05/19 - 10 am - Revenge Time

The Day Shift
Friday, May 19th

Lake & Bink say that this weekend's series with the Twins means way more than you think. Plus, Royals fans are spoiled & we're not sure what Alex Rodriguez had on his mind last night. 


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I do. They simply being in line with house on the other side of yeah. The Watergate I dormant motivate you good pit and congratulations. Two unions gently on the graduation of his daughters wonderful experience. That's life. Life. Is get real before you know it. You'd be paying for a way. I beat it wanna go there big players like golf fans. Why don't go too good to rule because more endurance and you. Raising human being into an adult. He was fine except you picked up ID 6000 people out sources say it would it would staying indoors because there's some tornado warning to. He you're concerned about your attire for the evening last night because you asked me well he's yeah where we want it I say you needed to where. At least assured that I did not do that. Why didn't you wait you go Kart all sorts digit no. Now wait to go whopper did that would would shorts composure. You know whatever ails the do what sorts of polish and well being run over. He upper portion of that but I'm sure shorts and a polo. Wasn't sick and slow. 0010 with the royals I thought it was. Do we have a picture of snow there's. The with the exit dale. Ass wipe four picture out there might be good arms Carter shorts in the stately football shirt on with what was. I actually was old mind if it's idealist in me congratulate the use. All right. This is to gradually be after college they work at at at. We got business fits into this week the royal sad this is this in twos would. And the business that they need to change you. Is the Minnesota Twins. Because. We're not just look at it this series this weekend it's just another series it's of twins in the division. No you old the twins some. You need support beans duty some payback. The Minnesota Twins. Let's call for what it is this year. They have all the awards. And that's not it not been a good start with getting swept in Minnesota the native to decay. Got a couple of days now you're a Minnesota for three games this weekend it's it's now time for the real royals to show opens its. Are you advocating. No I'm not as a game as I never asked him a message that's best that you can always at the case for that I'm gonna leave that alone. I've abdicating it's going to take 213 for the twins because you need to get on the board disciplined. So when five against Minnesota Twins this year it's that last year we talk a little time listed the dominated twins in the White Sox. There are lost nine games all season between these were lost in games this year between the twins in the White Sox. In the twins got him started off on the bad foot that make Matt. The twins read the beginning. The series of Forrester started at the that you guys that way. You know I don't play the twins and we're didn't beat the baby twins are going to be terribly baby twins are better and we think there and Alison mine does that. I was kind of blown away a couple of years ago when they made a run I think it would be the post season for been seen in the woods suspended. Brady games on. Then they take a step back last year. And they realize are there were too early too early for what they want to do I think now's the time work they're going to get. I just this year but they're gonna be good for the next couple of years this year I don't think they make a run for the divisions that are effective and become a football back. A Tupac acolytes oxidant rails or street eyed the whites are. If the bottom vision technically their happy back. Is the White Sox hit it played an extra game. But I look at it in I think here's Minnesota this is a team like Detroit was a couple years ago. This is a team. Did won the division but they still had pride. He steel were going out to beat the royals there surely until 201516. Things for change rules would be the tigers. But there for awhile on the rules written there come up they were a team that you were talking about a team that was Burton play good baseball the tigers were right their workers to form. It just kind of knocked the royals down a pig. In the rose favorably beat a team they hit yet aimed it out that's the royals two point 88 week and we felt well. It's always the last couple years is not that we this year. Like the twins right now the tried to do the same thing that we dug to dip in the last years and it seats in the arm around so you know what. You're trying to let you know my level what you're not a monologue in that Smith member there was an article. Was it the Detroit repressed. Where it was an opinion piece updated a member somebody had to once but basically says that the ball we were the little brought. In at that time to take this off and we signal. The sluggish despite our team which you know what it is what it is you guys about that organization over whatever so many years but did. The royals turn the page on that they flip the script on that. It ended up getting the better off of everybody else and division right now. We have to while there and so the twins at no we're not little brother was still the team that you thought we were going into the season. You go back to 2015127. Win. Changed that the fifteen and four pitches that are domination. Even twelve and seven against teams for duties the five games over 500 in the shipping