05/19 6a - Royals Narrative, Rosenthal on Trades, Shout, Ben Maller

Fescoe In The Morning
Friday, May 19th

Spector hates music, a Royals trade narratve as you hear from MLB Insider Ken Rosenthal, Shout It Out plus we talk with Fox Sports Radio's Ben Maller 


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Costner at no one's. From Loverboy is nothing going on all fans through. Now the other guy. I that'll. The song and much like Friday I'm in love by the fewer you can only play these songs on Friday to get this song comes on on Tuesday I'm punching the radio OK I think there's there's no I hear it you're working that we -- on Tuesday as well there's no reason to be playing that's what it's kind of like you grew you guys are more in depth at banks along little boy and they didn't get the fewer planes Friday I'm in love that song comes on Tuesday I'm punching the editors and all yes you have heard of that yeah for the cure I mean come on Steven. I'll buy what's he's been I mean it's it's one of the most volatile and so they're at it Friday I'm in love. While that's August define it that you've heard the cure you've had you've heard the cure though he may not that I don't try to don't go to till I read it don't Clinton YouTube version of the song back oh. That's not a good idea on know could now I doubt that's down just. Yeah. It's it's I find yourself. This is only a song that could be playing on a Friday as well there's certain songs it only played since the early days it throughout the speaker's words in this now I am by any means this goes back to our conversation yesterday about eighties music that this was a pretty good song from the eighties some good stuff obviously from. From Edmonton are expert at the bottom that are you know my god I think we've now wildcat again that is crazy is my mustard debate yesterday and FaceBook assembly ripped off. Who is okay. Now now that is such a move that's it as though laser shot. At the funeral of British parade yes there a kind. Well now that's here next year and they're both terrible fans anyway but this sounds like a rip off The Who I think were first series saying that who is terrible. I saw fifties music is there are as they are expected to head on Twitter if you would like to respond of that tape in locating my boys are at higher you're tweets and I that I you say about that and I love the hoop like how could you not love the new because kids are all right man holy. Bradley got it was a whole Broadway musical called Tommy Boy it was based on them I would invite Wendy's. And Ida I've loved that movie like I hate it it's spec that's just sorry rules like taken aback by their best song. And and who are Apple's I'm asking not. Controlling. You. Boom boom boom boom. About rightly want it and I don't know how he's I mean yeah he's pretty freaky dude. Yes well Heidi knows is that yes this is dissent within NASA horrific Gonzalez hit movie relax or. Then hit movie girl next door again because it's not what. And good girl back on Zimmerman you know. Things the girl next door attitude period a reference that movie at 601 in the morning it and the good lord but it does is this is. A phenomenal song this is that this is one of them and you know we obviously this is one of the greatest of all time and this is up there who is an honest Riley. I'm it was a guy actually who sat at one of the local pubs of London. They used to drink biting hits and one day he was it at the pub drinking body tends. And much like the rest of us see just looking at the ball out of the bottom of this can of beer and silver dollars Riley smashed the bottle of beer. The ball teams flying out hit him in the head. And they had a revelation to come up with a song about getting the ball and the team of Washington's out of the pub and this is what they came up with the ladies din Al. So he was a pinball wizard he was. The absolutely what that was his cousin Tommy Tommy around yet Tommy a Riley was the symbolic. That's. Hey it's the last day of school two guys know about. It's not our bodies so ditty. I held audio I easier these teachers are you my gosh. I love teachers and I love the fact that you know they they do what we can't which this corral these kids all day long on. There's such a buildup to the last day it's incredible really Isiah like. They are they're I I vision and the kids leave in the future sprinting out of their running Rodney everything he's got the ads they're running late there's nothing left to do we went in the say we go out and thought he hears nothing in there it's ready for the custodians clean all summer our kids have an activity for today. Were gonna pack up the entire room that's right. Our scrubbing wind yeah but their teachers are done. They're there running to their comrades brilliant and and I and I and I like it work right principal notes on the whole thing. Broken out it's over you know it's done the years over the kids are out there they've they've lost them all ready nobody's paying attention today after a school and everybody's sprinting for the car during elbows in and as I said to did to parents and FaceBook this morning congrats to the teachers they earned this summer vacation to all the parents out there start drinking heavily because now we've got two months. The trying to entertain these little inexorably pool starts up again because of no snow yet we get an extra week of summer Pete Pace is not so. So criticized now parents start the bottles tonight on how to proceed and indeed the coping