05/19 - 12 pm - Final Sixer of the Week

The Day Shift
Friday, May 19th

It's noon, so naturally we crack into a 610 6-Pack. Plus, Toby Cook of the Royals joins the guys to tell us about an awesome new offer the team has for fans & we play Tweet It or Delete It. 


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There weights. It's noon here. I just doing. Final stage back home. They just want the fact that these days you bought you read the war. Second mouse. To greats of the agents or outside the new association. And he would family court from hour to a quick time for me boys. And one hour away from. He's gonna check out so I checked got a wonderful I don't woods. Now brown is a short week to do. As I explained to. Campaigning in I or earlier today as they thought I was the thought I was on something. I was excited to see that now after what I went there on Monday and Tuesday every day has been a blessing. I want to just embrace every day with loved. You were excited to see failing to Yemen and are less ridiculous she feeling every day I thought I was gonna dives. Journalists. Proof enough that you. MM I needed even a few days did you at a hospital Hamas. All my guys did did you get a diet. If it doesn't that's not the hospital how lakers are I mean some wiggle room for hyperbole I'm just saying you know when I guess at that time. I was out. So basically the opposite of its members of triumph so when you hospital. It is good to go see your lemurs and I was like. I I look out big leagues likes balked at all. Since. We appreciate that you check it out. I put up through scrutiny that room. Only to bring him unfairly treated though at this point he barely did hear you didn't know anybody that anybody. Might look good sadly it's really important question did you remind the very surprised about. Ladies and that room walked in here. This is like they were already there and likes defense. Oh please white dodge in the so I think if volume affair don't they just let go to fill it for you at every meeting. No like you better can be pretty wild over a week one when he was. And WellPoint is 75 years old but he's on. Death's door and you're about death from a. Biggest check itself should be. Joker like we probably shouldn't it. Demand. From the mortality is free and relative. Life flash before my eyes suit his diary viewers I. Explosive. The slow sort of explosive. And. And once times on the spared of but it was that. Royals or the sleep last night at the K guys 51 winners over the Yankees game he got beat. Once again just. Proof. I've been worth every penny seven innings of three hit shut out ball Duff man right now. The Yankees. Over that span but you know guys that cities and I. Chicks dig the long ball and like we've doctors hate to disappoint the patriots. Or. The wind and keep an admirable part of our. When did America between ultimately. Crushed. Symbols trusted quintuple and rushing. With the way. If I was expecting about forty. The way through rival. That was so effective way. I was before it even baby was right there. Via the cover rather warn that it. BOB. I find it with the ICU we have budget last night season. Does this not he has not disappoint anybody this year the doubles one of the questions people like say that he backed up. Last year which did is that finally that. He looked lost two straight games here. You play in the game if something ways it is bull yeah it's it's the royals. It is stock that Jason Vargas you've though about their season is ebony did do it should be and need to be steps up. Keeps the royals from being swept into the Minnesota liberal middle. He treated people Borger is up there have been copied that new role both played on momentum good one wanted. Don't saves and stopped it would be too good about film that can play much better. Minnesota instead of just if not like he's in good bargains. Which you've got Vienna which is the best but we had it the Yankees and they killed. Now at least there's something positive global. Duff man. And you know what the Yankees Agassi got me an idea that is ultimately played a part. It is because he organs in definitely. Partisan and there's so well last month we will give them better defense played well. I just noticed this in his system is audio from systems and somebody is really say this likened the caller. Called in focus on faster or more out there. I. Overboard on on fact that this morning. And able today's date. And feel my import so yeah. And get that out of the way by nine and there're also along with the cumbersome and I don't have any contact. Success. Vesco caller morning dump on that. You don't leave that guy in the on deck circle for. You get in the batter's box ASAP. I don't know if this. Necessarily leads to why everybody in the world he found Brady. I do think this. At least captures why he cannot be as relatable. As real one of these. For at least against the NFL. Patriots. And marketing wizard behind the wheel on the behavior of the only people who get Super Bowl rings supermodel wife her. Tom Brady signed an endorsement deal today. With Aston Martin. Bubbles are today got three of them already. We'll drive and endorsed the DB a lot less in the all of them. Do you know how much he'd he'd be elevenths based models are based model starts at two incidents wolf quote itself it was 211. 