and for. It just back from them that is is beating the Minnesota Twins down like he did last year he can go back to 2014. The year that the rules with the World Series. Eleven against Minnesota Twins are there for years. The twins the team skipped beat Roy. Does that need to do that it was embarrassing. Is before kind of target field. AMD wants yup or baseball so a lot of Minnesota fans made their way here. That affect I never saw another fee and based bigger than the one that the Minnesota Twins brought the key decisions twins fans everywhere. Elizabeth G yankees fans but I think those are people live here and pork is with the Yankees Jersey on illegal and yeah. To twits they send us a lot of bandwagon yankees fans that are overlooked are all in this state he's been filled with. I doubt all the European base and I did a few people mean New York's replace people money depart Lugar. The at a Red Sox Indians welcome the Kansas City for three game series is cheaper. It's cheaper to fly here get a hotel room go to a series big go to Fenway. It's been a hundred some bucks on parking big dude cheaper so they make this trip. The school still going on there's a lot of people you don't just compete he's got a trip is here via I feel that a lot of the ATP and people live in Kansas City. The or or the surrounding area become in the C the eight. But it I don't think a lot of those people have New York drivers the twins fans when they show up at Minnesota driver's life. That was real people from Minnesota driving down the Kansas City in May we don't and we flip the script on him. We are dominating the twins in the Al this year. And oh against Roy. To the royals keep you can't have the twins are ready for that yet. So in now that the rules is it for a half games back Minnesota still in first place. This is a great series and he's better as the re royals' season has been at times. It we've talked about it you know teams like Texas Rangers have a much better record the royals 2220 but they sit seven and a half games back Viet. What the better record did anybody meals that depends on what your division whether Rosen division right now is that rogue. Minnesota leads division between 72 tigers a medal round of 540 in nineteen Indians when he nineteen who's gonna average. This division is all about in the royals or it does point may be an average team. Although against hip in Baltimore to play a little bit above average the key back Earth's orbit during the Yankee series nice that they get that win last night but he need to be. But does this division is there is also it is average and asked yesterday what he's among the division what was competitive war he thought it was. Underwhelming start the season it's been few others as we don't too confusing division predate more other GMs. Or like to protect against Cilic passed away he spent all the money nervously distorts it. Is there a competitive. Did the GNU less red team but the problem is this the vision everybody's competitive. The royals for I have back in six games under fire but is everybody competitive because they're good or is everybody competitive because. They're not as as we thought that they are competitive contemplated vision that they play these teams making time. In there's no team this go around completely dominated should down including the Indians who had was the overwhelming favorite. The legitimacy they play each one of these teams ninety pounds in just an average division. But it threes the confusion sets in. Isn't some divisions you're the royals seventeen and 43 senior seventeen and 23 in an ideal way. You would be sitting there twelve games back of the F did you start thinking about self. The problem your vision you can still win. In your Forte back you don't wave the white flag it's a bad blow up UQ do it's of the royals like the tigers in this situation. We have a team. Maybe that a team could compete for World Series but then again you don't wave the white flag steal things goes wiping the royals if they do big trades. He will be as close the trade deadline is you can get because the speed of the team how bad this division is example. Royals about have really good weekend against the twins. They're right back there depending on what Chicago does in Detroit but. Minnesota can be dark about Minnesota only game in a form of the twins. He's been to via Indians and in the tigers sit now so he can easily be drawbacks I was literally to be in third place but in this week. If we take it as the royals can put in there and the royals. Sitting there right now the White Sox with seventeen wins so they are now where the White Sox or rat looking up and everybody you're looking up government and the more reason than Morgan. On York the royals find themselves in a very pedestrian division. In have been playing great baseball Jill what. This what you commit a couple here and there and you get a team its played a team that's sitting in front of you. Control your own destiny type of stuff you make a difference this weekend who knows what we're talking about on Monday or can be buried do. You record lose greeted twins still so they're seventeen wins and also in the twins are now 4317 and sixteen over 500 pictures for the twins do. They can bury the royals they dominated this year but it's embarrassing the royals the twins were weapons sweetie you've got to be just the. Yet this what you make up ground this is what he had to go off the air in chilled that Tom. Bet the twins are not gonna dominate to all your long