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Friday, May 19th

The NCAA can't do much about the Baylor situation, but the Big 12 can & Lake says they should. Plus, Bink loves the depth of the Chiefs, we play some What Happens First, and Coach Vick has a nice ring to it. 


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Look out here. It is successful. With it now. And now Chrysler made a great point. That monkey would not be OK because that Monty game from the way. He's nodding your I can't tell his neck so fast you gotta really mean it jams for us with the touch I. I just see your kids compressing and I assume you're doubting. It is taking everything that people say medium. It could I don't know I'm but I had I'm. It's the brits controlled pull out and I'll be true. If it boobs. And that's your measure it figures at your market right there I don't really turned a corner market on stick figure boob jokes. All right let's go from having fun with each other to. Class a story will be making fun of each other. That is not funny at all and it. We've been talking about Baylor university for the last. Year and a half. And aids. It's one thing after another when it comes to their football program. Story out of Casey Starr today the big twelve may have the power to debate there out of the conference. The title nine lawsuit filed Tuesday against Baylor is the latest chapter disturbing story involving members of the football team what are browse colts. Sadat the late as dainty to amount is at down. This past Tuesday. There was a suit. Claiming that dome. If there was some gang rapes that work videotapes. Five members of the out of the team in it was supposed to be some sort all freshman. Hazing or some some ritual it was quote a bonding experience. For the football players. On the NCAA is investigating Baylor he has been reported in two days suit led to a fresh round of calls of the NCAA to give Bayless football team. The death penalty which. We do is part about the death toll that most people milled it. Was famously put out here because SMU football it all the things that they. Had to deal with in the eighties except what they did was child's plea this news out recruiting yet doubles Bob giving money doubles up paying athletes yes. Yes in all the parts of stuff. This is. Just. Sickening. That you're covering up. Sexual assaults in rates. What according to reporters is that actually could have the unintended consequence of hurting the rest of the big twelve eliminating Bayless football program. Even temporarily would leave eight conference games for each school in trying to fill that extra contest. Each season could be troublesome. What's you know what I don't hear every adult if you shut down the program. To do what's right by people. It'd been abused. It'll all four don't give a deal about. You know what these other institutions don't find somebody else to play bill bill litigate the on another institution double makeup that'll help them make a big game. But weren't about Princeton for each school so what am. So what sells well oh what should be punishment beauty. Should we realistically be talking about the death penalty. For Baylor. Do you think that the big twelve. She'd say suits to actually sit there and looked and say you know what may be as best that we mobile it is conference about the. It's up to say because they feel they beat Baylor but the one thing too is clean house it may get started with Matt rule. New head coach there and get of trials that rule comes in there there's circle riddle of the things but. It needs Clancy and these cleansing in a bad way. But I don't wanna see is analyzing the ones that are due and I do believe there. Plenty of players there that don't have anything to do at any. Begin the program got so out of control. Did you need somebody just clean it up if that means that the program for year. Look you may be needed was totally different reasons he's been in the money to bring the program back. The big twelve and energy and here. Big deer appeared opposite the schools in should've added schools in didn't in Baylor rose to the forefront. In the conference is one of its power players and football. Which the big twelve right now searching. For power school in football Texas has been terrible beat to avoid fourteen players drafted they have a talent problem it would further. Put the big twelve on the wrong path if that's the direction they win. But there's not a whole lot of choices to do because the programs so out of control there's not much you can do with them other than. Eight will clean your program up for you suggest you do it in the short to steal what they can do Steve Matt rule come down there in changed the culture what's going on Baylor. We just give him achieve its to do that. In bulletin a Mac roads do. Jumping down that situation. Think about that he jumped head first in this crap. It's dog he won the job. The mummy mystery dad bad jump into that. Don't you think it ever since. The