05/19 9a - Mowens on MNF, Chiefs Front Office, Rosenthal on Royals

Fescoe In The Morning
Friday, May 19th

We play a game now that Beth Mowens will call MNF on opening weekend, a list has the Chiefs front office ranked towards the bottom plus Ken Rosenthal comments on the Royals trade deadline options 


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Back in I'll just go the morning on the they along Bob Vasco and might well John Josh Butler Stevens back your producing on the other side are gonna try a used game today no I like this game. Big news. Earlier this week. That best moments. ESPN it is to become the first. Female to call an NFL game and she'll be calling. The. Second of the double header Monday Night Football right. Game you're just to start the season value very nice honor. Firm very tell the broad pricing she's really good guy I enjoy listening to her I love Doris Burke I think she's fantastic especially with church he's pop the other night she was great. And two to all of the I guess that sexist keyboard warriors were tweeting about best mode doing game Richard dice of SI dot com friendly show. Had a great response to go yet because Chris Berman and Mike Greenberg were so great doing play by play during that second NFL game I mean it really. I mean you could really see some of the cave men that were out there with their responses. To death Boeing's doing the NFL game I thought it was just absolutely insane. But it sounds like Reba McEntire which makes me happy about that she's good I mean she's she's good she's fine I mean out think she's other worldly goods she sounds like she's trying to do a different voice in her own voice. She sounds like boast people would EST edited by about play well she's not Cam Ward which is a good Thursday. Well I don't mind Pam ward either I thought I look at these put about what people outside of the people who do really well. There's not a lot of terrible ones. But they're all kind of generic interchangeable why not death moments she's been paid her dues on the college football beat for a long time doing a lot ESPN two games as she got graduate a little bit to the ESPN college jovial and sales games. CN take it there we hit this weekend we and yet they get there to the woman's side that we can't just talk about that both of the broadcast. As a broadcaster she is catered due to he has worked at the latter she's being going from you know crappy college games to better better better Colin and I am mile game this Dallas Cam Ward territory there. This is the next logical step for the career best moments and she's are so pretty. As far as I am excited for nine on 35767610. In a place for VIP passes to winning streaks inside here's casino going joined him Verne. And Stephen Pam that's right. Celebrity celebrity. Six and fans who acknowledged today on tax line that they are going that's right and it's Stephen Specter does know them to replace the never heard drop Egan head out there are a Sunday and get 25 bucks torture tabs right at winning streaks or play a new game called. Bad Mullins or Reba McEntire apparently the two sound very much a life. So can tell the devils came back Mullins and Reba McEntire Haiti relief in a row cracked you win is that do hear and read at masses are on the money making it would be actually if you critical by the way this is something not enough people of notice. That Reba McEntire Beth Owen sound exactly alike have been shocked for years that people discs I eighties when I go like it's not a real life she watched the Reba McEntire shale. I watched like a little bit of that OKC Milan Italy a bloodied and I came up with this in the riddler well I don't yeah must watch the re back I saw I saw Reba I didn't think Reba was that bad I wish I'd never thought the turner -- kind of it cheesy sitcom of course but when it was out during its time it wasn't that high cue the music. Greg will be our first contestant today on your would have read music whether it's been that would make more sense back colors or Reba McIntyre. Greg are you ready yet. Unfortunately we don't have voiced ideally you know answer let lesser battery but it's it's a similar type that it death knowledge or even back in that area I here's your first was a man's. There's a coach's kid. It was a game he's a Smart guy and he has the respect of all of his teammates. Beta and I curious very nicely done tonight you are one salon. That's mullets or Reba McEntire. An example that they've got knocked up Barbara Jean. This act is Couric. Our eyes here yelled death Mullins or Reba McEntire. To models. And now. The biggest health news blog guy career. The. Let other rural quake did whether it is you can hear the greatness. Didn't realize that these are my lakes and boats are usually takes. That sounds look at. So what's a lot more Riva in the orange you know. Yeah. I guess I'll miss buckeye career. Is there he's the headliner at Thanksgiving was a concert to Turkey would be