99 post at least to retrieve it affordable lease rates are still available to go visit your Aston Martin deal. He's done that endorsing view it like tiger was now. Poll. Asked mark the bag NASCAR fan. You'll see that meals in the world. The Tom Brady on james' body of people driving past that mark these are limited. Do like these committees with. For the core do you really need Tom Brady threw it towards the Aston Martin's. What is it gonna sell more Aspen more of them could do it right you know the power of advertising and you see a guy like Andre and then. What have gotten through and 121000 dollars later. I would be soundly when it diploma one of the rate I would be Tom Brady. This stuff works they would pay these guys to do it. I mean take note we'll Karbala for the real thing volatile places for were clear the mean that you're here because it's nice. They're all those guys. I had what did you like like like buicks but I saw tiger. It is good Buick for good dependable work that was from or put them say that about your organs. The Tiger Woods made you think about you and think about you for if I. A related topic John so much. No actually go. A few of like it's. A bit and I homage to a page Manning and pretty much any quarterback played for a group. And he quarterback to play for. Denver for all of this misinformation you have comes back to bite you when there was that big rides that. I know right I say a lot of things people have both feet right of. As and it's that we were up by people or you which it. I don't know why you run from eleven to assure that's just so they wanted to debate so I. Ask for the last week or two weeks ago Steve Harvey. At that memo leagues by them not want to talk to people stand in my dressing room of talking about they've talked do you get a sudden the quality was there on MySpace. All that's. Steve Harvey is fine and whenever we all like a little me time now. Steve Harvey's ex wife though. Just rarely dragged him and from almost one. She is suing Steve Harvey for sixteen million dollars. For quote. Murdering her soul. Mary Harvey this area were divorce was finalized back at 2005. But she still claim that she has. A myriad of problems for years ago. Dating back to. To their to their relationship you've been suicidal. She says she self medicate to cope with the emotions as he feels. And basically she I don't know if you wrote for herself seems like he did he's kind of rattle bonk I assure you don't know army catalog you don't know what he's got a actually one of the things I will have as our players just. It. She is suing Steve Harvey for child endangerment torture. Conspiracy against rights kidnapping. Murder breach of contract. An intentional infliction of emotional stress teams he's reporting all of this and as a side note for you. There was actually an attorney piles as it was a civil rights activist who filed it on Mary's behalf that quote. The lawyers not taking your age you probably don't have much the case if he's our before quote murdering your soul. Plus I just flow and parents Davis. I don't know the open market value of a soul but sixty sort out facts I know I. I don't wanna get to a conversation itself I sell your soul for the sixty million seniors. Essays to a lot damage it seems Angel eyes. Let imagine this. 500 how much how much good about what the question how much good year. He's YouTube user that person. How much how much money pit pit I cry me if I hear how much money do you think there's somebody didn't throw your way. To buy you'll. The bar my sold it to fight you off with worldwide life I'm like like like very confused by the UU. Late Q haste and simplified Xbox or you think you have billboard arrays refute the bulls this let's say eagle putt please support this and and you have a comeback you do support things that. Everybody knows you're not raise it we'd ask not who used to be yet it promises to plot a rival Dallas. You say 500000 dollars you can be you can Google to offer wolf. 500000 dollars of saint. We were really didn't know really we don't like to find one of soul is now well. I'm not saying that this will this get sixty million out asylum saying what I would be a puppet for somebody for 500000 now army of project optic I don't especially millions out there could be sixty million. UB UB you give it for two million dollars amnesty. I will say whatever health Steve Harvey wants to save the sixty million dollars. Our other and dance right next two months they refuse I don't care. Steve Harvey and have to make and Ryan were asked to stand