S and you situation. And how long it took for the immediate full ball back don't you think it when ever you bring up the death penalty. With any program. And states. Baylor would have. Don't you think beat based awful what you saw us in the years ago. That the NCAA and conferences are just here to back. To think. Sort of accused of the money and what it means because your partners television partners. You're part of the reason the big twelve has the money they hand with Fox News BN. Baylor when it was an attractive matchup. The Baylor for Sokol bill was I playing office. The Heisman Trophy winner and RG three that's an attractive team and for television actor stepped in Sydney kick a mountain say when a player and then TV partners like what are minute. We like short Baylor games teams are high scoring or on the show that we get ratings on an ox. When Baylor is playing because of all the opens the fact that you've stopped anybody in the export side games. Mills in the conference birds losing money in the they all lose money that's what happens again I was. I think because the money it is should necessarily be always about the money but I think that these Topper says in the NCAA as a whole they're scared to put. A lot of added sanctions on to some of these programs because of that. Couple text from the app from attacks on 693061. Out of nine when three ever one's gone from when all this happened you are punishing them were punishing people. That were involved more of that points. As I agree basically why not just irritable the people involved in these disgusting ads why punish those good people at Baylor had nothing to do with us. I think at least for me when I hear back. My response is institutional control is one of those things that you cannot. Easily pinpoint. Who was involved you can easily say well. This type this person was the one who perpetuated is that this person was the one who wanted to sweep it under the rug this was the person who tried to make these things go away. The problem that you have a Baylor is it you put winning and you put your football program and of good moral standards you put it ahead of what was. I hate you write wrong about things but you put it Hannibal was right to do and you put your football program ahead of all of those things. Someone. Somewhere in the administration. I'm assuming at a large or. And whether it was the president is. And where the athletics director who's moved to the everybody else who's moved on I still think you have to set. Some type of of standard. And let them know that that type of stuff doesn't why you're sure you could move new people it. But it doesn't change the mentality around that program I do think it's it's wrong to just say you know what Baylor athletics your dog because. Punishing players that in golf and track and field and baseball and all other sports these players are working hard to maintain a scholarships or working hard to get a degree in their funding from the football program. I think there is. Obviously there's some weight but. You're punishing players who had nothing to do but I do have an issue with that always comes to institution. Actually bid on clean this entire middle this conditioning colts. Just this past where it was blasted. The constitution's posting in adequately covered. It is. Indeed. All that you don't know people weakened and eat it. Any weight is a problem as he walked into that situation. That he could get away with that or that it was going to be OK are you could skirt the rules. And that something like that we'll get swept me. Into Baylor. He he he he needed to be a part of your department comforts and I keep a close I have a rule would be at that rule to there you cleans this thing you'd you'd. Changed things get much chance of it. I do I don't I don't do it legally going to be fit. The rule. Is Dicey I guess it adds I get a cleansing. He would have done that had he known as he no sickness I don't know anybody that still does it feel it is of course it is. Of course. Could have anybody. Yep that's what somebody has to take ownership or dull like I did it. To tighter it to people that people see what the marketing. Ownership and tell the bill for. Essence not just I'll just gee I don't need somebody I have no idea what the aura you know yeah. He has to Wear that L. You Rudy took gold and don't get that tomorrow and you don't debate that you did something in November knows where not to issue. That's the way to make it. It's tougher vetting process for him would agree it's anybody but I do think it's it's a very fine line you have to walk because I mean everyone assume Italy. I had any law or or in this. Has been has has moved on I agree with lake is right I mean when you come into a program and you automatically have something like that occur. Maybe it was just coincidental and bad timing it is a bad look at your strength and conditioning coaches out here. Doing these types of things to me I think it's because he he was that