share. Holy Davis just an excuse for most of later Louisville vs well as good as they sound exactly the same. I don't know the rules of the game was easy. That's the point the void is Reba McEntire best moments that is it ever seen him in the same place the same time. Think anybody really who has could just a red wig to yachts and you'll be able will be definitely playing a lot of that. As the as a football season moves along once in awhile have some fun with that little kids or Reba McEntire here. On 610 Sports Radio Sunday at America's new favorite game I think that was a success right away I think it was announced that it did you know Tony if he read out the AP. I'm Hussein's leverage Jerry and say oh gather that you job with the public since. They'll flying out as you like. Beth moans a rematch tonight and did I know that there's going to be a lot of people who are going to complain about bad moments being on Monday Night Football but. And the exit to Dicey point there's been a lot of bad broadcasts on that second Monday Night Football game in this in the first week UC's enemy we do have to suffer through securities and Sunday afternoons and things like if if that's another part of it you know terrible some of these NFL crews are like how can. How would you point out that Mullen may I call now it's all blow the sanctity of football broadcasting. These guys flat out suck again Rihanna is a lot of these guys fly out socket college football games. And especially some of their some of the color commentators with the Solomon will count there they're just. Thought awful sort of look at that Bowen of the upset about her stay active for the second Monday Night Football game that most people have already gone to bed the 42 starts I mean. It can't really be angry about well I think. I think if you're already complaining about that Bulger were complaining about Iran last night as well and and you've got your mind made up before you give somebody an opportunity you've you've got your mind made up you've got an all determine doubt and you don't wanna give somebody a chance. Much like a lot of folks did would Alex Rodriguez last night a lot of folks are already doing. With Beth modes I think you need to give somebody a fair chance lists until and then make your decision afterwards don't already come it would a bombastic statement that you're not gonna like Betsy Mullins. You don't even know what she's gonna be like during NFL game an example. They've got knocked up Barbara Jean ma. You can do you can watch the Reba show. You'll never believe the lack of faith from some we'll explain next. Thank you for your suggestions at 69306. We will continue to tweak it modified approve. Battle as a reader McEntire brings back at a later addition probably closer to. Opening night via in the NFL six factories or six as always on the text line today. Boy. Maybe it's just CBS sports. Maybe that needs to be our our new villain is. Is never liked chief Jason really don't and it was only always people Frisco this on Sonny did Briscoe there's Pete Frisco others locked in for right right. Always bagging on Kansas City. Now our guess our new target is Sean Wagner the golf ball he's got a. Hyphenated last name. On the present rights of an. Rights and that using somebody I want ice they'd last name it's a woman you know O'Leary's Joseph resume there's there's. It's it's becoming a more accepted thing. Were more normal thing I guess you don't really bothers me how would you handle 1004 curse of the initial middle name last name Blake H Ron Hubbard or as would go on how to run out but like people who do that in LA expert latest on their first name. Or maybe your first name is just an initial to have that being married to grow bar it'll be and you what's the age stand for. Happy nobody really knows. Is it just H. I don't know nobody the SS Harry S Truman is just the and that's okay that's what I'm thinking of man in Franklin D. Roosevelt the so would you feels pretentious and that has just the initial herald's by the way is what H robot or Parnell as H tighter care about it for awhile. His Roman house now. Roosevelt. Oh thanks so. Franklin Delano Roman house now which Franklin D. Roosevelt the it's Franklin Delano Roman now ski. Don't think the decent from asking him and. Us all the muscles of whale attacks like we forgot the quarterback you it is indeed Memphis. Carson Wentz in Domtar. That's good that's true very necessary so we also will add that the list of quarterback faculty and add in just by the way and he stayed Mike Lannan went and she also had actually yeah it's starting quarterback in the NFL Glendon. Rivers Wilson and Russell Wilson yeah. Okay. Never would've thought NC state but maybe op anyway CBS this Sean Wagner but goth guy came out this. Front office power rankings in the NFL why reflect on this because it could appreciate it he's hitting that you wanted to sell team I thought that he does said 49ers. In Buccaneers