05/19 7a - Headlines, Baseball Youth Participation, Drunk Sports Calls, Chiefs QBs

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Friday, May 19th

Headlines Worth Talking About, youth baseball participation is way up, we take your best drunk stories from sporting events plus the NFL QB confidence index comes out and the Chiefs are ranked...


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It's talking about state pension dismayed to learn something yeah. Brought you by worth Harley-Davidson north worth Harley-Davidson has the largest selection of bikes to choose from. Inspect. It Josh. Opium that is yeah you know students I early on and answer I'd thought of it good I'm gonna miss it right as those laws are the toss. It's not the times did he think it was a brilliant idea for. And I'll be on fox to cross promote with NFL on fox last night and broadcast. That's what you do they ask is Andy Reid. Was dictating out Rodriguez's notes but it's every week you pull out. So knock knock him out. Four or those headsets Rodriguez. I said birth control on their Alessio are there right now and it did say pull out right now did say that full control pull out navy navy he had those with a three things that Alex Rodriguez had in his notes last night. As the Yankees and royals did battle out at Kauffman Stadium I thought the broadcast was very good night I enjoyed it I really truly truly. Learned some things about some stuff last night from Ken Rosenthal. And I thought Iraq was an acting Kevin Burkhardt really that I thought it of the broadcast he felt big public a post season broadcast. Not our time of the notebook they tweeting out a photo of basically here's our values easily they rob. Working on his first game it was wrapped there was a there was a notebook enemy isn't clearly notebook right and it had just random scruples than it. And it looked like any kind of like. Organized note similar random thoughts and of course every week you pull out. Twitter tried to zero at half of what exactly was in the notebook and try to make out his handwriting and yet there was some some weird stuff like this they pull out stuff. Yeah aid exits of about pull out birth control in January 31 2006 than this every hour right now says should hire older. Underlined underneath child birth control. Maybe. Pull out stuff right up. Yes that's exactly right outside knows what a lot of stuff. Yeah maybe they you know what it is like in the morning you pull out the check in the out of the freezer bullets all data yet but it would yet all it means probably shorthand for pulled pork maybe could be yacht as antidotes yelled as easing Kansas City wanted to Paula pulled pork up into donor anecdote it depends on where you live as a hero if your kids and it didn't west it's anecdote is here in the southeast of instability and if you're in France's poly groups all say. Anecdotal. No that's over. And to do its medicine right yes right that's anecdote via the you're right the first federal vs the poison right. For it is birth. And a there's this bunch. Anyway Mike whose stock has been a home run last may obviously Florida. Aside from outs Rodriguez's birth control plans and anecdotes. I was good. The royals won five to one and I was Denny Matthews on the call right here on taste and Sports Radio. In which you can hear every royals game of the entire season that's right and I thought that home run by Mike was stopped us was pretty amazing because that wind was blowing straight in at that wind is blowing is a significant win that is a shot that goes probably like over the bullpen any net that was a moon shot hit by Mike whose stock is last night. Much needed obviously get the royals on the board early and Danny Duffy was brilliant last night ten strikeouts for Danny Duffy joins us every Thursday at 915. A tributary joins us on Monday so be terror and dusty were very big last night karma is good when you come on the show you do good things on the field aging Alex Gordon that's right yeah Alex are or do you believe you come on the show my friend you need to come on the show that'll be the cure for what dale is yet. Cora out of the lineup obvious attack and nothing else I think that's gonna play tonight it went down you know last night he had dad said yesterday that you know he didn't want to space back to back lefties and so the game tonight up from last night off he should be back in the lineup tonight. They're searching for answers that guys on outscored I know it it's very frustrating America we're gonna games back to back LaMont you you saw Bonifacio last I don't really don't go right. Clock back a lot. Us wow you. Bodies of butcher again he really is thank goodness it didn't matter last night is the world's it's it's a nice lead. But my god that that play I was in the cemetery fittingly he was like doing it Piero went out and it was telling all shades of an Horry nailed the game. Ally shades NORAD knows and. You don't notice that that's the two corner outfielders being so layered Bonifacio that's that's best for that throughout defensively about I'm still like. Hand taking on Alex Gordon he's had a couple gave a couple