mechanism all summer long. Indicate it was a run around wanting to do things in your your wits end. Drank drink heavily stark today and stop on late August 15 that we send their tails back. The school for the next school year when all the teachers begin drinking heavily because it actually back and that she'd actually settling a giant Psycho and alcohol and versatile players in August 11 August 11 and evidence is there any down the days it's funny because there's a commercial for staples and it always runs in light now August and September. And it and it's that song from a Christmas on the most wonderful time of the year and it's pared from into the houses staples and pencils and notebooks and things like that off the shelves. Is the most wonderful time but he actually is for the kids go back to school there's no better I'm a year like August 15 of the kid it was a back in his school and everybody's back to their routine doing their things go. Should be on the summer. Wow I didn't know it was so like upsetting for you guys read kids got to school. Exit. Of their this is this I'm as good as what it's like they need the structure of going to. They really huge cities it if I don't I am sport year round school board when I was a child obviously but now as an adult I figure around school obviously is is the proper way to go because it'd be too much trouble as some amendments to which had to do things -- it do some of those promiscuous activity yet through the legs aching creators childhood memories and things that you look back commandeered adult age higher ash that's exactly right those are the things you shouldn't have that's right. That's exactly right Nancy that's exactly a year once you have kids might you be like that your school sounds pretty. That thing you know what has to be there I have probably like two pages like you have the kids you start to realize yeah I see what you're talking about map yeah generally tied it three ahead. It's. There yeah. I think there's over Villanova just hang out there and is waiting to go take eleven gathered banner when you get on me like OK what do I do now. Yes happy summer vacation everybody's so noble the kid does enjoy a all the summer fun that we have good one last night for the royals that was dead Danny Duffy went out and I guess ended this is little skid the night he had everything going we'll hear from him coming up at at 615 as well because apparently some Beatles yesterday happened yet in the in the -- game. A last night at the royals a 51 win over the Yankees to. Capture at least one game of the other three game set and now on to a weekend set with the twins who have. Somehow had the other royals' number so far this year and the matchup in game one tonight on the road but. The interesting part was the lobe of the broadcast last night if does enjoy Iraq. Did the idea yet I I think the people who didn't enjoy A-Rod went in with the minds at that they were going to enjoy it ride and really never gave it a chance and and what you saw his notes on birth control and things of that nature that was where I TV which is very odd very I guess the bottom what you've already got a hook up. Now a son don't you try to yeah they were here that it was it was that's where a fire last try to share what he was writing in his notebook but yet. Some may not birth control and BBN. And some dates something else yeah as well it was very weird but but I I thought it was a very I thought as a very good broadcast an an ice I woke up this morning and check some of my Twitter mentions which was obviously a mistake. And people were complaining it was too which Yankee in the equipment abroad did you that was front indicate that but many more familiar with the Yankees and anybody and he is an. Visor to the organization but but I did excited to be to wish Yankee all I thought it was a very even split I mean we even got love would knows and it's project from Ken Rosenthal talked about 500 dollars for every Danny Duffy strikeout Conan knows bandage project here in Kansas City so. I thought there was a lot of good Kansas City stuff and a lot of stuff about the kind of the future you know of the Kansas City Royals and in Ken Rosenthal I think there's a very nice job. Reporting on Major League Baseball and and he was dialed in last night he did his homework he talked everybody involved and and I I thought the broadcast was a very very good run and for the first time of calling a game for Alex Rodriguez I thought it was fine heating do anything that may be only got to roll my eyes he kinda just did the game and in the game really kind of stood I thought on its own last night which is what abroad. I should do you stand on its. People in Kansas City your always gonna get angry about this on because it's. We have to accept reality that when you have a national broadcast of the New York Yankees in the Kansas City Royals it's gotta gotta be slanted toward the Yankees like that's just the reality of the situation were in the second smallest market Major League Baseball. The Yankees happen to be the biggest team in the biggest market in the world. Reality of the situation they're going to slant towards the Yankees. But I thought of them still pretty did you yeah. It's all things considered yes I want my Ryan on the Peter back sure absolutely I got that knock in the midst words on that I'd rather have the local broadcast there's a reason. Why we lobby for local broadcasts in football right. Because we've they're great they know our team