for maximum. Rest in my life. Sixty million dollars. Asking price board joust so let's go all the he would Tuesday. I do if Bob Graham's take. Now I'm sorry I'm very confused about whether royals you have to get with the speaker of no. A this is what are you 560 billion dollars or so if the book says Bieber guys' results they probably kill us all. Sixty million make about it she treat the murdered it. Borders. And these are liberal muscles ma'am please. Of the flat and that's. Broke it on the road tonight guys started eating dinner which practice and make cars opposite Hector Santiago. Who look like Cy Young winner last time we faced him Verne has pre game four is starting at six Rainier. On fixed in Sports Radio. Or was not happy effects Spanish and Iverson were stranding him. Good good caller invoked buster times. I have I have faith the royals win it the the series as we get a gets the twins if if if we still hunt for simple fact sick person is not it's. It gives me I think a slave to pitch tomorrow. But also look at the off by the Baghdad on this it would usually lose in Minneapolis. This weekend. At his hotel lat yesterday he saw Chris Jones. Chris Dunn hit Minneapolis ahead of the rest of the crew online. If he faces Miguel's adult pops up. Susan did you don't have or his Duffy this series you get harms party to win tonight. See you tomorrow if it is Christiane it's Chris Young followed by U. But it sounds like it's 88 it may be here you know it definitely information go upstairs with a built to evolved this whole issue in terms of products Chris Young at can be either way you know I don't want to know usually don't have got to wait to see. For Chris Young vs Miguel says no bull. Also our director in Anaheim wanted to let you know that the fuel me with so fees of as angelic face. He did register yourself if we'll wait. It Fulbright was. It made me laugh made me feel better lately you've clicked associated. Borders were I was actually on the road and he's an energy. It's got an excellent that they could be next they've been finger puppet reporting books. If I. But the advice as candidates. Cents. Be greeted him like the ultimate. Also the week of bad changes in the projecting. Backstop bash me getting low low friendly and will brave about it. It was weaker. It aid you or it. A big errors and they're literally at that about it. I got nothing to any. Is this. Six since they expect ready by our friends over at the red door Guerrero. That. I'd be to return back to what it is that you. What is an old. Italian. Studio sixty and Sports Radio no Judy tickets dot com right now. Sixteen in particular in total to sixty in sports. It don't mean ride. That's tool you. There. Ten minutes next segment with a pair of tickets to watch the royals take on the Detroit Tigers on May. But first war stupid night in the local music showcase. And a seventh fourteenth or is it grows tickets. That being given away next segment. On the face yeah. I've before the break guest says that things need to get. Back to school. In what is normal. For royals fans. What's normal as the fact dead the world's I used to. Just beat the crap out of the twins. Is taking it to the Minnesota Twins the last couple years they've owned the Minnesota Twins. So far this year if faced some odd times. You got five bills. If they don't like Steve Harvey right now take it else. The royals need to get back on track against the twins. While winning this series but does about a wit at play whether it's opposite of missile whatever. You can't continue to have this team this at the top of the division. Old news the way they are too. Fifteen and four against the last year 127 the year before they actually. Again I remember when the Minnesota Twins command here and be admissible that things have changed. Deals now feel like beauty but he's a class today when it was like toward uttered those guys Ali as you can hear the long time ago ends with a man. It'll and fund seeks its speedy return almost twins billions. If Ian advocates ammonium condemned the game's rules over sabathia or baseball before target field opened up. Yeah Detroit was and the same way with the royals. They were still kings of the hill the royals will be up and coming team turn you to prove their worth in between kept stiff arming the royals down. It up to view that the Minnesota it's not what your time yet in this division. Is still up in the year. We Detroit and Cleveland just to gain back. Minnesota's holding an on that affect Minnesota would be seven games back in the last. Even with a record they have Barney Astros in his division up for grabs also confusing division for GM's. You get to point B cell offer not win the division. Is everybody's kind of hovering around 500. The royals but a good year with a four and a half games back. That is beatable and that is make up our right there because if you beat Minnesota Twins the sweep here all of sudden. You're now 20/20 