although right now. You played them at five games and they've won all five games you gotta go wanted to tear that he's thirty she's an off and put exactly. Oh by the way. Once they too were I'll remind everybody about Sunday winning streaks. Here's to see that check out Josh Berger are some fresh on deck show also because our call sell beads beer and hang out with the crew. In a hassle fun enjoy some royals baseball you never know my DTVs. Stop soon. I'd give it immediate payments the maybe I am now older and ample opportunity opened the couple you see everywhere but personnel of any of the city. Maybe he'll see the city even Susie. She said she might she'll Susan B. It was a day of or bring kids they're very much friendly environment out there winning streak it is it's a thing about it he can bring those kids on a lot of people Sunday afternoon. They go to casino in the concede. Your next to the casino Richard very good place there's TVs everywhere and sports and burns agreed babies that are. We because of Verne. It's a great place for kids think about this question why what type sport with kids they gave him. Good bonding experience in Arabic with. It is good bonding experience. Our mission by the way last night. I heard more on mountain on three strikes he I mean three strikes that the fans asking where basically laws and are told them what the situation was. In a little bit down it's you were not able to be in its in his last at colleges but that he. That they did get a window of Peter's ego. Falters the people with him. Some good people come up there payments these because of them so and they don't Egypt the trailer every day postings are actually want pictures. Pressures. Of should you do I sit there and visualize. Myself at a campground in. That trailer. And the fishing pole just go forward off that and by the way you say you think that amnesty will be there on Sunday no. They are diehards they love the royals baseball they licensed and they will be like these only do your name like burn or someone you know if you had your. Collar popped the last man poacher. There's no cult. You see America you know hop I kind of dancing and that. I ever do that could smell to the bottom of you get a polo shirt public. You sick yet short song yet what type shorts with a cargo shorts where they don't like what they work with a plea. Does what they pleated shorts because now we Mexican workers there as they were my shorts. I sort of inflatable fleet of sorts they worry. Finest Wal-Mart has to offer to a few big fellas like pleats. A full it is true. Oh straight legs confidence. You should know. I. Now being used to be black friends is what you need to go yes and you do not have the physique for plea. Or play a principal. At a web we prefer scan known and and that's the opposite no it's opposite please got more room. It's the opposite though it's. Even Jim horrible when the lab for a we're disappointed that it actually. My one hope her and I am I reading about a right now and you're you're correct we try to tell you don't look at the big object you don't know this actually. We look at though we're squeeze it goes flat fronts you say it. It's some place maybe it feels good in the amounts squeezing into anything at all or. A game room and things roll. Lots of mixed opinions on how the deceased and also is is these days we'll look at how different the opinions our next. Studio sixty and Sports Radio you'll do pretty tickets dot com right now. Sixty in particular using promo code sixty in sports. Thank you it is. Get short reduced to work day on Friday few things they. You said it was that was they do you say you odious figure out how to improve access. I thought the fight it was Elvis favorite day of the week because after this deal. You'll go to either inside or ideas it's all the ball drinking in GI and then announce them. CBI in the the fairness because we do. But you can't today though right. Like this weekend you've got to be on your best behavior with the white yet it's now. Or is there one person had best be. Eight. He can be good this weekend me but. Picked it out for dinner last night rumors of the barbecue really been. The perfect Angel and didn't hit it it it walked hero wife added that the tornado path way to win. So did you grab. My slap themselves to know I still haven't goal. October 1 to get demise was going to get out today. Utility rat. Races that went. Should admit that he's an important city to move this if you get out right now that all people can bearded tie a year has fallen from where a poke away. Rights but people wife laughed. She stood up and when she told. People. Loves them she loves me and investors about the guys that's who we're storm. Dean firewire for driving and also get home he's into. India. Should be terrible seals it terrible way to go but only. Displayed that only later you fellows and your mom died very vigorously Hanson and chuckles riot since Ramel rightful that a map. The tornadoes within five miles an edits the worst was that. Angered and it was fun he called down to older I don't the world thinking it would be. I'm drive thirty miles per hour kit CDs. Dude would you tornado sirens shell and golf she with the McDonald's. When I would go to McDonald's. Bowl. On it notre doubles and Aramis could keep you safe in inclement weather. Arctic. Let's toss and CC of foresight and in it but. We need to acknowledge here in the conversation. That when it comes to talk about that sees in the articles that are being written about