better they're able to give us better inside to our team that. Hey did you know that that guy's a Canadian doctor does this that we like anything about a Canadian doctor last night which was good step in the right direction we heard some. Actually death thing yet but you also expect you're gonna get more or surface broadcast and that's the catch that's the catch 22. You wanna have your local broadcasters but you wanna have more of a national brand yet we have our national TV to have a national Bryant. Downside is you're gonna have national broadcasters who probably care more about your opponent from New York menu. Well it also depends of how you watched the game as well if you just sat back and watch the game and January bitter you know against the Yankees going in and that's the way to broadcast was gonna turn out if you if you went in with an open mind just enjoying the broadcast. Then I don't think you could really. I'd like to Mia I did notice one way or the other one has fittingly talked about the Yankees won half inning they talked about the royals at the and I thought the one thing to me that really kind of caught me in and I thought was very very good was it hat. The steal of a post season game for me last night but the SS one broadcast it felt. Date last night because there was an hourlong pregame show leading up to that game last night. And the way that they incorporated the past with the seventies and the royals yankees rivalry from back in the day to let people that are younger today no hate this used to be the most bitter rivalry in all of Major League Baseball. With George Brett and Reggie Jackson talking about the rivalry and hatred that each team and for each other when they were playing in the seventies and eighties. I thought it was a great way to encompass this royals yankees rivalry and show people that hate back in the seventies this was it this is what baseball was about and I thought FS one did a really good job of doing that hyping up the game making the game seem bigger. And then delivering the game to us like we needed to be having the game delivered to us I thought overall I'm rating on a scale of one to ten part of it attend last night except for that the camera guys have to go in because of the weather and then you are an odd camera angles of the game which is their fault. I think it really nice job last and I was very very impressed. And very very very pleased that it wasn't slanted towards the Yankees and I thought they did a great job of covering both sides and giving both sides of the story which you don't give a lot in in national televised games foxes are holed those. Really good job of making things seem did I agree as they've ever for a long time but especially now with FS one maybe is because Jamie Horowitz is ticketed taken it over I don't know. But they don't really good job taking what is just a mundane gay men than in men into rigors that it breaks and day in the unit they made it. Feel larger than that nets may have hey that's the job I mean your Kevin. It was awesome I think he does a phenomenal job Alex Rodriguez is making his debut you've got Ken Rosenthal down there on the sidelines he's. Probably the best Major League Baseball reporter that we have out there today. It's a big game feel last night in and I thought they presented both sides in a very very good manner of speaking Ken Rosenthal you won't believe and another. Different trade type scenario involving the royals will discuss coming up and apparently. Pigs did fly last night for Danny Duffy or explain next. Pasco the morning along with Bob Pasco and Mike Welch I'm Josh put their Steve inspector producing on the other side you're talking last segment guys about the other broadcast on FS wanted. Ken Rosenthal is a part of the broadcast last night and introduced a very interesting potential. Trade deadline scenario involving the royal. They gave every appearance of a seller right off to a sluggish start at a large number of potential free agents. For the general manager Dayton Moore said this week that doesn't necessarily have to make a decision right away he can wait right until the very end. The royals won't necessarily get what they want and Eric Hosmer like the stock is Lorenzo Cain. In the situation being what it is they all have. Weigh the value of the potential return against what they could get it. They waited until the end of the season and made those players off buying office if they did that. For every one of those players who got fifty million or more on the free agent market. A draft pick after the first round and the accompanying pool money that goes with the oppressor there's a lot of value in that as well. Yet there is and you know just you know for talk with some folks the last couple of days yourself. You know you you look at the minor league talent around Major League Baseball right now and and used either is that one guy that stands at a two guys that stand out there but he knows it's hot prospect. Of that right now. In Major League Baseball and those comments from Ken Rosenthal say to me that the royals are gonna make it trade just for the sake. Of making a trade and they bit the compensation that you get as he mentioned fifty million dollars in value pick following around one. If they don't get a fifty million dollar total value contract. The club gets a pick after the second route so you're you're going to get a high traffic and you know that may be the case that may be the situation at the royals decide to go. With