good game re back to back games yet I mean a couple good games back to back he could be turning around a rocket hit the panic button yet I mean there's. Yeah here's the thing if Alex Gordon goes on let's call it. A seven game hit streak. He's right up to 250 it's that early in the season so on like in a panic get on board a lot. A lot of important stuff though I'll I'll say. Is is. He still based man go the opposite way they're giving you the entire last side. Of that in sealed embodied in talking about hitting role bunt down the third base line but to that side. And then they'll eventually shift back and you won't have to hit into that just because if you're gonna continue to lay down a bunt after bunt after bunt after bunt and get the first base there eventually got to move back in play you straight up. Beat Toronto Blue Jays have suspended outfielder Kevin pull our two teams after he. Through a homophobic slur at braves pitcher Jason Meyer on Wednesday's steam. And the alarm. Apologize after Wednesday's gain even before he was suspended. Probably news coming quote it was cemetery was stupid it was uncalled for its part of the team I. Don't know about that it's just I'm a competitive guy and heat of the moment obvious I'm gonna do whatever I've got to do. To reach out apologized and let him know you do anything wrong it was all me. You know a lot of welts and I were talking about this before the show both of us are on the same page. I thought that was a great heart felt like meaningful true apology. And he went on Twitter he did in front of the media. I'd like he did it for you says yeah yeah like like you you made a mistake by a man and he got caught up the heat of the battle like give all that it happens but I thought his apology was really like genuine and legit. And I'm ready to move on from this is meet soon when I saw the apology I would. Hadn't actually seen the story and tell us all the pro tempore apologize. The apology form. He used. But homophobic slur that starts to death. And it. Obviously not something you should say but something that was probably very acceptable when the walrus younger. And in the heat of the moment he said something awful that he shouldn't have said in the suspension I think it's fair dirty move on but. It's interesting though how we hold different people to different. Standards I guess because. Remember when Kobe Bryant. Dropped a bleeping believe. At a referee at the exact same word. And it wasn't even really heat of the moment he got the bed she sat down and that he yelled out to the refereed by name and they called the homophobic slur. Because Kobe Bryant apparently he still like god people it's very adjusted to me how we have helped hold the for people to different standards but as long as you apologize the way chemical war dead. I think that's. A fair apology take the suspension I'll take a financial hit fourth that's it. Good punishment. Everything and I don't think quite honestly we have a new dimension to begin with Kevin Clark I think he definitely learned is less there's not many guys that you look ideal he really learned his lesson there. I looked at that can't pull our apology what. You get sick or he gets it works Karen good with a man at the temblor did the absolute right thing. And I think people should now move on some security says I've apologized personally to Jason not but I also need to apologize to the Braves organization and their fans and most importantly the LG BTQ community yeah lack of respect displayed last night I mean he gets it he understands and I screwed up big time and I'm sorry that was a fun I'm I'm started those who were offended right now that was a big apologized to the people he apologize yes you the people that he offended direct snap Diego gas heated to always like if you're a better buy it there whatever sorry like noise like I apologize to get these Andrew did it unease. Our old tube and that's a great apology by Kevin war. Couple pieces of NFL stadium news. Never have I heard that rain is going to delayed the opening. Of the raiders and chargers stadiums in the Los Angeles but it looks like that is going to be the case they are new facility was supposed to be getting 2019. But now open in 20/20. This. Coming on the heels of a historic rainfall. In California and once and yet. If I I don't know maybe if people are siphoning water like that who's at celebrity who's siphoning water from other people. Yeah let's move on anyway. But the big kind of and nugget in this whole thing is. These super Rawls was the host in 220 which would be second year the stadium but now will be the first year it seems that the NFL has the right to take that Super Bowl away yet there's an. NFL's rule that says a stadium in its first year cannot close the Super Bowl so we'll see what the NFL and size thinking out here. Yeah they they really do and we'll see if the NFL puts the Super Bowl in Los intimate they played that soccer stadium I don't know I obviously they're gonna do something on about Tampa yet they've they've got now would that tough decision to to make but apparently el Nina was that valor was telling us. Has caused traffic