this team in the organization right now on the front office specifically. The sole wide range of opinions. All on having faith in the front office and what they think of the front office right now with the disease. Because you came across an article from CBS. I came across an article falls off for the win which is USA today. And they can it indeed. I mean they're not even close in terms of their opinions on what it sees far office is right now. One piece says you know alike so the things they're doing the other piece not so much. And this CBS piece that you came across in oracle. Was the one that was Ridley. There's a difference would this that that you have what I actually think did you actually think after these but this CBS sports the ring PF for up. Consider our team's top ten would it. Cleveland Browns the before we'll be very generous list. But Cleveland anywhere in Europe are big chiefs 28. Or worse the NFL. And basically. They didn't think the trade from homes and that they gave them too much to for trumpet it sleepless wasn't too for from they've essentially swapped. Places in the first round. They're gonna if they stick regret the reverse from picked they still effort from picked. They gave up one for next yea I don't look at this is two for trumpet that's about the way I look at me he gave up two for trumpets they get that it's still got. What used to get one this year and they got my homes are at sweat anyway is that it is basically treated their first round. And they talked about losing on Tariq ONG Howard. And the fact that. They win Gama homes so they don't like for office it. Okay. That means it's ridiculous the got a quarterback the future. And not. If he's list of foreign and I like look at Adam you likely to man on the bottom line is. The front office is valued these people would be the bills there was an article the Buffalo News. What a week ago. The date when he annually with the kids to be chiefs Q how they run their scouting office how they do business they'd like defect at the head coach. If they have autonomy over the GM to make decisions. They want a book what she did the media Apple's colds that. We'd like Chris Ballard he's wanna make injured orgy of somebody did the interview Britain beat she's now speaking basically replaced Chris Ballard had the year before. And he was interviewed for GM jobs and probably one geared to what to interview. You do another year in the Tina successor probably to be Jia. So other teams do value with the chiefs are doing it have no problem with the foreign office better speculative John Dorsey stressed if he is building this team from within he is. Going up drafting talent and most these tactics are still in the state. Now this year I did have a problem with that because I don't think being addressed. This season. We said the draft day in day after day of that Kramer it's probably the one that's going to be. The biggest piece for this year. That didn't your replies yes right on though is a guy probably gonna be he could probably played played this year is that gonna be of total value for you. Toll is 2018 it's like at home. So I get that that's not part of that that was good that was going to be portly you've seen. That kind of criticism before how did you build the team this year but none of that was their source all of us. And I just have become. Wall from the (%expletive) us off from off for the win Stephen Reeves wrote it and he linked him. From horse to the best. AA he does make one now in I have no issue with this no. He says that first year GMs will automatically placed at the bottom so he says sorry bill sorry Cole sorry 49ers fans. Best is the way he's an operating because they don't have a tracker so I have no issue with that. But he actually was pretty hot. On the seats and the job John Dorsey in this what he had to say. I don't feel good about leaving Dorsey out of the top aide to the adamant allowed a date he has succeeds at eleven John Dorsey at Olympic. I don't feel good about leaving Dorsey are the top again because he died just continues to keep this gives it a roster bowled with talent year after year. He managed to find two forefront Allison last year's draft despite that she's not only the for trumpet which is true every killed in also Chris Jones. Dorsey has also done good war in free agency. I've wasn't the biggest pain at the cheese tray to draft passable Holmes was the biggest reason he was that other top team which. I have no issue with where he has Dorsey adolescent. I just think that the interesting thing to meet. Is that. Here's one that writer and publication this says. They wore a big fan of that cease trading for pass by homes in you just read the another publication that said as much till the. Look at that unity and even though acknowledgment of his quarterback drafted a big dollars nationally nationally. I don't think it deals slam dunk for a lot of people I think a lot of people the critical thinkers on a look at this year and they've had legal team this year. I'll see this jungle is coming off a year last year that is masterful leader. 