a lot of their players right now because they don't have to sell their four and a half games back in out of it as an enemy does this keep that in mind. You know realistically they win this weekend they sweep the twins and you can move yourself a lot closer to first place in just the four and a half games back that you are right now so there's no need to go out there and sell right now. And it really isn't that player that you truly covet right now there's no reason to go out there in trade and Eric Hosmer if you end up losing Eric Hosmer. That draft pick could end up being more valuable because in order to restock the farm system. You need those draft picks and if we wanna see a kind of Renaissance here in Kansas City. And and have like an entire team come up together again like we did with Hosmer Lestock missing came in those guys. You're gonna need those drastic you're gonna need to stockpile your organization with picks and start to assemble a team again like they did with Osborn who stocks and came in Salvi and all these guys down in the minor leagues to bring them up to get together again the only way you can bring a group of guys up together again is to have a lot of your draft picks hit and the more high draft picks you have the better opportunity you have. Having those pics hit the little little bit of a game of chicken here. Because. 150. Million dollar contract. Probably Hosmer but not necessarily house or maybe says a one year deals where DeLia and and and play out have a better season do that which you wouldn't get. The stock is maybe play his way to fifty million dollars Cain certainly won't so you're talking about a second round bottom of the second round pick for knows but. Maybe the market is such were you put back qualifying offer out there. Either one they don't get somebody to bite. Or two you get down to bite back yet you know now you seem a lot others cite the qualifying officers to you know I think it's finishing dynamic. If you make a trade Nady get. Two guys and of a minor league level whatever. You weigh that against and I can I get something in the draft right got to controllable guys for seven years it's an interesting concept and then it lets you apply the season and see where you end up with them at the end. God is may nineteenth. There's no reason for decision to even be close to being made right now if that if the royals were out still let's say they stood ten wins. Who's their trade partner. Nobody knows a third contender and on outside a Houston Astros everybody's kind of middle in around trying to figure out if they're going to keep these hot streaks going through rated you get so it's not like they're gonna be trying to buyer right now. The rose don't have a trade partner they don't need to trade I feel like trade talk on May nineteenth in this current situation. Is it really needed because there's nothing has to happen you so much time to sort baseball left between now the trade deadline. It's over too also well. I'll tell you what we've had more trade conversations that date or the royals and partly guaranteed we had more trade conversations. In the royals or any team in Major League Baseball because a week ago Mike we were sitting here talking about the Cincinnati Reds being in first place there now in third place in the back under five it and lost like six at around so so these teams or good last week some of the more good this week the Milwaukee Brewers right now who were like around 500 below 500 a week ago renounced first place in the National League central so. Things have changed rapidly be with the exception of the Astros in the Yankees in the American League. This this division does this race is is is changing by the day because it is still early into the season and so. While we sit here talk trades I can tell you the organizations are talking trades and I can also tell you that there are no guarantees that even if they get close to the trade deadline but the royals are going to trade these guys they amaze you guys the draft picks is more valuable right now whether be at the end of the first round or the end of the second round. As more valuable pieces that what they can potentially get back. For trading Eric Hosmer for trading my stock for trading Lorenzo Cain they may use those guys and say hey there's a lot of good kids coming into this draft and we'll have a better opportunity at success with those guys and getting guys from other minor league systems or other Major League teams right now so that's something that you do have to consider and that is the wild card at all. Was close at hand at the more things because that's on the scenario we talked about before right exactly look at the royals. The trades they've come through with our guys that have for loner years not a not a great key trader shields trade. But like a trade for Johnny Quaid I would trade for bends over it you lose. Matters that the royals lost that knows that's the point like this you wouldn't go back all Manuel Jesus three starters on John McKnight whoever really only got to keep your trading him back as got a bum shoulder something like that he's a pitching right now. So you look at them. Who you actually get back birdies a voter trades right it's not one that's not a lot I might get more value out of the draft I I'm sort. Lean that way fellas I'm starting to lean towards don't trade anybody if if you end up losing guys get in the qualifying offers geeky for another year rate guys are doing that but you ultimately and