three and he put the Minnesota. Twins right back the 500. But you get swept in Minnesota. All of a sudden you know seven and half games back from a big difference from four and a half has division everybody's kind of right there in between for the royals be a pride thing. Losing a flat on the right way and some pride in Minnesota Twins of one's account. Spun the wheels out of control there at the beginning of the season vindicate the content stadium in 121 of the angels postponed. Became your crib beat you twice this your opportunity to go to become a revenge. A bad I'd series and the. Other thing about this obeyed is that we talked about here all of the course of last week NAFTA. If the world's gonna go on a stretch. Go on a run in which they're gonna get back into the staying. What are they gonna have to consistently to. Bets wins Ceres the day. They want the series against our camp they've swept the series against Baltimore. They just lost a series against the Yankees that they take a look at Minnesota this weekend in a four to lose a series it's twins because they do become the team that you don't wanna become. Theory inconsistent got to be consistent you gotta start winning series because after Minnesota this three game set. You're going to be facing the Yankees again on their turf in New York in did you go on to Cleveland for three day. So meets kids because some games you think Cleveland this weekend they play at Houston. Houston right now best team in Major League Baseball. There's a chance that that that man I have a lot of wins this week in the Texas Rangers which are one of the exit of the hottest team in baseball at this point. Goes up in place Detroit. In Detroit Texas has won nine straight games so everybody division has a tough series. The White Sox are sitting there with the royals the editor of Seattle in play the Mariners but morals or is okay you're gonna send. Cleveland down to a Houston for three game Detroit put the Texas Rangers won nine straight. It was a good chance those two teams might lose to a three grieving gets swept this weekend. Which puts you. Right back in the pitcher if you take care of the Minnesota Twins begin the Minnesota Twins big budget ground this week capital separation between those games. Is a tough series that your rails division has Boyd. The other thing about this week into is unfortunately. Arm you'll have your top guys don't it'll have barred the school you'll have just going Duffy pitch last night. You got cars on potentially eat it after an eagle on Saturday. Campbell. We know how easily executed as ago cards the best picture you have available in that situation yet yet. As far as the death of one particular article elect to be because if you want to get of his activity that it will be young. Congress in two young it's hailed. Ouch cards essentially if can you and it is your ace this weekend. We're really gonna like Christiane serve warm or Morgan. Maybe so. We we discusses who talked about this line you know I've been saying this for I don't know how long I just. Us. I don't wanna see it. We've seen someone. You've seen some somewhat today. Not that I'll be deceiving thing. And anything and just listen you guys I'll at least also tweet at some point and I did my. I've continued to say this but I think you should at least see what you aimed at Travis when it can't be any worse now though. I know that in his last we see your what is this has laughed pledging June his last eight innings pitched. Given up six earned runs or walks. And home run ball bullpen. Just saying if we're gonna sit here and say that asking magic is the reason your offense is producing it weakens the Seattle Travis Wood magic. You may be and going from the bullpen to be it starter until you guys he's been reversed Wade Davis. Or reliever. But you see it I'd tell I'd just say in different Roland stupid ideas that here. We now is we'll get our shot that's a stupid idea. I work in getting worse and Chris Young out there from batting practice for two days Manning's and open the team can scramble back. The book review wounds loosed and storms aria. All because the Chris Young woman. Is our source he basically you'll see a mom. So I didn't get in their start travels look. Now obsolete there's teaching Jews. A young guy that's on the 40 man roster this morning your starters in a mall that day has been appeared this Egan start. I mean really she just I want to throw on the forty million roster and start incursion or Travis Wood given start. Majority read a book I swear or house to. ST tip man you or they hates her. Yeah a little bit a little bit. Chris young's given you two starts six and two thirds innings nine earned runs five walks three home runs outs. Let's just let's just for grins. What the last six and two thirds innings. But Travis what has pitched and see if it's. Comparable. We got here. C'mon baseball reference work. The moment. We're gonna take that one