they are anything seeking get away with that crap that Baylor gesture under a microscope. But back type of stuff that isn't necessarily undo what it just makes a little bit sick to my stomach. When I see. There is a blatant title mine violation that the conference could do something about it and the reason you don't wanna do anything about it is because. Well we don't have brought the conference schedule and that what we don't really wanna get in the weight he'd be right. That's or. And it is don't get me wrong and it's about money if they don't make dollars it don't make sense and I understand that logic I guess I don't follow it. But I do understand where we're. Bob bowls B and other people who of the but I guess the best interest of the big twelve and art. It's just it strikes me as. It makes feel sick to my stomach here that you know what. Yeah he does some terrible things but we don't wanna mess apart conference schedule and in a big TV. Don't know if you guys have heard via the probably yes. Cease OTA start next week next Tuesday. And the competition at a few positions. Gonna be really intense. We take a look at some of the other top battles do that next. Studio sixty in Sports Radio talk to Egypt to come next in particular trouble sixteen sports. Hong Kong. Improve. Proved. I'm. I backing decently debate tells you here. On the extent what gonna get to the season is that people we got some breaking news with the Kansas City Royals I think every single coils and adults often say to what's absolutely. The interesting. We talked. A week ago but the eight in with a review in this onetime fee. You go to all the gains for a month. Is that the royals who. Summer ball or pass with or calling it may 29 slightly third its thirty game. In you can get in there for 99 bucks is thirty games. For nanny nine. It's a little more than three dollars a game. Plus your student by student past eight games for forty dollars all remaining Wednesday home games pregame concerts have your specials. All that they get eight games for forty bucks or your ball or pass. Right there though it's through eight eating Ramon went. May 29 to July when he there. Doles of the day says the range that's the tears so couple much. And the access. Ought to the tickets is through the mlb.com. Ballpark. Yet in the the oldies and you're good to be in the will be. Ballpark but I think when the bigger question though make there was Gatorade to get to a better is. When you have a seat. To sit down a game. If you look on the royals website he answered that question is no. He summer ball park past tickets or for standing room only how ever. Once you're inside Kauffman Stadium you may choose to upgrade your standing room only ticket to seat. Depending on the availability of those seats in his from the way they can all be done enact all be done from the MOB ball park as well. If it's still so many empty seats you Stevie released peonies and sits them. I mean I would assume that that's the case that they would probably. If it's a 20000 crowd night but not going to give you much flak about it. But who knows maybe there instructing us Tuesday. If you take it in my haven't and Boehner moment go behind his role store brands routes they use the rebels' war zone at a Ryder. Rivals used to stand up they want those spores appear to its. Thirty games for an end. This is the train of economic party put this sale last week loose rules do some don't. We reset this last week this is the trend in sports especially teams that. It's packed house every night you're going to see more in more office. To make sure especially in other cities bigger cities where does a lot more to deal like Google talked about Atlanta. And com. And having Vietnam be given up to two don't have theories different down sporting events. If having to take it to go of the sporting events via something like this I think this is also this is bad ass. Processor boils with the summer ball park past thirty games for only 99 bucks. Let's face any rule which you can upgrade it to a city. British Cecil was being here and thinks the actual ad doesn't have the ad doesn't say. I'm on the royals web site it's the frequently asked questions for the royals memorable part I passed. All the frequently as questions and I went there because I have a lot of questions. Asking for it back to you. Know national prayers have not gotten back about whether or not you have to put a catfish who don't know. I think them out of the I was GOP. Which. By the way rich Eisen. Had one of the titans offensive line on last night oh really talked about it yes the same question so it's good to see the new Energizer writer asked questions. Where's the outward editors that are community were. They definitely explosions I just humbling thing with. It was right on the tweak it followed the link and then right and who's buy tickets and frequently asked questions. The nice feel for the rules are there really could deal we'll all agree right possible rules