06/19 7a - Headlines, Andy Reid, You're the Worst, GMDM, KC Questions

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Monday, June 19th

Headlines Worth Talking About, Andy Reid ranks 5th, "You're the Worst", nobody wants to be in Dayton Moore's shoes plus the biggest questions this summer in KC sports 


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This did not solve. Hours talking about state pension display learn something yeah. Sure. Brought to my work Harley-Davidson north worth Harley-Davidson has the largest selection of bikes to choose from a Josh media aspect what if I told Jesus to royals is here to hit thirty home runs is that telling you might be interest yeah. Whose next I'll say. All of a reference. Salvi the one to swing at a ball that well this Saturday sending data back. Maybe it's middle class this. All I hope to reroute around her morale. The royals lead is seventy. Great call me and this is there a call right here on 610 sports radio and thank you both for getting that reference I'm not sure everybody did it. But the royals and I include the road trip he's in Los Angeles while it's it's an entourage reference what is already on. Thanks for posting 73 royals in the finale over the age of holes that are podcast later put that back I guess that's why. That was the beta Jason Vargas now 10306. Innings allows three earned runs after a rough first inning but settled down after that three strikeouts and two walks. Yury sitting now at 2.2 72 big blows like whose stock is a two run double. Or three run doubles. But yes a three run double they're down to you yet it always is depositors Gordon and salvia three run homer gases that you'd be a close eye yesterday in the ball game in a very nicely done by Mike whose stock as we go back to the 6 o'clock now or mine goes that doesn't happen a month ago you know because it really does that's a traveler to the pitcher or groundout to second oral lined out to last or something like that. A month ago you don't get that gap provide my stock is to clear the bases and you're down two nothing and ample game at that point. And you think of yourself on this one's over there's no way they can come back. But they. They've won this game and in salvage the next inning with that big home run we got to hear that again demand Steve Stewart brilliant move that. One to swing at a ball that well the center sending data back. Maybe it's middle class. It's good. A rerun love. That great job by Steve Stewart with the call right here on sixteen and Sports Radio your ten year home for royals baseball. That was a monster shot. By self Peres and you this talk about taking it over the center field wall isn't over guard for human life that's right now is is a hell they hit right there man and we came through via the radio speakers yesterday out on the deck brilliantly when he hit that home run immoral fist pumping out there great Father's Day by the royals thanks for the win guys. You're chancellor and royals tickets coming up at seven Taiwanese for the team this Saturday against the Toronto Blue Jays will be posting in giving out that 610. Royals ticket towed at 850. To be listing are royals to get the seventh when he. Promo code at 850. Now the royals may have caught a break this week as they host the Boston Red Sox Dustin Pedroia was in the back by a pitch last night. In their 65 win over the Houston Astros used subsequently sent to the hospital all four X rays are so looks like he could be out this week. As they begin their series against the reds did he make that trip with the team to you know since say but he was in the hospital. Swelling in his rib cage area and couldn't move. And caused a loss of range of motion in his left arm and has him off his feet are you kidding me from getting hit by a pitch yes. So I will not forget about that Dustin Pedroia is going to be available this week. Whole mystery about the series that serious work to do you drilled main Paris and was taken aback by it Johnson Sunday. Now it is rib area yet to hit two in the wrong spot cannot something out of whack and then suddenly you're range of motion your left arm is limited it's scary there's swelling in the rib cage that is scary and I hope things go well for Dustin Pedroia that's that's that's really. Yet be terrifying ordeal for him especially. You know you I've simple hit by a pitch of usable like using the back is where they got units OK you move on you go to first base man it is dangerous there. It lit up by somebody in Major League Baseball so yep best wishes to that guy down in in Houston hopefully he's going to be OK beginning Thursday. The NBA draft week here. But when Imus I was busy getting in 38 Thursday of soda please aren't armed by Thursday. People take a few days sixty days old PD. Ominous NBA draft week some big trades over the weekend involving the us Celtics and the sixers. They swapping some first and that are first and third overall pick but the big news yesterday. Paul George says he is going to leave the pacers after the 2018 season in which she will become a free agent. Beat