not trading any of these guys. And you lose him in free agency and getting draft picks so being a member of you know looking back at the at that that this was in 92 were three draft what was for whatever reason we were talking about last week. And CNN without compensatory picks for losing Kurt stillwell Johnny Damon never would've been a member of the Kansas City Royals I mean so. You got the opportunity. Technically it's don't want got to run. That's his country Saturday they lose these guys you can compensatory picks in the ultimately end up turning in the guys have been big parts of the franchise and big parts of this organization itself. To me you don't. The trade body and it it if July 31 comes and goes and the more isn't how buying anything and there's nobody that stands out goes oh my god we've got to have this guy and you end up not trading anybody you just use the compensatory picks. That may turn out to be a better move all the belief for the future of the organization that dumping guys say that sales of that scenario would surprise a lot of people yeah Alan Alan Graham baseball to Spain's episode has Chelsea go hole for these guys giving or that they're going to be absolute sellers maybe they won't even a lot Danny Duffy joins us each and every Thursday here on six and Sports Radio at 915. And apparently based on last night's performance. Pigs can fly. I had a better removed we let we do you just start going and knuckleball. Like Tom Candiotti. An eight split fingered fastball. Like Hideo Nomo and if you had a curve ball like very veto. And it pained look like James Shields. And up or it seem like Nolan Ryan. You probably would be really successful and on that merited our lap and put it up in my locker. I mean do figure wearing their decline. I guess it's the last night. It's a tech guys letter to heart. I went out through everyone of those that you expect curve ball well. That would make her employee at last night might be Bennett Barry Zito that was unbelievable it Steve busy documentary of the game yesterday as funny story about Tom Candiotti on shore for you about the story that affects costs Tom Candiotti. Was actually Steve busy Iraq's neighbor out your talent or no but you know also existing it Tom Candiotti recently went to college like you see something or other out there and you know and and we like baseball school there but he didn't go for baseball he went as a tennis player. And he started to look at like other things he could do at the university so that baseball team I was going to Hawaii that beauty is on track based let me get a trip to Hawaii right tried out for baseball it's like eighty to eighty recently advised and -- he threw a knuckleball in the history. Remodeled it a pretty good Major League pitcher Gary glitter and just because he wanted to go to that. So of that team they had not been scheduled to play in Hawaii. We never would had Tom Candiotti in Major League based how about that right that's an awesome story you're story is that the better you're gonna. The rate on NASA that's kind of like a pig supply the this time it's apple doesn't interview at 610 sports dot com if you had to do it all over again would you. I'm glad that next. Moment 69306. On the text line today if there's anything you'd like us to discuss. Yesterday. Kindergarten graduation. Again yesterday they did figured hey graduation big day yesterday miss Warner's class that graduated yesterday and daddy day they may like all the he'd stand up and say hey my name is nice they are part of kindergarten is when I wanted to grow. But I wanna be when I grow up but yet a lot of you know cops get some you know lots. Lot of kids out of was like this for your guys Josh block a lot of people will be trained engineers and the like my Alley was telling doctors and so that was the last thing this guy that's the last of it yet it hasn't stuff about trains run last quarter my daughter wants to be pediatrician that's great there's one kid in there who had a doubt he was gonna be in NASA scientists as they are you sedate him. It I thought fires right at this kid's coattails because he wants to be at NASA scientist. One kid and I thought you guys would win this guy gave his job that night I thought this was just tremendous. He wants to be a dearth gun designer often act as a fact is awesome right there he wants to design Merrill's guns and I'm like that's pretty cool because. If you could go back to collar that day kindergarten just like do it all over again. What would you say you really wanted to be like if you could do it. Do know there's no re out. The involved in this at all right you can just do it all over again what would it be that you wanted to be I remember what I wanted to be at that age kids yeah I want to be an actor for Disney old little. I want to be a voice of chance. And homeward bound okay that's pretty cool then that permeates he wanted to be an active for Disney but yet that's that's know what to do at that time but in nerve got designer dissents to cool the past that right it really does the backing. The American design can't do different things there's no there's no limitation right right to bill basically whatever god you want to does that actually before chose that Schumer dark that's right. They are a lot of options we know reality is no reality you can do it is a Disney actress really poorly understood that that's going to be you know as are those kids that really stuck right. I think I think it would have DB the band. Write me