out there and the stadium is now a year behind. Because these heavy rainfalls that were predicted it nobody did anything about it in the stadium hole. I guess building to be like a late in the and so they have been able to work I find it very funny and I got to be honest with you. What goes around comes around and when you screw cities like the NFL has screwed Saint Louis and San Diego and Oakland and all of us. I gotta say I'm I'm smiling today because that's karma is a B I. Never have Saint Louis is back that they should just put in a preemptive bid right now officer city estimates hurt us on gas. As more on the app or mention the raiders C Las Vegas stadium authority on Thursday unanimously. Unanimously. Approved a condition oral lease agreement so looks like there's not going to be any delays on the team's relocation to Vegas and it's good. Good for them. I think Vegas is going to be a success. I'm excited to see how plays out but for the raiders I think it's the perfect move I think I think it's gonna be fun to watch I think it's going to be interesting to see the hockey team out there as well when they start this year to see what kind of crowds in the atmosphere to hey I totaled hockey's gonna get a huge draw there mean they'll have corporate sponsorships and all that but I think for the for the raiders because there's such a national and international brand and they -- have a lot of success there. All NBA first team second team and third team announced Russell Westbrook. James Harden Anthony Davis LeBron James and Cole why Leonard you're forced team. James Harden unanimously selected I mean without what are your thoughts look brighter JS not Yunnan adds that that was the dumbest thing I've ever seen how does it not have LeBron James he Yunnan and Australian hall and yet more urgent as you have the media voting that somebody did Sunday that they didn't like to LeBron JC that that is a problem any time the media has a vote in any thing. It becomes a problem because there are many many biases that takes place a heated talk to me he was it nice to me he mocked me. They're not gonna vote for that guy that that is dumb. But it really goes to show you the lack of talent in the NBA what Russell Westbrook is making. First the panel and at WNBD. With the most valuable player in the league makes the team the NBA first team now call accurately summing up next yes. But if we're those tickets at France that's right arresting its coming up at that seventh want me awkward segue. You'll never believe what the kids are up to we'll tell you next. Back in on Tesco in the morning on a Friday along with Bob Pasco and Mike Welch on Josh swindlers feet inspector is producing as always. Your chance to win royals tickets coming up in just a few minutes about three minutes from now. When you hear stating only. Opt for the week through everything be from Lamar. When you hear stayed Elaine. 91357676. And a caller number earned bluntly today alleged. Ours goes to eleven gonna win now royals tickets here on 610 Sports Radio rock fest tickets coming up at 820. A baseball scout pounding it's chest today usually guys. According to figures released in the 2016. Season. Not for Major League Baseball but annual report by some because these sports and fitness industry association. Participants in baseball and softball and increased. So much that they have the highest growth and highest participation. Of any sport. That's pretty impressive for a for a country that really had lost baseball and and I think clearly. You know you can say what you want about the concussion but he has a major effect because again moms are in charge and bombs aren't let kids play you know concussion related sports if you will like football. On which every sports a concussion related support by the way you're playing basketball you can claim based panel on a plane out of you have one playing soccer you get when driving NASCAR I mean you can get in there are a lot of ways any repercussions other than football right but then narrative has become football equals concussion that's exactly right which is ridiculous it's so people are looking at bat barrel on the outlet my kid plays football anymore go play baseball and it's really true here in Kansas City one of the fathers on the soccer team that Ron has sports apparel business and whose value added football stuff so now we're not selling anything when it comes to football. But the baseball stuff we can't keep in stock kids are starting spot back to baseball and and start to play that game again and I some how much of that has to do with concussions and how much of that has to do with the success of the royals over the last complete it's definitely a combination of all there's no doubt about it but when you see these numbers on a national level kids and in you know win in now I don't know Detroit Michigan are not going to play in baseball now. Because of the Kansas City Royals circle because momma data saying well the concussion narratives out there. And more not gonna let you play football and that's that's now where you start to see. The NFL should have some worry because of kids are playing