off. And his last six and two thirds. And fingers were here. I did I'd like to say something else. It is as operator retail. In his last six and two thirds innings he has given up four earned runs one. So reverse thing diner he runs. Three home runs. Or as well as the earned run home run. You've seen Travis would start a baseball game for the Kansas City Royals got up early enough either. Trust units and we we never seen Wade Davis in the bullpen for the Kansas City Royals but he was supposed to be a starter that's one that turned out pretty god we're gonna sit here and he thrown these dumb things against the wall never knowing him as he magical stick in Travis would match. He's stretched out enough for the first place to be starter. Went in for a couple of innings and languages that were given given you but. You or a picture. I tell the whales haven't nailed something for all phase that we get back. And also we give away here was that it's. Whom studio sixty and Sports Radio. The royals have. The royals up. Yeah yeah. I'm decently paid out this new. I don't know what else felt. I don't know what else is talk that. Let's there's dad that's. Oh my goodness. We've got to give away some royalty it's this site oils. Host the Detroit Tigers may 31. Still tonight's. Local music showcase 715. Or the pitch. In the fourth Cold War kids. Pass. Past. Is the source code. And the reason why whose task being pleased because the news broke. Let's say a little bit overpowered gold got into him was talking about it with daddy did you decide it. The royals haven't failed and announced today. Summer ballpark passes. Thirty gains or 99 bucks. All source student past eight games for forty dollars. So we zobel flexibility to go to the ballpark you go optical peseta and hang out have fun. Asked witnesses and it should be a lot of fun and I think so today every one else they. To take advantage it was seen other teams do this and thinking man this would be cool to have this accuses city but thirty games. Many men but beating Italy which finally replace the undergo a few Beers would you want. To do and you go to the games and in the course through the passes bird as well. But this is kind of the wave of the future this thing kind of started in Atlanta. With the past the use all of it whether it's football. George tech put. George exports yup it is portly and opens braves whatever it is the joining us now to talk about the situation. Is that Toby coach he's vice president of community affairs in publicity. At Kauffman Stadium Hershey for the cutesy royals Adobe. It's pretty cool man been waiting for this we like talk about it when teams do this and well that our team right here in Kansas City is offering a great pass for people to go see the baseball summer. Yeah and unite the at a mutual friend named Josh Berger in talking about it. It's weakening in the lead would be that separates it soon in his eyes kind of but doubt it is what really. And I said hold on for just the second announce that soon and that popped up to date that. Yeah we're announcing today its summer ball park past. It is good for the next thirty gains after the team comes back in the town. If you're beautiful and take out your royals schedule and you count up the number of homes in its. They were in town between Memorial Day and July 23. You'll see 29 dates that we have that makeup game on she July the first sort of a date night doubleheader against the. Twins so including that. And for 99 bucks you can use your. Ballpark app indeed into the stadium. And get as many times you want it's just needs its title could gym membership gives you get further period of time and then whenever you show up. You're you're kick it becomes cheaper cheaper so uncomfortable park. Toby I think it's also my I applaud you you guys with the rules on doing this. Talk a little bit more about how this all works though because we did ask some questions on the on the excited regards to you know the upgrade process and all of that. Yet so you can go to the ballpark and pop. If you don't have a ballpark app you'll be able to download it but the fastest and quickest way to get started as to go to our web site it's royals dot com. Slash pass. PA ass ass. It explains the whole thing there that's basically what it will do is it we you'll sign up for it you'll pay for the 99 dollars. And then it will give you look your account information. Did you need to get a wonderful android or iPhone and download the ball park ask if you already have a. Not a bad idea to refresh it get the latest version or deleted and open it up again because it has to be the latest if you had it for three or four years yet it doesn't have. You want that's the latest version of ballpark. And at that point you're going to be able to access your work implications and start the oil dot com slash pass. And then you'll end up going to the ballpark GAAP. When you get there. You build a click on anyone that