2016 I'll never criticize the 2017. To a point that epic well it's got a wonderful long so you'd still until that could not downgrade to strap. Because some homes all added I didn't think after the homes. There was a whole lot of picks help this team here I'm still looking for when you're gonna dude inside linebacker. That that was a relief chiefs and we didn't address it out of you and god cornerback Ty. In the draft will CNET messing around with Stephen deals than Terrance Mitchell and wondering your old games that I grabbed another guy early in the strip for my other courts would have done. I loved last year you get a second round pick Chris Jones that he was a first trumpet the program AD become a draft review of Chris Jones for Shubert every kill in the fifth. They're kill is the first round pick. Is will this council seriously you got 21 round picks not even in the first round yet and second a fifth so I think we go back and revisit 2016. Drip. Appreciate what John Dorsey did their interest ballot how instrumental was an I don't know he's and a with the colts now that Ballard was also the guy that was higher markets Peter I'm really sold him to John's horse. There's something. All the royals game last night that made us all realize how spoiled we ought to stay in these days. We get to that next. Whom studio sixty and Sports Radio. On six there and you know I don't know if that's your curtains all. Elizabeth. Since it was popular permitted at these prices and a little bit differently and be happy. Leave them alone quit witness to mount a scrum with him right now it had to be like 99. In 1989. Speaks. For the Lou Vega student what's that if this. Where are you now. Let's get real force who he is not aging well what's really. For the. He's not aging like. Doesn't have the flow. Let's hear reports on guys. We're spoiled. We are spoiled right here in games it when it comes a Watson is baseball. And the reason why I say that is because. We've reacts in a way nowadays. When things don't go perfect. Mean you sit here and you get critical. Of individual guys like you don't they do real active force. Does not always be perfect it's not always be the way that you expected to does that also hurt them like in SPN's rules. That's a lot of the same behavior drinking is bad beaten. Some really had a humble self regulated only Jeanne talked to say an eight. Is in the Missouri tiger I don't analysts edited climate unnecessary dig Missouri three in Orleans takes a bit stocks had just saying the kids feeds to act rashly time Bill Self so we've heard it. For all to see you know. Bill silky get to go to a lot of ray doesn't every thing at today's scenes whatever a lot of them. Act irrationally of Hussein go from basketball season royal. There's going to be some overlap in terms though they all teams he Spain's being equal Spain's. And vice source in the bands that shows up. He is negative it hides all ran. Eight did you think it is sentencing and we see a lot of rational. He and his tweets about the best program. So what's her times they just resurface who changed things so so it was sort of playing baker is a month and he's making your own. These can change the name. DeKalb Bill Self uncertain at Yost saw as a Missouri Tigers say you'd ever had a rational and of course I have been caught out. We quietly and deliberate green not a multi rational thing is that they're gonna win a championship there at the Porter you're down there and let's give case before. We go crazy in them but it's going to be easy that's a terrible round sixty or are there is no where. Does the evidence of. Is that we all. Last night via email. Had a thought about governor now all stated we know these over the get closer. But when you spoiled to the a degree that we've been spoiled with wade Davis and at bull in the last three years. You're gonna look at sticky situations like Tillman last night or early this year or given up back to back home runs as Cleveland and yet. Gonna be a little bit that is why you are spoiled Greg Holland back in. 2000. And in thirteen point one point two when he or. 20141. Point 44. 2050 and actually Jack and I are owners little criticism undergone what's wrong with being 33. ERA that you're not Wade Davis. Since he became reliever 2014 easier rate was one. 2015. Is point 94. 2016. Loomed up to a one point 87. In right now we Davis has the zero. ERA. Well with the cubs agree Paula but always at one point two this year we've been. We've been spoiled kill terrorists that you were 371. Okay it's it's great for closer he really hasn't people what one game there's the back to back home runs. Against Cleveland he did give up the run last night he's actually given a run his last two games won the Yankees and won. Against the Orioles but he pitched all three games against the Orioles who have given one run. He's been far. Hillary is actually fine he just he's doing those wild moments when you've seen from all and Davis. It even Kelvin hasn't been exactly the same he was the guy can enter your touched a hundred miles an hour in it that it flair about him. He's more human. But human enough that's blown one save that you can get by. We CL AE's. Yeah we've been spoiled his wealth than any in the week that you've seen great dishonorable it anywhere you see saint greatness like. We're trying to hold artillery or at least mine's saying old bulls amassing every single thing but even just watch last mile oval. Double missile shaky is because we're used to seeing. Disciple. You used to seeing the ball pitches well people like we Singtel would be short of that. We see him be excellent outstanding B and also on the bullpen well we seed the same type of dominance bay. In the date you're gonna start. Coming away this oil type attitude and start looking at all different aspects of the team gave us a question at times the defense. When you do is that it. All seeing great to fits of webs in DC so layer having