the sport anymore. The talent pool is getting reduced in you're not gonna have his great athlete playing. Football as you once did because kids are shying away and you basketball to baseball or something like that so while football only it feels like it is seated immediately. Doubtful they'd be seen impact of the quality of athlete it starts played football and continues to play football. You could see that from kids but I don't even beyond that I look at the NFL is having a bigger problem with not being cool anymore. If you don't Phillies be really cool. I would Chad Ochocinco Terrell Owens were dominating the airwaves and people couldn't stop talking about Randy Moss me. You add big personalities that were allowed to shuttle their personalities and who is that the NFL like JJ watt seems corny now. Yeah. Like like they were a big personality. It Travis Kelsey Kelsey Perry he does not have them around may be that it becomes controversial now's you should you throw that flag back at their referee like that it becomes something that big more hot hatred and things and something is supposed to be fun well used a lot of thought it. Celebrations. And a lot of core this involved in the NFL now it's getting stuff the year by the year it's not just the on the field stuff misty off the field stuff. Good the owners and the way everybody carries themselves it's all stuff Venus and they've implemented all these rules to keep it stuffy so. Look concussion there it will go away at some point it always does these things go in cycles people will become bored with it they'll come out with new research that he had that the concussions they're good for you by. It's not as bad as maybe some movie with Will Smith doing a terrible accent made it look and so people will gravitate back towards football but I think the NFL itself has a much bigger issue with not coming across his cool like he used to well. Also too there's a big division in the NFL between the white collar in the blue collar player and in in the NFL you can make a really big paycheck OK if you're quarter racquet your star wide receiver. You're gonna cash in but the discrepancy in the difference between those guys on the high end and everybody else's so huge. Where in Major League Baseball made you got an opportunity to make some serious bank and I think a lot of people are realizing that right now that. If you're gonna be a professional athlete your best route to goal is professional baseball because you're gonna make the most amount of money. In professional baseball right now like there's nobody in Major League Baseball right now it's making 400000 dollars like. You do in the National Football League they've been the Major League Baseball Mitt him I think is around five or 600000 dollars right now. And you're going to escalate that salary very quickly. If you have staying power in Major League Baseball were in the NFL you gonna play three and a half four years you're gonna make for a thousand dollar 600000 dollars you may not even reach a million dollars at the league minimum isn't doing donate ten a year ten. In the National Football League so I think a lot of people are looking bad as well and baseball's the mean every night watch TV you see a celebration DC eight that look you see the fund that is coming. And Major League Baseball into your point Mike has embraced the fund were data that was given the highest bid to the fun. And that's not a good thing the young players in Major League Baseball really start to make it more of any data export gas doesn't matter what eight York becomes more engaging when you have big personalities. If you might not like Jose Batiste. But you need a villain you do guys like Jose Batista guys like maim it's hot out. These are the guys that really drive baseball and they make baseball fun to guys like Chris Bryant might Trout not so much because he's a little bit more Vanilla. Price higher Bryce Harper definitely in the category guys making baseball fought again right even had that hole there at last was at last year two years ago. Bryce Harper decided try to make baseball fun again gesture that was his poll is holed my Trenton. Partly because their understanding the importance of we need to have a good time we to make this look like fun at the very least because of who the hell. Who wanna play game if you turn it on TV it looks like work right. Beat throughout the NFL a lot of times it looks like a world at risk kids wanna go to work when they're ya our have bought our go to Bryce Harper's doing. You mentioned Dylan and a clearly Jose Batista and the Toronto Blue Jays are the villains from baseball malady used to be the Yankees there's nothing wrong like you said he needed billable Ron was that guy in the NBA for all those years. I want you to put on your thinking caps both of you right now. From a player only perspective what light year is the villain right now in the national football. Pro player personnel yet scamper speculator think of no no you don't Aussie players spell out just fell from a fan perspective but what I like it if you're looking at just just players in the NFL. Just players what player