once you start that right away kindergarten yet he went on the drums yeah I asked. Do that if they got it matters right firefighter fire I remember that that being the first I can't remember what I wanted to be but I know since eight that I wanted to be doing this because they realize that even at that it was never any good and I could never played do anything that's talking about the sports would probably be better is wanted to be lights on Matt Hayes and realize no marketable skill no market since its value it's a tough outside we. This is as they're here we are in radio beacon is what the hell else is somebody like dusk and it is so very avenue was this I thought a very very fun and I'll be once it's that they wanted to be a bomb and Michael. Levy a box. And I it was kind of looking around at what makes the she said mullah. I call. All of its I sees it he wanted to be a ball. I was like everyone right and excel you talking about two years ago very nicely done with the at a kindergarten batteries but I think we'll be glad you could go back and have no reality just be what you wanted to be when guys like I like to be Major League Baseball player or police officer at a you're going to be counts on this path you're gonna be copied his Quito at that history as well it's easier to weigh the bigs talking you know be a pro athlete that's right yeah not this was in the Chicago white structure to which I thought it was their own entity could be an issue. Nicely done Steve if it studies out about 69306. On the tech slide today off lucky by lady Jane's. Haircut Superman two locations in Kansas City town six dead center Toby Keith will be doing a men's only concert in Saudi Arabia. Is that real news. I don't on screen text line. Com. Isn't that country very like separate yeah yeah yeah his neck. By yes that is a true story about probably can't go to the concert and yet he's probably don't allow him to get it's women don't have rights and Saudi Arabia. Much money to make you don't like not being bombastic or like to work with it don't have rights in Saudi Arabia and the way that they dress to the net behind their guys and things like that yeah the gonna send one of the ultimate Americans yes until we keep them do that in concert yeah that a that say oh well. My wife went to the grand opening hospital for a paper and paper towels and came home with misty lead bullets and if that's what happens and awesome and Amanda let your life. It is available outside a number and I'll talk very good like Christine. It couldn't disagree. It is it is not. Yeah a couple that with two supercenters the other day. That's what they want Jeff creepy clowns are back in Arizona and I believe that Welch you then are creepy clown man hugs. No it's nothing that's ever happened with the crew coupons and anybody knows that. Like everybody who's freaked out there is lot of fake news stories out there book club got shot in the head in Vienna delegate total made up news I guess it was amazing news. Scenario that came out about that it was the be getting that fake news hysteria that then has permeated as such and it saved it. Massive problem now. When is the proper time to text in for shouted out right now 69 up 06 of its excellent during burned post huge amount every single time burned as a post game show texted her shouted out that's the correct time. White told me this morning we have you Brett wedding reception to go to tonight thanks. That's the AC that that's the thing that was always vs that was a purpose you're. He purposely delayed telling you. That's you have an obligation to go right now there are two ways to look at it and when you go out on a Friday night you probably done on the picket the freedom assumed that he got UN wise and now he's trying to bring down. Because the man is an able. Now I'm with you in Atlanta well it's a guy was meant that guy we talked about earlier the try to get the ball in the bottom of the bombings and scanned the guy who plays on a cup yeah that's right that that's exactly that's exactly the maintenance. I've Abbas and make him a name for his childhood in New Jersey we can go with a yeah. Sadistic mister blue sky would land him he was the guy behind that always called like the police in the neighborhood watch things on you for dealing he would watch everything that you were dealing and supposed I would ask all kinds of stimulation when there's pollen count. Is the main power like that person that. Is that the top Victor at the top girl or absorb another company instead of giving reminded employees that got the top like doubles LaSalle parachute M today isn't that isn't that considered the man did that and one of the men that's. The only man about that's tournament. We will talk with a bad Moehler fox Sports Radio coming up where is he raped in. Knock off baseball today yeah. In our King of the Hill. There was a game winner in hockey last night there was very exciting last night in overtime here's our current leader right now owner Anthony plumbing heating and cooling key play of the day. That. It's. Really. Did you can't really. No that is currently in the may not last night we got hot game winning role when he in the overtime. And for. Intercepting Perry had a traffic. Are. Stored. Not to redirect the big problems along. Both married. Ducks and gain more. Or the Western Conference. Finals series created though. You breathe good time first overtime. And a senator club it's not that clear we've had much closer calls the last few days and