06/19 9a - Kaepernick, Phelps v Shark, GMDM

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Monday, June 19th

Colin Kaepernick sends out a questionable tweet, Michael Phelps is going to race a shark plus hear from Royals GM Dayton Moore 


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That's when the morning I might welcome Bob best coach just plain tired producers David Spector. All free agency through the summer in the NFL as he continues to try to find a job at. And it now eight weeks has made it probably harder for him. And it's seen that we're seeing a lot of people who have been 100% on Catholic side if surf the foot to the other side including Mike Florio pro football talk. Now the toll was Holland happening saying it. A system that perpetually condones the killing of people without consequence doesn't need to be revised it needs to be dismantled. And tampering could put that tweet out there with a photo of a modern day police badge next three runaway slave patrol batch. This obviously is going to give people who dislike haven't taken a lot more ammunition and of course the people that are on Japanese side they're gonna seven go wait a minute. We heard the adage after that all you cared about was finding your next job and you were going to stamp for the national land in the net. You decided that this was going to change every you're being not a distraction not. Is that still true OP is acting out march now we sit here in the middle of June and one minute Holland happening does that and you add in the fact. That he is ages not calling or reaching out to teams not once have we heard the he's willing to accept the back of role not want to be heard that he's willing to accept back up money. You're still yet to start to wonder why Colin pavlik hasn't done anything to help himself. Find a job. That tweet itself. I think would be okay. You talk money out of a police killing right right then that was a result of an acquittal yes. I think the picture. Is what like he always seems to be in a position where it is just one ups himself right. Eat eat puts the picture of the badges out there and essentially compares police officers to slave patrol right then. That's were I think. He took he takes it like one step further BS. The social injustice. Watchdog whatever. Fine. It's it's when he takes that next step that I think would it would make teams don't lose. That and that's kind of where I always with you too yeah absolutely compare police officers you runaway slave patrol obviously that's going have teams shy away you can have to social commentary on on police killing right. Not on on what whatever your your there's if you believe that this is that major major issue. Have that. But then he takes that one next to happen that's like you know you are responsible for what you say in what you do and I react and employers don't have to like it right and that the question is yet do you wanna be in this league are not not saying yes to tow the line and never you know never speak his beliefs. But but this one night guessing probably around. A lot of teams are well I think it doesn't rub me the wrong way too and I did a pretty big defender of calling cap predicament in a big person that's been consistent with the fact that. I believe he's being black ball by the National Football League even though they're not using that term and up until this past weekend I didn't really think there was a reason really to black ball him out of the national football I think I think the NFL as a whole. Is trying to give back a lot of fans that they fuel they lost when Colin capita took Indy for the National Anthem and quite honestly I don't believe they've lost a lot of fans because Colin Kapanen took it the for the National Anthem I think there ratings dip because it was election time adding that's really why people were paying attention to it to it was in college happening one player does not take account. The National Football League Major League Baseball or the NBA is to does not do that fans are fans of a team. But did you start comparing police officers to the runaway slave patrol. That just did it for me because I'm looking at that I'm going really well what's the point. Why are you doing as a guy who a lot of people been on the side of and a lot of people have been against. Why would you put something out there that is definitely going to sway people that have been on you're side to the other and not just me or Mike Florio or whoever that's way to the other side. But I bet there was a lot of people that were on the side of Colin capita that looked at that tweet went. You know what man that's it I I chat with you and and I said to you guys yesterday in an email if I owned an NFL team. His name would be crossed off my list now too I would not worry about bringing Colin -- critic in your because ultimately at the end of the day. Does his production outweigh his distraction now for me the answer is no and and I come to that conclusion. IQ willfully and and realistically. Endorse calling tapper make anymore because of that stupid tweet I mean there there are certain things you do and don't do especially when you're trying to find a job. Comparing cops. To runaway slave patrol. Is not a thing is gonna get you into good graces in fact if you were into races I'm sure you've fallen out of a lot of grace is because the police officers doing it do an unbelievable job every single day of trying to keep our streets safe and protect us. And and I just I don't have a eight a spot in my body for people who just take shots at the police officers when