challenge patriots for top spot. And I am okay patriots want to get it. Forty niners are like brand new. The John Lynch's RD towards the top of all NFL. Front offices okay. Tampa Bay. Sure. So OK homeless see where this chase front office as we like the front office right now. That's how did you not liberals and offices done for the cases he strongly talking about you trying to sign girl she's energized still scrolling. Continue to scroll sees growing human down in the teens now. Upper twenties. Let's see here when the and then 44 is a Denver Broncos which again that's ridiculous to rant and they should be a lot higher and they've won a Super Bowl in recent vintage that Elway guys that okay that a pretty ninety corollary strike 282820. A citizens reverse order that it starts with the best of works its way back to number one being used to lead the patriots are the worst. That yes but otherwise no this is the orders so it got to how united she's a big money these past front office how that's awesome time. It's they say as possible because of paddle home swats. That's the biggest thing is that took away from this they say the biggest reason. Why the chiefs are near the end of the list is because of their trade to draft pat my home master Holmes and goes on us that have nothing against the homes his ceiling is probably higher than any quarterback in this year's draft. But given up 21 round picks for developmental quarterback will likely backfire. That's why the chiefs are so low on this list number 28. There insider very. It lost on target Poland and replaced him with a cheaper upgrade in many low. I'll put limits 48 over trade get pat homes. Realizes somebody who's really down Lama homes but the reality here is with a rookie you can't really judge an entire front office based on a first round pick because you don't know feeding these guys are gonna work out ultra bits he's gonna be any good view of the separatist go 49ers were right what. Really high on this list a fresh new number 20. You know they're gonna get everything out of their draft picks either is this. Is this thing list based on ranking the front offices based on what they did in this year's draft is this year's offseason as a whole I think is the heavily weighted part is that have you this is not just the track as they did did mention Eric's area right mentioned. Having Jay Howard and letting Domtar pogo so it's not just the draft jobs they did this offseason but. That she'd serve low on the list because of the draft well and one that she's to that many you know additions or or subtraction to make their pretty you know turn key organization right now they've got 2122. With a 22 starters coming back intact means of for me. I look at like he really how much work to do in the offseason and they had ten drastic stay partly a lot of those draft picks into players in the draft whether it be Patrick mccombs. Whether it be Kareem and whatever they decided to do they identified players that they really want that they believed in work and help this system. The one thing that I really do take severe umbrage with in this list of the tees being number 28 is the fact that they city project quarterback in Patrick mccombs. Which quarterback has come into the NFL in recent years that wasn't a project didn't have things to work on Jane is interested in Arlington area go to ground running but those guys haven't been perfect ever their teams don't lost to Harvard but they can play. But but and they don't let a guy well I mean I still think would you commit as a rookie you're going to be some sort of project you're not a finished product that at any spot especially at the quarterback spot when you come into. Yet for the most part with time Holmes though it's going to be a project he's going to be a developmental quarterback at tenth overall Horry had a giveaway to first round picks to make it happen. So I understand the idea around. But have homes even in the eyes this guy from CBS his ceiling is higher than any other quarterback in this year right now yet wasn't worth giving up a second yeah I don't if you reach that ceiling bitten by definition the chiefs had a fantastic draft even if you come close to that soon let's say you get. Up to a point where pat Holmes is one of the top ten quarterbacks in the NFL because his absolute ceiling is top five but let's say he doesn't quite reach that gets to top ten and the chiefs still weigh the right choice biggest how many times you gonna be able to grab a top ten quarterback manager Judith. Also seems like to me that the Kansas City Chiefs are being penalized if you will bite is asinine ranking. Because they have the ability to be in a position to take a quarterback that needs a year or two of seizing because we have a guy in place. I think if you pulled the other 31 general manager every one of them to a man. Would say they would love to have the situation that the chief sat where you can draft a top ten