some issues in the an alto or Bonifacio had its. I bet that way lately and hit it as not a. Is that they that we lightly but it brings in his view. He is seen as a lot lately if you're gonna see it even more is this guy continues to weekend Greg well. Accounts that degree cardinals getting in that regard as more saves than we have win. Right with seventeen wins he's getting eighteen saves himself ERA won't wouldn't be sealed. Why do we keep Greg. If it comes down this it would have been great to have great all. One thing about it is who's gonna be your clothes. You've got to party turned that page you know going to beat governor Rick columns come back from injury you know what you gonna have whipping. If you brought Reagan here is Greg and duke the great won't be closer. Rick what the company sent out and you've made it switches that Cabrera. Is what I hear closer but not only that just expensive Greg Hill. In 2018. Eads was getting it is in since this year be stupid needed these eight saves. 20082018. Options vest at fifteen million dollars and fifty appearances for thirty games and always easily. And so. The Greek columns somebody had fifteen million or an old you're willing to do that he's Gabor Scania to we switched or ethnic and screw things up. David so to Charles scared of that. It was hard to see discount Greg hall in Elsa he's got every year vigna would have been fifteen doing is your next. To Greg Holland came here it at a pedestrian year also and think and he's getting instances in fifteen million dollars and it here. The bottom line is Greg want to be closer. In you have in you don't keep score with Kelvin said he's basically thought he was going to be the guy who was a tough situation. It was tough but it's tough when you see in a great Holland it's able every night. It's tough to see it but that's reality and if ever. An error in the release almost. Nobody. Nobody in the reason so I mean I'm sure the Iraqis will say they did which is fine. But how many teams in Major League Baseball if they knew how big teams being closer to the nationals being one. In people talk about Lance then age is the problem even the Yankees with Chapman get hurt. If Tony and other Major League teams. Wanted to closer in unit Greg Holland debatable. He weaves an eighteen saves at one point Tokyo two ERA how many other teams in baseball the no the game said. But if they knew Greg halls he's good he would have gotten more opportunities. Because they're Colorado Rockies Berkshire. For sure there's no question about that no question. All right Alex Rodriguez was on the Al fox sports one broadcast of the royals say he's game last night. Oh what was really on his mind during the during the game. Oman wait T hear that next. Studio sixty and Sports Radio don't do pretty tickets dot com right now. Sixty in particular using promo code sixty in sports. And look out here. On six then. I'm gonna need a little bit and help this segment from mind. Outlaws world game last night when. Everything that was happening. In the schools I think music to this about 5:30 this morning my copy and looking reporter outlets that he has to him you know sacred place. But. I do find this endless. I saw him say one thing. You mentioned it this morning. It happens all the time to go for the national broadcast. The local fans gave stated right they can't stand the national brought. It took about five minutes for people start making comments. It was a move to those who would you hugged her national it's been. What's what is it though. How we get it the six. Would that wells don't hit national laws or they're not on ESP and or not on fox with what would ever but that would LR. We get upset because the national team to have all the angles. You can stop that would batted out of order because she says six games on prime time coordinated or the patriots mourn the Packers and the cowboys. Didn't national. The problem is they're going to restore lines there have told you. People complain about Joba and everything. Didn't hear the part of your book arc of how good the or it how do historically great this did you hear that. He's the stuff they don't wanna hear because the royals at the same feeling the giants instead about Joe Buck how could that be. How can both they and bases actually think guys group where the other team. He do his job because both of made it. We see it all the time and on Monday through all those broadcasts are cheap they. You forget the pork where they give you pretty yet here that. Not with you or what is interesting. Tweets that out Bryant's told me. Was up from my team rolls on Heatley did this out yesterday. Just got out of production meeting not blowing smoke. But he should tune in tonight on fox sports one. Want to hear what he rod asked to say is a ride was the analysts. For last night's Baltic. Oscar CO2 do you read these very good distribution. Duke games that he's been very get a bit of desperate as. First time because it was certain certain moments. Word the light up like I told them you have to let your finger off of the ball boy advance look at tickets to ball it's a few few. The lesson learning curve you Tony Tony phases this year. He's got all for sure. It's probably closer since I am really quick justice interject this the next time you wanna look at. They Samantha ponder of the world to me like grooming got the job he's attracted just remember Iran did not use because. I. Ramada. A but this is the interesting thing to me after the Rosenthal. Big you see a picture that