gains that you're showing up to so. It if you happen to be coming into the game the day after Memorial Day on Tuesday may the thirtieth against the titans. That date will pop up. You'll click on it it'll basically had your bar code angels game it'll scan your right hand. And that you have a standing room only. Ticket to the ball. So we gonna ask a full but that's not very good crowd can I just kind of sit wherever it is it'd be spot. And well I would tell you is that we have pressures that are instructed to check people's tickets that does not a ticketed seats. It is standing releasing. Which you can't upgrade at that point so right there on the Al. You're able to upgrade but. Purchasing a yet ticket. And they knew Peyton difference in the cost and Indonesian that you considered your seat we we think that a lot of it our younger fans who have been obviously the only thing that uses their phone. And a lot of times when we come up to the ballpark. They can be made up not sitting down you just go all the different places where you're just hanging out watching the game. And it's it's fun to be able to let you know providers for at least in the middle of July. The second award is a great upgrade is cycled. Toby world via world be different speedier only places. We're also want the speedy relief places. It seats the ballpark so were different then. Other ballparks where. For instance at Fenway. They have a lying to. Where you can stand. And you if your best skating or will we ticket holders that you have to stand behind that line. Basically our concourse. Is the standing room only tickets anywhere that you can go where you're not standing in front of somebody who's sitting. And had they paid ticket is a standing room seat most people it's the outfield experience. That there are plenty of places like the Pepsi party porch. Which at times deck in right field home run territory. Where sometimes we will block at all for groups that. More often than not people could just go and stand and watch. We had this to. Area it's above rivals sports bar in right field sometimes those are sold to groups with their nodded we have an open up to the public. Anybody can go. We have probably as good a standing horrible lead. Opportunity compensating his anyplace because it's basically to concourses in the outfield experience. I love this Obey the reason why I love so much is because we get the same conversation we meet briefly talked about a story. On the National Hockey League Imus should solve this but it had to do with the Edmonton Oilers and they essentially were doing the same thing over the course of their playoff one. Would be sold these armed concourse tied tickets for their playoffs went. But to meet it's even better if you're a fan of the world's because the case a wide open as Apple's hockey arena. Right you're you're not. Packed into one area where you may or may not be able to see a meat is virtually impossible to find yourself in the situation where you can't beat the game. Act competency and you know things change so much wouldn't win youth would when all of us were following baseball many many years ago. We knew the people got season tickets and when I got season tickets they got all he won gains and either use them or not. Been over the years they broke it down into. Forty games won the game and in tin game packs and all that and and for those who buy single game tickets. You make your decision on which means you're going to there's obviously lots of people that still in depth that. The flexibility here is I think a lot of go to the ballpark wherever I feel like between memorial there is the middle July and I think that's going to be very popular before you know we're gonna try we're gonna get a shot here for about a six week period of time. I think it's gonna be well received and that will kind of take it from there. Yeah more more teams do in this retarded Toby could vice president community fairs and publicity for the royals. In Toby yeah I'm sure the teams are look at this I'm sure you've looked at other teams. In see if that works for them if this does have a lot of success and people enjoy doing this who have always thought. If Kauffman Stadium could be the place to be which I think it has been last couple years guys on dates may be. Four years ago that it went into the game but now you take a day two of the game and they have seen that become the place to be. The royals fans is a sum that could be expanded. Oh absolutely yeah yeah without a doubt. A little. I've I've walked instead that we try to beat each other's brains out on the field it's a highly competitive sport cycles of the professional sports. But I'm up in the stands in the front office we copy off of each other we talk to he all the time about what's working in their market what is it. And if this was there pretty cool trend that started around actually baseball and we've been talking about. Instituting its somewhere