don't. Really cool. I mean let's let's listen in DC said there's so let's face facts you're going to get. Two million fans as you've garnered what the last years that we two years they hit two million both times like two points governor to work or some of them. Astronomical last year at 2015 by. Mean we're gonna get that at the pace you're right and if you wanna generate some buzz and you wanna put feet people in the seats. And you do it in the hell of a deal on a hell of a way to get out there on a regular basis. Guaranteed standing room only tickets all including games with the opportunity upgrade. The ticket for a seat. You can purchase up to four oil sold all ball park past went to the game with Stanley. Sales also issued their student pass. Pass you get eight games for forty dollars a if you tickets to. All remaining Wednesday home games Daniels if pre announcement. For all 440 bucks and pretty good deal no mathematician at five bucks game and the less. Eight times spies were and who over three or. We'll await you guys talking about you desktop two different things he's talking about this 200 students get eight games reported dollars of students. 840 divided based on five right it's better deals as the by this one's that the student one. Soon aisles yeah. It. Better deal. And the goodness. It. You get a seat. On a reduced any remotely as well. But. That's out there though. The outlook as Hinckley if I wondered that beer fest as we can 25 bucks instilled in me an answer. It is great to be your last rep I told the might get to the group on growth point five dollar. Is that when you tell you in two hours and that was he's got out he sat up thirty hours ago. He's got to say about does he know he got a political case state makes you rise starting next year or this year for next year this year. Big he's going to be drinking less beer. He has a child to support into how. Big you ready if they're changing moment. Stick at yet. Hey I got it use throw weight in regards graduation last tell me that this happened and I'm pretty sure it probably did added to congratulation you. Was there somebody. That was filming their heated on like I. Cortland pictures there was also when they tell you CB applause to the and not a person with them. Not a person not even you. I I obeyed the rules. I'm not that deluge of course yeah of course he did of course I did. Hole it the people here the kids names. Pretty simple. I make sure I don't make sure we reach read the but we've rescued him a lot of a lot of questions like nature rich read written 606. And worked its. All right we have some very interesting hypotheticals. It would throw it to people. Ryan dusty he license all of what happens forest we get to that next. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. Yeah. Murkowski no success or reducing the. I'll get back to the rules you can just 12 okay sounds like we have. So money on the line and we'll talk. To meet you today. They'll be our friends. What is preakness before and it is. Well currently we do they do. It. You need to get. Send kids to this junior college way. To keep your beer. Right. It is and then after two years then hopefully they get the scholarship. But I'll you're not talking about the most importantly key. Whose drive for the preakness fair hander. Or Lucy and I see why he's trying to trying to sidetracked as little little. Or recent talk who wildlife for the preakness I am going to roll wins well. Always dreaming looked good when I'm gonna roll classic empire. And he's definitely an apple why do we think the. Are all just heard a lot of new rules are we picking the same here. I can't believe that it actually win a man in banking. He's also NASA you put all your money on well appointed now. All on me is that make you hunters when it comes to derby weekend went out. Slowly and allies and the demand costly always journeyman. And I guess I hit is that very merry. As it active and equally. It's always going to be could be dreams at night. That. Yeah is that. Thought man so you know we don't world where honors. 35 games live do whatever. Preakness only count 12 years in the Belmont few weeks. There is. Ultimately lead him. A. Managed to luck tomorrow when you make them money. I'll variety KK is and god bless seeking their loyalties like distances. And AK by the way this coming Sunday I know that's a big wouldn't mind if you stop out law winning streaks tickled our. Heirs to signal what. Tomas of the what do. 1 o'clock I held my Brothers either of those games. It's if you saw I'll buy you beer. Check out very o'clock sharp. Woods on the course Brian. One. Well I'll be there to get penalized if I have a couple like that as a. A potluck at at I. Items that we talked elated that audio they are supposed to be myself. He is stupid things you through. So at least we got to work benefits kick a forty yard field goal of weightlessness that the death sentence if you. If rules officials. If this actually does. Come to the winning streaks