quarterback and not have to worry about him playing for a minimum. Of one year. What other franchise would love. To be in this position right now where you can see the end isn't site. You know you're gonna be moving eventually from this guy is he's in his mid thirties. You have the opportunity to draft up and his top ten and take one of the top ten players in the draft one of the top quarterbacks in the draft and the ability to let him sit. To learn and dad zero pressure on this kid coming into the NFL it is an unbelievable. Situation. That the Kansas City Chiefs are in and every team in the NFL would look at that go mayor. I would love to that have that to be the position that all men as opposed to having to draft a quarterback throw the wolves have them go three and thirteen have the fan base get mad not give them an opportunity to have success and haven't become a failure with the chiefs have right now is the perfect situation. Of any team in the national football. Odom called the perfect situation now look at the patriots with Jimmy route would go rob blowing out tested. NFL quarterback in a better spot than them when it comes the long term and obviously may what does Tom Brady. But hey that's all right Heather says that it is about that her by knows what he's had wavy when he gets a concussion Newton one of the many accord is is Al drop below will be able to separate him yet and Stefan but that's. We look at the chiefs' situation. They had to take some kind of change it's it's a gamble. Away he can't sit there say it's gonna be the easiest thing that's donated and all the NFL that make this decision ago trade up to number ten to give up 21 round picks to get them homes. But the chaser in a situation where they had to take some kinda gambled they wanted to get their quarterback of the future. Because what. Is your other option. Where is. Well this is pretty much yet you have to wait. Intel by Alex is done there they completely fall off with Alex and they end up having a terrible season after draft toward the top of the draft. So they could conceivably at that point. Get a quarterback but this rosters built too well. For the chiefs to go get a quarterback in the draft without trading up yet so if you have a guy with tremendous upside not quite good enough to go first overall book could develop into a first overall Albert pick. That's the perfect guy to gamble on the chiefs were never going to be in a position. Where they can trade up to the number one overall so they were never going to get. Beijing was twisted Cam Newton and Andrew Luck anybody who would go number one number two overall in the draft so their best option as a franchise. Was to trade up to get a guy with potential through the rules. And that's what all was passed so whether you agree with how much they gave up or not. You have to at least understand that thought process behind going to get a quarterback at number ten overall where you can continue hopefully to keep winning. After Alex Smith is done in Kansas City without having to try to slide all the way into that number one overall pick in that hole and it pulls not a year like point thirteen. Recap the number one overall pick the best quarterback in the draft is EJ freaking manual right. So it cheats. Had to take a risk they took a calculated one and even if that doesn't work out it was still the right. Absolutely and and you can't fault the chiefs are what they did with my poems I mean I was really really like this Booth and the more that the national people who ball over at the more I like it the more I think I can't wait. Until Patrick the homes shove that ball right at the. Coming out. Our friend Ben Moehler fox were treated Jonas earlier in the show today. So you'd think the worry. Has it he read ranked next. Next in order right. Wilford currently going to doctor. That is our. There's always room for you to do some odd that they beat us. Yes. Aspects added against the inspector who produces this find showed is in charge of most of the drops. I am. Whenever possible he does not though am and I'd be as bad Moehler fox Sports Radio he joins us each and every Friday at 645. And take that. Full interview out the podcast section six and sports dot com but. Bob yes in an interesting question about Andy Reid we see this is the time you were everybody's everybody's ranked and wheat. Didn't think we'd ever asked him what his thoughts were of of Andy read that's right and word is Andy Reid fall in his. Is pecking order of coaches. I would put Katie in the mean he'd be here are upper mid year upper mid tier. Of coach Kelly he's consistently put playoff teams out there. And like I quality LA rams now who had socked. Although it did here you could put have been terrible they were terrible what they were here before and they've got a series of coaches who were terrible. Like any regional and obviously the playoffs clock made its big Y. The list in front of me but I'd put them in that