Cleveland Cavaliers have already reached out about a possible Paul George deal. As the arms race in the NBA is underway is the offseason basically less than a week old is this gonna be the most exciting week in NBA history but. Most excellent which sees and I sincerely the most exciting week until the finals next year. That's that's how the idea is structured this thing and that's how it works when you build these super teams and it let's say let's Paul George goes to Cleveland. It makes this finals next year incredibly compelling and it makes the rest of the season from incredibly relevant. Yet fun the offseason the off season NBA's current. And TNT they may drama wondering right dean dean dean is host of the of the NBA product that's what is and it's it's it's outstanding and if this goes. I want this window to carry out I want this and to be done my before the draft I think it may be this way I might be this would need so like. Yes that has some light. Some life. You know both. As the on the off season goes on it's it's it's perfect drama for the and whether the silver needs to call both the cavs the pacers and make sure they drag this thing out for at least a month. Right yes it played just well. More instance like Mayweather drag until everybody's just got so fed up with that they decide they don't really care anymore and then you'd do well. Are the problem is those free agency begins in 1615 days now in the NBA so like everything happens quit the season ends. Read the draft happens free agency happens and then boom boom boom so bad you get that all of the schedule so you need to get this thing kind of going quickly Bob because it will really shape the entire offseason because the dominoes will begin to fall. I believe this happens Kevin Love as the woman ends up getting traded if that happens that's tradable controllable contract that Cleveland is giving up on. Tells me that they expect LeBron to be gone after this coming season as well in Cleveland because his contract is up to you go out there. And you trade for a guy who's a one and done you basically apple one and done with LeBron James you give up a controllable contract and Kevin Love that means you're gonna rebuild from the ground up. After the 2018 season and your gold for one more run at this thing I love it I think it's great and I think it would be fantastic. If Paul George ended up on Cleveland we get ourselves a nice little four. NBA final. That's that's that that's the thing though you have to add something after Cleveland because they know it back to the finals next year because the east is sure so terrible doesn't matter they'll get back if they keep the exact same team. But then why would the finals be compelling writers everyone's going to just accept the fact. Gold states going to win but if they get Paul George to Cleveland now everything changes in the whole thing becomes compelling at least for that 17 game series. No doubt about it and it does it really changes and that's what I was looking forward to boast a year from this past NBA finals. It will actually be a compelling NBA finals not what you do Golden State was going to win just how many games. US open champion Brooks cop probably has a father mean shareholders of woes and Brooks competent tough good cop yeah. Now pay per I don't know I it's kept up but I was happy I got up at and I read it dies Papa I don't tell anybody else is there I watched. Was your routes terrible also and know whatever just awful just just atrocious yet please NASCAR's. I'll we actually finished in second but no help that made him and I god is nothing I could I could I'm terrible I think well but. I did not perform well out there on the golf course. Coffee no coffee no that's right. Big member guest this week it will it was very jealous that I was down this week gets Baldwin hills that a place the ball in Kansas boys city kind of subtle orange CNN Baldwin city Kansas. The last thing you plain old when city. Alton ill meltdown went off and I'm sure its shores at Baldwin city Kansas there's some kind of golf I'm sure there's something out there. Brooks kept 'cause never plated coffee built laid out an update now being asked pastor has a good chance he may he played the member guest a few years ago other people mayors on and a people come in from all over for the coffee that credit lines and Tulsa. Untrue about via Apple's powerful figures out he did Ernie cooled two point one million dollars and also use that data pretty nice father's. Then to win you know my efforts may senator Smith you know in the United States this is pretty special one. You know it is Father's Day so hopefully are just as I didn't get my card so I really hope for us this works. Sounds Florida's Alex Smith that one Alex he is now idea got a new game Brooks kept our Alex Smith no loyalty to release the tell us out almost identical to. It's amazing. I mean there's got to be and I'm the veteran right looks Erica talked before the first time I've never actually got out just exactly like that is Alex Smith that I've ever heard any we need to play a hole