they've done nothing specifically to you in the compared to rallies I just I. That's that's that's where the problem comes in for everybody really is that. We knew we he says something like that out. What you're Jewish or pay any with a broad brush and that's what you don't want police officers to do with minorities correct right that you're coming to any with a broad brush in saying that. OK I know there're a whole line of really good police officers out there that just wanna help their communities and by the way. I do and damned job right so you you're air gonna see me sit here and in Britain all police officers to go about doing that so. You understand that these people need to exits like there have to be police officers because crimes do take place on a daily say it's just like with anything there's bad people are all alike but the majority of good outweighs the bad when you paint with a broad brush that way fiasco and he starts and well. If you did police officers put that bad credit to the runaway slave patrol you're saying that all police officers now or bad because it's basically the same thing as a runaway slave patrol. That misses the message entirely at its or not only does it hurt Paula cap ex chances of getting a job hurt his overall clause. Because you can't just get rid of police officers is not going to happen. Because we need police officers. Watch college pact makes big nice house get robbed see how quickly he's a police officer so the reality here is. You can't try to paint a broad brush over and over an entire community of people that we need to have in order to exist as a society. Otherwise you just come off looking not just like an idiot but like somebody who doesn't understand the cause he's trying to champion for. And I thought from the very beginning they Colin cavern its cause was self serving and he constantly does things. That makes his cause appears self serving but does other things to hand out suits outside the parole office was awesome and that was great for Colin peppard. This tweet. Hurts his overall message and it makes it seem more self serving. They handed something that's actually pushing to a better end it which is improve. Proving the relationship between the community is a whole and especially the black community in the early in the police officers you. Are efforts saying a little bit earlier an article written on on pro football talk to that we know he wants the play yeah dead it is that they are like like. We don't like everybody's kind of all also W why is it beginning given a chance. We know that it wants supply. Or does he have other interests. Maybe he added that that he's involved in now an elite that may be the case he may just have other interest in and Josh said last night in the email he needs to do something to let us know what's up. No other player in the history of free agency if you wills ever had to come out say this is the money I want this is what I wanna do this is how I wanna behave this is now I want to play. But I think calling capita may be the exception to that rule because normally I would think. We Telus agent says he's talked to teams and right level and be dealt with it feels like there's this easily almost more public India probably does because everybody is coming to a conclusion on their own of what they think calling Kaplan it wants and we definitely hurt. From Colin cat make other than to tell Shannon Sharpe the money that he won it was grossly over rate I think you I think it would maybe help the story or whatever kill the story whenever he said yeah I want. I want that six million dollars a year not only wanna be a starter okay now now we know we're. What does Colin wanted to Stewart well thank god everything (%expletive) from Iran Collins went to the story what's your distort you don't because that's still the story no longer an NFL player potentially an Indy but it will end I was talking and he also don't. Have the voice to be able to do what you apparently want to do with your boards like. An interesting interesting dynamic that's. This I don't boys don't normal vision to happen it getting side I I don't I thought would I really thought he would when it came down to it now I don't see it happening I don't either I don't get it all because of one sweep but it's one tweet that was incredibly. Incredibly poor taste on top of everything else of people already have the perception of a college yeah I mean you had the issues but I thought somebody would give them a shot yes. I thought so too but didn't do that and have not and I Italy's gonna happen though are rip. Happy days accidentally created the term jump the shark. All sports just made it a reality. They have next. A boxing is jumped the shark because they had to reach of the enemy ranks DeVine a compelling fight with Blake Mayweather vs Condit McGregor. But we found out during during the weekend. This sports is gonna get even weirder when it comes to different quote unquote athletes facing off in it in perspective sports. As Michael Phelps the guy who basically lives around hundreds of gold medals. The it Michael Phelps is going to take on a shortcut. And it's winning competent life. It's happy days all over again man as the bonds she applauds the sharks belts the shark bites dog sure. So could jump into the shark it is officially happening in the pool with. Michael I think it's. Great guys and I don't know how you feel about this but I gotta be honest I'm more compelled to watch Michael Phelps swim against the shark and I am Connor McGregor takes on Floyd Mayweather. In the boxing is that a great