along the lines in that this season and we're gonna have we're gonna start off by. What really is our kick off to the summer which is kind of our meat and potatoes that stands you know we're we're very much memorial. Date to Labor Day eighteen with all the activities that that kids have been very family oriented city. It's gonna start this out all of maybe 29. But once we see how this goes throughout June and ended July it will make a determination if it worked and it's we can expand it. My guess is it's going to be really popular in Kansas City. Was just until this sounds fun we're glad be able talk about in the city royals. Do in this is it is we have with a few other teams that you Toby. Don't expect it to a lot marketing. On the web site that royal dot com slash pastors say there's a secondary. Cast like this and this is for student night. We've got eight more student might not win states were all sorts of cool things in the outfield experience and it's a cheap ticket if you want a really cheap ticket. That the last eight student nights. You can give you an honor past forty bucks. So that's our dollars to get into the ballpark. And and and that is except for saying that you can also download on your ballpark so comically because people come and watch the rules this year. That's awesome Toby that's ought to be fun. Are you doing mistakes that we appreciate it. Are you everything in it it's my question as far as discrepancy CA sections and they. Dell goes that they're a final called authorities tickets. Tickets is the final Cold War. Let's go call the number. Hand caller number ten tonight want to read by some 6768 caller number ten. 9135676. And if you go all three told words get a receive. Appear to just wants the rules to go on the tigers may 31. Student night. In the local music showcase 715 or speech call in number team if you know all three cold war's gonna get those tickets. But that was the dead they requested Ellis answered. It just like line image into he says is probably gonna be a situation where semis believe it you can be asked. Tenacity you take an SE a ticket it if you if you had to upgrade. And you're just trying to Mozilla Donna to a seat. You're gonna be at Alamo let's just let's face facts like what did you think Toby who's going to say. He added to our firemen you just prominence that our outlook at that there's there's been an outfielder is an entire sections completely empty I will say this though for speeding or what. This places that Pepsi porch. You can glean is that he league pitcher of beer whatever is lean on it you skating right here that have gone out there and just stood before you watch the game it's actually pretty decent. And I do think that. And Toby and polluted to where the younger crowd. I mean. There's a lot of people to go up there just for the app mr. going to hang out with their friends. And be at the game and go out to rials about the craft in drafting going to be years I don't walk around and enjoyed the stadium and sounds like back in my day and I remember women like I remember when you couldn't walk the outfield concourse like it ended at the it did at the polls. Like right there GA at the old GA sites like you couldn't walk behind their walked behind grounds out. Ever since then that was what 05 Brinkley sounds about right when they did the stadium renovations. And ever accused brown render a mid 2000 yeah I mean just. Ever since then it's been a different atmosphere Kauffman Stadium at least in my opinion when it comes to just. And it folks were lingering around him enjoying some of the other things that the case as offers a pretty cool. Saint ray he reps Kansas City in tweets or deleted. Which comes up. Studio sixty and Sports Radio don't do daddy tickets dot com right now. Sixty in particular in total to sixty in sports. I am. He and the world's to. Just aren't you were asked Jesse James was born recital on those things going right up there he's from garnished. Who's got the. You scored Landis car near Atlanta have not. Watkins milk from Kearney. I don't think he knows and grab that area. This ticket sure city limits of that a confidence. According to him and waited for I don't take video is a site. Nations Richard Watkins milk it could give it to him as a bike trailer on the like. You could see how they made it back in the days. Hello channels. For Cancun if you'd like passed out. They clever -- for pocket purchase or take impeachment Sammy it's George. I've ever heard use that expression toy. That'll be clear original or Mel I have to give you credit for this and no no proof. When you are so many different idioms for a master page and forget. Knew or heard it in beginners and experts. What he's doing his history. It's more shaped like a Trout perch and all like the liberation of perched there at Martinsville and are you with with with a group of us. Which. Hope. You had a between deleted. Now. Or let's say in the stadium being only sixteen season fallen for. 20162023. 