any community that now that religion Jessica. Brooks camp gut is Alex Smith with the same excitement level as well. Out seasons change a lot since. Unfortunately drastically there and you know every everybody's got to when you read you know markers that nature you know hills Michigan State polls don't we have ever had susteren buffalo on it and as you know and it was weak it is always I don't smoke cigarettes are guys and everybody on our elected I saw some real excuse works. If you perceive Amber's got good Alex Smith in the same place. Ride at all tied announcements now won a major soon. Hoping that's for sure experience and when we're talk on has sent the ball. Our nation wins you know must Verisign agers. You know. In today's news as it is responsible honestly don't know. Yeah its. His followers so book. It's been an editor I'd give him hard in the disputed votes now I really hope this is sports. There could be Brooks camp guy Alex Smith overlay a why now that was a I made it's it's it's kind of a more. Oh my goodness that is is absolutely. Crazy baggage subway today because that home mom and her. I've ever heard voices that sound that much the same between two athletes who are of course now they just won a major yeah yeah it into Turkey jobs out it just got here he looks up his swing coach after the game. You know for plug in surveys attention of the when I was off Thursday and screwing your. The hearing. No like finish him a couple of days off now you're right there. Again India prepares come buy rating go and it's just it is getting as good competition national polls. Strangely enough to swing coach did not fully it Doris Burke kept after when you went. Purity of mind and body to her. Let's get Grohl. I relatives June night yeah. Two athletes out exactly this all the time and as soon I promise you that I got up. Our river bridge herb Brooks kept it made about a time I'll hold it back. The seventy what do you we have New York the worst which is the worst of the weekend if we put a few collars up against each other with the worst thing you saw this weekend keep its funny keep it light somebody wearing now. Campbell cargo shorts or something like that so a lot of cargo pictures on FaceBook for Father's Day this weekend blog cargo thing plus people and cargo stolen by his usable for you there's there's so many op opportunities for these stories with Father's Day bowl party this weekend itself for us to get to 720. It'll be. The worst. They use all all weekend at MLB at 720 but up next Indy Reid has something major improvement when he seventy. 71 people tickets but I do is call them went 35767610. With the worst thing you saw this weekend at crap lying now so we're rocket in Roland right now go at 720 Lott went on your boulevard Ian is we yes I would it's Friday right party it was good times I was in cost these you know this week and so I thought it. I'd give and seen the worst. I think that it dated Josh did you see anything a Little League Baseball game fraud. It was it was well behaved aren't so I that's very disappointing so if I got I got I Allen he's out when Iona 71 of you saw some that was the worst this weekend gravel line now and see if you can win tickets. To see the royals this weekend data Kauffman Stadium they need the fans there because I'm. They're going. Right now man sent to their last nine so. We ought to. The chiefs' Andy Reid was ranked as the fifth best coach in the NFL. According to a re back on the ranked all the coaches from worst to best they had him at this. Which Belichick number one Mike McCarthy the packers' number two my column from the steelers' number three Pete Carroll number four. And you re number five John Harbaugh. Number six which is interstate because they put any read a book jarred Harbaugh who of course has won a super balls that's correct in theory is not won a Super Bowl. And what's interesting in reading this thing and how everything went through. All explanation of any re being number five I'd thought. Reid really has had the most tumultuous on the field for years of winning football I can even remember it's crazy right like I I just don't think there are a lot of fans out there in Philadelphia and Kansas City included. I truly appreciate Andy Reid like Philadelphia I think appreciates and now he's the ultimate you appreciate him when he's gone type of head blessed because everything's up and downing you're one of the huge turnaround season everybody's all happy about and your read and then they have one of the biggest melt downs in the history of playoff but what may have been the worst thing that happened Andy Reid coming to Kansas City was losing that playoff game because I don't know why it really did like everybody was excited about it Andy Reid and and they blew that team and it's tough to get some people back on the eighty retrain. And attitudes had nothing but success and you can say arguably the second most successful coach in chiefs history behind Inkster. Year three's fast forward they start one in five and people are starting to wonder a laugh out if Andy Reid