white shark I don't know all I don't care what kind of shark it is Michael Phelps swimming against the shark as he's got injury written all over that's what they're doing. For shark week I mean were were looking at shark week is opposed to shark NATO five with terror read we're looking at Michael Phelps swimming against. A shark in and who's gonna win I don't know the answer that question like that. To bet on the shark Michael Phelps is one of the best in the history swimming. I think he's got an opportunity. To do I think it'll be more in the sky in your garage my arc but I think as a chance anymore entertaining and Floyd Mayweather McGregor hanging on each other for fifteen as I mean you know how many actual punches are gonna be thrown in a boxing match. At least this one Michael Phelps. Can have an opportunity to be catch that's shortly kick his ass at shark may eat him and at that that always falls into the category as well. Michael Phelps could give him by the sharp by the time highs races I assume they're TE precautions that they're in separate how do you like it is. So pools always fall between Alain they don't know quote we can be fairly certain it's not going to be Michael Phelps vs a great white shark. In an Olympic size swimming pool. That's the one thing we were promised. But it doesn't actually say exactly what kind of shark it's going to be like I've got this image of to pull side by side obviously separated you know by some enters Sunday night at the same pool. Michael Phelps is on the starting block of one pool and some dude is holding the shark the starting block the other big gun goes off the guy throws the shark in his Phelps dives in. And we see who wins the fifty meter freestyle popular. Thing because it looks like they're going great white shark by the way they are going it is there's no confirmation on that but it appears that's what people are that's how people are framing this is that it's a great white shark against Michael Phelps was only makes you believe. That they can be like all right. Here's video of great white sharks swimming at 2.5 miles per hour he goes this far in this length. Here's Michael the amazement and and I'll tell I don't know I don't. I'm dead serious I think that's us. How else could you possibly do it without putting Michael Phelps in danger guy apparently I only want to see it off these in some kind of they have trained great white sharks yeah. I think it have you ever been. Other races before where they where they do the hamster Renault I have not been a hamster races before I was not aware that as an I think it is an enemy desert guys' night out February we they have two races in the inning they set the the track and openly gay hamsters are supposed to you know right to it. Some of them dilly dally around so we don't have any idea what they're supposed to do you know get to the admit they know their animals right. So is Sharpton and bill like to swim straight ahead that he's being timed it. And has a certain time to beat because these are trying to get dark alleys around restraint sharks and Michael Phelps is gonna crush him so that's rom like wondering if there just like if you're shrieked with. This video Floyd Mayweather vs potter burger podcasts are actually. Happen like this is our. And. Fees jumped the shark now right there at the shore and jump over the Bayard. Draw endpoint yeah I'm a lots and anyway there's a lot of things gonna be a spectacle there's a possibility. Couple statements. And chew on right. Let's give a Discovery Channel is an eight we get be that good and it's going to be on the Discovery Channel that's the disrespect for discovery but if you're really to have Michael Phelps in school. The barrier in the middle disagree I regard them that's a lot paper view that Dallas got discover paper view you don't waste analog cable television you put that and you put a price on being able to see that thing happen. It's a foregone conclusion that Mayweather is going to be kind of McGregor in a boxing match and I think it's gonna be boring boxing match at tech. I don't know what's gonna. With a shark vs Michael Phelps or how they're even attitude and the Sharkey to Michael Phelps the ins he is it right in saying it is our athletes Michael Phelps holy crap we just witnessed something aspect. Buick is to blame is now let's get this is a great white shark in the wild and and here's how fast he goes here's Michael Phelps at this point we decide he's running against the L lottery you don't feel like stock footage of shark and shore is where his son was otherwise that having an event that. Adam not interest I want I want cool mono mono Y. See there being so big about the details. Because they don't really know what they're doing you know I don't know if they are going to be honest with the details NTELOS well. It really great white shark it's up to 2.5 miles per hour and we know that the three have a a video great white shark from the surface and how fast it's going to put it up next to Michael Phelps. You told everybody that old watch so there being vague about all the thing all the all the details. For short reach which begins on July 23. They're being vague about the details see I don't sniff it out and then no they won't tell you there's no way they can justify. Pretty Michael Phelps. Into an actual water body of water pot can be pool could be an ocean doesn't matter. Next to her great white shark is not possible. The liability insurance by itself would cost you and hormonal way. Literally while a couple hundred harbor and equipment. And is. Put him I was waiting for