is the Vick the villains like LeBron used to be the villain in the NBA it's hard to say about teased Easton is the villain now in baseball. Who's the villain in the NFL. It's hurting of filming on a team I think. Tapper nick probably fought and I categories most polarizing play everybody needs a villain but who's the good guys by a lot of people in the James Harrison for a little while yeah Harrison but even though there's a lot like chaser relatives here that's why bring up happening it's not like you have to universally hated. Jose Batiste is not universally hated demo to you might predict eight in the NFL I know that's I said it's hard. Win your biggest potential villain doesn't even have a job right Sosa that that's therein lies the problem there isn't that one true villain we don't rallies around adults to have this. You don't have a guy that's willing to go against the grain anymore. You used to you step guys that win against the grain wood against the norm in the NFL guys like moss and Owens and Ochocinco they would against the grain in the NFL made it more fun to watch now. Who goes against the grain that's the prop everybody's doing this at like Rodney Harrison used ahead hi guys didn't give a damn what he final thought yeah you Rite Aid and that's how he carried himself it may more fun to watch guys like that now. A look at it Tom Brady and lay it on an Aston Martin. Because he does say decided deal with them where they're gonna make a new car designed by Tom Brady in only twelve resold the public. That guy yeah I think that's it it's all attacks. You still exactly Ali I mean that is successfully is they run out of legitimate big time ability in the NFL. It we've been waiting for one I've been waiting for once but you have all these people who work too politically correct in nice to just go out there and make it happen right we keep shaming guys when they do things that are intrastate and fun and entertaining for the masses and that we shame them into being a bit mellow robots. Just like every other hand lane player in the NFL. And say what we want about Lavar ball and how he may not like some of the things that he says but you know what that that whole thing is gonna draw a lot of attention to the NBA and he's polarizing and you're going to have people on both sides that's what you need. Every sport needs a villain every movie needs a villain everybody of life's needs a villain you always have to have back guy. That your kind of goal and after an aid in the guy the you don't like in right now the NFL doesn't offer that I don't want to hear the commission her or Jerry Jones. You need a slider to emerge as a villain because nobody cares about the commissioner at the end of the day. He's really irrelevant when it comes to the sport in the success and failure of it you need a villain on the field in the NFL doesn't offer. Ira elegant attacks on 69306. I see some Richard Sherman. Sure he's not what he wants was the right like you is a great villain back into when he thirteen Tony fourteen. But now his skills of diminished he talks every week but really care right out of every six table like he's done the way that the -- ball will eventually ago yes. Early on Richard Sherman was a fire starter and everybody wanted to hear what he was going to say next right and they just kept saying things that were more more outrageous to the point where people to them is that whatever I battle eventually that will eventually happen Lavar ball. But has perfect what that would dangles linebacker. If he was better. I'd agree with that they're yeah yeah he's he's is decent player he's an okay linebacker in the NFL you have to have a big time star who. Who becomes that down very villainous about it he can't do with the Bengals about it and that's true you can abuse and Citibank have zealous you know and I got to work would you Iran. Tickets are doing each and everyday at 71 need but your chance to win VIP passes to winning streaks. 9135767610. We need your best drunk sporting event story. Why because the preakness is this weekend we'll talk about that next. Sad news to winning streaks coming up on a Sunday inside. Harris casino. Shot to win a couple VIP passes were to be out there. It is through the end of the game coming up on Sunday damage Steve we've airline shore. Kansas city's first couple announced the royals based I think they'll probably be there you know you don't damage Steve. 