is going to be the coaching Kansas City any longer right if there if that thing goes south and am going like three and thirteen which I think is what they were on pace to go. They go three and thirteen. All angry might have his job. And then they ought to win ten straight eleven of five go to the playoffs they were planted in Houston. And then of course they wouldn't want to play Internet and they wanna play a bit which is very interesting because there's people still don't realize the chiefs it when a player that won a playoff game. Yeah outlet that would didn't count it was against a Little League team and they got a lot of ways to use you know and then a year or. You win and you sweep the entire AFC west division in football. And year bears for the whole loss in the playoffs right yeah it was close it was a close loss but it was a game that she should of won considering they held the Steelers to zero touchdowns right Ben Roethlisberger Antonio Brown wavy on bell and you hold them to zero touchdowns you win you win you win the damn games though. A lot of frustration. With any reason means that about this for years of winning football when he records. Yet it's been so in down it's been the big red roller coaster for chiefs fans and that's probably why we look at these rankings and we think I don't know exactly where to put into it stuff and. And for me and I'd 70 a lot you know on the show is that. Andy Reid needs it championship more than any coach in professional sports in the United States of America but I also think is it like success for Andy Reid. Has been the worst thing that happened to Andy Reid because no matter what he does unless he wins a Super Bowl. It's not good enough he's almost guys a victim of his own success where he has so much success people want more they don't appreciate what he does and then by the time he leaves Kansas City and ends up retiring out Malibu were looking back now. Those are some really good here's why Andy reader blog at we didn't pay attention to. I think what does also also the negative is and it is this personality sure. I think the waits for it then there's the nonchalant ness of it yeah. Had a breeze like Karen Wright is. It's a big deal to me it's a really big deal affair you don't see the highs and lows if you saw little more emotion. Out of him like a Cyprus players like. Publicly right I think you'd you'd do you feel. Differently about it like it did 3810 crush you like across the rest of us right we don't now we don't know Elliott and that's interesting you bring I had to give me give them the way his personality comes across. You're just years not. You're not sure where he's that if the if it really and I think it does I think he's very driven by by wanting to win probably to the Super Bowl and add that it I'd bet it is eating at him we don't see it well so it's our it's hard do. Two quantify what it means. It's funny bring it up because my wife was at a wedding this weekend and somebody was there in that used to work for you be read in Philadelphia she said. Has Bob got you know Andy Reid away from that media type stuff because he really is as great person and I hear that from a lot of people that are kind of closer to Andy Reid. The answers no he doesn't really let anybody see that side of him and I think it would behoove him to allow everybody to see. That personal side of me Andy Reid like we do with Ned Yost every way you see that personal side you fall more in love with the person and that's that yes every Wednesday at 9 o'clock here on sixth and Sports Radio. Audit you're the worst the worst thing you saw this weekend at not 135767610. The winner gets royals take it's just the worst you saw. And for me this weekend mother nature. Was the worst. As a bull party a Friday night now is. They're for George Clinton the parliament on the dice I put people out of all how what is it all Austin's fantastic tell got cut short. They had to cut it short because the weather was coming in oh okay well knights right we have to do it yeah both nights but I was there Friday night when George Clinton was there. And George Clinton low 75 years old rolls out there he's got a diamond encrusted had a dog put that. Handout to the year crowds go crazy. That that part of the the Parliament Funkadelic. Younger than they once were his his caddie just got himself a new band that I try all of the game he's got true they're all younger and George Clinton at times to sit in the chair reais to sit really sometimes during the performance because it's only 500 songs that you get. I was in for Beatty played once you wanted to hear valves or not. But they were playing some of them in the there were some others I wanted to hear but they're like it's got to be the last song so they've played. We want the full review of a Fuzzy did they get to we'll tell us the last. I'll because they're like we have time to put one more saw before the storm comes and the poor the poor guy and had to go out and stated that I got phones Nassau fans at Missouri's kids. Organized as I'd sure. It's tough for him and amber