the rim shot and he did it I was hoping for the red. Iraq well broad. Text like 69306. Notices also go to if they just do it that way I don't wanna watch. It didn't want to do with them if they're going great white shark in the wilds loads of 27 miles per hour can Michael Phelps top that. That's not interesting what they're gonna demand and tell your right now so they're gonna do is it big build up or nothing. But that's what could be the bigger build up for nothing Mayweather Macgregor or Phelps shark. Mayweather McGregor had a bigger buildup because it would be smack talking the shark can't talk smack. He seemed jobs and it's different though to do the short his pops puts the video DH message dollars in there. Things like this what's gonna happen they'll seek the Abbott the shark can't talk is the shark could talk and talk trash and Michael Phelps. Then I would say it would may have more entry if we get plenty talking shark the route all of this Jabber John. Yes exactly Alex asked no that's new isn't it one of like bill Riley's old since he's not doing anything anymore. 051 of his body language experts and they could sit there and look at the shark's body language and try to figure out exactly what kind of smack talk the shark is talking journalist on hi Boyd so like. It and ultimately. Here here's what you detect such as combined isn't a 10 Mayweather fight a great way to Tanaka. I. There wouldn't be any punches thrown he'd win but it sure everybody sees it and now. Yeah. Sports jumping the shark in multiple ways they say boxing and swimming. Right at the same time jumping the shark. Our Dayton Moore discussed what Major League Baseball trade market looks like right now exclusively on six and Sports Radio. Here next. White sharks captivity. Yeah easier now seeking to halt all that is downstairs according to tax climates understood go ahead and take tax line I heard Florida and hold back because I well curt Nelson of the royals hall of fame text means is that saint Charlotte sharks can talk. So we get giants archer of genocide on an atmosphere allies perhaps here is if yeah. The accident that Bagram air fare Pittsburgh maybe that's the shark there was in a race against Michael Phelps. Is the idea of a shark with a WWE type microphone moment queries is doing the problem one in and talk and smacked s.'s that would be too good to pass. But fels is getting its vote is a big. Phelps goes like something like six or seven miles per hour when he swims in a great white shark goes 25 miles per hour so it's and I did make. But Mayweather McGregor somehow still going to be bad how quickly though does the shark go from your 125 doesn't take a while league you know their eyes on the it is not a swim Phelps could beat him. I thought actually go like eat if the sharpest yet maybe nine EU he touched nine if that shark was us fail so. Your right is. Cut his ankle a little bit about the plate yeah. State. The streak 72 road wins there road trip on the West Coast. Who is the NL with Roger a's and giants and that of course is dale with the LA angels 31 series win for the royals a massive win it. And general manager Dayton Moore was right here on sixth and Sports Radio exclusively. If your home of the royals discussing the recent hot streak. We never follow a lack of effort and they were you know competing. And they'd say you won't support they've all court for our friend day. Are we have a lot of new track truthfully keep sharp player going oh yeah and they're such great Fortier that's just part of baseball he Nolan and you can't. Unfortunately. You can't perform. You're you're very fast as far production. I don't every single night out you're gonna go through no troubles and you know court. They're Jason Hammel knew trouble or for no extra set up a little bit you know part been consistent all year compared to an injury can. Court you know offensively we are very anemic here in the month of maple. And how that's going for certain and you were a little more the better hitter at all baseball. In the month of may indeed continue their core for a bookings gotten hot looses it's been a great job of getting big hits in the big home run than Joe's it's just been a really good team effort with a very fielder college stabilize this in a lot of ways. General manager Dayton Moore here on 610 Sports Radio exclusively. And tossed the stabilization of that number one spot because so often I think. For us in Kansas City we've been asking. Who's the lead off hitter because when you have a good lead off hitter gets everything started off well we always talk about how hitting is contagious. When you have any to lead off hitter is kind of important if you wanna start contagious hitting. Whitner feel has stepped up and become an unquestionably good. Leadoff hitter for any team not just for the royals I think. Look around leadoff hitters in Major League Baseball witness feels right up there with anybody and he was a guy that didn't even make the big league roster to start the season. He ends up getting called the morale Mondesi gets sent down and Whitner feel is never lost the stranglehold over that job a second day. Well I think it's very interesting when he said Whitner feel to stabilize that lineup and and that's something he never would have heard. You know at the beginning of the season and I think it at another guy and I and I put into that while all the Bosnia's category because nobody ever believed here you know back in the early two thousands crawl rule upon you as it was going to be a very good every day player in Major League Baseball well he proved