9135767610. Need your best drunk sporting event story the preakness is on tap for this weekend right and that that is known as one gigantic party is it is. As got us thinking what were like what are the biggest sports. Parties and I mentioned the he Waste Management open outside Phoenix and they golf term it's played a septic system for the Super Bowl apparently just a complete debacle pregnant. Have you ever been to that no have you ever been Stephen that's usually something you would have gone to four. I'd been invited and I'd been there on that weekend that I did not actually go to the event it I gotta say it's funny too that it's like you know the waste management of it just sounds like that. Don't Waste Management over the Tibet the caddies and then run it on Monday had taken over the play uninhibited use because Phoenix Open right now what it was called the richly and like the seventeenth hole or whatever it is becomes as big time party hole and everybody says. That didn't sound right. But everybody says who goes there are two two to that event like they talk about how great the party isn't misusing the Saturday before the Super Bowl and so everybody has a good old time there. He got at the preakness up until like the last couple years you could bring your own booze on the field so people you know just get absolutely destroyed because it was cheap to bring your own booze now I think you got to get by Euro booze and it still gets. Kind of rockets and out of hand the is that where they have the run on the Porter honestly yes exactly fewest. Appear you might try to run across lists 25 Porter bodies and you try to make it all the way of nobody ever really done that's exactly right that does it like a vertical part. I let's is like a flood tunnel I've always wanted to give that a shot and I think. I think I can make it you probably think you could be you'd probably I'd I wanna make it at least halfway and I think that to make it the whole way through I got. I'm a of really good propensity for taking a hard hit not to do not getting knocked down. So so like you got the Florida Georgia football game the world's largest outdoor cocktail party is what they call that I mean there are certain events that just lend themselves. The process and where you go and absolutely get out of destroyed and then I mean now her happiness. At certain events some people's call that Sunday at the NFL games and things like Kentucky Derby Kentucky Derby it's at -- clogging up the list of all the fights we see from the Kentucky they're there's been a lot of times lights going off salmon short span is short order pro Linehan yeah it's it's really getting ugly out there right now the Kentucky Derby so any dead yet booze and bros you know you're gonna see through -- and that's big events and kind of I think I'm gonna take place they jobs malice extent of that right now called news amber eyes title like yes I liked the name calling the name a lot who's of roses pretty yeah and I remember those who feels like a fun time anywhere any any it any time a year you may be. Some did bring them the Preakness Stakes in hanging yeah a little bit different in the second leg of the Triple Crown has now called booze and borrows. Perfect. About the opera patrol on since I hung up on the all the other day on 9357676. Dead technology and stuff your best drug sporting event story in the VIP passes winning streaks inside here is to hang out on Sunday gets. If I doubt you've got to spend in there as well Reagan in BC Europe's first morning. Luckily our. I had an area OK okay all right. And you're much sort refer Mississippi Lee sack he should go here when it's a life well my wife the senator and Chico's. So what I'd like to. So he. Drink margaritas or Eminem margaritas and so now the game so well the next day where China now start it back home court or. Although it though she wanted to party she was out that would record effort. So we're drug industry recorder right beside it but they're all well it it's art area or. Ever been there right hand so anyway the workout on a Pulitzer red light at. I'm actually Greg in New Orleans is the biggest crime area of New Orleans. So anyway applaud her red light she is Leo. Round of the cost. Analysts oh my god so I drive around the block. I ran bought. Pull back to our inner in the car today and luckily now which it's back in the cargo that she had not it probably wouldn't be very. Holy cow Wallace is pretty good my man he saved your marriage by your wife jumping out of a car on Bourbon Street I say analysts are again yes you know our. Do you see writers who is often run and our rights of Reagan and Mason the leader in the clubhouse Kevin in Lee would Europe next in morning. Oh yeah go go ahead Kevin. There are certain that. They ought. I wanted to story out like well that there are threatened by Alec. Back from it's 41 birthday. Back and won each well. An uncle. Jimmy called like day it gets here. Unibody diamond Pete. Preloaded with. Wanted money you know how great that today. Anyway we get out there and anyway. Bet you start union that court that a woman whose favorite thing to back them. My buddies and hired just like. We don't down at that. Camera guy's name now that the sort spec Bateman that they're wrong in the state oh yeah. That you know overall mentally Riggio and yeah out eating out there law order around. Be involved. In some. I am. Economic order that banning them during though I am right now that the deal but walked over. Walk down that dugout start in the bed in the year old. And yep Mitt turns around they'll need that my. Radioed that my butt beat them watch the game. And I gave him a little later all their. Turnaround Paula. Are coming down. Yeah. Talk about. Impression that six. They. Are so you know you know. I kind of that one cabinet minister again hold I think he either I mean that takes