yeah George Clinton is awesome so. You're the worst the worst for me this weekend was mother nature because the touch George Clinton set short but steep than a you're out what was the worst you saw this weekend for a chance to win royals tickets. So I thought ma and grandma. Here in front of old movie theater. That it wasn't intentional but it Don one that would be one woman asked him ninety years old. We go it afterwards he would try to make them more comfortable in the car I mean I. You know and that he would give forgotten this and we get to the movie theater. Aren't walking up yours which is the it seemed didn't need any on my my dad might come running. Back. The entire theater you I walked out my outcomes and a little later corrected it and it's spelled out. Got five wrote back yeah I'd if. Royalties. I don't know what's the worst your grandma dropped our trousers or the guy yelling yeah I saw an ad revenue India now I didn't want that's considered really soft and sets the bar high for frank frank. Urges rim rose to its what was the worst thing you saw this weekend. All of they independent or. Orange Bowl winner war. Uncomfortable when you're quick one kiosk. On the I want them to actual oh. Well in the middle finger to the box. Steelers don't run away with this oil worker goes jetBlue back outlying. Yeah left it unattended aquae and I that's pretty guys on I vote for I'd vote for cricket wireless gaggle jetBlue at the independents that for me takes the cake this weekend. I'm gonna go Stephen. I'm sorry I hit it past the hole her pants fell down there we either I had some do say sell everything and don't granny granny you're gonna take many days it's OK there's a bad for frank because it is so close it's a tough call balances below or his hands and if you pick your grandmother does drops our movie theater that is the war began that is pretty experts though it's Steven UN Franklin sorry valleys valiant effort. And that is you're the worst we do it every Monday here on on fest when the morning on 610 Sports Radio. Our Dayton Moore's going to have some tough decisions to make it a trade deadline eight you do not. One amiss with Ian Kennedy had to say about it next. Welcome back at its best 2 in the morning I'm Mike Walter with Bob best coach Josh Cuellar producers Steven Specter. General manager of the royals Dayton Moore has a tough situation and I mean. Re always wondered. What this season was going to be our unity buyers or sellers at the trade deadline either given Aaron half in a while the first month of the season was an absolute death the month of June has been and pay an expert in the world's right back into contention at. I'm a very wide open AL cents and his wide open right now man and anything yourself okay what you do right now because it's not just the AL central to its wide open this wild card race is wide and immediately Oakland a's were the worst team in the league are just like four and a half back of the wild cards so everybody is in the mix right now. You look over in the National League and the cubs are nine back of a wild card they're like second place and the cardinals are twelve back a while court in there like third place so. The National League the book is letter written for a while you have in the National League is the west yeah exam last year. Three teams call rattle with 46 wins Arizona a forty for the Dodgers with 44 right meaning the wild card goes to both Arizona and LA in the rest of the teams are screwed that's exactly right now it's crazy man like like it is it is insane out west of the Dodgers and Rockies have a series this week out Los Angeles that could be you know. Separate a little bit one team from the other but I was watching the Dodgers a little bit yesterday and in the early portion of the day there like 34 and ten in the last 44 games or something like to they'd come on. Buyer all right put that in perspective. As he's brought up in the top of the AA NL west is Colorado Arizona and and the Dodgers with 4644. And 44 win right. In the American League Houston has 46 wins no other team in the American League has forty right. The second most in Boston with 39 the royals played tonight so they're not gonna get the four of them. And that's so that's to put in perspective exactly how wide open American League is really from an overall standpoint outside in the American League west because of Houston. Everything's wide open east in the central and the wild card so well. Ian Kennedy. Would wanna be date more right now which it. You get dance hits and one piece. To this ballclub issue. Where do you make that bad. It's tough because. Let's say like right now we're. You know we were needed that our office is doing great come. We've been Loomis dating Danny Duffy you know her with a little bleak but for the most part. I can't really say much having didn't get that. Tough job given the staff so while we get this thing through early on enough beer season we just are so hot but. Luckily our division now we can kind of beat up play each other and play well outside divisions and you know try to