otherwise fifteen years later he had one hell of a career. And I think Whitner feel kind of fell into that category a lot of times you get typecast as this type of player or that type of player or that type of employee or this type of employee. And it takes time and really it really sometimes never happens where you break out of that old that your originally typecasting and Whitner feel I was able to do that. Credit him obviously but also credit dead in Dayton for giving him the opportunity. To shed the molded the shed the initial opinion that they had a him and they allowed him to go out there and beat the every day second base and he realized it wasn't working with a row long month to see junior. So they flipped the switch and said let's but what their field out there and see what he can do. And since he came up last year he's been a very nice piece for this ballclub and now with a nineteen game hitting streak makes did. Whitman air field as a guy you kind of circle and a once they got him back in the lineup things started to go the right way syndicates and hitting almost 300. And yes he still has versatility which you don't need him to be right versatile. Do you see as one less homered for less RBIs and Eric Hosmer does raise avenue lesson back in seventy lesson backs and that that's a pretty good one for Whitner feel right so. That's our great writer I was Hillary's got do especially forgot it looks like he should be a boy band and an right it's pretty amazing me think about everything Whitner feel overcomes a baseball player. And it's weird because he is smaller like. When you meet that very field it's he's not a huge guy doesn't he's not like Hosmer who's just a power of human being with you know the bigness and everything else. But. We EC on the field. He looks like a baseball play yet you looks like. What you would expect baseball player to be images from the 1955. From how we like carries himself it's like yet. Sima airfield before it's admitting grainy video right and and to see a guy like that. Go through the road that we it is gone through and all the struggles I mean you try plan a minor leagues for damn near decade. And that's a long time to struck me as minors last college but. You go through all that. I mean there's that's a long road to see somebody like Whitner feel how the type of success is currently have and should be an inspiration never. Did know he he should be your right about that and in him coupled with the fact that Mike whose stock is is still coming up with some big hits Oscars get the big audience Johnson and Salvi with a big home run yesterday and came you know I was hitting well. And he mentioned Jason Hammel pitch into the Travis Wood and the bullpen is start to find his groove right now in Kennedy's kind of got a back to where he was before the injury and you know you're seeing good things at a strode the Strom and later in and guys of that nature is skies really counting on at the beginning of the year in sir always. Are doing things for your ballclub right now so everything is going right and that goes back to that culture because if you didn't have the winning culture here and you didn't and the the attitude of winning here in Kansas City this thing could gotten away from the world's really really fast. The cultural reel you back in the good play takes it to the next level and right now the royals of the good play in the culture combining and they're doing really nice things on the diamonds now through royals moved forward. Calls are they receiving regarding trades where other teams. General manager Dayton Moore on six and Sports Radio yesterday. Well you don't want the draft is complete it that's him. Are focusing on you know arbitrary deadline. Yeah my action preliminary conversations. Over your scouts may approach you with certain ideas and other accountable program damn we're good privilege. You know now the next week or so most of that the GM and I won't pull out discussions you've got no other you know what order we're looking forward to see our teams in the future disorder or what he has. Clear understanding. You know where we are an organization and we get an idea that take inventory of W one other teacher crowd who were picked notre sort American constitutional. Discussion full. We'll pick up a little bit it doesn't mean that they're going to be trade can be it's very hard. If you how to maybe a whole lot after all I can and there are so you can all well look you're due diligence and we always knew enough you'll evaluate opportunities for our team could. Not only for the car seat tribute feature well. Is your conference call for an Alley with all the GMs I've got 2 o'clock conference on Monday to kind of discuss where we I've always wondered that because date more sound like that. It makes it's only every team is like an open book. Yeah does. Maybe herders and they don't we know what are you wanted to use you know it's like nothing else well and he got a skeleton every ballpark if you don't like the people all the time you'll like it paid they do have this just little inner circle of communication that they all day every isn't loop right although. They can. And who's available residents there's somebody sent out a Baylor on this simulate how does that one email chain I don't know right exactly is there is or like email thing where everybody's email address is on there and like. Whoever is elected head of the union for general managers goes all right here's here's Monday where everybody stands this week getting like goes out sees I was a long list you know it. It sounds like something