explodes he's headed the backcourt and he walked out of the dugout. Hey I don't have easy all the time. It's. Ed you know it's just think about it is that there like he spotted in I don't I don't parted as a leader Ryan Overland Park can you beat that. Yes so that the last 280 Missouri game sea air college. All the music. Can you. All right quantities during its obviously there's someone around parking lot. My body and concern. Conversation with their and their boat completely camera out mind they the united outlook on an order auditors absolute disgust. Every day and that's going on my buddies walking on the the room where we walked by and I asked if we see her. At my buddies or the chance order body coming out right now. Alone mom died. I. Dad is a phenomenal story. Earlier warning here as well. Wow all so who is the winner today guy getting it on in port a potty with a married woman duty yelling at videos to mid responding. Or the first guy who almost lost his wife and Bergen stood out Kevin wasn't the best story teller but I like his story the best today which is the nag net because then we could tack ugliest. Senator from winning streaks and he could yell from them. Recliner at net. Amendments and if you wanna sound good New Orleans are nuance out at Ryan and over par because I like the fact that this guy was like fighting with a woman in the millions of doing it and went on ourselves that I treasure that you're not ready to hand out on him about shrine. Per share Bryant with Porta potty yeah it or potty story I think sedatives in and Mary. You are going to winning streaks and that's an orderly in four six I think it's on the texts like the day are always free to share a year drug sporting event stories. You are not going to like this next story about quarterbacks though involving. The confidence level in ours. The first is the Bob Hilton plumbing heating ACL Ruder play of the game ought to do is tell me a player involved in yesterday's play of the game that Josh Berger told you about right here on 610 Sports Radio. Now 1357676. Tent. Up ninety. Hi Bob Hamilton wants to said you're the movies. It's such a fun game and it should be simple this time only to do is tell us a player involved in the royals play of the game at Josh Berger told you about yesterday on the post game show. Right here on 610 Sports Radio. Travis at least some. Travis combing a player involved in yesterday's play of the game. I'm glad you're wearing it saying. So formula. Moon. News that's formula says that that is the formula that is your. The might we stuck his three run Jack his tenth of the year. He gradually since Travis and Lee summit you're going to the movies is the Bob Hamilton plumbing heating AC it Ruder play of the game. Our partner you guys in the chiefs' quarterback situation are now very confident actually entities quarterback situation I mean we got a good quarterback in Alex Smith and and and a back up guy in the rookie lumber it's so. It I kind of mad about the quarterback situation like it to be okay I'm more excited about who literally every other position. Very seriously I'm more excited about running back Corey Holland beat her actually get to see him this year and actually Caesar returns there. Excited about Tyreke he'll go into his second year Travis delta becoming a bonafide superstar. I mean looks like these is different that confident again. And I'm kind of on the quarterback I need is Alex Smith I didn't see Alex Smith throw more than fifteen touchdown passes and a damn season my I don't think I'm. The game lets like a Graeme thank you today ecology effort it missed. What half the season or at least five or six weeks ideals the rewards and how bored I doubt is that Alex Smith. I don't. Apples or just it's her life quarterback the other well. While there is so sir they both play quarterback at the NFL. Alex Smith is good and actually that's not true college capita does not play quarterback and that is a very strong at the airport by you ask nobody does not play quarterback any NFL. But I don't feel confident with Alex Smith in there and with pat our homes alma I mean. Yes tremendous upside he also has a very well for him he could be really bad but he could be amazing so I'm at least somewhat intrigued by that but in the current situation yet. I'm not super competent about Alex Smith's ability to go out there light up when he needs to high beam I'd be much more towards the company category story on ESPN a comet. Quarterback confidence rating like local. Into the season thinking oh my god the quarterback is so bad we're not aware exactly. Feel confident that the quarterback is going to be fine not or eight that ties to understand they're not in the category completely confident which is the patriots the Packers the falcons. The line house. I mean how could you be back creditors bear if you quarterback in the NFL that you circle billion backlight is 100%. Confident guy even though the confident for now category is includes the Steelers and I guess because Roethlisberger has flirted with retirement well I think also probably looks at two huge guys we're gonna Anwar now vs what you may be