keep it sickened. We're not too far back familiar our leader our division so. I don't know I don't know I over the wanna be indeed she's right now. Eric careless on fox on the Saturday night game asked him egos what what do you think you need at right now I thought that was an interesting question four for Ian Kennedy for anybody because. It's kind of got me thinking of if Eric Harris were to ask you guys what do the royals need to act DH as we move forward what what's your immediate pressure you think it's DH is the fur is the number one thing the number one caddie I was thinking about a last week they started on Iran and what it's not the god like. Well they're errors right had to notice that Angel series worked out first. But now they're closer to 500 it's more the legitimate conversation to have these artists DH you have Brandon Moss your day designated hitter. Have the lowest average on the team Josh what do you think the number one thing I think probably an arm so you do there are DH. DH for sure and you know it's hard to get away from the money spent on the guy to. I'd love to say go ahead and upgrade rice hitting but he but they spent money that makes it difficult to get away from shirt is on I. Never gonna complain about another arm boy you gonna add another -- what standing does he gets back in his and he's gonna have another bullpen session today out at Kauffman Stadium being in could be sent out this week sometime for rehab assignment so you're definitely gonna get him back into the rotation and you assert insert him back in the mix he gives you a boost you know when he does come back. To this royals organization the problem is right now when you look at with the royals need add an and I think we all love a little bit more pitching at that you always for me it's like somebody just a little bit more reliable still on the bull you know somebody that you know like I need to be able to smoke a cigarette a sixth inning and realize this thing is over like you know like in years past look at I don't wanna be. You know. Jumpy there in the seventh eighth and ninth innings on the royals had a lease of a lead so for me eat. It's the bullpen I wanna see somebody added out there that I can count the problem is right now for the royals. Is that if you're looking at a warm. They have the the hottest commodity right now in adding an arm in Jason Vargas because the guy's got ten wins he's on pace to win potentially twenty games this year. For the Kansas City Royals so it's not like taking a lot make a trade for Jason Vargas is they've already Jason Vargas on their team so it's it's a tough situation for. The Kansas City Royals because there's not a lot of great commodities mean. They and do you have enough now in your system to go out there like he here's the question that I'll throw out to you guys. Would you be willing. If you get back into this thing like you're in first place OK the trade deadline rolls around and you were in first place okay. Would you be willing to part with Raul Mondesi junior for Alex Sonny gray would you be willing to heart. With the hottest prospect in your organization. To get somebody back to help you win now my answers a 100% yes I'm not opposed to trading anybody that's gonna help you win now because you never know if you'd be in this position again now. I wanna see where the rest of the season goes at this point I think if you're date more you're sitting back you're watching your scene what does this team do and who also. Continues to have success around the league could possibly you can get in a trait in him right now. They're guys probably look good than a month from now won't look good short I got there so there's a different questions that can be answered before they trade deadline where. Dayton Moore doesn't really have to do anything. Early on people were wondered if he was going to do. Trade early to try to get a larger return. Obviously that's not going to be the case with the royals climbing back to work 500 and been just a few games out of first place and AL central. But. You just I think you sit back and you wait and you see. If the royals are first placed on the trade deadline. Go get something like you be willing to give up just about it getting right if your first placed on the trade deadline in the AL centrally got to make a legitimate run at it because you're sitting there with control your own destiny and in control of the entire division right you have to make a run if years ago. You don't yet and quietly. It was a start to do some things down in the minor leagues and I don't want kind of start you know you know slamming on the gas with aisles and right now but quietly he's starting to pitch in starting to have some success and you know they became that was some of the best names on the trade market from a pitching standpoint Sonny gray with a Oakland Yu Darvish with the Texas Rangers Jason Vargas with the royals Gary Cole. Of the Pittsburg pirates and obviously can't make a trade for Vargas but if your first place come the day before the trade deadline or something like that. Sorry