light. Ten to fifteen Richie may be a little higher levees are top I would have a my top five where you have a. Bob I. I think he's right below that tier of coaches that's one Super Bowls Andy Reid needs a Super Bowl win more than any coach in the world needs championship and I'm not saying that for exact issue. Yeah I think he get the value of Peru a monkey off his back at all yeah that he would be a really good teams in Philadelphia he's got. He had good teams in Kansas City against. ER SC's Marty Schottenheimer could not dispute Schottenheimer never did anything in the playoffs at least. At least in recent able to get to a super ball put I put it back. I'd I'd I'd leave that tend at eight to eight to twelve they did that Peter is probably closer to eight that this team. In. Eight to fifteen hours and I think when I look at head coaches in the NFL you know how I feel about head coaches in the NFL I think there's a few really really really good in great ones. And I think the rest to be left for dead and I put Andy Reid in that category of really really good amber great head coach is he does need you know a Super Bowl obviously to to put him in that upper Echelon. But I think when you're when you're looking at head coaches in the NFL and in no particular order I'm just naming the ones that I think are up there on that she got telecheck you've got. You've got Mike Tomlin knew that Mike McCarthy you've got Pete Carroll. I you've got Sean Payton and I think I think in. When it comes to NFL head coaches I mean if I'm hiring a coach right now. I'm gonna look at Indy read because I know he knows how to rebuild the organization the only thing that keeps him above the top Echelon guys. Is he doesn't have that Super Bowl championship and that's a big thing but a few woods is Super Bowl championship. To meet starts with Bill Belichick and then number 21 that was becomes and he read and there's no argument in my mind. Or for anybody out of that Belichick agreed that Reid needs that Super Bowl until he gets and I can't put him. There at the top one not Pete Carroll. Perennial contenders with Seattle had success in New England you also how he says he was solid months longer term sustained success I would see how years of winning probably still put Carol there because I counts in. To affect what he did he USC which is like you kind of what do you with the jets in the patriot student yeah which wasn't goes wasn't good at. Wasn't Arab although we get some good years with the patriots I don't think he did an open less obvious remember and of audience and Soledad it isn't at least okay years with the patriots who Drew Bledsoe quarterback I don't think he was good at all with but either way. The point is. Your split were splitting hairs about Iraq were talking about top three coaches in the NFL I disagree with dollar on a second tier. NFL head coach because most people in the NFL most organizations in the NFL would jump the chance to get an injury Davis ten to 6978. May in that or not that England patriots know these things don't hit the jets did the jets it was bad but it with feeling that he did okay the last the second tier is. Several winning quarterbacks and then their via third coaches coaches coaches and don't let I. I think you're good to see how you put a higher national and they really had as players understand that logic on its surface for share. But look at a guy like Gary Kubiak I don't isn't in league right now but it still a look at a guy like Gary Kubiak who won a championship with 2015 Broncos. Is anyone in their right mind ever taking Gary Kubiak over eighty dollars a. Sections to everything I mean I'd I would put Gary Kubiak up there because yes at the long term success he got into a good situation there are certain coaches at fall into. Good situations and I don't think any of those coaches that I mean there specifically. Say Mike Tomlin because he's with the Pittsburgh Steelers and their perennially good football team but he's the head coaching kept them up there and hit it gives the city won a playoff game so. To me might Mike Tomlin still makes that list any any owns Andy Reid I mean so to meet Mike Tomlin is ahead of Andy Reid I think Sean Payton has been in very good situations and sustained a lot of success for the most part down in New Orleans. On to me winning that Super Bowl is debate but you're right yeah I I'm looking at a guy. Like Gary Kubiak who's an out liar too I would put him ahead of the Andy Reid is a good thing we don't have to consistently anymore so I I would definitely not put him. Ahead of Andy Reid but if 83 wins at Super Bowl to meet he becomes the second best active coach behind Bill Belichick in the NFL I think that's hard to dispute that I mean get Carroll's had a nice run. And overall his eleven years he's one O three and 72. In the NFL he says Indian 41. With the Seattle Seahawks and has done amazing things over the last five years. He's one double digit gains every