2000 tenths program. And then. Whenever yes I'm ready. It is something nice to people is what happens is confused. I assume that slide. It couldn't be more confused about those royals ticket and. Couldn't be more considered the rules clips that equities rose website royals dot com has all the information about give media the highlights the royals have. Started a summer ball park pass. May 29 through July 23 that's been thirty. Royals home games. For the low price of 99 dollars you can guarantee yourself standing room only access. Through the case. During bad times of a nanny nine bucks you can go as many times as you like it is expanding Ramon ticket is Toby said do not have a seat for the game. He could stand wherever the hell you like. And if you wanna upgrade to a season could be the difference between that and a standing room only tickets. Reduce speed up the country some Beers royals dot com did you go hang on the party forging of the craft in draft. Placing. You're a royal redid that now you'll bar. The steam by super sinkers I'm still pretty upset that they haven't had the arteries of the opinion that we're welcome on that and I'll read this weekend. I'm I have several readers I'm going with a beer fest and I have a lot of fear. I also my wife is out of town. Also want them yet. Party in my house. My inviting. Unless you and you don't hang out much at 8 o'clock you gotta get the ladies. I completely self. Yeah and will be sleeping on my couch by 8 o'clock nobody wants a whole bunch of Carrey actor women sleeping on the couch during a party. They told the public that there we keep in it they'll show though the latest. Tony radiology on Twitter because I don't apparently in the lake almost unreality. You followed them down. And Tony Allen. You'll at low bar big footballer. How many retreats for a year a wreath at big smaller brands from purse help me please a man needs as robs. The Tony Alli now. Need to make that call for at incidence of the helpers and call someone simply by being beaten the world. Also a network. But I beat him he would age. Off Agassi what occasion and ironically. It. Well that's not my problem. Well that's a good he's got a phone. I mean they have a case for this one. They made me get an actual police and he was jumped over the years isolate pledging respect. They are seen anybody get questions maximum for them think what they pull over I don't messy because golden gun I don't. And it's true. Three early front of our friends over at Arthur Bryant's original seventeen in Brooklyn in alleged shopping center Reynolds Blake told we've got to pay the bills so there you go. Or are dashing he's never really get knack of just latching on the people at the wrong times. I get there in the spotlight for negativity. News or Kardashian going to be in the boot law here pretty soon. Frank I Sola on Twitter. That's. Isolate NY DN. In well first we would. Kelly all that will be dating Khloe Kardashian and by the end of the week. After apple app is there's still a lot of sports reporters. He's the one on ESPN Ronald. I don't I don't I don't know rattled follow him but I thought I'd follow Galley in a while I solidly anyway. It's a great week because. Deborah Kelly had the breakout game in the game seven against the Washington Wizards solved anything that after. That game was over that's yet to probably be Kelly dating slowly here there is sort. Who likes the last hold people that I wouldn't. And now and if that's kind of interest in Thomson editor art that. You ultimately. Earth. Khloe Kardashian is the new. Yeah. Based welcome wagon over inflated rugby all rugby ball good at it here's your logo. What the particular particular. She won't do you right now you all right. Already married is it Jane Wright was in Kansas City this past weekend celebrating out mommy's day. As you know he is from Kansas City. Chain rain on Twitter acts being re 56 with a bad past we're able. I literally left Kansas City with a backpack full ribs. Abortion rate is getting heat it will. Have to do is mr. and yet he doubles nicely. There are few scenes they'll repeat them but. Clearly it's. Are desperate yes it's weird though it's somebody wanna put one on iTunes and my friends. Were on grounds that. Or will they are it. Last night. Brad Stevens. That he's DV five and Andre. And we did doubt. Hearing reports that lightning had struck the World War I memorial. I floated between says is anybody checked on doc brown and did Marty make it back the future. That was pretty funny. Both let me. Roasted. An activity to not get a good response. That's you rappel onto leader to lead about about the rise the original seventy the Brooklyn. But the one in the legend shopping center. In two minutes. Everybody thinks that the royals could be players have on the trade deadline the one national analysts. Thinks otherwise you hear from him next. Studio sixty and Sports Radio.