that probably happens you know in in Major League based decision so I just listen to date more though. I think he doesn't really know what's gonna happen next name it basically everything he said came down to. June 19 we got another month until the trade deadline I'm going to sit back so you what we do and at 933 and 35 and a lot of things that over the course of the next month that either makes the royals sellers or buyers and at all the pen. Ends on. How this team perform and it's all of these guys in that locker if they play well on them they're so for Dayton Moore it's somewhat easy. It's frustrating because you can't do anything I think that's that's part of why. For Dayton Moore its bit in these times are probably harder. It's easier if you know right were badly need to sell how to make this happen or we're going to be to buy let's get this thing done. He's got him in the wait and see approach where it has to be wait and see because he does know this team necessarily is going to do that's his. At the right you don't know where they are and it's not it's up to those players you know I bet general managers guys. Like everybody else everybody wants to find a way. To make things easier. It is easier in your life if your all just on the same page note here we stand here as we stand here for we stand what he or now it's language I agree I just don't believe it happens at the sixth. I'm. It happens Morton now that day I'm RCA to axis I get a whole lot of I I. Happens now more. Dead dead probably like the 60s7080. Sure I'm more yeah there's more indication into the ocean again probably. Talking minute once I have cast to be because of the amount of media around having people dead. You'll get a little bit of a wall. Of something possibly going on now it's all over everywhere everybody's hearing about it so. Would be better for the media to get a hold of it and then run with that war for you to call the other general manager directly this talk to hear probably better do latter and for Major League Baseball. It's it's is this a very interesting dynamic because they're the ones sport where midseason trades. Or super surely an happen all the time so. Every general manager has to be very careful about how they played their cards throughout the quote throughout the duration of the season and if you're NFL GM are focused on the draft. During the middle of the season era in IE your Major League Baseball general manager you're looking around trying to figure out who you're going to get or who you're going to sell throughout the year. It's a live very long tedious brought. I think we've put more in the talking about trades in the general managers actually put consummated tree and I disagree I refused to blah about I think I can tell yes I think we spend more time trying to figure out what they're gonna do. There these guys know each other so level pick a song yet we were a player and filegate gig give us prospect be good deals done hey what do you think of the new episode of this as us you know like. Like that's the way these things operate Major League Baseball that there's a lot less effort more put in and week put in a talking about the straits. The fair point. All right Tom Brady wants to ruin the NFL forever. Find out how next. Welcome back against the best in the morning I might well Bob. That's good jostling producer Steve inspector. Tom Brady wants to play in China through your town. Tom Brady's top. Tires at tires hold down winning all the time in New England thank you must play game in China and we know the NFL is expanding its international presence in recent years with Mexico City last year in London for the last about five or six years. By. Apparently Tom Brady wants to expanded more he visited the great wall turned a promotional visit to China any wants to do more than just. Sightseeing. Quote my dream is to play a game here in China is a dream my dream. Will tell us how. A dream to play in China. On cross spike at the great wall that's you know I Leipzig Rocklin Alexy Tony Gonzales don't get over the rate walls. About to throw a football program it's about control over the mountains to us. Got operated wanted to play and China but he's enough of it maybe it doesn't I really don't care but. I don't love the idea of regular season games being moved to other country I don't either hated especially with a all the stuff that's going on in London Paris today I mean do we really want to put. Our guys in jeopardy of something potentially bad happens overseas have the same kind of potential here though I don't know that serve justice I don't think it's necessarily. Just over an England or anything like that to me it's just your trying so hard to expand your international footprint as a business that you're alienating fans. Locally. And when they took away a home game from the chiefs. People were theory that's right I thought that was very fair for people would be infuriated because you're taken without a home game take away pre season game if you wanna expand your footprint. And other people don't really care that much about them. And it's a hard sell when you're talking about going overseas or if it's something different in another country they may like an hour and taking it away from the fancy you have here. I think is it is just a bad business model that ends up hurting the NFL on the long term thing. Since its NFL that common believe it's actually going to happen but does that line in the story it's as the NFL's been reportedly eyeing a regular season game in China into when he eighteen yes atlas now it's officially announced