Gavin hopper going forward I don't know the saints. The chargers and these are all. Essentially teams and older quarterback but I have regular giants Al sure confidence is the two way street category it's got a funny one. The colts. The Seahawks. The Panthers. Because those can be quarterbacks to go either way right sure and confident descending category. Which would be the raiders and of course the Redskins. Confidence declining can't really gotten cheese and a half a hernia the cardinals. And and then the chiefs in the confidence declining. In question are easily category gift for confidence declining in the two sources of sources close to the situation. Just stop right real fast I raise it to we have the other day and somebody said man I knew sources was so except that I would read better papers in college I would have just quoted analyst at. I girls source isn't sent. Yes dawson's dad never acknowledge get a dog Democrat out there again I inevitably reply can't how it is a source in nicely I can't reveal you reveal those sources. Sources that a cassette player out sources have said for years that the trees there you go. Are you possibly just even. I would say implying. Some people might event source and they didn't even sub. Odds of this is the weather and. The chief sources close of the situation say the chiefs' coaching staff hasn't lost faith and Alex Smith. Who is expected is certainly said that publicly while first round pick Patrick Holmes slurs NFL game Tyler bray are jewels stayed. Stop a divisional army. Enjoy l.'s Sunday nights would be a lie to affiliate and Smith were to get hurt early in the season with Smith signed for only two more years she's got this country very easily next off season. Smith this five for the chiefs are doing right now and it appears that they believe they can win with him but in today's AFC west when he is an easy. At some point that she's are going to look in my hotel they their ceiling and the most important is. You know that Alex Smith won the division last year right with him as quarterback that's not worried about his attorneys and doctors I. As much as I'd who put the division because I wanted more in the post season it all almost feels like nobody recognizes that the chiefs won the west last year there like really it's like nobody's understanding. That we are the division champs here in case sin city right now at a restaurant got it well. Cindy I mean it really is until somebody else takes it from us we are the division champs he had been here. They of the cowboys ranked nineteenth. On this list. Many cowboys when they were better than that she's lasted about thirteen three yeah I mean that's it's an interest in list out of that I necessarily grow out anybody's Tony Romo and his dad press got to go down I'm Jan and I. I understand that does look at the chiefs quarterback situation I'm like middle of the road as they all share their middle of the road right now. Yeah I think every other position group they're probably above average but it quarterback the chiefs are average at the most important position. They're average there's a reason they gave up the first round pick this year and next year to get Patrick Holmes the chiefs are stupid right they know that they're having a problem at quarterback has the probably the weakest division in her weakest position group. At this moment no question but there's a lot of time for the chiefs to make up for that in with Patrick my homes. If he can develop into that high ceiling players that he has the ability to beat Andy Reid is coach actually do have some confidence in that yeah. Did the chiefs obviously you come away with a much much better situation in just a couple of years. And even though right now as we look at this squad of top to bottom is a really solid. And they being paid this blog go to the Super Bowl and and and in some kind of upgrading quarterback. Would be huge for that. You still to keep it a perspective two years from now we're gonna be really happy about what pastor my homes turned into if he's given the time to turn that play I I agree I I think that's a. And I think if you look at right now find you wanna say confidence declining or whatever they said for the chiefs. But I think it's an incomplete right you got Alex Smith who was fine he got a total unknown it's going to take over for Alex Smith and until we really see. What Patrick Holmes is all about that it's too early to judge it to pin something on him just like people are saying it was a bad pick me you don't know these things. Until stuff plays itself out you see what guys can do on the field and that's why it's so infuriated. With people who wanna go out there and Vicki judgment right away on things we don't know. I guess my confidence is settling. Like McGovern is fine because I know I know what they're going to be this year we have like a medium a blind homer Kool Aid drinker but. The Indy Reid's telly this guy's gonna be good I kind of feel like this guy's gonna be good your chance to it rock fest tickets be listening at 81 B and then. There's a new wrinkle to the trade deadline for the royals tell you about it next.