radicalized not even close sorry guy in hockey you bought out today hockey is really it's it's fallen short man as mentally that's a game winning overtime goal on the road you've got to go crazy folks go crazy all right. No way he still ranks on top. For the King of the Hill it's sad to talk to him in bed valor of fox Sports Radio the big news around sports has been Lavar vs Leahy Betancourt EU stand. On Lavar vs Leahy. Well I've got to go against the norm on this is that you don't you guys yen Bob but I IE I didn't have a big issue I light. Confrontation. I do I need to make sure your radio. It makes good television he keeps it Tuesday. You know what you're getting with a look horrible first law he is being. Eight carnival barker since he came on the scene a couple of months ago you know he's gonna do irrational. Things that he's going to be outrages. And the apparently these little about it for the horrible story because I do overnight tonight usually sleepy and actually was on the radio and television by. From what I have been told David he's gone there's several times that I had a back and forth at each. He doesn't like so the question of the keys that side apparently she's got a Big Ten AM and so. They've got back and forth but. I thought it was all right I think they should have money get every week I think it probably will do that looked like a ball that the readings four were being told here. Where they set new records for it digital media everyone wanted to hear what that interview was all about so. I guess I'm more on the side of all the while all that he booty he outs stepped his. Is bound to but it made for a good segment of radio. But disrespect most who before ball has been of course it did bring additional records that made news yesterday and there's did read additional records and no visual records would you take Alonso ball if you were the lakers knowing that circus is coming with it. I think the lakers will end up taking him to do it political wish you know it wouldn't have been so they've got they've been built on star power and what do you like it or not laughable because of his dad's. People don't really see god ceaseless college basketball player there are a lot of those guys that are coming in the draft. And I think that's a big back to Portugal local kid which. Much that matters because you don't matter you dig our from Alaska these good they can put basketball. Blood I get the sense the lakers are gonna go that direction less. In less upbeat pops up obviously before the job that's the FBI. You know it's stiff there's some student role that we don't know about it and then then that will change everything in. Book cook up some other player in the draft but magic he knows the lakers need to get some headlines they've had. Three lottery picks in a row and those guys have made any kind of impact. They're they're just kind of marginal. NBA players they have yet established themselves have been stars and a couple of those guys look like they're document be stars so. The lakers have to get that headliner and loves football because of his star power. They're gonna they're gonna give it a shot at U verse presently don't you. Shot Ben what are the biggest things we hear about sports or this guy's going to be a distraction or that guy is going to be a distraction and you know here in Kansas City we had a football player murder himself the day before the game chiefs that won the next day so when people say distraction to me I don't. Bad not so much but this father is a different bird where he could really get in the way and messed some things up in so. I would consider him more so that I would consider the kid I could this have the kid without the old man no brainer but the old man really is baggage at Ellis. Yes or no because Celtics to the Celtics look at number one pick they could have a lot of blue ball and not apple while baucus. Geographically you are is not going to be a moving to Boston to cross the contest for Japanese based. In Southern California I've heard from people that are around that's situation that they'd look forward that they believe this can carry keep more of a low profile. I don't know if that's possible once want to get to the NBA. Did you get an order kids one's going there you see delay I think next year and in the year after that there's another order there this is pipeline. Of ball kids so. You get me in the on the scene for several years. You're becoming a sport that is actually I'd I can do agree with your sentiment I think. This like a media creation to build space shuttle blog go work in a talk show that so and so as a distraction. And I really global are ball's going to be that big distraction ultimately the NBA has people just give them a legitimate in my pocket when they're gonna ignore them. I hope that UTE it would put all diet it'll lakers let's say they travel around the ball. And he doesn't make it easier say you know I would have been good but my dad got away and he doesn't work out the lakers could say was that was the problem. That is built an excuse is there. Well I yeah I think that it's it's more hot air and media BS that anything. Then Moehler fox Sports Radio you can Guillermo overnights here on 610 Sports Radio joining us speaking of the NBA colors all surprise we've had the no compelling games in the NBA playoffs. It's. Yeah I. That the Celtics. You know they just outclassed by the by the Cleveland that was eating food thought he would come out with a little bit of better. Everett