by Italy I brushed my sense consider the source it's. Always looking at a game and Tony eighteen and I spec Brady is being pictured on answer and during a football the great wall. And the one and then and then and trouble have wanna you know Russia. And then by the Rio all over the place why am I that's that's what the NFL once they wanna have a global branding globalized Brent. But I don't think he can do it by moving your teams around I mean. Soccer has a globalized branded. Not because they play a bunch of English premiere league teams here mean they send over like Manchester United to play in sport and Lee is interest and you don't have an exhibition like that. On but we take away they're taking an English premiere league regular season game and move it to the states because they're not idiots you're getting you're getting up earlier watching until right you actually are exactly and I I just look I'm not a fan of it anymore. I'm I'm I'm not a fan. Of a bringing our sport overseas when it hurts what we have here on the home front and there there are steel. Teams in this country right now that are not meeting what they need to do. In their own home markets the Buffalo Bills the Jacksonville Jaguars and Indy you'll remember the Miami Dolphins lopped off the upper deck basically give their state even created the soccer size stadium that was a B. We're moving franchises around at a record played at pace right now so. I just don't think things are great here and with everything that's gone on over in Europe over the last month or summit it could be very dangerous to send our guys. Over to live up to other countries to play these games but I also think the reason Tom Brady is so behind this is because. He's looking at this is away after football to expand his brand in China to promote his hugs to promote whatever it is that we want is it did IS OA says it right in China right guesses he's probably feel. The pressure to shore absolutely but I think he's also looking has a chance to expand his brain a little bit maybe make himself some more money at the end but. I'm just afford anymore I think regular season games need to be played right here in the united states of air America. Our IP to Stephen first AKA flounder legend from the delta house. Of of some of animal house that he passed away over the weekend in Augusta talking about the most quotable movies of all time considering animal house is definitely toward the top of the list with. I don't tell me Dorfman. Kinsler thought. No I'm. Inning as flown. He flew into her. So. Lot of things to get to tax line 69306. Also on Twitter even we'd asked at 610 sports Casey wouldn't do it all day and the one we've gotten the most are of course animal house. Nothing is over until we decided if. Well. In Germany together these road. Thanks line we know it's Germans and bomb Pearl Harbor five away. In any one that I'm actually kind of surprised we didn't come up with right off the top bar has his passion. He's got to do those guys bogeyed I don't. I mean how many times are you watching anything golf related and oh yeah as soon as our laws and generals did right. Everybody else every single match every single tee shot in the US open I'm sure somebody was screaming. Poll actually I've I had forgotten for like yeah. Years that you'll get nothing them like it was from caddie this. Like saying I want a cheeseburger now I want a hamburger now I want you I think I like it. Yangon a Coke Seattle time data that's I eighty forgotten that was from caddie shack he just became its own mind it is used so frequently by everybody that I forgot their reference. I want to tax on 69306. Dumb and dumber. Just when I think you couldn't possibly be any Dover. You go and do something like this. Every. Every bit. Who lob it up another terrorist surveillance. I mean if this. Beat the blind you at the bird yet a pain that they gave the dead right yeah that's. So those amazes me cringe worthy scenes but it's one that has stuck with everybody. Still we got a lot of and I would seem to Stonewall long time but it's probably one of the greatest movies a hermit. Yeah. John. Yeah. It's an intense movie man is he Jamestown back to the future threes tombstone. Now notice not. Complete there was a trained to travel back and involved in tombstone either or that was there. I tax line this what was actually lost Twitter at 610 sports Casey was anchorman. I love god. Scott Scott Scott is little doubt doubt in my that a. That's the second on the so bad that it made it apparent that then ruin the first one. But it kind of made it took a little flavor of the first. And it did did the sequel being so painstakingly bad they didn't need a sequel. It did in the CNN portion of that was find any blinded things got weird and it was just so. Ross didn't need a sequence that we made Specter comprise fourteen to go to it with us is worse than going to that stupid Letterman show. Letterman show is great. Yeah actually I I. I ZV. The Exxon. Exxon X. Size. Witter the most quotable movies that are presently expect named favorite dinosaur and think about to name me 123. Colossal raptor. If you rich chick who's the one guy you've we talk singles. That's friends of adjusting to bear the Johnston must answers and easy. Yeah and that came to you. Indeed. As an excuse me. He started July Vidor may the late night generally forced Specter go to. I say every Super Bowl and Roman numerals in order it was fantastic. Back that was incredible. Everything and he looks like flounder. Candidate Barack. And miss that we have they can be with the dheisheh documents.