one of those years so he's got a phenomenal coach but to me and he read at nineteen years of doing nothing but winning in the NFL. That's remarkable that is remarkable to a set suitable. Also took over who would fourteen team you know I am I know situation where coats were higher by Andy Reid took over for the retired coach. Marty had a great franchise built right now you walked into. A candy wrapper picking up disaster right he did they really didn't really think about that for a second what it was before Andy Reid came here and an almost instantly right credibility was given to the chiefs that became a much better organization. Great moves were made at the top by Clark concrete moves were made by everybody that organization really. Put that she's back on the map as a place for people want to be not just players not just free agents but. People on the front offices he well it people who wanna just go work for the Kansas City Chiefs because there are good organizational work for. Andy Reid was a big part of bringing that coltart and as Mike and that's why he's number two is he wins the Super Bowl yeah. He's remarkable with the exception of the big prize. It's hard to discount anything. Betty Ann and Andy took over Philadelphia team that was coming off a ray Rhodes and rich co tight lipped them around the net it's unlike Hugh my Tolle who took over for the power bill cower who builds agree it he didn't just build it and it's all that Pittsburgh Steelers the 60 is just 30 am when that that organization is untouchable it really but. It's a much. Different situation to going to something like the chiefs toward 20122013. In turn that around that it is to take over for bill power and keep the ship afloat that's exactly. So I I think Andy Reid he's done a phenomenal job at it like I told Ben Mallard like I'll keep saying there's no act. Active coach in sports in the world am I in May be may be a soccer guy or something but to me there's no there's no coach in the world right now that is active. That needs a championship more than Andy Reid to validate. Everything that he's done as a head coach and as ridiculous as that sounds to validate you need the hardware when your head coach to back. I think it's fair to an extent I think Andy Reid's career ended today. It would be a phenomenal career it people would talk about it you read it's one of the asked coaches out there for really long time they would have the yen but you know only you can fly. Here's the difference though if we're talking about being remembered as a great head coach any Reid has that I'll lock if you wanna be remembered as a hall of Famer. I think for eight year read. The Super Bowl is the take that's right and it's a few dozen winning Super Bowl and I don't think he gets into the hall of fame much like we talked about the other day there's only 22 coaches of all fame and I would venture to say all of them have a championship on terrorism. One touch on the story real quick. I don't know what the remedy is necessarily but. The media is affecting contracts. In the NBA. Paul George and Gordon Hayward are both. Now ineligible. To get Max contracts. Because they were not voted on to the ball NBA team and. In that crazy to think about yeah it's insane they didn't make a essentially an all conference team earn all that all be reality and they are prevented an aunt's curse the team over to you because really. In the pacers only shot at keeping Paul George. Was to be able to pay him a Max contract on the Max contracts for these. Superstars for Paul George she could have. And a five year 270 million dollar extension from the Indiana Pacers. Now the pacers can only offer him a five year 177. Million dollar deal a thirty million dollar difference which. I know it's still a lot of money of 177. But thirty million dollars to buy you a lot of amazing things so keep that in perspective now there's an idea that Paul George wants to go the lakers. The early going to be able to pay him four years 130 million. So we can see a massive drop off and what he makes. Here early because. Some guys who may have liked him maybe didn't like him. Decided they were gonna put money all NBA team and completely screw my satellite. Media has these same in this at all yeah that's a little sense if we're using this to determine guys' contracts the players. Front office guys should have more of a say that the media if you wanna do a third a third a third of media front office of players. Or media coaches and play immediately the front off. I didn't have a wife and how it impacted all the best guards at a look at this like okay. What is he doesn't make the all NBA team which you still wanna give him 207 million dollars should be able to do yeah isn't your prerogative. As an organization a wanna give a player 270 million dollars no matter what he did again. Her for some all NBA team I mean who really cares about the only NBA team Ralph obviously right now the evening there