on Sunday among. I didn't buy into. And as liked it above. The city of his arm. I got a predator drone it is but. Moral story you're all right this is directly from the mind of Ryan what else. He started at hypotheticals that this. And you like to call what happens for any actually the last two years has gone over things. We haven't done one of these analyze that law. In awhile but the other day and a bunch he let me up on quarter in the tax plan a grind when mr. bag and I outscored them. I decided to write a couple of what happens first when it comes to. We operate our ports. To a point was the best left fielder all based on. At night. Steele is fielding. Did you jinx now unfortunately Brinkley just like we used to say back in the day. And it also got to play the field and vice first broke. Designated field sports. Like estimates as does fanfare as you're dead alive. What happens first voice. The royals reached 500 homes. But other six games back of 500 right now. Or Alex Gordon hit his first home run of the season. I'm cool with Alex Gordon gonna hit his first home run of the season. I know that it doesn't look to us outscored right now there's no way that we're going to be talking. You know I think a few weeks from now in outscored Steele has not hit a home on all of the year. And one that things that we do know what the scene is that what ouster as hot from the team plays well. And with him being below a hundred it to dating back to file but there's probably going to be in part due to oust board and playing good baseball and being good offensively. I'm gonna go portal getting the home. I think he gets it. Minnesota. Didn't get by on the field. If you take a while the dollar burdens. Slash wounds what some would even last night off. Have a couple lefties. He is lefty on Saturday actually atom will quit out of wolf terrible. The twins he's going to pursue any argue and looks terrible he's got a nanny your access. Syria does lefty to start. Could take an epic its writing. I'm I'm gonna go balanced ordinance for Phil Hughes on the earning season it's Woodson needs he'll be based solely on the fact that. I feel like at the royals are gonna rattle off six straight little bit yesterday about the hundred or 500. Went six and or. They were in sixth in general I think I'll work brother and a homer. He needs 10 Dyson got sick last night with all they have been accused breaking up all these other guys that have. On what is moral difference enough. Alex Gordon fifty SR. 243. Plate appearances at target field just for home so. He's you know. Yeah active reserve to 300 hitter target he'll do you know anyone know be pretty. Gator but another outscored them for about one sandwich and any of these other ones. What happens first. Chris Young gives some Major League team can be the royals a can be if he decides to stay around and the bigs at some point some of the team picks him up. Sort of a case may be. Chris Young. Records in Major League quality start. For our guide to PM as we found out he calls himself pat homes he signs autographs at 2 PM these past homes the second. Pat my Holmes takes it snapped an NFL regular season. Holes six innings reruns all stars that. Seems. Like hit and Mount Everest climb from Christiane credit and more opportunity. I got a organizing a homeless man outside medical added no I'm not trying to not not a not. The black person it is what it is and needs just eat he's on the struggle plus right now some good legal pads and home. Zito they used to be good. But it through your boss rightly think it. Last time Chris it is cyclical years ago less time Chris Young went six innings. Was against Detroit back on June 19 2016. So on the patent on its. 2 PM please we're gonna start on 2 PM. That's pretty boss. It's in the blues is last or restore your toes or get back to an outscored one. What happens first. Alex Gordon hits over 200. I mean when I get and where is that right now let's talk about it. For our next week when the sweep the chiefs finished OTA ease those wrap up you know. Essentially question his awkward at over 200 by June. No. Of the student. A blue tees. The order. Outscored currently hitting 16. Thirty people it's 333 legal. Reason in the 33. In three weeks basically here and I ski Beckham wasn't Monday were gonna get it completely healthy organism that's. These these into this right off dollar and the Mendoza. This and it's back east gets too injured before the date will be June 9 I'm gonna go. Portal for a car from Gina knows. Gordon has raised his batting average mind you the left field quickly does that. Sixteen points there. Crimes as. Point 016. Prisoners here stagnant over thirty reports that there. But he's done that the last two games in three games outscored getting three fifths. In his last two games going three for a to a four and you'll still Alice I suspect that that was three for six the couple walks. You some more at ease on the East Africa. Now batting 168. Robust 168. For. That's why I