guys I'm willing to do whatever it takes to get another arm in here to make this team better down the stretch you have to capitalize. On those windows right now I think the royals have done a great job of capitalizing and fourteen and fifteen on those windows. And he regards when he seventeen which is really the last of the of the window for this current group of players. Do you sacrifice this that the future of this team. To make one more legitimate run down the stretch in August and September potentially in October help yes you do hell yes you do and if you're in first place come around the trade deadline and you have the opportunity Garrick Kohler Yu Darvish or Sonny gray and it's gonna cost you Raul Mondesi junior. I'm willing to make that move because you don't know when you're gonna be back in this position again. I totally disagree as well with Ian Kennedy I would. Beat Dayton Moore now I would not wanna be get more like a month ago a month ago gas right yeah I think that's harder. The ad portion of it then I'm not saying it's like simple and you could just make moves right. I'd rather be it in that boat then the wind hitting Jack's. Motive of David Morse I'm I'm I'm completely opposite of Ian Kennedy on this and everybody wanted to do city Jack and everybody in the American League is still in this thing that's why you don't bail in April on a baseball. Well and the thing is. The royals have it's gotten pretty much a stroke of luck they about it the American League east having any kind of season like the National League is currently have. And the rules are probably still out of it no matter what question and edits to coal waste of a season which would be incredibly frustrated because it seems like they're getting back on track right. Art we have the Kansas City sports stories that I assure you this summer and you do not want to miss the chiefs one. The first and Bob Hamilton plumbing heating EC and Rooter play of the game all you have to do. Is give us a call 9135767610. Tulsa players involved and have played the game and then Bob Hamilton sends you to the movies next. Like game. These all you have to do is tell us the player involved in the wells played the game Josh Berger told you about yesterday on the post game show. Right here on 610 Sports Radio. All right Tyler to peca can you tell me a player involved in yesterday's play of the game. Lot lately that now over the the one to swing and all that well the center sending data back. Maybe after the Fed's. It's. Flew around the around her morale. The royals leaders sat at a news. Yeah bag full. I Steve Stewart and that is a great call them monster shot to center field herself Reza congratulations Tyler to peek at your go to the movies as it is the Bob Hamilton plumbing heating AC it Ruder play of the game at our tenure home of the royals right here on 610 Sports Radio big big big win for the boys in blue and now they roll Holm. And don't forget one hour from now guys will be giving away that 610 Saturday coyotes six dollar and tents and tickets to game this week now there's a lot of Kansas City sports stories the kind of bill through the summer and there's a lot of story lines that they kind of drive that this summer and sports. We fourth he has city stories in sports though can't she when the first one is in the royals make us forget about everything that's righteous. Favor or it's true I mean with the with the way they've done on this West Coast swing and really go back to the series against the Houston Astros before they headed out west. You're trying to think to yourself all right how how much longer the royals gonna make this thing interstate and then all of a sudden they've caught fire split with the Astros two out of three in San Diego swept in San Francisco three out of four. In Anaheim they say I was so angry and a half back. Two back to the wildcard two games under 500. And with a team like this that has the DNA in the makeup of winning games and and really achieving success when everybody else thinks that they are out. This is going to be an interesting summer to see if they can kind of keep that culture that's been created here in Kansas City going and really taking it too. A new level I think as long as you have the make up guys like moose and Osborn court ruling came in salvia and Escude and these DNA guys have been here from the beginning. As long as these guys are on the team and they know how to win baseball games nobody can count this baseball team out and I think over the next couple weeks all of a sudden we're gonna get to July and go holy cow the world's still very much a player in this thing. And will be talking about whether or not their buyers as opposed to being sellers and I think in the sports landscape over the next six weeks until the start of chiefs training camp. I think the royals are gonna dominate everything Yeltsin and be the story here in Kansas City in a good way and not a bad way where there unloading talent. And even if they are and it's going to be the story last night that is still we're still and we're still in that boat