Heidi just because of the money but think about it from like. This perspective. If I were player. Any thing the media voted on I would not care about like. I know some of those guys are while those guys don't know what the hell's going on out here are some of them do. Lot of them don't. I don't really care what their voting process works as a what they're doing or where I'm ranked in their minds I don't care about what they're dealing. Now I'm forced to. Because they could take thirty million this is ridiculous to media should have don't say anybody's money at all it's been so frustrated. It is took away my thirty million dollar yeah yeah they Q. NBA right at up to possibly seventy million. Yeah you know he does as good as a lake is gonna make seven million dollars us in the Max contract he could have made in Indianapolis I mean whoever breaks up with this is insane and I asked if your Mike silver you got to change that yeah I hadn't said he doesn't you want it seems about resigning their own guys which is great I think that. That that that their retaining seemed to be able to pay them more I think is a cool philosophy Dennis and how it's terminated that witness others like gigantic hole losing. At best goaded you to them purpose. What was sent Adam silvers the commissioner of the ambiance and dykes on bikes over rights for all you guys out exactly. I don't know I've got here I it does like played on the media. Facility it needs to change and yeah it doesn't make sense and it's not play at all and strike over that bottle and the media determine anything. That I get my paycheck now be super frustrating for its for a per gal like Paul torture Gordon Hayward I mean. I don't know what you do but yet to make some kind of noise about this. And then the vote also Ben Gordon Hayward he had free agent status. That was possibly like had made more money as well so yeah based on a vote. For the Allenby eighteen these guys inject money chemistry and they got in the U search out of the all NBA team by Jimmy Butler dream on green and it. Part of what works against them is if Jimmy Butler plays in Chicago people pay attention of the bulls drew long green plays for the Golden State Warriors. One of the obvious contenders when it you'll only contenders for the NBA title so people are watching Butler green more than watching Hayward George so Hillary now join in Utah yet Indianapolis and you talk. They are watch a lot of jazz and pacers so these media guys. Are doing the best they can't I'm sure but they are gonna have the kind of knowledge that should impact thirty million dollars of somebody's life. But this is generally isn't crazy crazy amount money. Coming up soon to Hobbits lights of its fury AD. Let the media voting. That affect the salary by 79 us thanks. Coming up next why standing pat may not be such a bad idea to you next. If I told. Cats. Might be the best option. For the royals went to Sam crazies no ideal I would actually say 24 hours ago I may have looked at you with a crazy look in your mind. But now I'm starting to lean on the side. If the trade deadline comes and goes and the royals don't make them lose and get rid of anybody at the trade deadline. I think they're going to be in pretty good position to get better in the offseason if they end up losing guys to free agency that they would be if they made trades. And got prospects back in return. Ken Rosenthal fox sports is part of the other broadcasts last thing here in Kansas City with the royals and yankees and talked about. The options at the the deadline which could include. Just plain and out. Did every appearance of a seller right off to a sluggish start and a large number of potential free agents. For the general manager Dayton Moore said this week that doesn't necessarily have to make decisions right away he can wait right until the very end. The royals won't necessarily get what they want for America hospital like the stock has the Lorenzo Cain. In the situation being what it is they all have. Weigh the value of the potential return against what they could get if they've waited until the end of the season and made those players off buying office if they did that. For every one of those players who got fifty million or more on the free agent market. A draft pick after the first round and the accompanying pool money that goes with the oppressor there's a lot of value in that as well. I know Chris has that now after. That was Rosenthal on and on fox sports one now the inching party is. Fifty million dollar contracts and it's only it's a fifty million dollar contract at receive qualifying offer. The royals again eight draft pick in the first plus some some money right. Maybe that's only their Hosmer it's fifty he might not even get fifty but anybody that has a qualifying offer to. That would sign. Elsewhere they do get a second round pick maybe eight pick. Could be more valuable on certain cases if you don't believe that there is different prospects