was to weed out alive box. And show us. Eight ride in the press box meticulous note taker out artery and his his pet full of notes. Okay political poll. It was. Our. That are used in the right among line of notebook paper I just about eight plays by his own illness at all it took notes like I didn't count. Walsh strongly stuff but the president likes stick figures some clubs over onto letter. Today take a glance at the pitcher that mostly on some unique corner they zoomed in on what he would Britain. All on the OPEC now says this is now almost. Think the parts that we talked basically it's not all that's all the information on because the Internet as. Well. I'm not buying the stock quotes out. What do you really deleted and what did you read on the seat what did you see Brian when he showed it to me. I don't have it right in front of me but I'm just trying to recite this from memory. Is San Jose header that said child yes. It was underlined. And there are three sub bullet points. One said birth control. The next said baby. A final ones that pull out stuff. Did say like what's the slider. Knowing when it's inside as child I'm looking right at the week birth control yeah baby. Pull out. On the no. Undermine and so I just 10 I think this close out I wanna go out all owe him here and say. I don't feel like you need to write that down. That's the big dance school that was mine was that like him is hello that are memorable right cleaner again. Just remembering. You're right it does end here just in case he gets nervous in the yankees' victory over the producers that Alex right of three things that you'd be more concerned. Barry asked to explain like. Child because if that's Wednesday that voters who went to visit Alex right down three things your concern about our hunting. You're an accident because wrote pull out down my hand but I got all sweaty and rubbed off he's prepared aqueduct. From start it reminds of and that's where you came from. Exists. Think this is not real time you can against notes because they're taking notes unity cup stadiums that their bid that was thought he could notes. We'll see right OK some early in the matter said she'll not child okay well either way it definitely sort of pull out. Pull out have to do with all the notes. Birth control baby pulled out but does states. It doesn't matter at this point you towards it I can't tell. It is noble birth control. What is. Still. Maybe Netflix and children to give birth control. And is not now with that people out to mayor arrived it will stressing you. It's sale like remember Danny Duffy pitched in the BBC do you need of via. A new contract and saying you know that was in the snow okay tell the story about the need of new closes the in new clothes or her due date is they are about to get all wit that's on his notes wit. You're with the good job mom as he was for starters he has is don't allow the Dicey for most because he's too torn ACL suddenly find an open pullout. Your like that's a mental note at bats that you take that's not a actually write it down and a piece of paper take it home with you know on the refrigerator. A grocery list a pullout. Hero. Scored known. That the kind of notes. We expect to some of newbies he meticulous in his pick ridiculous when it was talking with picket notes. Right now the Tesla Stride Rite is immaculate like maybe it's a pitch control my birth control most of its. Afterward. I was so maybe it's a poll that's no that's a pull out stuff it. I wish today. Where's it did two. Things were as mine you know. It's. Totally robbed it on weaker weird thing that happened. Do you like A-Rod better all un X like me to talk about Marty. As I can occur but it. I don't look. That we get it applies double dip into that text. Doubt Dallas region. And felt pretty. If it was beaten that would pull. Up. Bale. Would you say Baird. Sand. The ailing ex today. That understating makers don't criticize more than any radio host in the history of radios we've been bad. Troops and courage and sold by more scrutinized and any of the radio host even on that scene in everything birth control Poland's trade notes to C. I found the the monkey equivalent of you banquet. He is a morbidly obese wild monkey living in Thailand that people call uncle fat. Really I'd love to read you a passage from this article room equipped. This from someone whose name I can't pronounce it called that an indictment Eileen Koch. I believe this game has got you routine I'm not even making them up PHU. Eight yet. Asha. So about uncle fat quote it was not easy to catch him. He was the leader of this pack in when I tried to go in had to fight off a flock of them with sticks. He had minions and other monkeys bringing food for him. But he would also re distribute the younger monkeys. That she was among keeping with your uncle fat as only you know accurate and he was three times on normal one key ways. And you should see his gut he definitely has been done. He's. Toll could this week. The teams rule just this week and a well known around them think the city to lose weight you want me to fat chain them and tell you lost weight so. You're not a or how much will you lose we. Eight pounds but the critics who did not lose eight pounds eight. RB that's pretty good. It's like during the speaker to be in them. It. Call legacy. Oh. All right Tim an entity of the lake and a fat sugar so. Something has to be done Barak Baylor University. Old was to be the penalty we get to that in two minutes. Studio sixty and Sports Radio.