asked him at 2 PM with the timing got robbed and see a steady pace. And just say he wasn't a gunslinger real thought you Beckum may sixth Gordon was betting 175. Who he gets low water mark against Baltimore wins edit the one thing to do let's close the gap. When 75 was that watermarking and when we're issued a strong show. That's not right when I got one more for yet. One more what happens first. Ms. zoo. Wins in basketball the SEC regular season title or. Someone other than Kansas when the big twelve regular season title. Say misery in this team needs. With a legal counsel speak means just that again is what happens first Nadal do. Wins. The regular season SEC basketball championship or. Someone other than K you. Win the big twelve regular season. With keynote at Albert peachtree urging. I'm gonna go Missouri although I'd Kentucky's the best. Team in conference. We'll Kentucky and Florida. Also goma's. You know it will pit just let me know it has the it is not insulting you don't know an estimate that you take it would blown effort it's been thirteen years. Last season South Carolina was relentless teasing him at Kentucky Auburn gives up purely dunes are. And smattering of people around here. Yeah. At a leaderboard. Aren't good numbers looking authority that I Kentucky has won the regular season title retreat. I just and you would be tickets occasionally in this release are I take that magnanimous and review the fake music. They won the tournament Kentucky. And then Texas a and M and I can split it 160 we have for three straight years they've had a share of the SEC regular season title. Essentially nobody other than Florida and Kentucky and Texas and snuck in there and when he sixteen as one SEC regular title since 2000. That's a steep hill to climb as a team Gordon gets over this weekend you don't feel it there for sure. Mall and on the. And he instilled these all late this week at home run. Gordon. Really it plays Phil just guessing that would wreck ribs there does not depend on outscored homeland. I just think it'll happen again that result when. Again I don't know. If that's cool ardent and routine of Maine and and yet. You do is do you do this urge safe Tim does it also due in three days he's due to the right. I tell would one's four is all star be a good candidate you like DeDe involved in the coaching rights. The name might surprise we get to that next. Studio sixty and Sports Radio don't do daddy tickets dot com right now. Sixteen in particular in total to sixty in sports. They fit. Good guys still have a team yet a Major League Baseball color no. We got this on the street right there and lord. He still does not have a team. It is mild scare story that's when he box template. Friday good time asking for. Cisco with a man. So yes he does. Finals here. Number one pick. Four year fully guaranteed deal thirty million dollars at 820 point 25 million dollars signing bonus. From the worst team and they're. The Cleveland for a. I don't think about there's going to be. The stunt that everybody's predictive. I'm with Warren Sapp ain't even even though we talked what this week ago. Bruce Smith mentioned he says me too slow off the line of scrimmage. This the hall of Famer told them this award got last. Delegate national instrument. Punch Bruce Smith moved. Based. Here don't want to him of the fastball right there were canceled there than. Speaking of that. What he's the war there. It took two pitches. That would be if you watched the view of it but he is U2. Point. He's giving signals that it these he's pretty evident pretty clear but get ready to. With first base if you happen to have solved everything we don't. It before agreeing homophobic slurs all but aside. Differences. I'm talking both before and clean up our girls to be fooled he's in now. There's just so disrespectfully. Back what that can monster homer this and he knew was contaminant. That argue whether he should have edited dude he was similar when needed the base. He was gonna happen. Now here are your fish but there shouldn't have done. To say the port was he knew was gonna Wear when I don't need to argue I know what side you're gonna come out of the Braves. Opinion do. How do you love back flips and you support people getting hit by pitches I don't understand is like little pizza slice it's I was a braves game last time by the way. There is Alina we'll see highlights and once the Braves game. All it was a lesser going to croak that. Didn't have time. It was a law. Loses his usual noon Umenyiora straight I think you're tuned in for us. But taking them two pitches to hit Jose Batista then. Neither really tees that they did. But the bench is clear note they have a slap fighter nullifying cleared the peace he was gonna get hits news takes the base while. It's on arms and stick to watching bell towards like one of the race to go they were going to be where and when they didn't but the rays come back the balance or 6 o'clock spike TV. Speed here is where you can actually see your fight their paper. To guarantee you there or fight or. The madness. A sideline if all sidelined. With one guy apart of the coaching staff. And his name is. Michael. According to. New Jersey dot com. Still holding out hope to make a return to the NFL's it quarterback. 