the first first happened it was like such a light weights values just that was that was ugly and obviously San Antonio. That's series appears to be on life support right now. So I guess I guess the lesson here is let yet here we all make jokes about it but it appears that we were accurate when Kevin Durant ended up going to. Warriors. That this whole season was just an exercise in futility. To get clean living Golden State to play. It's an idiot gave Bob but today it again we've just been terrible I've got a lot of the stuff guess what it has worked out to be positive because I'm only had to watch about a half. Half of these games. And then I've been able to put forward a baseball game is Laurie all the sporting event toward. They know my family so blunt about it so they want shouted it's worked out well for democratic played too much now. The reading don't figured advertiser in the NBA. You can't be very happy how many people are watching. The fourth quarter. Almost brewers warriors gave what orders dropped by 7000 point I can't imagine many. I would then Mallard who does overnights here on six cents source radio for fox Sports Radio now Bennett. Have you ever heard. Maybe told your family will leave you alone and tell them the had a concussion when you didn't like maybe possibly Tom Brady given Gisele. Don't know why I have no luck. Guys you guys go to radio we have concussions every time we cracked the mics up and we you know we put our heads against the microphone it's very dangerous. Talking to a microphone isn't this job is not that easy but. But no all I eat I want Ubaldo Obama talked about a mile our show and the other part about it is story ever want to bother about. Like what's the real deal there. With Tom Brady. And I would advise Gisele to be very careful deciding what's Tom Brady's dumb play in the NFL and it almost happened sooner or later. Ali this is gonna end well for Brady and he he didn't all these weird wacky. New wage. We need health products and football what most that is existence. You get rid of that I I just think this is not there well. Group for that that relationship and BP seemed I watched interviews several times guys it seemed like she realized after she said it. That it was a mistake I recently bought Gisele like intentionally. That was an intentional plan but the more I watched the couple times after I talked about it and it. It appears that he turns slipped up in the she caught herself. We have way out there there's kind of a need to know basis and Thomas without an NFL player I'm probably not coming home and tell my wife that my head hurts because that's just gonna maker freak out and rightfully so she loves it she wants everything to be good for you. But here football player mankind ever need to know basis with your wife with the injuries archer. He even I think about the concussion does the F although there aren't covered their pockets mode at this point they may want to. This'll freaked out well these lawyers in the lawsuits ligament through. Like the keys I think the lesson of this. That is accurate most suitable taker had a little fishy on radio and told third million U until the patriots will assume that's the case. Wait there's no real way you can make the football. You know perfect you can look nothing alike is perfect but. This idea that you have a bad guy lodging at the top of the stadium for players that concussion and a player on the field for a guy on the field. I mean it's nice city makes people feel better I guess put eat it if you want to hype created some mild concussion didn't. You never thought I doubt about that day and age you if you decided the players sides. You want to know anybody. So all really can have all the spotters they want with binoculars. At NFL games it's like a matter. And malware this here odds extends Sports Radio before we let you go some deal we've ranked the kids city chiefs' front offices one of the worst in football. Where do you rank in bee read when it comes to head coaches in the N. According. They didn't need. It's been. Here are the mid year upper mid tier. Of coach Kelly he's consistently put playoff teams out there. And like I boldly LA rams now who that's talked. Oh I would be here you have would have been terrible they were terrible quote they were here before and they've got a series of coaches who were terrible. Like any region rather obvious you're the playoffs clock management. What. The list in front of me but I'd put them in that light. And this fifteen Reggie may be a little higher levees are top I would have a my top five where you have a. Rob I. I think he's right below that tier coaches that's one Super Bowls Andy Reid needs a Super Bowl win more than any coach in the world needs championship and I'm not saying that for exaggerated should. Yeah yeah you can get the value of Peru monkey off his back at all yeah maybe he had it really good teams in Philadelphia he's got. He's had good teams in Kansas City against. He OS based Marty Schottenheimer could you not dispute Schottenheimer never did anything in the playoffs at least. At least if he recently able to get through simple more put I even that. I'd I'd I'd leave that tend. 828 to twelve they did that Peter is probably closer to eight to fifteen. There and enjoy this weekend enjoy the time on the infield at the preakness and we'll talk you again next week. The dollar over the last year on 610 Sports Radio coming out. A-Rod was on the broadcast last night's. We'll tell you what we think next.