but it is June to July but to put your selves in a position to be. I mean we're talking ten minutes ago about what should add right. Mean L a cool go out who's gonna yeah. Fifth you don't examine the script as has been flipped and that's awesome. And that's the that's I think the biggest story is what's going to happen with a squad but a monster story is just going into training camp will be chiefs wide receiver position. I was so without Jeremy Maclin. What's it going to look like it's it's Tyreke hill and everyone else and over Wilson the Marcus Robinson Chris Tomlin being. Stretch whoever the hell that is right yeah I'm. Try to figure out these guys even arson that. Very intriguing storyline going and she shrank not a pre season is going to be interest payment regarding net results were going to all be over analyzing the the wide receiver position and rent until seeds started you know what's gonna happen. It's gonna work itself out beaches fine I really thinks just climb my it yeah it's a good as they Miami Beach just fine but I needed to be better than just audited were at the chiefs are gonna make that some kind of Rollins to try to make a Super Bowl. But just minor terribly average pro America do you do you. And in this is kind of lack noticing this way but it. Okay my you know it's got a little tight last week but just and he stood out there okay doing his thing you've got to see him out there running around guys and whatnot without a knee brace on. Does having him back give you a little bit more. Built into the wide receiver got just used to backe can make a big play defense and maybe save us about it it seems like. All the eggs are in the defense of basket now this year because everybody is healthy and it's gonna be up to them to really go out there and dictate what this team does out of the offense is gonna dictate success for the Kansas City Chiefs this year. I think that he hopes happens in the when the dictates sailors have to go because they have the they have the defense last year. And eighty Justin Houston now but the defense takes another step. And you live with the offense being kind of won one yet that's what I'm saying you know because I think you I think by just having Justin Houston out there healthy. You've taken another step on defense okay you've taken another step forward on defense. Well because he's not dead here's the thing health is great but he also Campillo wall mall and Antonio brown and a key moment a playoff glad I mean that's also sort of problem and it to me yet to score more points and that's why Kareem hunt is such a massive. A massive piece this chief squad because if you could have cream hunt Spencer ware be a great 12 punch running the football. Then you can't make up for some of the deficiencies you have on the rest of the off that's true. I and other Kansas City storyline and spores that will capture the summer trade deadline yeah wrote that the buyers that could be sellers we don't know. It's basically all the pen and on what's going to happen over the next. Forty days. And it's intense yet as to be a phone a watch so if he had that right now buyer seller number. A bit buyer I put my money in the buyer side or they could just stay at pastors and wildcats to green thing in route and say oh yeah moderate buyer like. And I'm not electric pieces right I can be yours like out Al the team in 2000 reality I'm yelling like daily seventh inning guy and short for utility infielder but that's final you need I know take them. Maybe even moderate or did finally Kansas City spores or is it okay assure you this summer will be Andy Reid get an extension before the season begins its. That's an interesting dynamic of what's ahead for the chiefs right. You feel like you feel like that has to be done before the crowd it's dozen different because it's not college you know we always got to stay ahead and let these kids know the year and then. Evacuate on if you want to yet at and how you can sign good weight on those signing sentinel stick around a series been doing everything he can't get healthier. You know he's been he's been eating better and all that stuff so a man I'm the same with somebody starts doing that means that you probably wants to coach a little bit longer. And keep chase after that super I think he does sign what's that you would assume global maybe he doesn't inside the station and goes off and that's it Selig and if I was Andy Reid I would do just that I'd I think if I want the Super Bowl this year with its popular guy hell out of town and I would never be heard from again seal later called me when I'm being hit a yeah Malibu if you if Todd would be it's got a question about so did you read what is going to be interesting to see how does this whole thing plays out he's not an eagle cold some more outs. But I would not be shocked if he ended up retiring after the season if they win a championship or they didn't win a championship now that it's just finished up this. In two road trip and we'll tell you exactly what that means going forward with our royals insider Josh turner next.