36 year old former Eagles and jets quarterback Michael Vick says that he had discussed. Making or as discussed making the leap to a coaching career. With his former coach ED re. A case soul in an appearance on the how would ask him podcasts. Michael Vick said. I think spitting so many years and that's in that same regiment being the player I TC muscle doing it on the other side and being coached in being to build one at that. Double B muffled it's doubled him up primary goal to be the best goals that I Thabeet just like I tried to be the best player that I would be an excitement is working. With the tickets. Yeah what exists he just want to get my thoughts or we haven't talked to some eighty. But we have talked about it since but spectacle to anybody outlook to start out with AD. If there was an opportunity. Obviously I would love it with the falcons as well so we'll see how it deals. Michael Vick. On the coaching staff would it seems. Odd to fill up that. I'd be forty what do you need to use the one who's coaching internships on jury. He's been if she skipped over summer Laden's former players in these internships we don't have a job on the coaching staff is clearly. If you're going to be in a coaching staff a lot of times they went. Eerie experience coaches beat a guy in a gift for somebody to a high roll before all the control. If things like that these coaching internship that happen all the time to treat it that's only last unless you're turning your. I feeling despite give Michael Vick when this year in turning him. I would mind that I would like that and just. It isn't just the ball. Michael bake in the physical skills he possessed as a global player years ago but also. He's a better person down and he can talk to just get talked Tyreke you know even. A ball better himself in line in stayed on. The street near. Talking to pass the ball out of your career cut the middle with the federal Britain the victory yet I'm this is out all the Michael if Michael it. You're right though intercepting. Enough teams have taken advantage of that opera. And she's she's a good use of former players when a Michael. All before him he's got he's a good coach he figured these could go to get hired just to be coastal and that you're gonna coach you can be what you. On something that would tells you all bow. Is and this also has do with Michael vick's Michael Vick speaking to Michael Vick. Michael Vick reportedly taking his game to professional flag football. It see what he's all about this because he told a story this morning. About how OJ Simpson at the phantoms used to run circles. Round them inland one goes far to say. I'm on a regular basis I had a friend and if I football is played multiple games against them any principles and he did was in a circle it was just like I was standing still like I was in mud and OJ was like colliding across the year. It was unfair. And so. Michael. It doesn't force that I'd play in this league there was a real pros vs Joe's moment you what it's like football unifil typically has the team of guys retired players. In this team just regular Joes actually beat. Just like football teams get pretty competitively knew exactly roller receivers or you'll be vehicle with a guy like Michael Vick and like the ball. We just don't. He's expected to join American flag football league for XR Ford exhibition game scheduled for June the 27. The plant is to launch an eighteen league in 2018. A Jeff Lewis the man behind the league got the idea from watching you someplace fantasy football last fall. Why Aniston mean. As a famous sports. How much would I hate to watch flak for people to watch Michael Vick plays Michael. Just regular flat apartment I might have been hey Justin Forsett might he asked me would I pay five dollars to see that message yes. Defied boxed one out of wood to appear to go watch this league to watch again like Michael Vick. If your own Michael Vick is in this league would you pay spot LC he had these. It is poised in the league he's gonna do an exhibition game but what I would come here and box. It feels exactly what else can I am I of the cap like football of it was watered when a guy like Michael pick would do when that penalty. It will run like that move around for the ball always been curious to see what Michael Vick can do Little League which is regular dues imagine Antonio Brown. Excited for making culture shock jokes about that would be in Kansas and eleven were trust me you're not. Creative is about seven yet. The royals I went to prison guard keep pushing has bugs. The royals got a W last night. But Steve Harvey he keeps taking these sales will tell you why the six back into business. Putting studio sixty and Sports Radio.