particular marketplace I think it's more just emotionally getting to that point. Understand okay this is what we can do we have to do and you know more than likely you're just not there yet. Why penetrate from that real quickly and I have other ones. We're dealing with individuals that want to get a million things going on YouTube you're getting close to your just one vote. You know fifteen discussions that they're having. And you don't win those discussions. Targeted Dan O'Dowd former Rockies general manager can see him on an LB tonight. At 5 o'clock central time. And a situation like the royals are right now. Are they taking phone calls almost daily from teams and how does that work. Now that Taylor. Probably a few times small that you're touching base such issues which you and your assistant GM. I you're touching base with. In all clubs trying to keep a pulse what they're looking to do he just trying to build your list as you've got your professional scouts now Al. Looking a lot of players in the game and then you get your analytical department first you know focusing on those same players coming up what's your own. You know qualitative analysis of the players and trying to merge both of those looks and one. If you do wanna have a feel for which teams like you guys who were they willing to talk about. If there forget that I'm sure you're doing enough to make sure that you really pushed and or Iraq but not so much they've chosen sign of desperation. Dayton is always said that forty games he's feeling is pretty good idea of what TV's guy's a human of forty game range of her some guys say sixty. When he you know. Well the PP goal of the season that he opened that the game's still locked. And I think in short sample size and skill as does that impact the law and that's what I think Towson source which crapshoot who. So the deeper you go into the season you know lady luck is actually. Skill level of your team. It's only forty games as a really good marker it would take a look at who you war. What's gonna look like the fourth and of course they're beginning people nag you get a better understanding. And finally tonight will be the fortieth game for the royals as they get ready to take on the Yankees. Is she the royals and in this whole thing shaken I mean you. You know to typical situation. You look at the world right now and they just offensively. Haven't really done a whole lot of it last fall they form once or next last home runs slugging percentage. I believe is last in the American way you should score. Age. You open if you look at the performance of their top Echelon players. I would say it at the career norms rather than outscored and if you accepted norms for the rest of the roster. Have simply hasn't formed offensively all gap between them really good players. And I quality impact players and contributors you have that players gap between. Impact guys contribute. Players who is significant. This year it goes the same as they started pitching. He's not a balanced and deep team and they had passed saying that. I mean haven't performed exceptionally well inside is that first. Makes it even more difficult for you as she and. Concede that this court together for so long they performed at ice level you'd make those decisions that shape your future. Talking to Dan how down former IG and the Colorado Rockies now on and will be network I'm glad you brought that up because that's a conversation that we been happening here is that. It would be much easier the royals are 1623. And nine and a half games back but they're only only five back cell. And make it GM's job hackable I don't want. Even harder because. You would you believe that the character fabric of your quarters like amnesty says the city shouldn't blast him this. And you know this is routine it's really all streaks where they haven't performed well all of sudden. You norm for two weeks and you look up two victory at times gone. Like 1111. Where it in the right back in the thick and so they. Think seeing them do that up close and personal now. The difference is that you think that objectively that for their bullpen. Which has really been calling card from pitching standpoint for years. It's just not the same impact. And you know in the same with the starting rotation will never did an excellent starting rotation. They will always competitive and their rotation there's been some often petition. Against the getting back those role players just have formed. Same way as you all players have performed pastors. I think big those we have to do it is trying to exercise patience to gain entry or it. The same point in time preparing for what he knows eventually. Look at it from the outset how do you as a general manager go okay. I've got to make sure the good of the team short term but I've got to also prepare for long term and I. Especially when your market that's yeah its problematic I think there's. You know there's two different ways to build a club. If we all approach that he softened the Phillies they always put that Chechnya and each and every year will eventually lead their at now. And I think if there have been no I look at the cargo approach. And the cardinals always built thirteen to with sustainability to get here figure out. Maybe never make that one who gets fictional the truly understanding that we did postseason. Shall we get things can happen anywhere but not try to fall off less. That's the difficult part of oil service right now they've got some really good players and player development system. But you never have enough good players and their development systems and to lose all these flyers without giving any significant return. Would mean you'd have a longer window of rebuilding which you know they've gone through and urged him. Had to do with the that would that would. This date you think it has to be near perfectly able to pull this off and considering that. The market size and those types of things. Yeah you know the perfect as possible this game yeah. There's so much gray areas in evaluations of players this year you know you're not dealing stock commodity you're dealing in human being involved has come. All the bad it's good human beings come he never truly know player as well you know you'll player. So much as you think you know whether you're acquiring and to get them you'll find out there and you had no idea. And so to possibly perfect. You know that's why you know if you can hit. 67%. I think people that the 64 evil that. You need 40% of your decisions to make 60% of white people say they got that low percentage department again the baseball. If you wait a lot longer than 40% to make those decisions you that would make decision because the opportunity to make that decision that was as close as you. Last question for Dan we appreciate your time. If you talk to a degree there you never really know what you get again and that nothing's perfect in baseball. How do you explain the ASCII magic then went with the royals living with policies as the bar at the top of the order. Just. It explainable to the human dynamic things pieced together. And how the energy level all the closets almost dramatically higher. We'll continue to lead off that he does at the bottom line at his own personal energy. Seems to be a lot higher and you know sometimes baseball we always want to figure out why. I'm wishes to do that now looking back at my career spent so much time trying to figure out why. Bet I should have been spent time saying thank. I don't even know why it just works and it may not make sense but it works in this case it may not make sense but it works. I was Dan O'Dowd former general manager of the Colorado Rockies for fifty years music to your ears and he is today genius of the human being. Is it. Spit say thank you I saw trying to explain and really. Just say sometimes we we look for answers and yes he'll that's great advice did you not about to get married that's great advice. Stopped well we should stop trying to explain our fiance is just say thank you what he then. I mean it's a really good waited. Avoid trouble yes I think it is and die happy wife happy life that added number one piece of advice on T heard that. Too many meets him. Into the base like me I don't and they carrying real little bit yeah. Happy alive that night but now. Stereo great stuff from there I doubt I can't wait to get him back on we close of the trade deadline you think he's really really Smart really big guy. Big thanks wrecks other coming on the show today Dan O'Dowd. I should kill that and thank you very much appreciated. Hopefully see back tomorrow. Nobody I saw Brad standing that is the drive and we are out. Sixty and Sports Radio.