out there that would. That would intrigue you and you have a full season with these players may get an opportune to resign again here maybe you provide them make a a one year offer they take. Probably not most of these cases and gives you the options there and if you're not in amber may be with the the prospect. Groupings around baseball maybe it's an option you consider. Well I think it's an it's an interesting option for the Kansas City Royals to remain packed and and I think it is because you go back and look at the two big trades that they made. At the deadline to make themselves better to Johnny Quaid and trade in the bed sober straight look what the royals gave up. In those trades than say to yourself OK are we gonna be on the other side of this you you look at what they gave up. To get Johnny Quaid and even Brandon Finnegan has been OK they gave up a guy in in is John Lambert has now suspended by Major League Baseball. And they also gave up a guy by the name of Cody read. Who is out there absolutely basically terrible since he went over to the Cincinnati Reds he's been one and A with a seven point 15 ERA. He got a guy that suspended he got a guy that's terrible and you got a bad it's meth. In Brandon fitting you look at what he gave up for Ben Zobrist Sean McKnight who's injured right now. And then and and another player and never heard of them type a guy that you gave up to get to give Ben Zobrist back. Back in return. So the moral of the story guys is the wiggles at the end of the day didn't give up anything and get to keep peace is to help them when he world championship if that's the type of move that. You're gonna make with a Eric house more or Lorenzo Cain or might we stock as. I'm willing to wait give a qualifying offer if they walking billion draft pick back and return I think ultimately I could be a better value pick than what you're gonna get in return from another organization for a player it keep in mind Johnny equate Joseph was a certified. Ace when he came to Kansas tonight as you might out like we did in the regular season once they got here but that's not a best. Relevant when it comes to trade value. To Quayle was a certified established number one pitcher in an ace in Major League Baseball and the reds didn't get one decent player for now. Trying to get a good return on a loner players are really tough. The Yankees really do it last year in the cubs got desperate and went for a role this test and they got four guys that all of them in the minor leagues better and we haven't seen how those necessarily play out it was a big haul though for the yanks sure but also rose Chapman throws like a 103 miles per hour and at the royals don't have a guy like that. Also the cubs were desperate. You might see the nationals is a desperate team their windows seems to be closing in they haven't won one for a long time. Ever. Think Washington baseball team knowing I had a spot below Washington DC based like about the senators thirties or twenties and find championships there but it's been forever. And I guess we go back that far says the cousin back in 190 wait that's right so they could get a little bit desperate DC. Really you don't have. Any players the caliber but Johnny quick note that you can go ahead and sent on because every one needs starting pitching. So it's an easy chip to try to trade and it's a certified ace. Rose don't have a certified a sitting there that they can trade. And any kind of loner trade has a massive bust potential yeah you might be better off going the draft route or. I'll take a wait and see approach this may nineteenth man yet we don't you must before this trade deadline hits maybe once it hits you feel a little bit better about trading but right now. I don't see any reason to think about what would it hurt for the word to be out there that think it is this I mean maybe you know there may be in any you do that maybe do. But there's also prospect like if there's not somebody ethic that you really covet you really love and they don't they'll keep your guys around let him finish the season together let him finish up here together in Kansas City. And you know it may be that goes a long way this thing you know I wanna resigning or is Dayton kept us all together he allowed us to stay with our guys even though the season was running out of this thing happen you know like Dayton said to us. The easy to keep us together because he really loves us and believes us and wants us to get have that opportunity. So you'd never know but I think right now best Travis for us to not talk about it as we talked about trades more than the players I talk tigers baseball talk about trades at this point this season. And the best. Cause of actually may beat. Just got to sit back and and wait and see what happens once the end of the season gets here and not Russian make a trade just to make a trade enjoy your weekend we're back with you on a Monday morning they shift come join next.